9 Löcher mit nur einem Putter – Papago Golf Course

9 Loecher mit nur einem Putter Papago Golf Course Brodie Smith

Ich nahm die Back Nine nur mit einem Put­ter in Angriff. Einer der schwie­ri­ge­ren Fil­me, die ich gemacht habe. CBG Merch The​cart​barn​guys​.com

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32 thought on “9 Löcher mit nur einem Putter – Papago Golf Course”

  1. I once made a par on a 435 yard with a 3‑putt. How you say, dri­ver 240 right trees, put­ter front col­lar, put­ter to 4″ and put­ter in the hole.…..Ranch Maria GC #16

  2. That was pret­ty impres­si­ve mate I reck­on with a bit of prac­ti­ce you can shoot some­thing in the 30’s from 9 holes 👏 👍 🇦🇺

  3. That shot out of the 🏜️ was pret­ty sick!! Think you need to make that put­ter 34deg of loft and leng­t­he­ned a few inches!

  4. Real­ly good stuff. Had me laug­hing. Old timers sto­ry: got hust­led out of $100 about 20 years ago in Vegas. Guy bet me he could par a short par 4 with a put­ter. Took him on; his tee shot went about 200+. I got my wal­let out.

  5. Im loving the step through off the dri­ve!! When it all comes tog­e­ther he actual­ly gets very clo­se to par on a lot of the holes, he gets so excited!!!

  6. That was an awe­so­me video. 44?? That is an 88 for 18. Damn! 90% of gol­fers can’t break 90. Well done. I am going to share the hell out of this. Be safe.

  7. Yes I use a ping put­ter and can get loft off the ground . I hit 200 on the tee and 150 on the ground . Tee up 2 inch , turn put­ter insi­de a bit on tee . In the field keep it as clo­se as the body as possible .

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