20-Minuten-Golftraining 2

20 Minuten Golftraining 2 20 Minute Golf Circuit

Nach­dem er Tiger Woods end­lich wie­der gewin­nen sah, stell­te Drew von http://​beer​bel​ly​be​go​ne​.com/ den zwei­ten Teil der 20-Minu­ten-Golf-Work­out-Serie zusam­men. Wenn Sie 20 Minu­ten Zeit haben, kön­nen Sie ein groß­ar­ti­ges golf­spe­zi­fi­sches Trai­ning absol­vie­ren. Drew hat viel­leicht nicht den größ­ten Schwung, aber in die­sem kur­zen Golf-Work­out-Zir­kel zeigt er Ihnen, wie Sie eine grö­ße­re Kern­ro­ta­ti­ons­kraft und Balan­ce auf­bau­en kön­nen, die Ihren Schlag um 10 Meter ver­län­gern. Wir sehen uns auf den Links. http://​beer​bel​ly​be​go​ne​.com/​2​0​-​m​i​n​u​t​e​-​g​o​l​f​-​w​o​r​k​o​ut/

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16 thought on “20-Minuten-Golftraining 2”

  1. wat­ched your swing in the begin­ning. And rea­li­zed I should­n’t lis­ten to someo­ne who clear­ly has no idea about the mecha­nics of a swing. Cheers.

  2. haha yeah, not clai­ming to be an ama­zing gol­fer. just threw tog­e­ther a nice work­out for tho­se inte­res­ted. If you check out our first video we poke fun at the very thing you just men­tio­ned. Thanks for stop­ping by

  3. you can know about fit­ness and not have a good swing…this incre­a­ses fle­xi­bi­li­ty and core strength, which are the most important aspects to work on in the gym, the swing mecha­nics comes on the prac­ti­ce ran­ge, my friend..

  4. Thanks so much for both work­outs. I am a sin­gle digit han­di­cap over 50 years old. I deci­ded the best way to get bet­ter at this point is to lose weight and get in bet­ter shape. You make the­se look easy. They are not that easy for me. Thanks again.

  5. Did you find that the first video was lacking so you crea­ted this second one, or are you just mixing it up with a litt­le varie­ty? Regard­less awe­so­me work­outs. Thanks for put­ting up the videos!

  6. Thanks!.…I am ex- gym rat now in mid 50’s …the­se are hel­pful exer­ci­ses to indu­ce lost strength and fle­xi­bi­li­ty to aging wee­kend gol­fers with time constraints/busy lives! Nice job!!!

  7. I would not take ur advice 2 bet­ter my golf swing based upon the swing u show­ed at the beginning(some very simple/beginner mecha­nics r not pre­sent). That said, I will agree u can pro­bab­ly help w/ “rota­tio­nal core strength” but I will “gua­ran­tee that NOT EVERYONE will gain 10 yards to their dri­ve this com­ing golf sea­son”. I will honest­ly sta­te that I need to watch ur other vide­os, but 2 gua­ran­tee some1 will gain 10 yards to any club w/out see­ing their swing is def. an ignorant/negligent claim

  8. I’ve been stu­dy­ing ways to impro­ve your golf and found a gre­at web­site at Gavs golf tac­tic (goog­le it if you are interested)

  9. I will never under­stand why some folks think they can go out the­re and be good gol­fers without step­ping foot in a gym, or working on their fit­ness and nut­ri­ti­on out­side the cour­se. It ain’t going to hap­pen. Balan­ce, fle­xi­bi­li­ty, coör­di­na­ti­on, and strength decre­a­se with age unless we work at main­tai­ning them.

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