2022 Wells Fargo Championship Runde 2 Zusammenfassung, Reaktion und Analyse | PGA-Tour-Golf

2022 Wells Fargo Championship Runde 2 Zusammenfassung Reaktion und Analyse PGA Tour Golf hochladen

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5 thought on “2022 Wells Fargo Championship Runde 2 Zusammenfassung, Reaktion und Analyse | PGA-Tour-Golf”

  1. Eres un ído­lo miku​ja​va​.Mons​ter siemp­re en mi corazón,hermosa,amoro,elecciones,culturales.❤️ Son unos de los mejo­res conciertos.

  2. This chan­nel just does­n’t get enough traf­fic & comments it should. Ive been watching for mon­thsss. Immel­man is one arti­cu­la­te guy who never drags a topic on and on. He’s very insight­ful and always posi­ti­ve its extre­me­ly refres­hing. He speaks very well. And for the who­le crew… you guys have always been very kind in your cri­ti­cism of others by sup­por­ting it with data and not by anything nas­ty. I respect the hell out of the ent­i­re crew for their hard work week in and week out. Hope you guys under­stand mys­elf and many others appre­cia­te the effort you guys have been put­ting in. You are all gre­at speakers 🙏👍

    1. 100% This was a gre­at recap. Glad Mark was able to help out befo­re the CBS sche­lu­de kick in for this tour­na­ment. They give each topic the respect that it deser­ves no mat­ter what it is. The­re is no bias here espe­cial­ly when it comes to the Sau­di Golf League.

  3. i wish Rick and Mark would have done this recap a bit bet­ter. The­re was some dra­ma. Rory was in no mat­ter what. We left the broad­cast 70 guys were at even par or bet­ter. That cour­se was so rough Mark is right. I mean the cut came down to 1 man Turk Pet­tit of all peop­le. He had issu­es at 17. He had to chip in from the sog­gy rough and make a 9 foo­ter on 18 to make the cut at ‑1 and keep it at even par. They had 65 guys ON THE DOT repeat ON THE DOT make the cut at even par. If Turk had any issu­es com­ing home, the cut was going to +1 and guys like Sepp Stra­ka would have made it. We have a casua­li­ty this week on OAD Jacob and Sia both have Sepp and he mis­sed the cut. I dont know what hap­pen­ed today I think Kee­gan Brad­ley was in that bet­ter cut. He was at even par tied for 80th ent­e­ring day. He had the round of the day ‑5 65 to be at ‑5 over­all and clim­bed 73 spots to t‑7. Tee times have been pushed back cau­se of wea­ther. The­re is a 92% chan­ce of rain tomor­row. They will go off both tees (pres­um­a­b­ly in three­so­mes) bet­ween 1045 and 1245pm. I can see a cha­ser like Rory, Came­ron Young or Tony Fin­au do some­thing cra­zy. I dont feel con­fi­dent in Jason Day put­ting it away. He has a 3 shot lead over Max Homa. Late/early was the bet­ter of the draw. Like Mark im sur­pri­sed they made the cut today with tho­se conditions.

  4. I have been watching the First Cut sin­ce June 2020 and tru­ly appre­cia­te the effort the­se guys put into this pod­cast. Very Enter­tai­ning and infor­ma­ti­ve. Keep it up guys!

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