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  1. All won­der­ful stret­ches. Would have love to have had the­se in my “bag” years and years ago. Hope­ful­ly not too late .….. never is just slower and more dif­fi­cult for top results.

  2. Gre­at to see how more and more sports are beco­m­ing open min­ded about trai­ning other are­as of fit­ness. That wasn’t the case befo­re. I’ve got a few back pro­blems, and this should help me. I’ll fol­low it on the app

    1. Yes it’s defi­ni­te­ly some­thing we have beco­me pas­sio­na­te about, espe­cial­ly as we are get­ting older our­sel­ves. It is ama­zing the dif­fe­rence it can make to your golf swing! And that’s gre­at to hear Jose hope­ful­ly it can bene­fit you as well🙌🏌🏻‍♂️

  3. Hi, I’m a 65 year young woman, and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly have an old inju­ry of a gra­de 6 dis­lo­ca­ti­on in my left shoul­der, arthri­tis in both shoul­ders and hips, also I suf­fer from lab­ryn­thi­tis, so for me to do anything like tho­se exer­ci­ses would put me out of golf for pos­si­b­ly weeks. I’m a stubborn per­son hence I still mana­ge to play, and competitively,(20 han­di­cap­per ) but my loo­sen up exer­ci­ses have to be a lot more tame than yours.

  4. Gre­at Video as always guys, Get­ting that rota­ti­on is some­thing i have been working on. how often would you say to do the­se exer­ci­ses to help impro­ve on get­ting that rotation?

    1. Hi Scott. Thanks for the com­ment. I would say that you would want to do at least some­thing 3 times a week. The plan mixes things up as well so you work on a few dif­fe­rent are­as. The­se are just a few of my per­so­nal favou­rites for rotation.

  5. Gre­at video guys I’m 75 and have been doing a simi­lar ran­ge of exer­ci­ses to main­tain my fle­xi­bi­li­ty for about 14 years now. The­re is no doubt in my mind that the­se are essen­ti­al to mini­mi­sing inju­ry and fati­gues and faci­li­ta­ting good swing mecha­nics All of which incre­a­se the enjoy­ment of the game. Yoga is what star­ted me off on this course

    1. Gre­at to hear! is this Peter of Mar­ga­ret? I real­ly wish I had done yoga a long time ago. The moves are so bene­fi­cial to golf!!

  6. this is gre­at stuff! very simp­le but chal­len­ging excer­ci­ses at the begin­ning! so fun­da­men­tal to impro­ve the swing! I´ve star­ted last year doing the simp­le mobi­li­ty trai­ning in MMG site, it real­ly has impro­ved my mobi­li­ty, and my swing (the pro­blem now is the short game.… ahahahahahah)

    1. Thanks Gian­ca­rio! Keep up the awe­so­me work and check out com­ple­te chip­ping plan when you get chan­ce. Have you tried that one?

  7. Gre­at video, thanks guys. Not sure if you would make a video about it, but would be inte­res­ted to know your guys views on Nut­ri­ti­on both on cour­se and in general.

    1. @Meandmygolf I couldn’t let you do that mate, what would you wear with tho­se lovely pink out­fits I see you in 😜👍. Keep up the good work chaps, for someo­ne with back and hip issu­es, rota­ti­on is always a pro­blem, so regu­lar use of tho­se exer­ci­ses will hope­ful­ly help me out!

  8. Will have to work more on the­se. I keep aggra­vating the inter­cos­tal mus­cle on my right side of my chest. I am not sure if it is not enough stret­ching or doing some­thing wrong in my swing (or both).

    1. May­be worth get­ting it che­cked out John. Some gre­at stret­ches here! I am loving the new plan. It’s worth che­cking out if you haven’t already!

  9. 60?
    … I’m tur­ning 70 this year
    I’m going to do all of the­se in the gym TOMORROW 

    Good stuff 👍🏻

    Need a fol­low up …
    “Stret­ching on the 1st tee”
    (Can’t real­ly do the­se on the course)

    1. This is defi­ni­te­ly for seni­ors Bill. You don’t have to be able to do what I do, you just have to do what you are com­for­ta­ble with. That’s the beau­ty of the plan we crea­ted. It’s for ever­yo­ne. It’s less about what the moves look like and more about how they feel to the per­son doing them.

  10. I tur­ned 70 in March and can still make a 90° rota­ti­on becau­se I do a lot of stret­ching I have to work har­der on ham­strings and legs not as much and shoul­ders and arms

  11. Yoga has been an abso­lu­te game chan­ger for my fle­xi­bi­li­ty. Much har­der than it loo­ks to do the­se stret­ches, stay com­po­sed, breath, but the results are undeniable.

  12. Fan­tastic stuff guys I’m 7 cen­tu­ries old with 7 ampu­ta­ti­ons and the­se exer­ci­ses have hel­ped me swing the ball just over 4 ft. Gre­at stuff guys keep up the good work!

  13. Cheers, boys! I nee­ded this video. The most stret­ching I’ve done for golf are deep squats and may­be a few twists, but the­se exer­ci­ses will come in handy.

    1. @Meandmygolf Alrea­dy had star­ted try­ing them out! The one I need real work on is cros­sing the legs and to put my arms down flat in front of me. That’s going to need some work! Defi­ni­te­ly feel good stret­ching with all the exer­ci­ses you’­ve provided.

    1. We high­ly recom­mend fol­lowing our full body free­dom plan as men­tio­ned in the video, it real­ly could take your swing to the next level. Glad you enjoy­ed the video Ryan🙌🏌️‍♂️

  14. I love that you guys reply to ever­yo­ne! Do you guys still ana­ly­ze swing vide­os? I have a good one for you. I average around 170mph ball speed with dri­ver, but the ball alter­na­tes bet­ween 300+ car­ry and 230 car­ry with ple­nty of sli­ces, snap hooks, and pushes with the occa­sio­nal per­fect draw. The video also shows the club face appearing to come in per­fect then mas­si­ve­ly twis­ting open at impact.🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. So the bad news is we don’t! The good news howe­ver is in March we will be releasing a four part golf swing seri­es on our web­site whe­re for the who­le mon­th of March we will be asking our mem­bers to upload vide­os of their pro­gress to allow us to inter­act with them and pro­vi­de any addi­tio­nal tips if requi­red! Would this inte­rest you Edward?

    2. So in terms of the club face twis­ting at impact, that means you are hit­ting it out of the toe at impact. Stand a frac­tion clo­ser to the ball could help this👍

  15. favo­ri­te line ever “I get inju­red a lot, I do stu­pid things!”.… I liter­al­ly say that all the time becau­se im dumb and I do dumb stuff with a golf club lol

    1. Hi Robert. I do all of them and hold each one for a few breaths. You can fol­low the plan if nee­ded though and it gui­des you through it.

  16. Alright guys, I am cur­r­ent­ly doing the full body move­ment plan just won­de­ring what you think the best way is to work through the plan? Would love to see a video in the take char­ge group dis­cus­sing this

  17. Gre­at stuff guys. With bad kne­es, tra­di­tio­nal exer­cise is dif­fi­cult, and with 3 young kids, a full yoga rou­ti­ne is hard to find time for. But the­se 5 basic stret­ches seem achiev­a­ble. Keep the gre­at con­tent coming!👍👍

  18. I’m only 29 but have been having alot of rib and chest strains due to golf. Have just signed up to the web­site and will defi­ni­te­ly be try­ing this plan to loo­sen up more.

  19. How are the­se twis­ting stret­ches for the lower spi­ne if someo­ne has DDD? Are they put­ting sheer for­ce or pres­su­re on the lower spi­ne? Which if cour­se isn’t inten­ded to be twisted

  20. I’d have to go back­wards to reach that 60 years of age you sug­gest. Two shoul­der sur­ge­ries and one neck fusi­on sur­ge­ry with very bad arthri­tis haven’t hel­ped. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly I’ve been hoo­ked on power lif­ting in the gym too long and love it. My body howe­ver, does­n’t. I will try the­se exer­ci­ses as best I can. Thanks!

  21. What do I want to be like at sixty???.…well, at six­ty three I’ve been doing yoga for about six years! LOL, it is defi­ni­te­ly a life­style choice, and I can­not recom­mend it too high­ly. The­se are just five stret­ching / ope­ning poses you’­ve shown, wait until doing a half hour of flow…they you rea­li­ze that the­se twen­ty some­thing child­ren are stron­ger than you’d belie­ve! Gre­at advice!!!

  22. This pro­bab­ly exp­lains why I can’t get my club head speed abo­ve 90mph. I can’t do any of the­se stret­ches! But I’m star­ting today. We’ll see whe­re I’m at in 30 days!

  23. I’ve had two hip repla­ce­ments and my ROM is limi­ted with my hips, If I did tho­se exer­ci­ses my hip would dis­lo­ca­te. I won­der if the­re is a Yoga plan for peop­le in my posi­ti­on, pro­bab­ly many seni­ors I’m guessing!

    1. Thew thing with yoga is that it’s not about what it loo­ks like, it’s about what it feels like to that per­son. Do what you can mana­ge without pain. It does­n’t need to look like mine. Just feel your way in to the move­ments. I’d defi­ni­te­ly seek advice first to make sure it’s going to be ok though

    1. My back too buddy…hamstring stret­ches real­ly help loo­sen up my lower back. Tight ham­strings real­ly pull against the lower back, try stret­ching them out with simp­le toe touches.

  24. Gre­at exer­ci­ses guys. I do pila­tes every week and have done so for years becau­se of an old back inju­ry. My exer­ci­ses are more com­pli­ca­ted than yours but this has hel­ped me with fle­xi­bi­li­ty and streng­t­he­ning my core mus­cles which ulti­mate­ly hel­ps me with my golf swing.

  25. Gre­at video, but is Ser­gio sway­ing? Slo­wed this down to 0.25x speed & he still loo­ks pret­ty cen­te­red to me. Howe­ver, I get your point. Stay well!

  26. Hi, how long do you sug­gest on hol­ding each stretch for? Rota­ti­on & fle­xi­bi­li­ty is some­thing I could real­ly impro­ve on

  27. How many minu­tes should you rea­listi­cal­ly start with in the begin­ning? As you pro­gress what are some goals times? Ex :begin­ner 15 minu­tes ? At this level 30 minu­tes or less? Keep the GREAT vide­os coming 💪🏻

  28. Wow – it loo­ks very stran­ge see you guys dres­sed dif­fer­ent­ly. I like your uni­form look…but this is a gre­at chan­ge of pace. Gre­at video on the sub­ject of exer­cise as well.

  29. Taking a look at the­se .. will try them for the next few weeks.. I’m 65+ .. usual­ly shoot some­thing in the mid to low 70’s … if this hel­ps .. I’ll give you guys a gre­at shout out to ever­y­bo­dy I know .. plus ever­y­bo­dy I see.

  30. Someo­ne needs to make a prin­ta­ble pos­ter of the­se. Going to try and incor­po­ra­te them into my war­mups to get bet­ter ran­ge of motion.

  31. I love see­ing this! I am cur­r­ent­ly 47 years old and did­n’t start play­ing golf until I was 43. Around that same time, I lost 75 lbs in 9 mon­ths, with the help of DDP Yoga. Every move that you’­ve shown here is inclu­ded in the DDPY work­outs. My dri­ving distance in tho­se four years has gone from 220 to 270 yards. Gran­ted, deve­lo­ping a bet­ter golf swing over time has hel­ped with that, but the fle­xi­bi­li­ty gai­ned from DDPY is a huge con­tri­bu­tor. I high­ly recom­mend it to anyo­ne that enjoys golf, whe­ther young or old. Gre­at video guys!

  32. This woul­d’­ve been the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to exhi­bit your “pret­ty in pink” leo­tards, alt­hough not for the faint hearted 😎😃

  33. Sit­ting legs cros­sed, he men­ti­ons that he couldn’t ori­gi­nal­ly get his elbows on the ground. I don’t think I could even sit with my legs cros­sed anymore.

  34. I like the idea, but I would like to have simi­lar stret­ches that I can use at the cour­se befo­re I start. Some of the­se are easy to modi­fy but some aren’t. I don’t want to get on the ground befo­re I play a round. Thanks.

  35. I am 67 YO and star­ted a stret­ching rou­ti­ne simi­lar to this about 18 mon­ths ago. I feel bet­ter than I have in many, many years. Can’t wait for the wea­ther to get bet­ter here so I can get back on the cour­se with my new swing. I will add a cou­p­le of the­se to my stret­ching rou­ti­ne. I can’t empha­si­ze enough how a dai­ly stret­ching rou­ti­ne will impro­ve your gene­ral health and help you feel bet­ter and mini­mi­ze pain. And, it will most likely impro­ve your golf game as well.

  36. Hey guys, thank you for the video. I’m 37 and have always had lower back pro­blems but recent­ly play­ing golf has been causing mid round back pain and stiff­ness. I ensu­re I warm up and stretch befo­re play­ing, but the pro­blems still accur. Will the­se stret­ches help impro­ve strength as well as mobi­li­ty? I would real­ly appre­cia­te any addi­tio­nal advice to help out 🙏

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