2022 Capital One’s The Match – BESTE Momente & Highlights

2022 Capital One39s The Match BESTE Momente amp Highlights aaron rodgers

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222 thought on “2022 Capital One’s The Match – BESTE Momente & Highlights”

  1. I was actual­ly real­ly impres­sed how the­se guys were able to hit the ball and keep it some­what on the fair­ways. Not that many peop­le got hit

    1. Did you watch it live? They were drop­ping nukes in the crowd every hole. My favo­ri­te quo­te is Charles say­ing “oh lord we gon­na kill some­bo­dy on live tv tonight” or say­ing he was gon­na sue tnt if they hit him in the head lmao

    1. aaron would be the best among all of tho­se on the golf cour­se. bra­dy is the worst gol­fer among tho­se. so its a fair even matchup.…

  2. You guys got­ta watch the inter­view Ernie had with the guys after the game. Gre­at con­ver­sa­ti­on and ques­ti­ons from Ernie with the Old Bulls and the Young Calfs. Worth watching if you want to see 4 éli­te QB’s just showing a more vul­nerable side that you would­n’t typi­cal­ly see when spea­king on main stream media. Remin­ded me of a good podcast.

  3. Psy­cho Tom is back. His dri­ving was so embarr­as­sing, he is going to prac­ti­ce more on golf than foot­ball to fix it. That is not the dri­ve of an 8 han­di­cap golfer.

  4. The Rays beat the Ran­gers! Somehow we won two games against the Skan­kees but the Ran­gers of all teams give my Rays a problem🙄

  5. Next year make it bra­dy and Rod­gers vs. Maho­mes and Allen vs. Her­bert and ano­t­her very young qb like bur­row or someone

    1. @Jori Thats not a stat, much less a repre­sen­ta­ti­on of a sin­gle play­er, but he did have the 2nd most wins in the decade.

    2. @S.T. San­tos Hes 6th all time in play­off pas­ser rating and 10 points ahead of Bra­dy. Id say he has done some­thing right

    3. @Tyler Holt no doubt he had. he’s pro­bab­ly bet­ter than anyo­ne the­se days in TD/Int ratio; only not enough for him to win his 2nd ring. rings mat­ter, you know, no mat­ter how one loo­ks at it.

    1. @v gb you didn’t make any point 😂😂😂..stop being weird bro..you came on here to defend the GOAT who needs no defending.…because u saw a joke u took as serious becau­se u have NO social skills…now ur try­ing to save face lol u took this way­yy too serious…loosen up have some fun in life ..u mat­ter too bro…and ur loved. Lol

    2. @Vince M if was a joke you should have indi­ca­ted becau­se the­re are ple­nty of peop­le who belie­ve what you said…snd bec­su­se of that you need to check your social skills becau­se they are sorely lacking

  6. damn *ever­yo­ne* came with their jokes for this! I’m gon­na pull up the who­le thing with some friends this wee­kend and grab the Coors hahaha

  7. For anyo­ne who reads this keep grin­ding and keep pushing. Wha­te­ver it is in life you want to do to after it life is to short. Life is a mara­thon not a sprint so go out the­re and live it up peace and one love! ✌🏽 🙏🏽

  8. At 2:40 Tom, you are a sava­ge, but you never go at the god­f­a­ther of Tur­ner Sports, Ele­va­tor Ernie John­son, and not expect to get clap­ped back. If years of working with the Insi­de crew has shown one thing, that is Ernie John­son ain’t no punk.

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  9. Gre­at finish. Allen almost making that long put was nuts, dude got rob­bed. Then Rod­gers comes in clut­ch in the end like he usual­ly does(unless it’s a NFC Cham­pions­hip game) and gets the dub. Bra­dy get­ting car­ri­ed by team­ma­tes as per usual.

  10. One of the first shots hoo­ked strai­ght into a fan in the crowd lmaooo. Pat fol­lo­wed the shot by hit­ting in to the same spot but deeper out.

  11. Aaron Rod­gers is a good gol­fer but a com­ple­te­ly arro­gant ass­ho­le. It was hard to watch this, no mat­ter how much I like the other guys, becau­se of him.

    1. Anil, Maho­mes is my guy, howe­ver Rod­gers real­ly is a cool guy, get to know him on Pat Mcca­fee hes on every Tuesday!i used to dis­li­ke him too until i got to know him.

  12. “I hate slow Play­ers” – Chuck

    “I play real­ly fast Chuck” – Pat

    “Yeah…I like that Josh, you can slang that thang too boy” – Chuck

    “whaatt (starts to chuck­le)” – Josh

    “It’s a, a plea­su­re to watch you throw that thang”

    @20:33 He set hims­elf for that one lol Josh’s chuck­le says it all hahaha

  13. Ano­t­her NFL golf “match” I see. Cue the man­da­to­ry 3 hours of Tom Bra­dy fan boy-ing by grown men and the phra­se “baby” to be used at least a hund­reds times. All while we try to pre­tend ever­ything he says is fun­ny when it’s most­ly a bit dor­ky if we’re being honest.

    1. This world is alrea­dy full of enough nega­ti­vi­ty right now. I hope you can find it wit­hin yourself to enjoy some ligh­the­ar­ted entertainment.

    2. Tom Bra­dy is a legend amongst legends. If you can’t see that, that’s on you bro.
      Take your per­so­nal issu­es to a therapist.

    1. LOL stop bro 😂 I’m not even a Bra­dy fan but he unde­nia­b­ly car­ri­ed many a teams as well in a few of tho­se sea­sons too.… jus saying.

  14. So first 2 holes rod­gers bir­die bra­dy bir­die ( bra­dy mis­sed eagle shot)…3rd Allen mahom­mes get a shot back…4th they all par..5th Allen mahom­mes got a shot back they are all square…6th all par still square…7th all par…8th Allen mahom­mes take lead.…9th rod­ger made par to stay 1dn…10th bra­dy makes putt to squa­re match…11th all par…12th rod­gers makes bir­die to go 1 up and Bra­dy rod­gers win…SO WHERE IN THIS DID RODGERS CARRY BRADY!!!!

    1. Her­bert and Bur­row VS Rod­gers and Bra­dy would be good asf. Or Herb and Bur­row Vs Matt Ryan and Flac­co would be interesting

    1. the­re were lots of bogeys bro lol what are you smo­king … but this is match play and you don’t count/record the strokes the same way

  15. When TB mis­sed that put at 19:55 and yelled “Oh NO!”, it was a litt­le glim­pse at his competitiveness.
    Psy­cho (Kil­ler) Tom is always the­re, just some­ti­mes its more hidden.

  16. Man oh man oh man, I almost hate the Chiefs like I hated the Patri­ots from 2000–2019. Now we got the GOAT (who I still some­what dis­pi­se), the Sta­te Farm bro­thers Patirck and Aaron and now…here comes the ONE who is Out Super­bow­led 9–0. Josh Allen and my Bills in 2022, it is surely “GO to Super­bowl LVII or BUST!

  17. Impres­sed with Tom’s sports­manship today from the first hole to the last. He was thro­wing jabs out all day but he ack­now­led­ged the good and gre­at shots for both teams throughout the who­le match. Very clas­sy from the goat ⛳

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  18. Josh spi­rit ani­mal is a gol­den retrie­ver. My dog is David­son n he’s a pure breed gol­den retrie­ver. He belongs on a maga­zi­ne b.c how cute he is.

    1. He’s a 3 level ath­le­te foot­ball being his 3rd sport behind bas­ket­ball and base­ball. He’s not too bad golf eit­her i see

  19. Pat just walks up the­re and spends pro­bab­ly 5 sec at the tee, and that prac­ti­ce swing aggres­si­ve ash😂 and Rod­gers cur­ves all his shots! He’s talen­ted with the golf ball like the football

  20. Can’t tell for cer­tain from this video, but were they play­ing Maho­mes and Allen’s scram­ble against Bra­dy and Roger’s Best ball?

  21. Skip Bayless was pro­bab­ly rol­ling over on the floor laug­hing like a child when Tom Bra­dy show­ed Josh Allen that golf ball

    1. NBA does­n’t trans­cend the NBA fans like the NFL does with theirs. I’d like to say the view­ers­hip count would be real­ly low com­pa­red to this match but Micha­el Jor­dan does trans­cend bas­ket­ball. If it was any other play­er, reti­red or acti­ve, very litt­le of the popu­la­ti­on would tune in – rela­tively spea­king. Many peop­le even for­get the finals are going on unless you’­re a fan of the NBA.

  22. Rod­gers was dia­led the ent­i­re time!! That loo­ked like a lot of fun but Rod­gers was defi­ni­te­ly the­re to win

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  23. Not­hing But Bra­dy taking his 2 Favo­ri­te Kids out to Golf with MVP Uncle Rod­gers… 😂 Gre­at Match for all of you

  24. Ever­yo­ne is tal­king about how skil­led Rod­gers was during this match, but Maho­mes was ama­zing hims­elf man. Rod­gers and Maho­mes car­ri­ed hard this game.

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