5 Exercises to Improve your GOLF FITNESS | With Annabel Dimmock | Aramco Team Series Sotogrande

5 Exercises to Improve your GOLF FITNESS With Annabel Dimmock Aramco Team Series Sotogrande #wgdunites

Hey team! What an awe­so­me video I have for you this week! I was invi­ted to the Aram­co Team Seri­es in Soto­gran­de for the second golf com­pe­ti­ti­on in the seri­es. We are pas­sio­na­te about sharing how good golf is for you health & fit­ness, and whilst I’m at it, giving you 5 exer­ci­ses you can work on to impro­ve you golf, or real­ly for any of us! I real­ly enjoy­ed tal­king to Anna­bel Dim­mock and I hope you lik­ed get­ting an insight into her rou­ti­ne too. Loo­kout for my next video soon, whe­re I take you through a nor­mal fol­low along work­out for golf fit­ness as well. Enjoy!

The next event is in New York in Octo­ber which I’m so exci­ted to stay tun­ed for!

00:00 Intro
00:50 My golf swing
01:15 Chat with Annabel
05:05 5 exercises!
10:00 The ener­gy zone
10:37 Outro

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16 thought on “5 Exercises to Improve your GOLF FITNESS | With Annabel Dimmock | Aramco Team Series Sotogrande”

  1. I hope you enjoy this video guys! Espe­cial­ly if you’re a golf lover like me 😄 My next video will be a fol­low along work­out for golf fit­ness too so you can join me in real time 👊⛳️

  2. Gre­at exer­ci­ses, but I have to find a golf cour­se after the­se exer­ci­ses 😆😆. I hope you had gre­at moments there

  3. Cool video love play­ing golf and use the trx and skip­ping ropes for exer­cise have you thought about trx video for golf keep up the good work 💪

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