2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R2F9 | Conrad, Gilbert, Ramser, Bickel | Jomez Discgolf

2022 Dynamische Discs oeffnen R2F9 Conrad Gilbert Ramser Bickel Jomez Discgolf 2022 disc golf

Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung über die zwei­te Run­de der MPO-Fea­ture-Kar­te bei den Dyna­mic Discs Open 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Kar­te: James Con­rad, Tho­mas Gil­bert, Nolan Ram­ser, Eli­jah Bickel Kurs: Jones Supre­me | Empo­ria, KS BigSexy­Bar­ri Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri //jomezpro.com/patreon ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau­en Sie sich mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro htt­ps: //www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🎵 Star Frame pro­du­ziert seit 2016 unse­re The­men­mu­sik https://​star​f​rame​.band​camp​.com Erfah­ren Sie mehr die Disc Golf Pro Tour: https://​www​.dgpt​.com Front 9 Kapi­tel 00:00 Start 00:50 SPIELERPROFILE 01:45 LOCH 1 07:19 LOCH 2 12:17 LOCH 3 15:56 LOCH 4 20:45 LOCH 5 23:56 LOCH 6 26:38 LOCH 7 31:39 LOCH 8 36:15 LOCH 9 39:42 UDISC LEADERBOARD CHECK-IN 40:06 GRÜNDERCLUBLISTE Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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289 thought on “2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R2F9 | Conrad, Gilbert, Ramser, Bickel | Jomez Discgolf”

  1. I don’t love such a punis­hing cour­se in a mons­o­on, but it’s defi­ni­te­ly inte­res­ting to see top level pros play in night­ma­re conditions.

    1. The con­di­ti­ons yes but the cour­se its­elf is a ter­ri­ble place for a DGPT event let alo­ne Worlds this year. Kan­sas has ter­ri­ble ter­rain for disc golf. Making a public park cour­se lon­ger each year and then put­ting OB ever­y­whe­re to make it dif­fi­cult pro­ves how poor of a spot this is for éli­te level com­pe­ti­ti­on. Id like to see them go back to having a lar­ge A tier event here and taking the pro tour stop to ano­t­her venue.

    2. It’d be one thing if it was at least a nice loo­king cour­se but see­ing low inco­me apat­ments and high­ways every shot is just awful.

    3. @RJ 2442This is the cour­se for worlds?! That’s hor­ri­ble. This is my least fav cour­se on tour. It’s poor­ly desi­gned holes squee­zed on top of each other, with a bonus of cars and high­way noi­se thrown in. Hole 1 to start ever­ything off, has the jump putt being the best play. Any­ti­me a tour­na­ment is star­ted with jump putts shows you how poor the cour­se design is.

    4. @RJ 2442 I agree, I think they did well with what they have. But you make a per­fect point, which is that if you have to make it lon­ger and then just add OB ever­y­whe­re to make it dif­fi­cult, year after year then you need to find some­whe­re else

    5. @Jeremy C I know right? At least let me some see luxu­ry apart­ments, I don’t want to have to look at the poors!

  2. I don’t know what you are doing if you like disc golf and aren’t sub­scri­bed to the best coverage team in the game. The trio of Paul, Nate, and Jerm are top notch

  3. Part of me does­n’t like this cour­se, but ano­t­her part of me loves the dif­fi­cul­ty and pre­cisi­on nee­ded to score and stay in the mix. EMac found a way to make an open cour­se dif­fe­rent & more chal­len­ging than just a bunch of hyzers. It’s unfor­tu­n­a­te that the con­di­ti­ons were so cra­zy, but it’s also cra­zy that even just a few under par is top 10. There’s some luck invol­ved but not much. It seems fair and laid out well.

    1. @Zachary Tur­ner Ever­yo­ne plays the same cour­se, and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to gua­ran­tee the same conditions.

      The PGA in golf have also been bit­ching about this back and forth for deca­des. “Should par be a good score, or should pros be sco­ring 10 down every round?” and it’s like, who cares what the scores are?

      Some cour­ses can be bir­die fests and some can be punis­hing fights whe­re par is a good score. I don’t get my high from viewing from see­ing a bunch of litt­le green gra­phics and num­bers, I get it from see­ing éli­te play­ers do their thing… whe­ther that be mana­ging a cour­se or attacking it.

  4. I’ve seen all the coverage avail­ab­le so far and I’m honest­ly tired of watching it. A dif­fi­cult track on a win­dy day just isn’t that much fun to watch.

  5. Abso­lute­ly love see­ing a US Open/tough Bri­tish open type cour­se whe­re making par is con­si­de­red an excel­lent round. The Disc Golf Pro Tour needs at least 1 punis­hing cour­se each year. The play­ers might hate it but the view­ers abso­lute­ly love it

    1. @JJ79 the­se are sup­po­sed to be the top play­ers in the sport. If you want go be a pro and be paid for what you do, youve got to over­co­me the chal­len­ges. There’s not­hing wrong with a cour­se so hard you­re play­ing for par.
      If the top 60% of the play­ers can put the disc wit­hin 50 feet of the bas­ket every time, it comes down to who’s the bet­ter put­ter. And thats boring.

    2. @JJ79 the­re were a cou­p­le holes whe­re they could park it but it was chal­len­ging. Ive been pret­ty clear. Now you’­re asking the same ques­ti­on expec­ting a dif­fe­rent answer.

  6. Gen­tle­men, plea­se stick with disc golf com­men­ta­ry, a per­son who stu­dies trees is cal­led an arbo­rist. It is pro­noun­ced archaeo­lo­gist, not archaeologist.

    1. Yes but have they final­ly ans­we­red the ques­ti­on, why are trees? The­se are the pres­sing issu­es not get­ting enough attention!

  7. The wind was insa­ne this day. I play­ed out at ano­t­her Golf Cour­se up the road and it was wild to watch what your discs would do. The­se pros are unre­al at rea­ding wind and knowing their discs, it’s real­ly fun to watch!

    1. After a cou­p­le mon­ths of play­ing in 20–30mph winds here in Colo­ra­do it blows my mind what the pros accom­plish in the­se con­di­ti­ons. I can’t trust any of my discs unless if they are uti­li­ty level over­st­a­ble right now 😂

    2. @UltraInstinctShaggy I hear ya man, CO has been cra­zy the last few weeks!
      Got me good at knowing even the 9/4/0/-4 will turn over 🤣

  8. Man the first minu­te of this Paul seems so bro­ken loo­king and defea­ted. It’s sad to see that he had to DNF and is hur­ting. Hope he can heal up soon

    1. @Izerman Uli drop­ped out of the tour­na­ment after shoo­ting +13 the first round, pres­um­a­b­ly becau­se of an inju­ry. I was just com­men­ting on his deme­a­nor in the first minu­te of this video. He loo­ks very on edge, fidge­ting with his fin­gers and just seems mental­ly defea­ted. For him, disc golf isn’t just a fun past time but an inco­me. I’m sure he wants to be out the­re for the love of the sport, but it’s also money he’s losing and pos­si­ble inter­ac­tions with fans that would be out the­re spe­ci­fi­cal­ly loo­king for him

  9. Gre­at con­tent as always. One of 3 chan­nels I sub­scri­be to on YouTube.
    Only request is to link the pre­vious rounds in the descrip­ti­on. Keep it up boys!

    1. That’s actual­ly a gre­at idea. I often times get a sug­ges­ti­on for back 9 or 2nd/3rd rounds and it would be so easy to just pau­se that video and click a link in the descrip­ti­on ver­sus navi­ga­ting the chan­nel uploads and thumbnails. 👍

  10. I won the GBO twice in the pro mas­ters divi­si­on back when it was a A tier. I never did well play­ing in April becau­se the wind was so tough. The wind wears you down and by the time I got to the last few holes my dri­ves whe­re going 30’ shor­ter. I am not a fan of the Vete­ran bas­kets but at least the­se are not set as high as the DIS­Cat­chers where.

  11. “I did­n’t” – Uli

    I was say­ing this in his voice in my head right befo­re he said it. The most depen­da­b­ly fun­ny com­men­ta­tor the­re is. 😂

    1. Lol pret­ty sure he was thin­king of an arbo­rist haha. And i like how he just put the accen­tua­ti­on on a dif­fe­rent part of the word and thought it meant some­thing different

  12. I’ve seen B. Smith in the top 10 a hand­ful of times this sea­son. Final­ly got his shout out after lea­ding through 27. Way to make them say it Brodie

  13. Do peop­le actual­ly like this cour­se? Bet­ween the road noi­se from the free­way, the dull sce­ne­ry, the wind, and the extre­me­ly punis­hing OB, it just loo­ks like an unen­joya­ble slog to play in.

  14. Have you guys tried pre­mie­ring the tour­na­ment coverage? Having live chat makes it feel like you’­re watching it with others and peop­le can dona­te through you­tube, while the stream is going. I’d say its a win win

    1. unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly we pro­bab­ly won’t be able to have this sin­ce Jere­my, Paul, and Nate all play in the­se tour­na­ments while it’s live then record the com­men­ta­ry after­wards in the Evening.

    2. @Dalton Mor­row I’m tal­king about pre­mie­ring this record­ing, so peop­le can queue up and watch it with live chat as it releases.

  15. I dont real­ly enjoy ball golf style cour­ses, but the wind is real­ly making this too enter­tai­ning. Feels a litt­le sadistic watching this round xD

  16. Why didnt you men­ti­on Maci­es 300+ foot throw in for the eagle when you were shou­ting out eagles? Fpo gets no love from you guys or what?

  17. That Ram­ser guy has gre­at poten­ti­al, BUT.… dude, he has some serious atti­tu­de issu­es. some­bo­dy real­ly needs to step up and have a talk with him while he is still young about kee­ping his atti­tu­de in check, and STOP KICKING YOUR DISCS! that is not ok.

  18. 20:01 Look, I love disc golf and am as pas­sio­na­te as the next per­son. But when you’re out on the cour­se pro­fes­sio­nal­ly you repre­sent not only yourself but your spon­sor and the sport its­elf, and this level of outra­ge just is com­ple­te­ly unac­cep­ta­ble. This has been a pro­blem for a long time and someo­ne needs to stop this man befo­re it gets out of control.

  19. I love see­ing you guys ask for likes and sub­scrip­ti­ons. I’m not being face­tious eit­her, this You­Tube busi­ness is real. I belie­ve JoMez is set­ting a bar here and this is the future of the game!

  20. This lead card goes to show you that all you need to be good is form and focus, not power or mus­cles! Inspi­ring to all of us nor­mal folks!

  21. I have never seen the wind just blowing the chains around like it was on some of the­se holes. Cra­zy to think anyo­ne could be under par in this wind with all the OB.

  22. i feel like it should be con­si­de­red to adjust the tight­ness of the OB based on wind con­di­ti­onns, even just a few adjus­t­ments would be appre­cia­ted. The wind is such an advan­ced varia­ble. On some level a gre­at tea­cher but on ano­t­her just ruins the game

    1. Nah, the­se guys are sup­po­sed to be the best of the best. If they haven’t put the prac­ti­ce in in all con­di­ti­ons that’s on them

  23. What would be cool is if a litt­le gra­phic pop­ped up on every dri­ve that tells you how long it was. Is that info avail­ab­le on Udisc?

  24. I love watching Gil­bert play. His game is qui­te com­ple­te, with good power, good touch, and good put­ting. It’s actual­ly sur­pri­sing that he’s not on Jomez coverage all the time. Here’s hoping he chan­ges that.

  25. Ever­y­whe­re you look is ano­t­her tee pad for a dif­fe­rent lay­out for this cour­se, kin­da get­ting sil­ly now
    Also Jerm talks too much

  26. Jerm eats his words instant­ly on hole 1 lol. You should NOT go for it on 1. It’s a ter­ri­ble hole design. Just don’t make it be an island hole.

  27. I have a request. On the slow-mez and fol­low flight, could you guys extend the front end of the replay so we can see the stro­ke and form? It is real­ly nice to be able to see what the­se guys are doing to achie­ve the results. Ever­ything else is gre­at and I love what you have been doing the­se past cou­p­le of years! Keep up the gre­at work 😁

  28. Announ­cer gene­ra­li­zing about trunks: “The trunks come out of the ground,”.…now I’m not an arbo­rist, though I do play a tree sur­ge­on (via disc) on TV/YouTub, but that is how I acqui­re my sub­ter­ra­ne­an swim trunks.

  29. I don’t think this cour­se is a bad design, it’s not, in fact I would love to see it play­ed some­whe­re other than in Kan­sas and that’s my point, that it’s the com­ple­te­ly wrong cour­se for Kan­sas and hea­vy winds. You can’t honest­ly say that you can land a 350ft throw wit­hin a 15ft para­me­ter in 35mph winds and not say that luck was invol­ved good or bad. I think in the end, you are going to end up with the win­ner being the play­er who got the big­gest breaks but not nec­cesa­ri­ly skill, I hope I’m wrong.

  30. Bro Nolan does not seem like a pro. So many cour­te­sy vio­la­ti­ons. Hap­py that Uli cal­led him out. Hope­ful­ly he will grow up a litt­le and respect the game.

  31. The Rage Com­pi­la­ti­on just from hole #4 put­ting is too inten­se for me. The­se are pro­fes­sio­nals and they need to calm down and act like it!

  32. You knew it would hap­pen at some point. Too many folks are slee­ping on Bro­die, that dude is gon­na real­ly start showing up in that top 10 a lot more consistently.

  33. Paul, you mean arbo­rist. When you’­re in Michi­gan I can give you a crash cour­se on trees to help you pro­vi­de more infor­med coverage on JomezPro.

  34. Much cred to the play­ers and the ones that are working with this event. Cant be easy to enjoy disc golf in this con­di­ti­on. Keep up the good work

  35. 2 guys in the booth and a side­li­ne repor­ter.… the three com­men­ta­tors can’t even for­ce in all the words they want to say

  36. I would love to see the scores the top pros could out down here if the wea­ther was good. Seems like 50% of the dif­fi­cul­ty is due to the wind

  37. Watching peop­le play in this wind is almost as frus­tra­ting as play­ing in that kind of wind. God it’s a pain to play in wind like that. Every putt is a night­ma­re and with all the OB on this cour­se, every shot is anxiety

  38. Gre­at coverage, as always, Jomez. So many new faces! 

    Cour­se note: The fact that the­re aren’t any flags on top of the­se bas­kets for wind reads is abso­lute­ly ridi­cu­lous, IMO. Beau­ti­ful cour­se. This town & com­mu­ni­ty are a mec­ca of disc golf, and it’s Kan­sas. Win­dy 90% of the time?! Come on. I’m genui­nely upset about it, lol. SOMEBODY CALM ME DOWN k thx JC.

  39. cool cour­se so far, not a fan of the gim­mi­cky first hole. If James and Tho­mas are lay­ing up on a par 3 you may want to adjust the hole a bit, I think
    making the back side a semi-cir­cle would be a good change.

  40. I don’t know if this was a one off, alt­hough I know wind is always an issue at least a bit here. Any­way, play­ing disc golf in the­se con­di­ti­ons is unre­a­son­ab­le imo, and that’s on top of a very dif­fi­cult cour­se. I have alrea­dy loo­ked at the results of round 3 and it’s kind of cra­zy tbh. The win­ner of the tour­ney could legi­ti­mate­ly finish abo­ve par. Did Uli men­ti­on why he dnf’d? I appre­cia­te the play­ers try­ing their best des­pi­te the conditions.

  41. I feel like I could walk up the fair­way and place my disc in bet­ter posi­ti­ons… the­se com­men­ta­tors…🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. More just a gene­ral jack of all tra­des sci­en­tist than a spe­cia­list is Paul Uli­ba­ri, defi­ni­te­ly not an archeo­lo­gist with a deep under­stan­ding of trees.
    That was the best

  43. I’ve heard about so many throw ins from adja­cent holes. I won­der how many of them were inten­ded layups that went in due to the wind…

  44. I real­ly like the inter­views. At the end of the year you ought to put them on a CD. Just put a spe­cial thanks on the­re for me 😊And I real­ly like the over­head view

  45. Damn Paul, I actual­ly am an archaeo­lo­gist, and I’ll glad­ly tra­de jobs with you. Any day all day. Love the coverage, keep up the gre­at work guys.

  46. the white viper loo­ks like the bur­ger king ham­bur­ger king with glasses
    and look at that slo mo spe­cial ed trai­ling hand!!!
    will he ever grow into his head

  47. Bro­die Smith lea­ding the tour­ney after 9, what…?? That’s some­thing new. Is this what hap­pens when you get skun­ked in a big skins match?

  48. I love ❤️ disc golf and espe­cial­ly right now. The­re are so many new gre­at play­ers and so many older ones. The cour­ses are get­ting har­der and the scores are get­ting to a point whe­re mul­ti­ple peop­le are only 2 to three strokes back from win­ning. Almost anything can hap­pen and I love it. Thank you JoeMez pro . My dream is to be a disc golf pro­fes­sio­nal and may­be one day be on lead card of joeMez Pro.

  49. the color cor­rec­tion in the play­er pro­files has been kin­da weird, lots of red in the face. Love to hear about Nolan though!

  50. Love how the hole pre­views are so sun­ny and beau­ti­ful and then it cuts to the shit storm of the live con­di­ti­ons lol

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