2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R1F9 | Wysocki, Dickerson, Ford, Babcock | Jomez Discgolf

2022 Dynamische Discs oeffnen R1F9 Wysocki Dickerson Ford Babcock Jomez Discgolf 2022 disc golf

Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung über die ers­te Run­de der MPO-Fea­ture-Kar­te bei den Dyna­mic Discs Open 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Kar­te: Ricky Wyso­cki, Chris Dicker­son, Mason Ford, Gavin Bab­cock Kurs: Jones Supre­me | Empo­ria, KS BigSexy­Bar­ri Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri //jomezpro.com/patreon ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau­en Sie sich mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro htt­ps: //www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🎵 Star Frame pro­du­ziert seit 2016 unse­re The­men­mu­sik https://​star​f​rame​.band​camp​.com Erfah­ren Sie mehr die Disc Golf Pro Tour: https://​www​.dgpt​.com Front 9 Kapi­tel 00:00 Start 00:48 SPIELERPROFILE 01:46 LOCH 1 08:17 LOCH 2 13:07 LOCH 3 16:51 LOCH 4 20:26 LOCH 5 23:01 LOCH 6 25:12 LOCH 7 29:45 LOCH 8 33:43 LOCH 9 36:27 UDISC LEADERBOARD CHECK-IN 36:51 GRÜNDERCLUBLISTE Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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550 thought on “2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R1F9 | Wysocki, Dickerson, Ford, Babcock | Jomez Discgolf”

  1. I like to wait to watch on here even befo­re che­cking scores on Udisc. It’s more fun to be sur­pri­sed by the gre­at vide­os that JoMez­Pro puts tog­e­ther than knowing befo­re time.

    1. Can’t spoil it, you’re not gon­na look up the score from a bas­ket­ball game then watch it direct­ly after, it’s not the same knowing what happens.

  2. I’m sor­ry, but hole 1 is a ter­ri­ble hole. The green is way too small and the lack of back­stop punis­hes a good shot. For the hole to be as dif­fi­cult as it’s play­ing is a flaw in the design. The best play­ers in the world shouldn’t be going OB on a hole at that high of a rate. Two play­ers could throw almost the exact same shot and one will make the island and the other won’t. It’s like play­ing the lottery.

    1. Yeah, I agree. While i would not say it is a “ter­ri­ble” hole, it does need a slight adjus­t­ment. abso­lute­ly NO to any kind of back­stop though. if it had a back­stop then it would requi­re no skill at all to hit the green becau­se play­ers would just smash it in to the back­stop. But, I think the backside of the island should be a bit lar­ger, may­be 10–15 more space in the back. that way a play­er could still have a lan­ding zone, but if they throw too hard it would still be in dan­ger of trick­ling OB.

    1. @Orion 77 EXACTLY. EVERYBODY wants to be the GOAT’s rival. Paul does­n’t con­si­der Ricky a rival becau­se Ricky has­n’t been able to con­sist­ent­ly com­pe­te on his level. Paul is his own big­gest rival.

    2. @Bas Bas the dis­re­spect is what Ricky has shown towards Paul ON THE COURSE, ON VIDEO mul­ti­ple times. Paul DOESN’T con­si­der Ricky his rival. When Ricky wins more and hits 6 world cham­pions­hips or half the wins Paul has let us know… THEN it will be a rivalry.

    3. @Itsneight you only see the bad things about the rival, not your “hero”.
      Ricky is not my hero. I’ve never even thrown a D (like a lot of ppl here), but I cheer for him. Tog­e­ther with KJ and Calv he’s my fav.. I used to dis­li­ke Ricky A LOT, but he’s grown up and I like his aggres­si­ve plays and I can only hope Paul sees the same thing.
      For you and I, on the out­side, we don’t know anything about their rela­ti­ons­hip, so atleast try to see the positive.

  3. I’m real­ly enjoy­ing watching the­se seri­es, I’m not into disc golf but just stumb­led across this chan­nel. Thanks for the con­tent, very fun to watch!
    Also real­ly like the com­men­ta­ry, it’s not dull but also not that cor­ny, over-the-top, hyper ener­ge­tic yelling that seems to pla­gue a lot of com­men­ta­tors the­se days.
    The­se guys are real­ly enjoya­ble to lis­ten to. Keep it up!!

    1. @TimmyP_ Very true actual­ly. I star­ted watching it due to a recom­men­da­ti­on from the you­tube algo­rithm befo­re I ever play­ed disc golf. The sport also isn’t that big in the Nether­lands, so I had never even heard from it. Now, 3 years later, it’s safe to say that I’m hooked 🙂

    2. They give extre­me­ly good infor­ma­ti­on that is easy to under­stand. But it’s ele­va­ted enough that it’s inte­res­ting! It’s not just “yup, that was a far throw, nice.” I’ve never thought of it until you’re com­ment but you’re com­ple­te­ly right

  4. I dis­agree with them.. if the wind is low they would dis­sect this cour­se pret­ty easi­ly. espe­cial­ly after play­ing it a lot.

    1. Com­men­ta­ry. I actual­ly love gate­kee­per medi­as came­ra angles and shot tracks and rewinds and shit but they have some dude who doesn’t even play the sport com­men­ting it, CCDG is non exis­tent now sin­ce Ian is com­men­ta­ting for the pro tour, and GK only spot­lights womens cards so it real­ly is jomez or nothing.

    2. @Casey Wrightsel This is exact­ly how I feel i just didnt want to type it LOL. Angles for Gate­kee­per and tra­cker is sweet with them inclu­ding in the bag what they throw. Jomez just has it all though

  5. Top notch thumb­nail. Just per­fect. Gre­at balan­ce, color choice, tas­ty font pai­ring with the gra­phics. I like it. I like it _allot_ .

    1. I thought that was his sis­ter and ari was the dar­ker like Lati­no woman that’s always fol­lowing him 😂😂 I was so confused

    1. Ter­ri­ble bas­kets, ter­ri­ble tour­na­ment direc­ting, ridi­cu­lous OB on boring holes. Why tf is world’s going to be here. Put in some trees ffs

  6. Empo­ria, DD, and Jones Park had 1 job to do. It’s a bum­mer to be from Kan­sas and watch this cour­se not make up it’s mind in past several years.

    1. what are tal­king about? This cour­se is THE cour­se on tour now. it has beco­me what all other cour­ses need to beco­me. this is the future for disc golf courses.

    1. I think it is a very fair amount actual­ly. not sure you would want more on the cour­se, it would get to be unfair to the play­ers. any less and the cour­se would be too easy for them. The­se play­ers are the best on the ent­i­re pla­net and they do need cour­ses that are going to push them to their limits and requi­re them to use all of their skills to suc­ceed. the way that the OB is set up on this cour­se loo­ks like its near­ly per­fect, becau­se it is for­cing them to be per­fect in their shots to have good scores.

  7. Thanks for addres­sing the “WOO” lady! I love her ener­gy and can­not ima­gi­ne anyo­ne having a pro­blem with her. Keep your pee­pers pee­led for a “WOO” merch drop if the haters keep com­ing for her.

  8. I had a cour­se across the street from my apart­ment for six years. Moved to Chi­na three years ago, disc golf is nonexis­tent here. I miss it so much. Thanks for the­se vide­os at least, Jomez

    1. @Jason Moon I know about yikun. My issue is the­re is zero play­a­ble area in Bei­jing. I’ve got a Chi­ne­se friend hel­ping to try get­ting some­thing going, but no space here at all haha

    2. @That one guy man that’s tough. You might have to set up a roof­top cour­se or some­thin. 🏢—– 🏫 🥏⛳ Hope you find a way to throw some

  9. Love to WOOO!!! Such a posi­ti­ve thing. Ricky plays his best when he can feed off the crowds ener­gy and I real­ly think it hel­ps his game.

    1. This cour­se loo­ks AMAZING!!! we are FINALLY see­ing cour­ses that are at the pros level now. sure its hard, but that is what we need in disc golf, espe­cial­ly the Pro Tour. The best play­ers in the world need the best cour­ses in the world that will chal­len­ge them and requi­re them to use every shot that they have to be sucessful.

  10. hea­ring Ricky talk about Paul and their rival­ry is awe­so­me to hear. i’ve always known they respect each other, but that was ano­t­her level of respect that i didn’t expect to hear. they are the best two for a rea­son! top notch peop­le and ath­le­tes. love to see it

    1. He had to sub­t­ly make up for ear­lier this year when he lis­ted his top com­pe­ti­ti­on for this sea­son and snub­bed Paul from his list haha

    1. Did you con­si­der going the posi­ti­ve rou­te ins­tead? May­be lis­ten to the Angel on your other shoul­der, man. That devil’s an @$#*.

  11. Y’all disc golf: plea­se can we get the rules down? #1 thing that should hap­pen befo­re any event (espe­cial­ly a high level one like this) is run­ning through every pos­si­b­ly sce­n­a­rio for a hole and whe­re the next shot will occur from. It’s not hard and would save a lot of con­fu­si­on. And be more fair.

    1. Ive play­ed tour­na­ments whe­re they had a lot of OB so ever­yo­ne got a pie­ce of paper at the player’s mee­ting that went through hole by hole exact­ly what/where the OBs are and how to hand­le them if someo­ne goes OB. Typi­cal­ly the tour­na­ment direc­tors dis­cuss any unusu­al OB situa­tions at the play­ers mee­ting as well. Idk what they did or didnt do for this tour­na­ment, but it seems like the­re was some sort of email or some­thing exp­lai­ning them jud­ging by Mason rea­ding the rule from his pho­ne but idk

  12. You know it’s time to turn the volu­me the heck down when you hear James Con­rad start to say: “Focus… get rid of any of tho­se pres­su­re thoughts…”

  13. Anyo­ne who does­n’t like the “Woo!” did­n’t get enough love in their life and is just bitter. 

    Want silence in your disc golf coverage? The mute but­ton is right there.

    Sor­ry, not sorry.

  14. I don’t dream of mee­ting Ricky, Paul, or any pro on the cour­se, I dream of thro­wing a per­fect dri­ve and get­ting a WOOOO from Ari.

  15. Ari made herself even more of a tar­get by ack­now­led­ging that the woo­woo makes some peop­le angry. You are not disap­poin­ting anyo­ne if you stop doing it, that’s all in your head. Sor­ry, not sor­ry 🤷‍♂️

  16. Eric McCa­be designs the worst cour­ses in the sport. Dudes made 10 dif­fe­rent lay outs for dyna­mic disc and not once has it ever been a fun loo­king cour­se to play or watch. I can’t stand the­se arti­fi­cial out of bounds para­di­ses, like Jesus the main basic pre­mi­se of the sport is scramb­ling and crea­ting lines. Not play­ing holes that only have 1 spe­ci­fic set line and if you don’t pin point that per­fect­ly you’re just out of bounds re teeing . Cour­ses like this are the rea­son the sport still isn’t taken as serious as it should be.

  17. The cur­se of the Jomez inter­view con­ti­nues. Serious­ly, can any­bo­dy ever throw a good shot after having a brief Jomez interview?

  18. The OB is too much. I under­stand the­se are the best play­ers in the world, but the fake OB makes it feel like a dif­fe­rent game

  19. What a con­trast after 2 weeks of gre­at cour­ses, WR Jack­son and Disc Side of Hea­ven we get to see this white flag white paint abo­mi­na­ti­on of a cour­se. Aren’t the­re any good cour­ses in Kan­sas? At least some local busi­ness is making tons of money sel­ling white flags and white paint!

  20. Wow what a hard cour­se! This cour­se was always hard and I feel like the cour­se creator said “oh you think it’s hard? HOLD MY BEER BECAUSE HERE WE GO!”

  21. You guys should talk about ur rounds more in the coverage. Or at least at the end say how u thought u did. Good for bran­ding yourselves

  22. I real­ly hate the woo. It’s just me I’m sure, but pick your spots. If ever­yo­ne gets a woo, it’s the same as no one get­ting a woo.

  23. For years I just thought that was Rickys mom and her shouts of sup­port had been a part of him play­ing sports sin­ce he was play­ing youth soc­cer or litt­le league

  24. Hate the Wooo. I don’t watch Ricky becau­se of it. She over uses it. I like the cheer, but the­re are many ways to do that. She does it for every shot every time. Will only endu­re it if it is the last day and the last round anr Ricky is on the final card.

  25. Could you start pain­ting out the drop­zo­nes on the hole pre­views? Would make a nice illus­tra­ti­on of the distan­ces to the pin =)

  26. Arti­fi­cial OB is dumb. 1,000 ft holes with 30 mph winds is even dum­ber. This has got to be one of the worst cour­ses on the tour.

  27. Someo­ne tell me if I’m wrong, but on hole 7 when Dicker­son is tap­ping in from like 1 foot away, isn’t that an ille­gal shot or some­thing? I thought when you’re throwing/putting, your hand is not sup­po­sed to be touching/supporting the disc at all once it comes into con­ta­ct with the chains/basket. You can clear­ly see as he puts his disc in the bas­ket, he pla­ces it direct­ly in the chains, and the disc con­ta­cts the chains while it is still in his hand.

  28. If you’re actual­ly from here you know the­se guys are just cry­ing about the wind we deal with this ever­y­day and peop­le still out here sin­king 100 ft putts wind or not

  29. I don’t know why im con­fu­sed about this but, on who­le #3 should­n’t Gavin have got­ten a 4? Threw it OB, so he is thro­wing 2 off the tee, then approach for 3, hits the putt for 4.

  30. Made my day to have a face and a per­son to the Woooahs.
    Not gon­na lie, I’ve been going from, she sounds real­ly exci­ted to what is she doing. But hea­ring the sto­ry I’m real­ly loo­king for­ward to a lot of WOOOAHS in the future. She real­ly seems to be a sweetheart!
    All the best to all of you, and espe­cial­ly woah Lady. Cheers 😁❤🍻

  31. I’m with Ari!!! Got­ta love the hype and exci­te­ment! I’m a hype guy too! Adds to the ele­ment of fun in the game. Just ima­gi­ne if ever­yo­ne just sat silent when Con­rad threw in for bir­die at world’s.… Yeah.… No.

  32. Show some crea­ti­vi­ty and may­be mix it up with the whoo. I’ve star­ted to mute the audio after a shot or if I’m lucky, Rick won’t be on the lead card.

  33. Sta­ked OB tour­na­ments aren’t as fun to watch. Tour­na­ment direc­tors should sett­le on the idea that just pos­ting a bunch of OB to make a cour­se chal­len­ging isn’t a win.

  34. With “Trees gro­wing all the way into the ground” and “I don’t hate this play, becau­se it’s gre­at.” I honest­ly don’t know what disc golf even was befo­re BigSexy­Bar­ri commentary…

  35. I’m not sure what hap­pen­ed but CC is tur­ned off for this video. Plz, turn it on so i can under­stand what the trio is try­ing to say.

  36. The DGPT needs to remo­ve this tour­na­ment from its sche­du­le. Im alrea­dy unin­te­res­ted in watching worlds becau­se its being play­ed here. They rede­sign it every year and its always a huge disap­point­ment. Kan­sas has ter­ri­ble ter­rain for disc golf and when your only opti­on to make it chal­len­ging is lit­te­ring the cour­se with OB it should tell you that the cour­se isn’t good for éli­te level tournaments.

  37. I’m fair­ly new to disc golf. Ricky has rapidly beco­me my least favo­ri­te play­er to watch becau­se of this imma­tu­re woman that con­stant­ly yells in the back­ground. The fact that Ricky puts up with that says a lot about him – and it’s not good. You would­n’t see such idio­cy behind Mcbeth, for examp­le. It’s got­ten to the point whe­re, honest­ly, I’d rather watch any other disc gol­fer than Ricky. When I see him on Jomez I usual­ly don’t even bother watching becau­se of this woman, which is unfor­tu­n­a­te becau­se, except for Ricky and this woman, I’ve come to love disc golf.

  38. Why ele­va­ted bas­ket on #1? They real­ly don’t want aces or peop­le making a rea­son­ab­le per­cent of shots from the drop zone.

    1. To me hole #1 is a poor design and you should basi­cal­ly never go for it. Are you real­ly lan­ding on the island >50% of your shots?

  39. May­be an unpo­pu­lar opi­ni­on but this obnoxious amount of OB lines is not the type of evo­lu­ti­on I’m try­ing to see in cour­se design. 10/10 would rather watch/play a cour­se that uses the natu­ral fea­tures of the pro­per­ty to crea­te a chal­len­ging layout.

  40. Gre­at pro­fi­le on Ricky! Ari can woo all she wants as far as I’m con­cer­ned. Thanks for being the best disc golf coverage any­whe­re. It’s always the high­light of the week.

  41. As much as I like Dicker­son, now way he’s in the top 10 for distance or even golf distance, who’s he gon­na beat and I’m sure im mis­sing some crushers:
    AB, Eagle, Simon, GG, Drew, Ricky, Paul, Cory Ellis, KJ USA, Heimburg

    1. They spe­ci­fi­cal­ly said “cour­se distance” or some­thing to con­di­ti­on it – not just crus­hing on an open field, but crus­hing on a cour­se with trees and OB. I think they mean con­trol­led distance. Would that chan­ge your list? PS. Is KJ an éli­te level crus­her, or do we just assu­me he is becau­se he has an ath­le­tic build and form?

  42. Only 3 minu­tes in and I’m glad I wat­ched this for the deep dive into the Wyso­cki Woo. Some­thing I’ve been curious about every time Ricky is on the card.

  43. Disc golf isn’t the same as golf, but rules about drop zones and stro­ke & distance should­n’t be that dif­fe­rent from the rules of golf

  44. Fuck­in lol at them try­ing to jus­ti­fy the obnoxious “woos”. Just shut the fuck up. You’­re annoy­ing. There’s crowds now that can and do cheer. “Just get over it” oh shut it Jerm

  45. I used to find the woo‘ing real­ly annoy­ing. No more! I apo­lo­gi­ze to Ari and Wyso­cki for beeing so nega­ti­ve. Thanks to Jomez for brin­ging the back­sto­ry of the Woo into the light! WOOOOO!!!

  46. On hole 4, Dicker­son should have pul­led out a Mcbeth spe­cial and threw his disc upsi­de-down so he could have slid the disc on its top. Way smar­ter than a rol­ler in the wind.

    1. The­re was clear­ly no line. Pau­se the video when it shows the ang­le from behind him. would have been too high of a chan­ce of hit­ting one of tho­se out­side low han­gers and dead stop­ping. At least the rol­ler gua­ran­tees get­ting out of the tree and give a look at a putt. No hate but I don’t think the­re is a sin­gle per­son in this com­ment sec­tion that can tell Chris Dicker­son what is “smar­ter” lol

    2. @MarleyBob ever­yo­ne makes mista­kes. Even CD. He was get­ting pret­ty frus­tra­ted. (and it was­n’t all due to the weather)

    3. @phillip flo­res not say­ing he doesn’t. Just say­ing you’re take isn’t accu­ra­te, he had no choice. Unless you wan­ted him to set the disc upsi­de down and kick it out from under­ne­ath that tree the rol­ler was 100% the safest opti­on to get out and have the clo­sest look. The­re was no room to put power on a disc upsi­de down without poten­ti­al­ly hit­ting the tree and stay­ing in.

    4. @MarleyBob cool. Some exci­ting shit though. Hope­ful­ly they don’t get hit by any of the bad wea­ther that’s going on down there.

  47. Ari nai­led her descrip­ti­on of the “Woo”. She should­n’t stop doing it, rather, disc golf just needs more live fans at the­se events as the sport grows to whe­re the­re are a lot of “Woos” cele­bra­ting all gre­at shots!

  48. I’m going to make a pre­dic­tion: this is a McBeth cour­se if I’ve ever seen one. It seems like the kind of cour­se he’ll do very well on. McBe­ast for the win (even if he’s not even on this card)

    1. I agree. It seems to favor play­ing the inten­ded lines and just play­ing smart . See­ing Mason throw and play well it seems like Paul will take simi­lar lines and get more power/distance to get a few more birdies

  49. This is a real­ly con­tri­ved cour­se. It uses OB to for­ce one visi­on of a hole on play­ers. Using OB/mandatories to pre­vent easy/low risk eagle plays is one thing. This isn’t that. It’s suck­ing the crea­ti­vi­ty out of it. This loo­ks like a disc golf ana­log of navi­ga­ting red tape bureaucracy.
    Jomez­Pro, this isn’t a cri­tique of your coverage in the least. It’s just not that fun to watch this con­tri­ved cour­se. (I am now on board with Nate’s prac­ti­ce round comments_

    1. Yeah, this was dif­fi­cult in a way to watch. I just don’t want to watch half the card throw OB every other hole; it breaks up the flow of the throws somehow.

    2. @aklevin Ya, the cour­se design seems very arti­fi­cial while lacking the visi­on to make the OBs in a way that brings out crea­ti­vi­ty from the golfers.
      Just simp­le nar­ro­wing of fair­ways in a high­ly fab­ri­ca­ted way to make the cour­se punis­hin­gly hard AND boring.

    3. Tough to watch and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly Worlds is going to be here. I’m sure the play­ers would figu­re it out if they play­ed all 4 rounds here but they are only play­ing it twice.

    4. @Troy Nil­ges I guess I’ll rewatch last years instead?
      More I hope the TD/course desi­gner updates things to allow a varie­ty of shots and creativity/shot making to be displayed.
      As is, it feels like a very auto­cra­tic ren­di­ti­on of how to make a cour­se hard.
      Hope they can figu­re out a bet­ter way for worlds. Opti­ons for alter­na­te lines with appro­pria­te risk associated.

  50. Gre­at play­er pro­fi­le of Ricky – I love that the­se pro­files talk about dif­fe­rent stuff (e.g. show­ca­sing the sup­por­ting cast around the play­er) than the usu­al stock inter­view. PS. If anyo­ne would be the Woo lady, it would be me. My last name’s Woo!

  51. It’s not pro disc golf without the Ari “Whoooo!” … bring it, Ari! Jerm: To do … the Whoooo … is the thing to do. Perfect.

  52. the spot­light on Ari was some ama­zing con­tent for the intro! Gre­at job guys. I also miss the old school play­er intro­duc­tions whe­re we would see a slow­mo of the play­ers and stuff like James Con­rad swoo­shing his hair around or play­ers flip­ping the disc in the air or some­thing goofy.

  53. If you’ve got a pro­blem with someo­ne giving a “Wooooooo!” for gre­at shots and birdies…you should check out ball golf, it’s a bet­ter fit for your uptight lifestyle.

  54. To think that your Wooo is so important is so arrogant.
    The Woooo is super annoy­ing. I don’t watch Ricks rounds unless he is on Jomez, can’t stand lis­tening to her.

  55. It takes a spe­cial kind of wet blan­ket to scold someo­ne for chee­ring. Then again, that’s pro­bab­ly all tho­se peop­le have.

  56. Keep the WOO’s com­ing. Let’s go Ricky for the WIN. 💯🤙🏽🥏⛓
    To hear Ricky talk about Paul is pret­ty good. May­be some day Paul will join Ricky 1v1 on the channel. 💯💯💯

    Edit: Might be the 1st time I wit­nessed ever­yo­ne go OB on the same hole. 🤔🤔

  57. spec­ta­tor: breathes
    (some) play­ers and (some) fans: 😡🤬🤯😵

    I love the enthu­si­asm, I think cer­tain play­ers and fans need to get over them­sel­ves when it comes to peop­le enjoy­ing them­sel­ves out there.

  58. TOTALLY AGREE!!! Defi­ni­te­ly one of the best play­er pro­files! I love that 1/2 of it was about Ari! I was just thin­king two weeks ago that Ari should have her own play­er pro­fi­le and that was basi­cal­ly it. I can’t belie­ve that her chee­ring is con­tro­ver­si­al. Tell anyo­ne who com­p­lains to come see me. It’s one of my favo­ri­te parts of watching rounds when Ricky is on the card!

    1. Sor­ry but I’m one of tho­se peop­le who find ‘the whoo’ annoy­ing. To me it’s just a litt­le too obnoxious and couldn’t even ima­gi­ne how off-put­ting it would be if I was play­ing on that card or the cards befo­re or after theirs. Yes, some­ti­mes it gets cove­r­ed up by the crowd a litt­le more than other times when the­re isn’t a crowd but even still, I’d pre­fer less of ‘the whoo’. Just my per­so­nal opi­ni­on though

    2. @Nick B78 @tazocitrus told you to come see them and they did­n’t reply to your very respect­ful and logi­cal coun­ter argu­ment haha

  59. Edi­tor got lazy on hole 7 and key­ed in Chris’ par when sound levels spik­ed with the chains😂😂 no hate here, just thought it was funny.

  60. This is my favou­rite cour­se to watch and I think I’ve seen most of the cour­ses on tour. I know it’s pain­ful for the play­ers to not be shoo­ting ‑50 on a wee­kend but it is gre­at to watch the best of the best push their skills to the limit. It for­ces peop­le to know the strengths of the game and how they can app­ly it to a real­ly tough cour­se. It brings a fan­tastic balan­ce of skill and stra­te­gy into it. I’d much rather watch the best in the world play a cour­se that’s meant for the best in the world rather than just play­ing a regu­lar cour­se and show off how much bet­ter they can do it that I can. I also love that it’s not made hard by play­ing on 5 foot wide fair­ways in hea­vy trees. At Jones Park you don’t have to thread a need­le and the win­ner isn’t deter­mi­ned by who had the bet­ter kick off a tree. You just have to be excep­tio­nal­ly talen­ted and play smart.

  61. Addres­sing the “wooo!” lady, haha you total­ly read every viewer’s mind Jerm! Per­so­nal­ly, it’s for me it’s like hea­ring Tiger Woods “Get in the hole!” on every par 3. Peop­le are funny.

  62. Best noti­fi­ca­ti­on ever. Time to sit back and relax. We real­ly enjoy­ed the Kevin Jones­bo­ro coverage. Gra­ci­as Jomez 🙏

  63. In public, you should “whoo” only when inspi­red to so. Not becau­se you’­ve given yourself an ima­gi­na­ry guilt trip going on insi­de your head that does­n’t invol­ve the rest of society.

  64. The com­mer­cial with James dri­ves me cra­zy. The noi­se of the crowd blows out spea­kers with loud white noi­se. I get the rea­son to use it but I fast for­ward every time which defeats the pur­po­se. I can’t be the only one… that magic moment in the sport is going to get rui­ned in my mind.

  65. Not a fan of this cour­se. It does­n’t give enough sco­ring oppor­tu­nities. Hole one would be fun if the­re was­n’t any ob. Way too much ob on this cour­se. Going off cour­se is punish­ment enough without it cos­ting you an extra stro­ke. Makes for unex­ci­ting golf Eric!

  66. Jomez: “We’­ve been doing this thing cal­led the ’star­f­rame’ whe­re if ever­yo­ne on the card gets a bir­die, we dona­te to cha­ri­ty, I hope we get a lot of them!”
    Emac: “Hold my beer, I HATE charity.”

  67. Ari seems like a good sup­port for Ricky. Some­ti­mes the Woos are a litt­le exces­si­ve though. Kind of sounds like Ric Flair or the Natu­re Boy.

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  70. On hole 3 the­re was defi­ni­te­ly some sort of over­sight with the ob. But wha­te­ver the CARD deci­des is what should be play­ed. Ricky’s mana­ger should not be invol­ved in that decision

  71. I made a com­ment about the Woo-er in the Jones­bo­ro Open and someo­ne told me it was Ricky’s mental­ly han­di­cap­ped friend that comes to all his games… That was in fact a lie.

  72. *Gavin plays KENDAMA!!!!!!!! I immedia­te­ly lik­ed this dude the first time he was on Jomez and now I find out he plays Ken­da­ma?! My new favo­ri­te play­er and I can’t even belie­ve I’m say­ing that but it’s true! Ken­da­ma is the best! Do you wan­na work on your coör­di­na­ti­on folks? Go buy a Ken­da­ma and spend five hours on a Satur­day try­ing to learn it. My favo­ri­te form of meditation!*

  73. I’ve always roo­ted against Ricky – not becau­se I ever had anything against him, but rather just becau­se I was such a McBeth fan.… that inter­view makes it so much har­der to root against him at all. Dam­mit. Ricky’s awesome.

  74. Ari? The woo’s are imper­so­nal … you could say the person’s name with some other com­ment to show the per­son you are direc­ting it towards them. Just hol­le­ring out the same old woo for every play­er and every shot seems lazy and lacks inti­ma­cy and does­n’t record well for public consumption!

  75. This cour­se and the coverage are hard to watch! I can’t even ima­gi­ne what it’s like for you pro­fes­sio­nals to play this kind of cour­se! On that note, could you guys talk more about it, may­be in a sepa­ra­te video … how do you keep up your pas­si­on for the game when you have to play a cour­se like this? I was also won­de­ring, what’s it like for you guys to prac­ti­ce shots on a poten­ti­al­ly disc losing tee shot (over the water)? Do you buy/keep mul­ti­ple of the same discs in your bag to lose on the­se types of holes?

  76. I fail to under­stand how Ricky got a replay on hole 9 and not Chris … they see­med like equal­ly phe­no­me­nal shots! Per­so­nal­ly, I would like to see you guys do away with all the replays becau­se of things like this!

  77. It always makes me laugh when peop­le talk about how win­dy it is in Empo­ria KS. Whe­re I live, from the begin­ning of April to the end of June the wind will blow at least 20 mph every day, so we don’t even think of it as being win­dy unless it gets abo­ve 30 mph. Yet peop­le from Empo­ria whi­ne about how win­dy it is.

  78. Ok soooo… I honest­ly think the woo woo stuff is pro­bab­ly fine in per­son. It’s spa­ced out over the round, fits in the moment. It’s just when it’s edi­ted down to 30 minu­tes seg­ments is when it real­ly pops into your ear holes shar­ply and fre­quent­ly. That’s all I’m sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️

  79. Lis­ten up Big Jerm, I don’t need to get over anything. I hap­pen to real­ly like the Woooo lady. What you should do is stop rea­ding comments made by nega­ti­ve A holes and then brin­ging that nega­ti­ve A hole­niss to com­men­ta­ry. Don’t feed the tolls. Ever­yo­ne loves her and Ricky and if they don’t, let them drown in their sor­row. Cer­tain­ly don’t bring them into my life. I don’t read the comments and neit­her should you.

  80. the­re is so much arti­fi­cial OB that it total­ly ruins the cour­se .. any­ti­me you see all tho­se litt­le white flags, you know the “desi­gners” have total­ly “over-thought” ever­ything … all this stu­pid OB slows down the game, as well … hole #1 is pathe­tic, and the rest of the holes fol­low suit

  81. Could someb­ob­dy in Rickys inner cir­cle PLEASE tell him that a LOT of peop­le are not just over the woooo thing we are actual­ly sick and TIRED of hea­ring her voice. He’s going to lose sup­port out of sheer annoyance.

  82. Appre­cia­te Mason taking a moment to appre­cia­te the rub­be­ry “mulch” by boun­cing on it. 

    By the way, I tee’d off on this a few times and Jerm isn’t wrong. The layup and Bid are both awkward.

    Nate, do Poo­tie Tang’s silent song. Hahahaa