2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R3F9 | Wysocki, Conrad, Gilbert, Smith | Jomez Discgolf


2022 Dynamische Discs oeffnen R3F9 Wysocki Conrad Gilbert Smith Jomez Discgolf 2022 disc golf

Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung über die drit­te Run­de der MPO-Lead­card bei den Dyna­mic Discs Open 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Kar­te: Ricky Wyso­cki, James Con­rad, Tho­mas Gil­bert, Bro­die Smith Kurs: Empo­ria Coun­try Club | Empo­ria, KS BigSexy­Bar­ri Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri //jomezpro.com/patreon ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau­en Sie sich mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro htt­ps: //www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🎵 Star Frame pro­du­ziert seit 2016 unse­re The­men­mu­sik https://​star​f​rame​.band​camp​.com Erfah­ren Sie mehr die Disc Golf Pro Tour: https://​www​.dgpt​.com Front 9 Kapi­tel 00:00 Start 00:44 SPIELERPROFILE 01:40 LOCH 1 10:55 LOCH 2 15:31 LOCH 3 19:14 LOCH 4 23:08 LOCH 5 28:22 LOCH 6 31:04 LOCH 7 36:00 LOCH 8 41:14 LOCH 9 45:53 UDISC LEADERBOARD CHECK-IN 46:16 GRÜNDERCLUBLISTE Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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470 thought on “2022 Dynamische Discs öffnen | R3F9 | Wysocki, Conrad, Gilbert, Smith | Jomez Discgolf”

  1. Jomez­Pro Plea­se don’t put the­se play­er pro­fi­le vide­os like at 3:18 bet­ween the throws! If you feel they are necessa­ry put them to the begin­ning of the video and sepa­ra­te in time­li­ne. Thank you

  2. I have alrea­dy has my morning joe and bre­ak­fast, but my morning was not com­ple­te until I saw that Jomez round 3 coverage was up.

  3. Sur­pri­sed the intro was for Gil­bert and not Bro­die. But kin­da makes sen­se when Bro­die had one befo­re (I think?)

    1. @Nitron Make pros strugg­le by tigh­tening gaps or intro­du­cing smal­ler bas­kets, not with a ran­do­mi­zed wind gust. I can’t stand the­se win­dy open courses.

    2. Arti­fi­cial OB’s and cra­zy wind.. What could pos­si­b­ly go wrong? I hate arti­fi­cial OB’s with a pas­si­on, and I would love to seen the­se play­ers play­ed in the­se con­di­ti­ons without the AOB’s. Would lead to some enter­tai­ning scramb­ling, but ins­tead were trea­ted to OB, after OB, after OB. Yeah real fun to watch…

    3. @Liquid Farts the OBs are out of con­trol on this cour­se and the last. Most of them are just a line in the grass for no reason

    4. @Liquid Farts And this is going to be more the norm and not less. Most disc golf cour­ses are in public parks which you can’t clo­se and char­ge admis­si­on to. The­re are a lot of ama­zing and absurdly hard DISC GOLF cour­ses in the US, but they’ll put up the­se insa­ne temp cour­ses at coun­try clubs so they can clo­se them and char­ge admis­si­on. And pret­ty soon this will be not­hing like the sport it was when it star­ted to get big.

  4. Nate put it per­fect­ly. “We’­re doing some­thing out here, but it’s not disc golf.” It’s serious­ly just not fun to watch pro strugg­le this much due to no fault of their own. We don’t need to be in Kan­sas anymore.

  5. Tho­mas is awe­so­me, and I enjoy­ed his pro­fi­le pie­ce. With that said, I was hoping to see one on Bro­die. Love him or hate him, he deser­ves respect for how hard he’s worked to beco­me com­pe­ti­ti­ve so quick­ly at the hig­hest level of the sport.

    1. @Ludo Ludow­ski not a fan boy. Just can’t stand key­board war­ri­ors who talk shit behind a screen, but would be first in line get­ting his auto­graph in person

  6. It is a blast play­ing in con­di­ti­ons like this. Play­ers get frus­tra­ted easi­ly and you just got to laugh and keep concentrating.

  7. Aren’t play­ers requi­red to wear a col­la­red shirt? Will Bro­die get dis­qua­li­fied? I thought rules were rules. Just ask Kristin.

    1. The rules allow for the fol­lowing: “Crew neck or v‑neck shirts made of high-per­for­mance or high-tech mate­ri­als, such as Dry-Fit, Cool-Max, and others will be allo­wed.” (3.04 sec­tion D.3) It is dif­fi­cult to tell from coverage what mate­ri­al Brodie’s shirt is, but I’m gues­sing it fits under this rule.

    1. Thats the best way to fight the wind with a putt. They do drop fast though so its usual­ly only done for clo­se putts in real­ly strong wind

  8. We play­ed a C tier a cou­p­le weeks ago in winds that aver­aged 25 gusts 40 – some fun­ny stuff defi­ni­te­ly happened.

  9. In defen­se of the UDisc score kee­pers, the score kee­per on Paul McBeth’s card yes­ter­day was just a guy they plu­cked from the spec­ta­tors. Not even kidding.

    1. Defi­ni­te­ly up the­re. There’s been many Cal­vin, Eagle and Ricky cards but there’s usual­ly one bit shor­ter guy in the mix as well.

  10. Made up OB’s are rui­ning disc golf
    Just let them play whe­re it lies
    This was so pain­ful to watch
    Cour­se desi­gner should sacri­fice hims­elf for the bet­ter­ment of disc golf

  11. Loo­ks like the guys who are actual­ly just play­ing for PAR will have the best chan­ce of win­ning this tour­na­ment. Play­ing for bir­dies just get you in trouble.

    1. 100% agree. With wind this bad par will pro­bab­ly put you in the top 10. Take the bir­dies of the oppor­tu­ni­ty arri­ses but par is more than good enough

  12. i appri­cia­te ur work and ur ide­as like ur the fun­niest guy ever ty for ur hard work VxuG

  13. Thank you Jomez for get­ting g the­se vide­os to us as an audi­ence as a who­le, we all appre­cia­te and love you lovely human beings!!!

  14. I still think the bas­ket needs to get a litt­le smal­ler for the pro tour. This round was an out­lier. Nor­mal­ly guys are one put­ting near­ly every hole. I think it would be far more dra­ma­tic and exci­ting to see some chal­len­ging putts made with a tougher bas­ket. I watch pro 9 ball pool and they play on smal­ler pockets a lot if not all of the time (4 or 4.25 inch ver­sus 4.5–4.625 inch) becau­se stan­dard equip­ment isn’t up to stan­dard nor enjoya­ble to watch for the audi­ence. Play­ers sim­ply don’t miss much (same pro­blem) on the lar­ger pockets. 

    I think you could make the bas­ket 15–20% smal­ler and it will still catch well. Heck I’ve put­ted on Bull­seye bas­kets which are a ton smal­ler and they are not that bad and tho­se are super skinny.

    1. And in doing so may­be you can then widen or take out some of the arti­fi­cial OB as well making the cour­se play fai­rer. Take a litt­le bit of chal­len­ge away from the long game and place it on putting.

  15. Dang this is going to be a mes­sy round, I expect a lot of move­ment on the lea­der­board which could be real­ly interesting!

  16. James’s reco­very game is cra­zy. Not used to see­ing him miss putts so too e see him make tho­se second putts shows his men­tal game is great.

  17. To ste­al a phra­se from golf, they’­ve lost the cour­se. I don’t have a pro­blem with play­ing at win­dy cour­ses – I think the­re should be a good varie­ty of cour­ses throughout the tour: win­dy, long, woo­ded, OB-hea­vy, etc. But if you have a cour­se in such a win­dy envi­ron­ment like Empo­ria, you can­not have 600 foot par 3s or holes with OB 10 feet from the bas­ket or you get days like today, whe­re good and some­ti­mes even gre­at shots get punis­hed. Even in pro golf, whe­re winning/average scores are almost always worse than pro disc golf, you would never see a cour­se average +9 for the field or holes aver­aging a full stro­ke over par.

  18. You should be able to throw bom­bers if your 6’4”-6’5”, and he did get the­re from popu­la­ri­ty; Name ano­t­her 1st-2nd­Disc Gol­fer spon­so­red by Dis­craft, or any other com­pa­ny? It’s due to him having fol­lo­wers from ulti­ma­te, and his abi­li­ty to sell discs for the com­pa­ny, and not his skill.

    1. @Drone Ser­vices, LLC you must be new around here; Or you didn’t even watch the video and know what I’m tal­king about. Yet my point is in what I wro­te, if you don’t under­stand it’s not my place to make you understand.

    2. @chad has­ler 😂 Toughest wea­ther con­di­ti­ons, but I play in 18” of snow and ice, wind isn’t anything tough. Espe­cial­ly if you’re not new to the game of Disc Golf like a bunch of peop­le around here.

  19. Sin­ce peop­le were tal­king about the likeness to fic­tio­n­al cha­rac­ters in the last round – here’s one for the the swe­des: Tho­mas Gil­bert is Jan Rip­pe of Galens­ka­par­na (Roger in Macken)? Just me?

  20. It loo­ks as if all the wind at Empo­ria was blowing strai­ght through the stu­dio, but not a hair out of place, guys that’s impres­si­ve hairspray

  21. Tho­mas and James deser­ved a bro moment with a sup­port hug when they cros­sed paths after tho­se devas­ta­ting spit-outs!!!

  22. Gosh one day were gon­na see a tee/approach shot like James’ on hole 8 whe­re the guy is run­ning the same flight as the disc and it just tracks him and nails him in the butt almost car­toon like and they’ll fall on their face and all 3 com­men­ta­tors will abso­lute­ly lose it can’t wait

  23. Tom­my isn’t *a* super­fan. He is *THE* super­fan. Part of what makes him so loveab­le. Star­ted play­ing in 2016, by 2018 he was pho­to­bom­bing Jomez. 😆

    1. Watching that guy play always reig­ni­tes that idea that disc golf is just fun. I think the rea­son he’s so good on the green is becau­se lay­ing up is boring and he just wants it to be awe­so­me. Love watching him be so successful!

    2. What a gre­at fea­ture on him – real­ly enjoy­ed it! He seems like a fan­tastic human who would brigh­ten any card he plays on.

  24. I hope worlds is bet­ter than this becau­se this tour­na­ment is a hor­ri­ble repre­sen­ta­ti­on of the sport.

  25. Some days its so win­dy here in Okla­ho­ma it makes the game not fun its just impos­si­ble for a play­er like me.

  26. I like see­ing the disc fly from the gol­fers per­spec­ti­ve. Cool to see it from that came­ra ang­le on cer­tain shots.

    1. I lear­ned that in a cra­zy win­dy tour­na­ment back in like 2013 or so. Saw even the MPO play­ers mis­sing 10ft putts whe­re the wind would lift the discs and dump them 30+ft away it was ridi­cu­lous. Only tour­na­ment ive play­ed whe­re guys were legit lay­ing up from edge of cir­cle. One hole in par­ti­cu­lar has a bas­ket on the top of a big steep hill right on the edge of the drop­off and i saw mul­ti­ple peop­le who were in the cir­cle put­ting only for their disc to be thrown off the top of the hill by the wind and theyd be thro­wing 150+ back to the basket

  27. I’m going to recei­ve a lot of hate for this, but 600 foot holes can­not be par 3s. It’s like McCa­be wan­ted to make the most unfun and unwat­cha­ble DGPT tour­na­ment tit­le for the year. 

    Love see­ing Bro­die on lead card though! =D

  28. all the dumb arti­fi­cial OB, com­bi­ned with the high winds, pret­ty much gua­ran­tees the best play­er won’t win … it takes all the skill out of the game, and the win­ner is deter­mi­ned by pure luck

    1. No. Wit­hin all cal­cu­la­ti­ons it takes to win a round like this com­bi­ned with the rounds put tog­e­ther divi­ded by wind and acci­den­tal makes.. the equa­ti­on adds up. This is the pin­na­cle of hand eye mind mus­cle coör­di­na­ti­on and connection.

  29. It’s kind of fun see­ing pro scores at MA3 level tour­na­ment scores…Though if we play­ed that cour­se the win­ning scores would pro­bab­ly be +10 lol

  30. I love see­ing pars be gre­at scores and bir­dies being excep­tio­nal, but the­se spit outs on 5 are BRUTAL. See­ing tho­se almost makes me think the­re needs to be sus­pen­si­on for wind like how ball golf sus­pends for balls moving on the greens

  31. Way too much gim­mi­cky ob in Kan­sas. Not sure what the cour­se desi­gner was thin­king. Loo­ks mise­ra­ble to play.

  32. Wish I had heard your wis­dom (Big­Je­rm) about “par is bir­die” befo­re last wee­kend! My 1st real look at a pro win(MP50), up 3 after round 1, I could have used the mind­set of ‘par = bir­die’… Play­ing in steady 25 mph winds gus­ting to 40+, I was­n’t able to deal with the lead and the wind+rain every other hole…

  33. This is very hard to watch and is defi­ni­te­ly incre­a­sing my stress level but ama­zing work still just being out there

    1. Me too! I was get­ting dog­ged on by my friends when I said he’s going to be an awe­so­me play­er and they all said he doesn’t have a chan­ce! Love it when I am right!

  34. Should be known as DD-OB
    With all tho­se nar­row areas.,.
    I’m not loo­king for­ward to worlds becau­se of the courses.

  35. The fact that Worlds is gon­na be here too makes my blood boil. Even having one tour event here is too much. Having one day of mas­si­ve wind is good/fun to watch. Having 3–4 in a row means you picked a ter­ri­ble loca­ti­on for a cour­se IMO.

  36. I’m con­fu­sed. The first 2 rounds are play­ed on a dif­fe­rent course?
    The other ones were at Jones Park, is that inten­tio­nal? (Sor­ry, I don’t know a lot about disc golf)

  37. OB so clo­se to the bas­ket is ridi­cu­lous!!! Hole 5.… Also a 600ft par 3… This is just a pain to watch and I can’t ima­gi­ne play­ing it

  38. I wish we could hear the cour­se sounds at the same level as the com­men­ta­tors. Often they talk about what they are hea­ring and it means not­hing to the view­ers becau­se we can’t hear what they’­re tal­king about.

  39. I love how this tough cour­se com­bi­ned with cra­zy winds resul­ted in the­se pros sco­ring like I do on easy cour­ses in per­fect conditions 😂

  40. Could someo­ne exp­lain to me why the­se four are on the lead card? I thought the lead card was sup­po­sed to be the lea­ders, no? Gil­bert and Con­rad are far off the top 4

  41. I feel like the­se guys need a les­son on wind putts. Upsi­de-down put­ter spin­ning insi­de 20ft would have saved 9 strokes on this card. Bro­die had the scoo­ber but not the spin Upsi­de-down. I’m no pro, but that’s a pro move for sure. Cra­zy round to watch.

  42. I rea­li­ze that I’m not near as good as the­se guys, but I’m from Kan­sas and am as used to the­se kind of winds as you can get; I don’t think the­se pros are very good at play­ing in the­se winds. They are going for so many huge ris­ky shots that are blowing ob. They need to be taking a lot off their shots and chip­ping up the fair­ways. Also for short putts, they need to be put­ting upsi­de down. It falls strai­ght down much more con­sist­ent­ly and won’t blow out near as often like James did on that one hole

  43. What hap­pen­ed to the fol­low flight lines? I real­ly nee­ded them for this tourney 😅
    Gre­at coverage though guys thanks as always!

  44. 28:25 Nate. “What is he sup­po­sed to do.” Did you just start play­ing disc golf yes­ter­day?? Umm, not use a put­ter.. Or some peop­le flip the disc upsi­de down.

  45. Feels like I am watching mys­elf play a local pitch and putt cour­se .… but its the some of the best play­ers in the world .….play­ing at one of the har­dest courses.…..in a hurricane.…..

  46. “We’re doing some­thing out here. It isn’t disc golf, but it is some­thing” – Nate Sexton 

    My favo­ri­te quo­te of the year.

  47. Love hea­ring pros whi­ning about a hole being the wrong par (hole 4). Pros don’t know what real par means, they’re pis­sed if they can’t bet bir­dies on a hole. Just real­ly spoiled

  48. 14:48 WOW! For him to not even try the­re REALLY tell’s you how cra­zy the wind was!
    22:48 WOO! I threw it in!!!(TOTALLY was­n’t ME but I like that there’s a Pro disc gol­fer also named John Willis!)
    29:54 WHO is arguing this?! I would LOVE them to be BIGGER, then my scores might look more like the Pro John Willis’s ins­tead of the me John Willis’s(mine are BAD)!

  49. Hey Jomez, real ques­ti­on for anyo­ne who can answer…why did we switch DDO from the sum­mer to now? Coun­try Club is noto­rious for wind but it’s not near­ly as bad in June or July. 

    Would love for anyo­ne with insight to have discussion!

  50. I’m watching the­se pros pre­ten­ding like there’s no wind so I can feel bet­ter about my own game.

  51. Hole 9, Ricky’s 2nd shot I thought you said

    “That shot is so Ricky” ins­tead of Risky.

    With his aggres­si­on, you could use tho­se words interchangeably.

    Do they make socks that can hold up to disc golf? All of mine have holes under the ball of my foot.

  52. Nobo­dy has pro­bab­ly ever had to announ­ce a “+1” being the hot front 9 befo­re and it hard­ly makes sen­se. Jerm and Nate didn’t even catch it! We all slip up some­ti­mes Uli!

  53. Hole 1: Ricky tap­ped in his putt while using his disc as a marker. 

    I saw drew Gib­son call someo­ne local out for doing the same thing and told the guy he can’t use that disc any­mo­re becau­se he decla­red it his “mar­ker mini” lol

    1. You are not requi­red to mark your lie. You may use your pre­vious throw as your mar­ker. (802.06.A)
      Only if you cho­se to mark your lie are you requi­red to us a mini(non thro­wing disc). (802.06.B)

    2. On hole 9 in round 2 of the Dani­el Boe Memo­ri­al, Joa­quin Enci­so was mar­king his lie after moving it in a meter from the OB.

  54. The DDO is defi­ni­te­ly my least favo­ri­te DGPT event of the year. Gar­ba­ge cour­ses and the abso­lu­te worst time of year for a disc golf tour­na­ment in this part of the coun­try becau­se of the ridi­cu­lous wind. It’s real­ly clo­se to whe­re I live in Kan­sas City, but I’ve never even con­si­de­red atten­ding. I main­ly just feel sor­ry for the play­ers who have to deal with the­se cour­ses and conditions.

  55. Cour­se is stu­pid. Litt­le flags are the obsta­cles. Grass wasn’t even cut in a lot of areas.
    It’s also stu­pid to play this stu­pid cour­se this time of year in this part of the coun­try. Tigh­test fair­ways of the year in the worst con­di­ti­ons. This is not a com­pe­ti­ti­on that is entertaining.
    PS you have to tell Shawn Hun­ter to clo­se his mouth.

  56. What’s the point of a dro­ne shot if you just cut the shot befo­re you get to the pin? I like the extra art­sy shots of the pin for sure, but may­be estab­lish the pin in the dro­ne shot first befo­re cut­ting to b roll.

    1. Agree. They need to keep the full dro­ne flights. The addi­tio­nal aeri­al views are real­ly nice too. The art­sy shots of the pin or fair­way are fine, but don’t cut out any dro­ne foo­ta­ge for it.

  57. Tho­mas put­ting laser strai­ght at his win­dow had me worried. Even though they were like 15′, that’s a lot of glass behind that basket.

  58. The next, may­be the one after the next Genera­ti­on of Disc­Gol­fers will be able to throw Side­arm and Back­hand with left and right hand.….I’m sure someo­ne with this skill­set will come up on tour

  59. *The cur­se of Jomez high­light strikes again.*
    Seems like every time there’s a high­light the play­er steps up and throws a real­ly hor­ri­ble shot right after lear­ning about them. It’s hap­pen­ed so often now it’s make a fun­ny clip to to put the tog­e­ther in a vid

  60. Who the fuck is asking for the bas­kets to be smal­ler?! If that’s you, I hope you miss every putt out­side five feet for the rest of your life!

  61. Why is the­re disc golf in Kan­sas? I don’t like watching this kind of golf. I get the histo­ry of Empo­ria, but the­re should­n’t be Pro Tour events here.

  62. As a nati­ve Kan­san I’ll just say if you don’t learn to play in the wind you’­re not gon­na be able to play but may­be 2,3 days a mon­th on average not exa­g­ge­ra­ting eit­her when I first star­ted me & some others who star­ted at the same time as me did­n’t & qui­te frank­ly could­n’t play in high winds until we went out & bought des­troy­ers , nuke OSs & Sti­let­tos & what not & what hap­pen­ed to James on # 5 has hap­pen­ed to me a few times you just laugh it off & move on even in tournaments.

  63. Very tough. It’s sad that wind can ruin such a gre­at game on a very long course….it turns golf into maintain

  64. @1:11 “A bona fide disc golf super­star”. LUL. I did­n’t rea­li­ze his C tier win at Spoo­ky Sea­son Skir­mish car­ri­es so much weight!?!?
    He is a way bet­ter ath­le­te than I am, but let’s not get ahead of our­sel­ves. He needs to per­form befo­re he deser­ves chat­ter like that.

  65. Can we go back to having at least a full dro­ne flight? Clo­se up pic­tures of the bas­ket are okay, I guess, but it’s not hel­pful to cut off the dro­ne flight half way through to just have a clo­se up pic­tu­re of the bas­ket from a low ang­le that gives no per­spec­ti­ve or con­text of the hole.

  66. You guys may not go prac­ti­ce in this wea­ther but for tho­se of us in Kan­sas, this is life we eit­her play on days like this or don’t play at all 💁🏻‍♂️😂

  67. Ricky’s drop in not stay­ing at the bot­tom of the bas­ket and lif­ting IN THE BASKET is a per­fect examp­le of too much wind.

  68. Shee­sh man. What a batt­le this tour­ny is. I play­ed a round at whit­tier fris­bee golf cour­se in CA about 3 weeks ago with 25 mph gusts and i only play­ed 9 ins­tead of 18 cau­se it was ridi­cu­lous. The first hole is a 275′ rhbh throw and it loo­ked gre­at out of my hands, per­fect amount of hyzer, and a gust came up and it car­ri­ed over 100′ into the par­king lot and hit the park ran­ger booth. I somehow play­ed par, but its NO WHERE near as hard as this course.

  69. 19:14 This who­le time I thought we were all uni­que. I’ve been lied to? No one is uni­que? lol. fun­ny stuff Jerm The word I think you were loo­king for is exempt. 😁👍🤞👊

  70. Stu­pid OBs and ridi­cu­lous sea­so­nal wind… Some bra­in­dead decisi­ons from Dyna­mic Discs has cul­mi­na­ted into this abso­lu­te joke of a tournament.

  71. Do pro­fes­sio­nal Cana­di­an disc gol­fers requi­re the stron­gest, most mus­cle bound men as their cad­dies? This guy should be pul­ling a plow.

  72. Real­ly loving all the OB though. The best play­ers in the world are going to be sepa­ra­ted by their accu­ra­cy ins­tead of their distance this time

    1. @Jeff Heyer that’s how I run my local and c tiers. I get a lot of hate for it some­ti­mes, but hey. Just put it in the fairways. 🥸⛳

  73. You know the wind is swir­ling when Paul is being blown to the left, Jerm is being blown to the right, and Nate isn’t moving at all. And no, I don’t know how to fix that sen­tence so it does­n’t sound dirty.

  74. Sur­pri­sed not to see more upsi­de down putts. I was not sur­pri­sed at all when James had the short head­wind putt blow back out and a cou­p­le others. Being from the Mid­west we all know the­re are cer­tain wind con­di­ti­ons whe­re you can’t expect tho­se to stick and the upsi­de putt real­ly helps.

  75. And after bea­ting the living hell out of several ran­dom spec­ta­tors (off came­ra), James is back in the groo­ve on 5. 😀

  76. Deter­mi­ning wether a shot cros­sed in bounds should NOT be left up to card dis­cre­ti­on in majors and éli­te seri­es events.
    Ine­vi­ta­b­ly, some night­ma­re situa­ti­on is going to pop up and the DGPT will swift­ly enact a rule chan­ge and invest a bunch in a replay system.
    Why not show some fore­sight and start the chan­ge now?

  77. The bas­kets are fine. We just need to design and con­struct more cour­ses that don’t rely on exces­si­ve OB to crea­te challenge.

    1. Bas­ket size reduc­tion actual­ly would make for fewer blown out putts. Have to dis­agree with Jerm on this. I’m assuming here that bas­kets get shor­ter as well as nar­rower. Shor­ter chains have less leverage to push the disc back out and I think Conrad’s putt sticks.

  78. I don’t think smal­ler bas­kets but I do think smal­ler chain set­ups like the MVP bas­ket sharps­hoo­ter or wha­te­ver it’s called

  79. James’s putt did not spit out becau­se of the wind it spit out becau­se the chains are so clo­se to the edge of the bas­ket that it never got an oppor­tu­ni­ty to get far enough into the bas­ket to stay there

  80. The peop­le say­ing they need to decre­a­se the size of the bas­kets are the same ones that remin­ded their tea­chers that the­re was home­work due in school.

    1. @Play Disc Golf Tech­ni­cal­ly. But can you ima­gi­ne someo­ne cal­ling that on Ricky! Also I think they would have had to wait till tomor­row for that disc to quit moving in the cage.

  81. No mat­ter how he does in today’s round, I real­ly lik­ed hea­ring the intro for Bro­die. He has worked super hard and has come a long way! Congrats to Tho­mas as well!

  82. I find that it’s often dif­fi­cult to actual­ly under­stand how bad the wind is when it get’s _really_ bad. But look at 30:57. Ricky’s disc lifts up from the bot­tom of the bas­ket becau­se of the wind. That’s a pret­ty stiff breeze.

  83. If this were someone’s first time watching coverage, they may not come back. Wind is making the pros look like novice players

  84. If Ricky was­n’t in front of the came­ra on hole 5, James’ rob­bed putt woul­d’­ve been the NOMEZ of all NOMEZES!

  85. I used to like Bro­die until he sto­le an intro my cou­sin made him. My cuz final­ly was like alright man I just want a cou­p­le discs. Any kind. And Bro­die final­ly stop­ped using the intro. Couldnt pay someo­ne in a few discs for an instru­men­tal part of his vide­os. Lost all of my respect

  86. How are the­se guys even stay­ing upright in this wind. This is the tal­lest (height wise) in the histo­ry of disc golf. The­se guys are all like trees com­pa­red to most of their competitors.

  87. Thank god they had their big­gest ali­bis, pati­ence and men­tal forti­tu­de. They might not have made it through without tho­se alibis.

  88. I’m sor­ry, but what? 182m par3. Who makes the­se cour­ses ? Golf­play­ers? i would get a dou­ble bogey at best… on a good day.

  89. Super glad we got to see a spot­light on Tho­mas, super deser­ved. Howe­ver, I hope we can get a spot­light on Bro­die too soon! I think there’s a lot of ani­mo­si­ty thrown his way that folks might recon­si­der if they could see the less hype side of his per­so­na­li­ty. As a guy who used to play on the other side of the ulti­ma­te pitch as him he’s tru­ly a class act in sports­manship and a genui­ne per­son and I would love to see some of that shown in a short video pie­ce! Keep up the incredi­ble work guys, this was a blast to watch and I can appre­cia­te how pain­ful tracking tho­se shots with a came­ra can be. Tru­ly the best in the business =)

  90. 30:00 We talk about other bas­kets when we say that. Dyna­mic Disc bas­kets are some hot gar­ba­ge (as shown many times in the past and today and yes­ter­day with spi­touts that even with this wind make no sense)

  91. Start of hole 6 Ricky is ‑6 and Bro­die ‑2 … knowing what tho­se guys ended up shoo­ting, tho­se remai­ning 13 holes are such a gre­at per­for­mance from both of them.

  92. It’s almost to the point for me that peop­le disc golf shouldn’t be play­ed in Kan­sas until at least June. This is unplay­a­ble and not a good look for coverage imo.

  93. The OB sur­roun­ding the green is exces­si­ve imo. Some holes have ob around the bas­ket that seems unfair.
    We’­re watching a hand­ful of the best gol­fers in the sport get some very very bad breaks on a super hard cour­se in wind con­di­ti­ons I would­n’t walk the dog in.
    Thanks Jomez for the coverage!

    1. I don’t think the cour­se should be desi­gned around the wea­ther unless it beco­mes dan­ge­rous though. If the­re was no wind this would be a very dif­fe­rent cour­se. It sucks that it is win­dy, but it is win­dy for ever­yo­ne so play sen­si­ble golf and you will come out on top

  94. That’s pret­ty nas­ty con­di­ti­ons, I wouldn’t wan­na attempt worse. I had my share of put­ting in bad wind. It’s a riddle

  95. Ever­y­bo­dy watch Ricky’s disc when he puts it in the bas­ket on hole 6 star­ting at time 30:56. He puts it face down and then it starts blowing upward. WHAT EVEN IS THIS

  96. They real­ly need to have weigh­ted put­ters. That you can use to help for win­dy days for clo­se putts to pre­vent wind com­ple­te­ly blowing them out

  97. at 30:00 minu­tes: i would have to actual­ly dis­agree with Big­Je­rm and claim that with smal­ler bas­cets it would stay in more often, atleast if the adjus­t­ment only is hight bet­ween the top­band and bas­ket. but keep ever­ything else. at the same time it would have made put­ting just a tout­ch har­der. redu­ced it to almost half from todays baskets.

  98. Paul liter­al­ly seems like he did­n’t even speak the last 3 holes, only to final­ly shout out Jones for a ‑2 front nine, when he was real­ly +1 on the front, and ‑2 “total.” Mus­t’­ve been a REALLY rough day out the­re for him…lol

  99. Not sure ive ever enjoy­ed a mcca­be desi­gned cour­se. Cant wait to get the pros back to play­ing disc golf and sco­ring on a tract that shows how well they play ins­tead of how poor­ly they can play.

  100. Brodie’s got power and I saw him throw hucks in lite­ral gale for­ce winds at USAU 2012 Natio­nals. Hur­ri­ca­ne off the Flo­ri­da coast. Play­ing around on the beach in the evening you could throw a flat disc into the wind and just get it to hover befo­re going back­wards a bit when it dropped.

  101. Sick round. I live in Lake Hava­su City, AZ. And if the wind ain’t blowing over 15 mph, hell is free­zing over. Watching Conrad’s fireb­all turn and do cra­zy stuff should tell you all you need to know, they are excel­lent wind discs and the wind makes it look like a paper pla­ne out the­re. Cra­zy stuff

  102. It’s good of you to have Brodie’s back Jerm. At the same time tough, the key­board cow­boys that want to talk smack are what’s known as.….…. dou­che bags.…… and who cares what a dou­che bag has to say…8^D

  103. Who does­n’t like Tho­mas Gilbert!
    Also, can anyo­ne share what the star­ting intro songs were for each of the players?

  104. I agree with Uli… as frus­tra­ting as it is.. I love play­ing in the wind and watching the disc do cra­zy things. The high wind also keeps the bugs away!

  105. I agree Nate. I only wat­ched half of this. This isn’t disc golf. It’s frus­tra­ting to watch, I can only ima­gi­ne how it was to try to play in this. IMHO they would have been bet­ter off not playing.

  106. I think the phra­se “black hole frame” should be imple­men­ted if all play­ers bogey a hole. 

    Defi­ni­te­ly a tough day for DG the­re in Emporia 😅

  107. I can’t even watch this gar­ba­ge. OB should be obvious. Pro Tour is rui­ning the game with OB lines, sta­kes, to whe­re play­ers can’t even figu­re out whe­re to take their next shot from. This cour­se is dogshit

  108. They should­ve post­po­ned the tour­na­ment in my hum­ble opi­ni­on. Nates right, this isnt disc golf. So hard to watch actually.

  109. Bodies the geni­us, only has play­ed 2 years and throws zone on 6, and cat­ches the soft lan­ding. I play often in this kind of wind.… (wyo­ming), and the speed 5 and under is always the most pre­dic­ta­ble ground reaction

  110. “One man’s junk is ano­t­her man’s treasure”

    While it sucks they aren’t having the best round, this did make for an enter­tai­ning round to spectate. 

    A cou­p­le of tho­se would have been aces and eagles if it would have been calm winds..

  111. Honest­ly, every year I watch empo­ria I always think what’s the point of having a tour­na­ment here. This place always has bru­tal winds.

  112. 37:31 – the dude with sun­glas­ses run­ning from the disc… I am uncon­troll­ab­ly roflmao. He should have just stood still 😆

  113. Lmao 34:26 Bro­die calls him self a ding­le ber­ry. Big Jerm “I think he said eagle bear but that doesn’t make any sen­se” lmao

  114. I think the bas­kets are per­fect just the way they are! As we get bet­ter and bet­ter the holes will get har­der and har­der. The bas­ket doesn’t need to change.

  115. So why can’t James use a hea­vier disc like a putt & approach? Like some peop­le will putt with a Slam­mer or even Harp in the wind. Again – stop whining.

  116. Y’all should try to play in West Texas. We had a tour­na­ment last year with 30mph+ winds for last round. We get winds like that all the time!

  117. Jere­my Koling is right. You don’t get to come to Okla­ho­ma. In fact Okla­ho­ma does­n’t have a stop on the pro tour. But it should. We have the cour­ses for it. Black­hawk in Tul­sa would pro­vi­de more of a chal­len­ge than yet ano­t­her golf course.

  118. That came­ra­man on hole 5 needs to step his game up. Ricky right in the midd­le of the shot and dude moves over a half a step and the view is still obst­ruc­ted. FUNDAMENTALS PEOPLE FUNDAMENTALS!

  119. It would be nice if the cir­cles for the mpo and fpo fiel­ds were mar­ked with dif­fe­rent colors. It can be qui­te con­fu­sing to watch (espe­cial­ly at the last cour­se), and sin­ce the plea­su­re of watching is ima­gi­ning the cour­se and what the play­ers are try­ing to do and what they are doing, it would make the docu­men­ted con­tent of the tour­ney better

  120. I must say the­re is a cer­tain level of wind whe­re it stops being a chal­len­ge and starts flat out rui­ning the event… When the best play­ers in the world can’t con­sist­ent­ly make 10-foot putts… I mean come on.

  121. OK was it win­dy? James Con­rad. That is … the World Cham­pion of disc­golf James Con­rad yelled “Fore” on 2 con­se­cu­ti­ve shots on hole 8. 2 in a row. Thats windy.

  122. I feel like in the wind, not only do you wan­na hit cen­ter pole, but ya got­ta just miss the top of the cage to be in the sweet spot.

  123. Jerm, wan­na come out to Cor­pus Chris­ti this off-sea­son? It’s the per­fect place to learn this wind! Uli did­n’t take me up on my golf/disc golf com­bo offer last year

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