10 Most Beautiful Women Golfers | 10 Hottest Women Golfers 2020

10 Most Beautiful Women Golfers 10 Hottest Women Golfers 2020 blair o'neal

10 Most Beau­ti­ful Women Gol­fers | 10 hot­test women gol­fers 2017. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL ▶️ https://​goo​.gl/​4​X​q​xhc


Golf is not only a popu­lar sport that is wat­ched all over the world, it is also famous for having a num­ber of very beau­ti­ful and sexy fema­le gol­fers. In addi­ti­on to the achie­ve­ments, this time the EPIC TOP TEN will review about 10 Most Hot­test Fema­le Golfers.

1. Blair O’Neal.
This 33-year-old sexy blon­de was voted as the most beau­ti­ful woman in golf in 2016, and the list for the third year. Play­ing golf sin­ce she was ele­ven years old, Blair won Women’s 5A Ari­zo­na Sta­te golf cham­pions­hip in high school and beca­me a cham­pion in the NCAA women’s long dri­ve.She is not only a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer, she is also a model who has won the tele­vi­si­on show “Big Rest Domi­ni­can Republic.

2. Nata­lie Gulbis.
33 Year Old Nata­lie, star­ted get­ting invol­ved in golf at the age of four and won her first race at the age of seven. She first play­ed an ama­teur LPGA Tour at the age of 14 years of her life and won a natio­nal cham­pions­hip at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Ari­zo­na. Nata­lie is con­si­de­red a sex sym­bol in the LPGA, which is also publis­hed in the 2005 calen­dar whe­re golf games and swim­we­ar are eye-catching.

3. Pau­la Creamer.
Pau­la has domi­na­ted the LPGA by win­ning 10 games. She was pre­vious­ly ran­ked num­ber two in the Women’s World Golf Ran­kings. Until the end of 2015, she ear­ned as much as $ 11 Mil­li­on during her care­er in golf. She also has a very sexy body, that’s why most men are wil­ling to watch all her tournaments.

4. Pai­ge Spiranac.
Pai­ge is hot enough to be a pro­fes­sio­nal model, much less the fact that she is a BEAST gol­fer who has made herself even more tal­ked about. She is now 23 years old and she is not at all afraid to show off her sexi­ness. You can check her insta­gram account – @Paige.Renee.

5. Sophie Horn.
Sophie Horn has been crow­ned the hot­test fema­le gol­fer in the world in several publi­ca­ti­ons. Thus, it is unli­kely she is not on this list. Sophie won three con­se­cu­ti­ve Nor­folk Coun­try Cham­pions­hips when she was 15 years old. 

6. Lexi Thompson.
If you fol­low the deve­lo­p­ment of women’s golf, you must know that Lexi is a ‘pro­di­gy’. She is the youn­gest woman ever to qua­li­fy for the LPGA Cham­pions­hip when she qua­li­fied for the show to be USA Women’s Open at the age of 12. Lexi model image is enough to make men in this world want to watch may­be every women’s golf tournament.

7. San­dra Gal.
She was high­ligh­ted by the LPGA after her first win­ning tour­na­ment in 2011 at the KIA. San­dra has reached the rank of 33 world gol­fers in her care­er in 2009 and twice ran­ked 64th in the world. San­dra has a beau­ti­ful golf game in accordance with her sexiness.

8. Che­yenne Woods.
Is her last name fami­li­ar enough? Well, it should be. Che­yenne is Tiger Wood’s nephew. It is clear that she has con­nec­tions with gre­at peop­le who make him learn quick­ly. In July 2014, she won the Vol­vik RACV fema­le mas­ter, who mana­ged to win about 38 thousand dol­lars in pro­fit. Alt­hough she is not the best gol­fer in his fami­ly, she can be a tough golfer.

9. Jes­si­ca Korda.
At age 23, Jes­si­ca has won four LPGA events. Her first vic­to­ry she gai­ned during the ope­ning of the sea­son. In 2005, she has ran­ked 26th of the world’s fema­le gol­fers. Some sources claim that she is the sexiest fema­le gol­fer, the­re­fo­re, it is high­ly unli­kely that she is not on this list.

10. Nata­lia Ghilzon.
We can thank Cana­da for brin­ging this won­der­ful gol­fer. She gra­dua­ted from Oak­land Uni­ver­si­ty with a sports sci­ence degree. She also com­pe­ted in the Golf Channel’s rea­li­ty show and Big Break Atlan­tic in 2012.

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