2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R3B9 | Wysocki, Conrad, Gilbert, Smith | Jomez Discgolf


2022 Dynamische Discs oeffnen R3B9 Wysocki Conrad Gilbert Smith Jomez Discgolf 2022 disc golf

Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung über die drit­te Run­de der MPO-Lead­card bei den Dyna­mic Discs Open 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Kar­te: Ricky Wyso­cki, James Con­rad, Tho­mas Gil­bert, Bro­die Smith Kurs: Empo­ria Coun­try Club | Empo­ria, KS BigSexy­Bar­ri Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri //jomezpro.com/patreon ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau­en Sie sich mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro htt­ps: //www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🎵 Star Frame pro­du­ziert seit 2016 unse­re The­men­mu­sik https://​star​f​rame​.band​camp​.com Erfah­ren Sie mehr die Disc Golf Pro Tour: https://​www​.dgpt​.com Zurück 9 Kapi­tel 00:00 Start 00:29 UDISC LEADERBOARD 00:54 LOCH 10 03:59 LOCH 11 06:43 LOCH 12 09:37 LOCH 13 13:00 LOCH 14 17:24 LOCH 15 20:30 LOCH 16 24:47 LOCH 17 28:57 LOCH 18 33:49 UDISC LEADERBOARD 34:13 GRÜNDERCLUBLISTE Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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264 thought on “2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R3B9 | Wysocki, Conrad, Gilbert, Smith | Jomez Discgolf”

    1. Some­thing about see­ing a bir­die be rewar­ding ins­tead of an average play makes the game fun to watch again

  1. Love the con­stant love the video love the com­men­ta­ry love all of you! Just wan­ted to let you know that I think the thumb­nail art says front nine on this one as well

    1. Thank you. I don’t know why they kept say­ing he threw‑2 on the front 9. On gate­kee­per his score­card show­ed +2

  2. Empo­ria is just not fun to watch. I can’t ima­gi­ne try­ing to play in tho­se con­di­ti­ons with all the arti­fi­cial OB.

    1. I agree. It’s not fun watching frus­tra­ted play­ers, 3 ft putts blowing back out, and every other shot going OB.

      And they KNOW it’s gon­na be win­dy at this time, yet the ladies still had to shoot from the MPO tees on some holes bc they could­n’t even be bothe­red to put some out.

      When MPO average is +9 and FPO is +11.5, make some tem­pora­ry tees or move some OB man. The­se are the BEST play­ers on the pla­net. I mean James Con­rad when 12 holes without a sin­gle birdie…

  3. Ya know. I’ve play­ed in 40mph winds, obvious­ly just casual­ly. Why does this tour­na­ment feel a need to add some arbi­tra­ry and tight ob lines to a pro­ven win­dy area? Do the­se peop­le not play disc golf that are drawing up the cour­ses? Real­ly you get some bad luck and you’­re pena­li­zed bey­ond what natu­re alrea­dy pena­li­zed you. This tour­na­ment does­n’t feel very rewar­ding to watch at all. May­be some peop­le like all of the fake ob out the­re, and it’s tole­ra­ble on most cour­ses. Clear­ly it does­n’t work for this one.

  4. Not gon­na lie this who­le tour­na­ment sucks. Not­hing to do with play­ers or com­men­ta­tors just the ter­ri­ble con­di­ti­ons. I know you can’t con­trol the wea­ther but man it’s just not fun watching this…. Still will though got­ta support!!!

    1. The top pros in the world final­ly have a chal­len­ge with both cour­se and con­di­ti­ons, and natu­ral­ly peop­le com­p­lain. Pros aren’t fair wea­ther gol­fers like you. This was one of the more inte­res­ting rounds that I can remem­ber watching.

    2. @Adam total­ly dis­agree with you but that’s okay. Look back to last wee­kend that was AMAZING! It’s just not fun to watch when James Con­rad is 6 feet away from the pin and his disc gets pushed back out. I still stand by my state­ment though that this is not fun to watch howe­ver I will still sup­port! Also I don’t play wish I could but I don’t have hands :/

  5. Fr this is only fun to watch becau­se it makes the pros look human but I could­n’t ima­gi­ne play­ing in this. I agree with most peop­le with get rid of the for­ced OB are­as. Just let the guys play the holes without making gre­at shots turn to shit cuz they went long on a ridi­cu­lous­ly hard hole to go long on in the­se conditions.

    1. @Nitron tell that to the “gRoW tHe SpOrT” crowd. Can’t jam spec­ta­tors in the woods and they aren’t going to give up the $ they get from spec­ta­tors. Disc golf on ball golf cour­ses is the future of this seri­es. For bet­ter or worse. They have to get the sche­du­ling right. Going to a wide open cour­se in Kan­sas in April is about as dumb as try­ing to sell a ketch­up pop­si­cle to a woman in white gloves.

    2. @Nitron Gre­at shots aren’t ALWAYS big­gest power, most turn! Gre­at shots are made when you throw the way the hole is desi­gned, OB or not! Dealing with the wea­ther is just ano­t­her part of this game, you can’t be pis­sy about the cour­se becau­se the wea­ther has been cra­zy, it’s some­thing that you CANNOT plan for(ESPECIALLY in the Mid­west whe­re it’s just… it’s crazy)!

    3. It does baff­le me whe­re ever­yo­ne defi­ni­ti­on of a “good shot” comes from. The­re are a lot of dif­fe­rent types of good shots and it’s gre­at that we have extre­me­ly dif­fe­rent cour­ses to high­light that.

    4. @Tyler you can abso­lute­ly ‘jam spec­ta­tors in the woods’, just find bet­ter woods cour­ses. The real issue is that filming is dif­fi­cult. The sport needs to grow without being play­ed on golf cour­ses, it’s just incredi­b­ly boring to watch. If you could get good filming at Bea­ver Ranch or Bai­ley you’d have an incredi­b­ly good tour­na­ment. Good amount of wind, you have to adjust for play­ing in the moun­tains, and you could fit thousands of spec­ta­tors with no issue. The issue is they just don’t want to. DD is based in Empo­ria so they’­re gon­na keep having tour­na­ments there.

    1. Most­ly the same cour­se design as the past with more wind. I think its the fans who are used to see­ing the­se guys get only bir­dies that are the worst.

    1. @Thor Helm check U‑disc live. Only the top 50 play­ers make it into day four, this is the first time in his care­er he didn’t make a final day cut

  6. So hap­py to see Bro­die on a lead card and play­ing “well” con­si­de­ring the­se con­di­ti­ons! I hope he can keep this up. Also, congrats big Jerm!

    1. @kyle well, it’s the best 4 scores going into the round out of 107 pro­fes­sio­nal disc golf play­ers. So it’s something

    2. @kyle Just becau­se scores aren’t in the ‑20 or lower, does­n’t mean it isn’t good disc golf. It might be frus­tra­ting to watch if you’­re loo­king for bir­dies ins­tead of bogies, but ridi­cu­lous­ly win­dy con­di­ti­ons will do that.

  7. Noobs like this becau­se it makes them feel bet­ter about their hor­ri­ble scores in nor­mal con­di­ti­ons. This is an embarr­ass­ment to the sport

  8. 2020: No disc golf tour­na­ments allowed
    2022: Hold my beer.…(so it does­n’t blow away)

    Ama­zing grit on dis­play by tho­se who mana­ge to finish the tournament!

  9. this is a prime examp­le of stu­pid cour­se set-up … with every hole having some moro­nic arti­fi­cial OB set up some­whe­re … even the announ­cers can’t stop tal­king about how dumb it is … the idi­ot tour­na­ment orga­ni­zers set it up for no wind … and then the wind blew like cra­zy … duh?!!?… who could have ima­gi­ned that?!?!?… this cour­se set up gua­ran­tees the best play­er won’t win, which is the exact oppo­si­te they were try­ing to achie­ve … sad­ly, the win­ner will be deter­mi­ned by luck, not skill

    1. You must be new to the sport. Wind is not­hing new to peop­le in Kan­sas and that’s one of the chal­len­ges of the course.

    2. @Adam i agree … but my point was that they set the cour­se up with incredi­b­ly dumb OB so that you have to make all the­se per­fect shots in wind­less con­di­ti­ons … then when the wind blows, all their impos­si­ble OB pla­ce­ments lead to a total craps­hoot, with scores deter­mi­ned by total luck, and very litt­le skill … the com­men­ta­tors are even cri­ti­cal of it … they eit­her need to set up OB so they can move it day to day depen­ding on the con­di­ti­ons … which is impos­si­ble with the miles of OB they strung out rui­ning this cour­se … or set it up a lot more for­gi­ving, in case the wind blows hard … or just don’t have it at all … the pro­blem is… with so much tight OB, when the wind blows, good shots get punis­hed… bad shots get rewar­ded … and the win­ner is not the best play­er … just the luck­iest play­er … sin­ce the wind might blow, they nee­ded to set the cour­se up with that in mind, ins­tead of assuming it’s not going to blow, and then dealing with this cir­cus of a round … whe­re 9 over par is the average … they set it up way too tight, which is a true dis­play of their lack of intelligence

  10. Peop­le need to bund­le up in the wind… It isn’t “covid” it is cal­led “wind inva­si­on” and it mani­fests as a cold/flu.

  11. 32:57 I mean, he’s defi­ni­te­ly got a bet­ter men­tal game than me. If this hap­pens AFTER the BS blo­wout on the front nine, I’d just walk away. This is not fun to watch. McCa­be real­ly needs to back off on all this arti­fi­cial dif­fi­cul­ty next year.

    1. It’s a tough call; in even just-slight­ly bet­ter con­di­ti­ons the­se cour­ses chal­len­ge the play­ers in a fair way tru­ly rewar­ding con­sis­tent excel­lence. It’s rare­ly qui­te this win­dy for an ent­i­re wee­kend. The­re might be some pru­dent tweaks here or the­re but a com­ple­te over­haul I don’t think is warranted.

    2. @hellsdiscgolfer Yes, but there’s a bet­ter way to manu­fac­tu­re the­se kinds of scores. Arti­fi­cial OB on nar­row fair­ways on 800+ ft holes is so dif­fi­cult, it’s like asking a bunch of NFL kickers to kick 65 yard field goals over and over to see who is the best. They will all fail most of the time and it won’t be a good repre­sen­ta­ti­on of who is the best.

    3. @blaise ras­coe I think we can all agree that there’s dif­fi­cult and then there’s absurd. This bor­ders on absurd. I like see­ing the pros strugg­le as much as anyo­ne, but it’s like Simon proofing from a few years back. No one asked if that was fair to Simon or Gar­ret. When does it stop, when the lan­ding zone is ten feet wide? Oh, let’s put springs on the poles ins­tead of trash cans, then EVERY per­fect shot that hits them gets punis­hed. I dunno.….……I just don’t find this enter­tai­ning at all.

    4. @Nitron I still get enter­tain­ment out of this, but it’s not fair to all the pros out the­re and up and comers who are tra­ve­ling thousands of miles every sea­son and bare­ly get paid.

  12. Can’t wait until Ricky gets a bull­seye after thro­wing a sta­ble dri­ver into a rai­ny tor­na­do in the Finals

  13. *I have never shrie­ked so many times in a girl voice in my life! Serious­ly GIDDY watching this round! What I thought was­n’t going to be very enter­tai­ning ended up being in my top 5 favo­ri­te rounds of Disc Golf in histo­ry! Also, Bro­die Smith is the real deal and damn it, I love that dude!*

  14. I thought this was the last round… I was like “C’mon Bro­die, make that putt for solo 2nd” Any­ways, good golf in real­ly tough con­di­ti­ons. Cra­zy­ness.… gra­te­ful for the coverage

  15. Wow I real­ly did­n’t think big Jerm had anything left in the tank. I guess I get a face to face mee­ting with him now!

  16. The peop­le who are unhap­py with the tour­na­ment becau­se of the con­di­ti­ons make me laugh. The­se are pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes play­ing an out­door sport that only stops if there’s light­ning, get over it. Ask any of the­se guys if the pre­fer rip­ping wind or pou­ring rain and I gua­ran­tee they take wind 95% of the time. For con­text, watch any Bea­ver Sta­te Fling when its rai­ning. Tell me which _you_ would pre­fer. I enjoy see­ing the human side of the­se play­ers, it sepa­ra­tes the real pros from the wanna-bees

    1. The­re are pros and cons. At least in rain, the disc flys true. And if you can keep your put­ter “semi” dry it’s hel­la easier to
      Putt in the rain.

    1. This is like when my friend and I play in tight woo­ded cour­ses, on an open field cou­se he’s favo­r­ed by easi­ly 5 strokes, but in the woods, I’m favo­r­ed by a handful

    2. I do t agree with play­ing in shit­ty wind I mean if you are not pro it will show if the­re is wind or no wind. Some peop­le need to stay in ams lol

  17. My kid wat­ched the back­ni­ne, yelled “dad, that’s gon­na save me so many strokes!” and is in the backy­ard prac­ti­cing the scoo­ber atm. Thanks Brodie! 💪😎

  18. Uli is my abso­lu­te favo­ri­te, and I usual­ly agree with every take he has. But on 14, tal­king about Brodie’s scoo­ber, I have to dis­agree. Uli said that it kind of makes sen­se in this wind, but nor­mal­ly, just do your putt, you prac­ti­ce it all the time… Bro­die does prac­ti­ce that shot all the time, and he’s pro­bab­ly just as com­for­ta­ble and con­fi­dent with the scoo­ber as just about any shot

    1. @fountainofyouth5 not to men­ti­on the steep hill/rollaway poten­ti­al behind that bas­ket. Even without the wind i bet he throws the scoob there

    2. I think the point paul was making is that in nor­mal wind con­di­ti­ons, the down­si­de of mis­sing a long tra­di­tio­nal putt isn’t huge. Most of the­se guys make 90% from C1 so if you go 25 feet long it’s no big deal. Going for it with a tra­di­tio­nal putt in regu­lar wind should usual­ly be a hig­her % chan­ce to make the long putt than a scoo­ber which is super low risk, but also super low pro­ba­bi­li­ty to make.

  19. I’m con­fu­sed on the scores on 18. Did­n’t Ricky and Bro­die play the same shots (effec­tively)? Why is Ricky’s score better?

    1. They both threw OB. Howe­ver, Ricky then put his next shot under the bas­ket and tap­ped it in while Bro­die lan­ded just out­side the cir­cle and laid it up for par and then tap­ped it in. We mis­sed the lay-up on coverage.

    2. Bro­die laid up (or mis­sed) the putt, loo­ks like it was­n’t on came­ra. You can see he taps in at the end and his approach was like pro­bab­ly circle’s edgeish.

  20. Hole 14 com­men­ta­ry gave me an idea for a shoe store that spe­cia­li­zes in men’s size 13 and abo­ve. “No Small Feet”.

  21. Hey Jomez team I had an idea for your coverage! You could have a small over­lay of the cur­rent hole and mark the loca­ti­ons of whe­re the discs land so we can get a bet­ter feel for how the play­ers are play­ing the hole!

    1. @Brady Rush Yea for sure, I was thin­king a came­ra­man or whoever could have a paper print out of the hole and pen­cil in each lan­ding zone per player

    2. @Brady Rush What would be a ton of work would be to have the over­lay up with the dro­ne foo­ta­ge and have the dro­ne icon flight path, and then have the flight paths of each disc as they threw it, wind direc­tion arrows, and at the end of each hole have all the flight paths of every play­er and com­pi­le them into a “heat map” of how the hole is being play­ed, do that for each round and compare/contrast the heat maps

    3. Par Save Pro­duc­tions uses this tech­ni­que… kind of. They show each player’s lies and total strokes on a map of the hole after each hole is com­ple­ted. I agree this would be an awe­so­me fea­ture for Jomez to incorporate

    1. world class disc golf expe­ri­ence can be yours for the low pri­ce of $10 any day 🙂 disc golf is kee­ping that ball golf cour­se open.

  22. I don’t know why peop­le sign up for this event. It loo­ks like the big­gest pain in the a## just to be out in that wind

  23. After watching James with a big run­up and launch, I keep fee­ling like he’s going to hurt hims­elf. Or others. With his mad­ness and rage. I am frightened.

  24. DD Bas­kets are the abso­lu­te worst. Any aggres­si­ve putt has a chan­ce of boun­cing right off the pole. Wind deman­ds aggres­si­ve putts. Bad combo.

  25. Did James Con­rad throw a scoo­ber as his “approach” on 16? Com­men­ta­tors said not­hing, but it loo­ked like he tur­ned his disc upsi­de down to throw.

  26. I feel like the DD bas­kets are not up to par with the qua­li­ty of other bas­kets. A lot of spit outs. Seems like ligh­ter chains, fewer chains may­be? But I feel bad for the­se guys on some of the­se putts that should have counted

    1. I belie­ve every bas­ket has it’s pros and cons. The DD bas­kets are very simi­lar to the Dis­cat­cher and are very good over­all bas­kets, but if you putt hard, it can spit through. The Pro­di­gy bas­ket does gre­at with hard putts, but it’s bru­tal to sof­ter putts and mis­sing a litt­le left or right. With that said, in this wind, no putt is safe and no bas­ket would have been better.

    2. DD bas­kets are pret­ty fair and good qua­li­ty. I think some of the spit outs were a pro­duct of the tor­na­do winds

  27. Cour­ses built like this aren’t fun to watch, even without the wind, becau­se it does­n’t account for skips, for acci­den­tal rol­lers or kicks. Extre­me­ly win­dy con­di­ti­ons ruin a tour­na­ment any­way, but with all the for­ced OB it’s just silly.

  28. The­se cour­se desi­gners need to chill with the OB. If the pro­per­ty does­n’t allow for natu­ral hazards, it’s pro­bab­ly just not a good cour­se to play OR watch. Golf cour­ses aren’t fun to watch. Thanks for the coverage Jomez.

  29. Can’t belie­ve all the colors on the cards..crazy wind will do that I guess.. a 1 under is pro­bab­ly rated 1000..

  30. Disc golf in a par­king lot with 30mph
    winds isn’t disc golf…and it’s boring. Need to scratch the­se matches on ball golf cour­ses and get back to the woods (real woods not one tree bes­i­de the bas­ket woods) whe­re DG belongs.

  31. I tru­ly would watch a 🎥 movie if you guys all sta­red in it, it would be Rad, think about it, Jomez Pro­duc­tions, talk about next level, I know you guys can do it, kick a script around & make it hap­pen, look how far you guys have come: “Sky’s The Limit”

  32. Makes a lot of sen­se to try it from the drop­zo­ne at hole 16 for Ricky. Last year, I he made it, and I feel as if he had his sis­ter in mind whilst doing so. Given that tho­se events took place exact­ly one year ago, I feel like this is his way of showing that, even though life kicks you down some­ti­mes, you some­ti­mes just have to ‘give it a run’.

    1. Check his Insta­gram. 👌🏻 I was the­re, it was ama­zing! I even got to high five him.…sorta. I was in the wrong side, so I high fives his disc. That’s may­be even better! 🤣

  33. James is pret­ty sub­t­le about it, but com­men­ta­tors mis­sed that he threw his put­ter inver­ted at least twice. Not as flas­hy as the scoob.
    And congrats Jerm.

  34. I think Ricky has some real expe­ri­ence with wind com­ing from Ari­zo­na. That and his level of skill and cool deme­a­nor is on show here. 👌

  35. just play­ed this cour­se last week… shot ‑13. The­se goons don’t know what’s com­ing. I’m on top in 2025 don’t for­get it.

  36. Paul uli, shut the hell up dude you speak over every good shot or putt. Stop tel­ling a sto­ry or brag­ging about your shots.

  37. Ever­yo­ne is over­re­ac­ting to the wind. Yeah it’s Kan­sas but the wind has been off the charts this year. It is not usual­ly this bad, not even clo­se. (Here in Dal­las, April 2022 was the win­diest mon­th in over 25 years.) Don’t for­get last year McBeth won this event at 42 under.

  38. I know the­se con­di­ti­ons were frus­tra­ting for the play­ers, but watching the best in the world having to adjust on the fly for the­se con­di­ti­ons is great.

  39. Wow, how bit­ters­weet to get the ace right after the $25k was clai­med. What an unfor­tu­n­a­te aspect to that asto­nis­hing achievement.

  40. Hole 16: Paul, “that’s a tough layup”
    Com­ple­te­ly mis­sing that Con­rad threw the disc up side down so it would dive! and skip a bit on his layup. Not a scoo­ber but using the disc upsi­de down to con­trol the upshot.

  41. How did Ricky score a 5 on hole 16? Tee (+1 OB), DZ (+1 OB), DZ, Tap-in. Isn’t that a 6 or is the­re no penal­ty for the second OB from the DZ?

  42. 20:10 Tech­ni­cal­ly spea­king, Pap­pa Nate Safe­ton took the safe bid of going a dol­lar hig­her than Paul. So, Nate gets the per­fect bid!

  43. May­be the wind is part of Empo­ria, but has the­re ever been talk of moving around the tour­na­ment date loca­ti­ons? Why not go some­whe­re else for a litt­le while and come back to KS after the april winds are died down a bit? I feel like the DGPT ends in New Eng­land in the fall becau­se of the folia­ge becau­se that’s when the cour­ses are at their bests. Why not do that for here?

  44. Ricky just seems to expe­ri­ence wind dif­fer­ent­ly. Plus his men­tal boun­ce back game is on ano­t­her level. He’s got a good team with that mana­ger at his side

  45. On this coverage and the front 9 they’­re say­ing KJ went ‑2 for the front 9, when he clear­ly went +1 and is ‑2 for the who­le tournament

  46. I have a sug­ges­ti­on / request: Add rounds star­ting wea­ther info into intro or hole 1/ 10. Tem­pe­ra­tu­re and wind speed, in US and Euro­pe measurements.

    Every time I watch your coverage I’m thin­king that how they haven’t free­zed in tho­se t‑shirts and shorts, and how much the wind is real­ly blowing.

    Sin­ce­rely, Mr. Bla­ming the Wind 🥏💨

  47. 30:43 this shot was insa­ne and super clut­ch love to see Bro­die finis­hing out rounds on tough courses!! 💪🏻💪🏻💯💯

  48. I love watching pros strugg­le when wea­ther con­di­ti­ons are bad or the cour­se is very dif­fi­cult like Nor­thwoods black, but can we pump the bra­kes on the arti­fi­cial ob alrea­dy? I under­stand cour­ses like empo­ria need to add ob becau­se they are basi­cal­ly in a field but may­be just may­be we should be loo­king at pla­ces like Eagles Cros­sing as a repla­ce­ment. Some well pla­ced arti­fi­cial ob is fine but when the who­le damn cour­se is not­hing but litt­le white flags and spray paint it loo­ks ama­teur. Pro­bab­ly would have been able to pay the win­ners more if they did­n’t blow $10,000 on flags and spray paint.

  49. Jere­my play­ing ‑3. And he is like the dude that likes thro­wing touchy, underst­a­ble side­arms. Doubt he did that a lot here, but wow. Just wow. I was blow away (lol) by Ricky’s round – and this was an insa­ne surprise.

  50. What a day. Lead card went +28. Only 3 peop­le in the ent­i­re field are under par after 3 days. Mother natu­re is being a bul­ly, lol.

  51. How is the­re not a came­ra on every par 3. You don’t even need an ope­ra­tor just a tree. Inex­cus­able to ever miss a hole in one at this point in the sports evo­lu­ti­on. Sor­ry for the rant but it’s frus­tra­ting watching 8 came­ras fol­low 4 play­ers and then hear the­re was an ACE and no coverage. I put this more on the DGPT than jomez, but come on it s the best shot a per­son can throw.

  52. The one time I’d love to see that cha­se card! I defi­ni­te­ly enjoy mys­elf a litt­le Buhr/Germ/Lizotte/Hancock action!

  53. Abso­lute­ly ter­ri­ble lay­out. This tour­na­ment gets worse every sin­gle year. Least fun tour­na­ment to watch by a long shot. It’s not fun watching per­fect throws get punis­hed becau­se a 40mph gust picked up at the last second and threw the disc back­wards out of bounds. The punish­ment is in the natu­ral ele­ments, not arbi­tra­ry ran­dom bad luck.

  54. Can we plse fix the sync issu­es, it’s get­ting bad. It’s 3 jomez tour­na­ments in a row , whe­re ther are sync issues.

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