7 ESSENTIAL Golfschläger, die du brauchst

7 ESSENTIAL Golfschlaeger die du brauchst 2019

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Nur ein durch­schnitt­li­cher Gol­fer, der unvor­ein­ge­nom­me­ne Mei­nun­gen über alles, was mit Golf zu tun hat, Pro­dukt­tests, Golfrei­se-Vlogs und Golf­nach­rich­ten veröffentlicht! 

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37 thought on “7 ESSENTIAL Golfschläger, die du brauchst”

  1. Andy one of the best vide­os you’ve done 👍. I am com­for­ted by the fact I have most of tho­se exact clubs in my bag. Chip­per is one my favo­ri­te clubs now. Love the Halo hybrid irons too.

  2. P.s. my down­fall has been lar­ge num­bers on 5 holes. This video is just what I nee­ded to help eli­mi­na­te them. I love your tone. You can tell that you speak from the heart and are genui­ne and that comes across. Thank you

  3. I total­ly agree ! I now use a 1/2 set com­pri­sing of :
    5 Wood ‚4 hybrid ‚5 hybrid,
    7,9,Pw,Putter !
    So far so good ! – will I use my SW ? To be honest I am thin­king of try­ing to get a Chip­per – Odys­sey to Match put­ter ?
    I don’t care what peop­le think – if I can enjoy my game without the cra­zy drama .

  4. Gre­at video, Andy! I think you’­re spot on with the advice around the greens and the shots insi­de 100 yards or so. I’m a 4 hcp and my go-to clubs for short game are still 9‑iron, gap wedge, and put­ter. The­re just aren’t a lot of short shots that requi­re a ton of loft. A bad putt is almost always bet­ter than a bad chip. A bad chip with a 9‑iron is always bet­ter than a bad one with a lof­ted wedge. And really…just don’t have a 60º wedge if you’­re shoo­ting around 100. So many hor­ri­ble things are going to hap­pen and only very rare­ly anything good. In fact, most peop­le down to sin­gle figu­res should avoid them. 

    And the hybrid irons are a gre­at choice for peop­le struggling with strike. Of cour­se, not­hing will save a shank or a tru­ly fat shot, but the sole on tho­se irons gives you a lot of lee­way. You can real­ly miss the strike pret­ty bad­ly and get a decent result. I would say that if you’­re using the 9‑iron or PW in the Cleve­land Laun­cher irons, you’­ve real­ly alrea­dy got a chip­per. Big head, big wide sole. You can grip it like a put­ter, put your hands up high, and make that smooth put­ting stro­ke. The CBX2 wed­ges are soooo easy to use, too. 

    The best part of this video is the advice about not try­ing to kill the ball and taking a 3/4 swing or half swing and sim­ply advan­cing the ball. Stay strai­ght-ish and stay in play. I do think the 100-shoo­ter should have a dri­ver, just becau­se the head is so big and there’s so much face to hit the ball with. But they should be grip­ping down a good bit and taking a 3/4 swing. A 5‑wood is a good choice off the tee once you’­re striking the ball some­what con­sist­ent­ly. But for a lot of peop­le the 5‑wood is going to be har­der to hit than a dri­ver, sim­ply becau­se the hit­ting area is so much smal­ler. But then again, it will be per­fect for a lot of folks, as well!

  5. Thanks Andy! I’m sub­scri­bed to alot of golf chan­nels on You­Tube and you’­re vide­os have been the most insight­ful and hel­pful to my game. Sin­ce watching you I’m shoo­ting in the mid 90’s. Appre­cia­te your help!

  6. You are awe­so­me Andy thank you for this video. Excel­lent recom­men­da­ti­ons and alt­hough many peop­le think of words and buy a dri­ver first it’s ama­zing how well you did with what you had in the bag. Some­thing to real­ly think about, some­ti­mes I think about making shots but if I make them will make me feel like a hero… That works about two out of every 10 times if that and then you’re scra­ping to try and save a who­le. Thank you for rela­ting To so many of us with your valu­able points of wis­dom. You are appreciated

  7. Very hel­pful Andy! I’ve been loo­king for sug­ges­ti­ons to break 100 con­sist­ent­ly. Could you put the list of 7 in the descrip­ti­on or edi­ted into the end of the video for a screen shot? It would make it easier to access the pro­ducts with the lofts you recom­mend, etc.

  8. Andy, whe­re were you in my pre­vious golf life. I’m 74 yrs old and stop­ped play­ing golf 5 yrs. I play­ed for 5 deca­des with a goal of brea­king 90 which I accom­plis­hed on occa­si­on. Six mon­ths ago I took up You Tube golf, as I call it. I star­ted watching a bunch of Uk gol­fers and got urge to get back into the game again. Pro­blem is that I will never hit the ball like Rick Shiel­ds or Peter Finch. Both gre­at chan­nels but unrea­listic abi­li­ties for me to attain. Then I found your chan­nel. You have put more posi­ti­ve thoughts about this stu­pid game in my thick skill that I will be buy­ing some clubs (7), hit­ting the dri­ving ran­ge and giving it ano­t­her go very short­ly. Your idea’s about chip­pers, 5, 7, and 9 woods as well as hybrid clubs will make this game much more enjoya­ble for me in the near future. Can’t thank you enough. Now my wife, on the other hand, I think she would like to lock you in your van for the rest of the sum­mer. Cheers

  9. Hey Andy, awe­so­me video! As a seni­or and novice gol­fer, this video is extre­me­ly enligh­tening, it hits home for me by sim­pli­fy­ing the who­le con­cept and gives me a gre­at foun­da­ti­on to build from. It tru­ly defi­nes the pur­po­se and name of your chan­nel. Would you be so kind as to list the 7 clubs you used. The brands are not important, just the types of clubs. Thank you!

  10. Gre­at video for many Andy. Now, why not expand the con­cept and do a video on brea­king 90, I.e. what addi­tio­nal clubs may be nee­ded for that pur­po­se, and then…. Brea­king 80…..

  11. Near­ly my bag. 5 wood, 9 wood, 7 hybrid, (strong) 9 iron, gap wedge, cavi­ty back wide sole 54 & 60 degree wed­ges. I do still have a “Thri­ver” (13.5 degree dri­ver lof­ted up to 14.5 with a 3wood length shaft) which I use on cer­tain cour­ses. Don’t have a chip­per but so far I have found my ultra wide sole hybrid like 9 iron has worked well for that type of shot. I went down this rou­te due to osteo­ar­thri­tis and dra­ma­ti­cal­ly redu­ced mobi­li­ty and swing speed. I also cheat with an arm­lock put­ter which hel­ps with stan­ding much more upright. The result of all this, hand on heart I’m regu­lar­ly going round in about 6 to 7 shots bet­ter than I did with a full bag. I actual­ly have to reti­re golf balls that get worn out !

  12. You talk about not over com­pli­ca­ting things. Do you think your chan­nel cau­ses con­fu­si­on? Most play­ers don’t get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to change/trial clubs as you expe­ri­ence. Why not talk about get­ting pro­fes­sio­nal help rather than spen­ding on equipment.

  13. Restraint, low ego and smart thin­king. les­son lear­ned, I got­ta accept my skills, but not over esti­ma­te them, go for % shots, not for ego shots and final­ly, final­ly the card­w­re­cking 7’s and 8’s will stay off the card. I hope!

  14. Gre­at advice, I’m off 14 and found that car­ry­ing 7 clubs over win­ter (5 wood 25 degree hybrid, 7, 9 iron, 54 degree wedge and put­ter did­n’t affect my scores. I star­ted play­ing comps with the­se and can score low 80s no problem.

  15. Gre­at advice as always, Andy. I have two recom­men­da­ti­ons to add to the pot. First, my Tit­leist TSi1 5 hybrid is abso­lute­ly the easiest hybrid and the best per­forming. (I’ve tried many others). Second, I bought the Tour Edge e521 iron-Woods and they are a plea­su­re to play. Have tried the Cleve­land (very good), the Wil­son Launch­pad (very good) and the Cobra T‑rail (incon­sis­tent). Tour Edge took 9 days to arri­ve from US. I’m hap­py to lend you a cou­p­le of them if you want to try them out.

  16. You must be a geni­us becau­se almost every club or type of club you men­ti­on I play I play an even roll mal­let put­ter I play three Cleve­land Smart sole for wed­ges inclu­ding the chip­per I have given up my dri­ver for a spe­cial­ly built 207 CC KZG 13 degree fair­way wood long as my dri­ver just far more accu­ra­te plus a matching5 wood the only place I dif­fer from you and I dif­fer great­ly the­re is that are use Sri­x­on 745 irons becau­se of the feed­back they give me I have to con­cen­tra­te a litt­le more with them but I love them

  17. Gre­at con­tent Andy, and well deli­ve­r­ed, as usu­al . You have a real knack for remo­ving any sen­se of ego from the ‘average golfer’s equip­ment’ dis­cus­sion. I’m a 10hcp (steadi­ly get­ting lower) and natu­ral­ly like to think none of this advice is app­li­ca­ble to me. But the­re are some gems here for all of us. Cheers.

  18. I’m cur­r­ent­ly on this exact jour­ney try­ing to break 100 and some gre­at tips and advice here I’m going to try and repli­ca­te. Do you have details of the chip­per pro­duct you used in the video?

  19. Its always a dif­fi­cult balan­ce with stuff like this for me. Yes, I know that if I lea­ve dri­ver and pos­si­b­ly 3 wood out of play, and may­be take some of the­se tips I am more likely to score better/more con­sis­tent. Howe­ver, I’m not always play­ing golf for my best score, but to have fun and most peop­le will admit hit­ting it far­t­her is usual­ly more “fun”, so the dri­ver keeps com­ing out in hopes of get­ting one or two of tho­se gre­at shots that keep you com­ing back and try­ing again des­pi­te all the lost balls on the other holes. I have one vivid memo­ry of play­ing most of a round with 5 iron as my lon­gest club becau­se the first cou­p­le holes were so frus­tra­ting with the big sticks, and I still scored at least as well as I might expect other­wi­se. The joys of golf. 😋

  20. I’m all the way over in Aus­tra­lia and after 25 years of not play­ing golf, ear­lier this year I reig­ni­ted my love of the game. I have star­ted to watch almost all the golf vide­os on You­Tube and have found that all the ones I love are from gol­fers in the UK. Found Andy The Average Gol­fer the other day and love his vide­os and the advi­se he gives. He like Rick Shiels makes it fun. This video is hel­ping me to rethink my club selec­tion. As soon as the wea­ther impro­ves here I am going to put in play the advi­se Andy has given in this video. 😎⛳️

  21. I have always pre­fer­red to play with fewer clubs. I am play­ing with 7 clubs right now: 5 wood, 5 hybrid, 7 hybrid, 9 iron, gap wedge (50*), sand wedge (55*) and put­ter. I rare­ly feel I need a club I don’t have in the bag.

  22. Love this … how about cour­se plan­ning for cat 3, 2 and 1 gol­fer – may­be even pro thin­king and get ‘The average golf pro’ invol­ved for cat 1 / pro thin­king … fea­ture a cour­se we can then try it out on …

  23. From what I can tell after 3 viewings, the 7 “essen­ti­al” clubs for the video were the 5 fair­way wood, a 7 fair­way wood, a 25º hybrid (5), a 7 iron, a 46º chip­per, a 58º wedge and a putter.

  24. I’m 20 han­di­cap and this is basi­cal­ly my set­up, except I don’t use a 7 Wood (tried it and found it was­n’t much dif­fe­rent from the 5 wood)

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