5 Golf Exercises To Hit It Longer

5 Golf Exercises To Hit It Longer Blake Adams (Golfer)

Golf Fit­ness Expert, Tyler Par­sons, shows you 5 golf spe­ci­fic exer­ci­ses to help you hit it far­t­her. Tyler used the­se exer­ci­ses to incre­a­se his club speed from 120 to 152 in several months.

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45 thought on “5 Golf Exercises To Hit It Longer”

    1. pacy­pacman it’s real­ly not the club speed that mat­ters, and lots gol­fers swing about 70% powrr so it is con­trol­led and still goes far

  1. I come from a Sprin­ting and Jum­ping back­ground and find that much of the trai­ning I have done trans­fers to the power in my golf swing. I am loo­king to hit 140mph this year with a long dri­ve club. 150+ is abso­lute­ly astounding.

    1. Same for me but I don’t know my speed swing but I can hit 290+ meters with the dri­ver. And I start golf befo­re back when I was a kid but I quit by the of 13 to beco­me a sprinter.

  2. here’s several ide­as for how to play golf better
    Prac­ti­se your golf swing in slow motion
    Posi­ti­on your feet properly
    Learn the cor­rect body posture
    (I lear­ned the­se and why they work from Gavs Golf Tac­tic website )

  3. The­re are a few com­pon­ents to how to play golf bet­ter. One resour­ce I found which suc­ceeds in mer­ging the­se is the Gavs Golf Tac­tic (check it out on goog­le) it’s the best resour­ce that I’ve seen. look at the inte­res­ting information .

  4. My friend Pete has put out a sys­tem of work­outs to incre­a­se your golf game. I have been doing them and feel my swing beco­m­ing smoot­her and flowing. My dri­ving distance has been easi­ly incre­a­sed. For less than $15 you would be CRAZY not to buy. Invest in your golf game.

  5. that’s 15yards of distance, it took me 25days of hard work but its a very nice fee­ling when u reach in 2 shots on all d par 5 of your home course,it works like magic,great work­out for golfers.

  6. Thanks to a friend, I loo­ked Goog­le for the “lyly ama­zing gui­de”. It’s abso­lute­ly the best stra­te­gy and the best deal I’ve ever seen. My sis­ter used it and shed 13 pounds. I just star­ted and I’m alrea­dy lower 5 pounds.

    1. I’ve been stu­dy­ing how to impro­ve your golf and dis­co­ve­r­ed an awe­so­me web­site at Gavs Golf Tac­tic (look it up on google)

  7. I think the­se exer­ci­ses are not enough. Very weak. You need mul­ti­joint explo­si­ve lifts like; Power Clean, Roma­ni­an dead lift. Real squat, inten­se rota­tio­nal core streng­t­he­ning. Chop­ping with exten­si­on. And the right weight mat­ters. You should be using your weight on ever­ything except power clean…cut that weight in half.

  8. I’m not sure but ‚if anyo­ne else try­ing to find out
    basic golf swing video
    try Magon­si Ama­zing Golf Expert ( search on goog­le ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got gre­at suc­cess with it.

  9. I just finis­hed rea­ding through the­se golf swing tech­ni­ques , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it) last week befo­re hea­ding out and pla­cing the exer­ci­ses to the test. I had been at it for 3 deca­des, but I was ama­zed that my swin­ging skills was still impro­ved. Asi­de from that, the prac­ti­ce exer­ci­ses also hel­ped tweak some small but important posi­ti­ons that I used to think did not mean much.

  10. Becau­se of the­se golf swing secrets , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a good golf swing and its dif­fe­rent fac­tors. My irons ampli­fied Fif­teen yards and my dri­ver incre­a­sed 25 after I finis­hed rea­ding the gui­de for the second time. My satis­fac­tion of gol­fing has dou­bled and my con­fi­dence has increased..

  11. If you wish to under­stand golf swings in details, you will find out about the tech­ni­ques and tricks of pro­per golf swings through the , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it). Half­way down the gui­de­li­ne and I‘m pret­ty ama­zed. I have obtai­ned 3 strai­ght low 80s rounds after stu­dy­ing this par­ti­cu­lar e‑book..

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