2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | LETZTER RD, B9-VERFOLGUNG | Lizotte, Koling, Buhr, Hancock | WÄCHTER

2022 Dynamische Discs oeffnen LETZTER RD B9 VERFOLGUNG Lizotte Koling Buhr Hancock WAeCHTER broadcast

Will­kom­men zur letz­ten Run­de der Dyna­mic Discs Open 2022. Dies ist die 5. Sta­ti­on der Disc Golf Pro Tour. Wir befin­den uns im Jones Park – Supre­me Cour­se in Empo­ria, KS. Hier fin­den Ende August die PDGA Pro World Cham­pions­hips 2022 statt. Run­de 4 Jagd­kar­te: GT Han­cock Simon Lizot­te Gan­non Buhr Jere­my Koling Kom­men­tar von: Dus­tin Mouret @followdust Musik von: Bir­die­Fest Minia­tur­bild von: Kevin Huver UNTERSTÜTZUNG GATEWÄCHTER Besu­chen Sie unse­ren per­sön­li­chen Shop! https://​www​.gate​kee​per​me​dia​.com/​s​hop Brau­chen Sie einen Kaf­fee? Ver­wen­den Sie den Code GATEKEEPER, um 10 % Rabatt auf Bir­die Fuel Cof­fee Co. zu erhal­ten. https://​www​.bir​die​fu​el​cof​fee​.com Vie­len Dank an alle unse­re PATREONS! PATREON: https://​www​.patre​on​.com/​g​a​t​e​k​e​e​p​e​r​m​e​dia Fol­gen Sie uns auf FACEBOOK: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​g​a​t​e​k​e​e​p​e​r​m​e​d​i​a​2​15/ INSTAGRAM: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​a​t​e​k​e​e​p​e​r​_​m​e​d​ia/ TIKTOK: https:// www​.tik​tok​.com/​@​g​a​t​e​k​e​e​p​e​r​_​m​e​dia TWITCH: https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​g​a​t​e​k​e​e​p​e​r​m​e​dia KAPITEL 00:00 Ein­füh­rung 01:03 Loch 10 04:14 Loch 11 07:04 Loch 12 11:21 Loch 13 14:12 Loch 14 19:53 Loch 15 23:15 Loch 16 26:50 Loch 17 31:10 Loch 18 35:52 Outro #disc­golf #gate­kee­per­me­dia #ddo

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36 thought on “2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | LETZTER RD, B9-VERFOLGUNG | Lizotte, Koling, Buhr, Hancock | WÄCHTER”

    1. Bean poll phy­si­que is pret­ty nor­mal for a tall and thin 16 year old.
      He is pro­bab­ly bet­ter than Ken, Paul, Ricky, and Chris were at his age.
      I would guess that he will be one of the top play­ers by the time he’s 20.

    2. Dude he’s 16 that’s a per­fect­ly nor­mal look for someo­ne his age. Espe­cial­ly con­si­de­ring he’s a top ath­le­te. He’ll pro­bab­ly fill out a litt­le the com­ing years.

    3. Remem­ber what eagle loo­ked like at his age lol
      Hard to keep up when you liter­al­ly grow two feet over three years or some shit lol

    4. Yeah, he just grew super fast. He will fill out in his ear­ly 20’s. Defi­ni­te­ly not going to be Jerm’s size, but will add ano­t­her 25 lbs. I was a bean­po­le when I gra­dua­ted high school, but gai­ned 25 lbs in 6 mon­ths. Quit­ting smo­king helped.

    5. @Joe Blow he alrea­dy is a top play­er! he is play­ing as con­sis­tent as any­bo­dy. and yes! he is bet­ter than any 16 year old ever

  1. The way SL has play­ed the past two weeks bodes well for a top finish some­time this sea­son. If you’re a fan, let’s hope so.

  2. Met Big Jerm by chan­ce in the par­king lot at an éli­te seri­es event last year, he was on his way to the put­ting green pro­bab­ly not too long befo­re he was due to tee off. He was super nice con­si­de­ring the cir­cum­s­tan­ces, he took more than a few moments out of his prep time to greet tons of peop­le along the way. Glad to see him play­ing well.

  3. Bril­li­ant sce­nes with infor­ma­ti­ons as it’s best. Never have been a fan of sport TV until I dis­co­ve­r­ed Disc­golf. I often asked mys­elf how many hel­pful hands are nee­ded for fine made reports like this. 🎬 Actual­ly the best com­pi­la­ti­on art in this gen­re I hap­pi­ly think. 🤩

  4. Big Jerm defi­ni­te­ly seems to trust his fore­hand more which makes sen­se, but man he has such a good back hand. It was a joke for a long time that he just did­n’t have a back­hand but man he was thro­wing some smas­hes this round.

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