Ältere Golfer erhalten eine VOLLSTÄNDIGE individuelle Passform

Aeltere Golfer erhalten eine VOLLSTAeNDIGE individuelle Passform bearwood lakes

Omp wird mit einem kom­plet­ten Satz brand­neu­er Mizu­no-Golf­schlä­ger, einem neu­en Dri­ver, neu­en Eisen und Wed­ges aus­ge­stat­tet. Dies ist eine voll­stän­di­ge Maß­an­fer­ti­gung ►For All Things Golf Mates https://​www​.golf​ma​te​s​of​fi​cial​.com ► Offi­cial Golf Mates Tra­vel Com­pa­ny http://​Golf​Ma​tesTra​vel​.com/ Liam Har­ri­son wird gespon­sert von ► Mizu­no Clot­hing & Shoes https://mizunogolf .com/uk/apparel/ ► Mizu­no Golf Equip­ment https://​emea​.mizu​no​.com/​u​k​/​e​n​-​g​b​/​s​t​-​m​i​z​u​n​o​-​g​o​l​f​.​h​tml ► Wer­den Sie ein Golf­ka­me­rad, indem Sie sich jetzt KOSTENLOS ABONNIEREN! https://​bit​.ly/​2​G​2​S​1vf —————————————– ——————— Mei­ne Socials: Twit­ter ► https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Insta­gram ► https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​G​o​l​f​_​M​a​t​es_ Face­book ► https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​m​a​t​e​s​-​1​1​0​1​7​2​3​1​0​4​3​1​947 ————————————- ————————- Will­kom­men auf dem You­Tube-Kanal von Golf Mates! Wir brin­gen Ihnen lus­ti­ge Golf­vi­de­os mit einer Rei­he von Cha­rak­te­ren, die Sie alle genie­ßen kön­nen. Es gibt Cha­rak­te­re, an denen wir uns alle erfreu­en kön­nen, von Gol­fern mit mitt­le­rem Han­di­cap, Fun­ny-Gol­fern, Senio­ren-Gol­fern, Scratch-Gol­fern, Ex-PGA-Pro­fis und PGA-Pro­fis. Mei­ne Vide­os sind hier, um Ihr Golf­spiel zu ver­bes­sern und den Spaß und die Gemein­schaft zurück ins Golf zu brin­gen! Play­lists unse­rer Cha­rak­te­re: OMP ► 70 Jah­re Gol­ferfah­rung und legen­dä­rer Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​p​n​T​vsD Young Man Josh ► Ein jun­ger Golf-Super­star – https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​e​A​itZ Mr Bar­low ► Der lus­tigs­te Gol­fer auf You­Tube – https://​bit​.ly/​2​Z​M​h​NDV Lee Jones ► Scratch-Gol­fer & Golf-Rezen­sent – https://​bit​.ly/​3​d​d​9​STa Ebay Pete ► The House­wi­fes Choice & Mid Han­di­cap Gol­fer – https://​bit​.ly/​3​D​h​l​GhV Stu ► Roy ‘Chub­by’ Brown Look Ali­ke Bry ► Euro­pean Long Dri­ve Cham­pion – https://​bit​.ly/​3​2​T​Z​PR5 Peter Finch ► Ex-Pro­fi & Scratch-Gol­fer #Sub­scri­be #HitT­he­Bell #Golf­Ma­tes

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685 thought on “Ältere Golfer erhalten eine VOLLSTÄNDIGE individuelle Passform”

  1. Been wai­t­ing for this sin­ce the announ­ce­ment. You guys are all legends omp hero Liam so awe­so­me for orga­ni­sing matt for hel­ping the people’s hero

  2. Ever­y­ti­me I see this Mizu­no lad, Matt on a video he is an abso­lu­te class act. Clear­ly loves his job and hel­ping peop­le get the best out of their golf. Would love to get a fit­ting like this!

  3. Such a gre­at video, for some­thing like this to hap­pen to Pat must be mind blowing for him and for Mizu­no to take the time out to do it for him – round of applau­se to them

  4. What a tre­at. Per­so­nal­ly – I think Pat could play with anything, but the plea­su­re on his face is gre­at to see. Well done Liam and Mizuno.

  5. Gre­at video. Food for thought for all of us – I rare­ly use half of what is in my bag. Liam; good on you and what a star Matt is. Hope­ful­ly lots of golf mates will go out and look at Mizu­no gear – they serious­ly back you guys!

  6. Can­not wait to see when he gets the new clubs he will be wan­ting to play for a Ten­ner. Gre­at video and fit­ting from the Mizu­no guys as always big respect to them I must try the drivers.

  7. I abso­lute­ly love the fact that the legen­da­ry OMP is having the best tech­no­lo­gy to fine tune his golf game. OMP is sim­ply my favou­rite gol­fer on You­Tube, and all the best to you Liam and the Mizu­no team for orga­ni­sing ever­ything. We all love OMP!
    Liam and the other Golf Mates, look out, and I can see you guys losing more fivers!
    By the way, it would be gre­at to see eBay Pete being fitted!

  8. Gre­at video and very inte­res­ting. Pat loo­ked so hap­py and obvious­ly enjoy­ed the who­le expe­ri­ence. Well done to ever­yo­ne involved 👍

  9. im loo­king for­ward to see­ing pat play that litt­le par 3 with the bun­kers in front that he usual­ly has to use a 3 wood and it usual­ly runs off, i think he will be able to land on the green no pro­blem from the yel­low tees now

  10. Abso­lute­ly superb. Just see­ing how hap­py Pat is, like a kid in a sweet shop. Can’t wait to see him out on the cour­se with his new clubs. More fivers com­ing his way.

  11. I bet Matt hasn’t had an easier fit­ting ses­si­on ever. OMP is a machi­ne that can repeat his swing con­sist­ent­ly over a long peri­od of time, unli­ke me! Team Mizu­no you’ve signed up a true gol­fing legend 👍

  12. Wow, it didn’t disap­point!!! How con­sis­tent is the legend?!? So hap­py for him and I can’t wait to watch him play with them! Thanks lads 👏🏻

  13. Not­hing feels like a Mizu­no … well deser­ved OMP .. you were alrea­dy bea­ting Liam now the­re is no com­pe­ti­ti­on at all !!

  14. Matt & mizu­no golf car­ry them self with pure class 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I love my Tay­lorma­de but next full set is defi­ni­te­ly going mizu­no, enjoy your new clubs OMP

  15. Abso­lute­ly bril­li­ant OMP you deser­ve ever­ything that life brings you. And Liam I think you are an ama­zing man 👍👍👍

  16. Gre­at stuff! Such a good fit­ting ses­si­on and shows you that accu­ra­cy is more important than bom­bing ever­ything miles! Liam you are a credit to the golf com­mu­ni­ty! OMP so gra­te­ful and what a gen­tle­man he is!

  17. Wow, such a gre­at man is Matt knows is stuff and sor­ted out OMP a tre­at can’t wait to see him taking tho­se fivers of Liam #TEAMOMP

  18. Liam, you’­re in trou­ble now.
    Pat was alrea­dy good but I expect he will be bet­ter now after that gre­at fitting!
    Well done to the folks at Mizuno!!

  19. Liam tha­t’ll be the end of OMP play­ing from the Red Tees when you’­re off the back tees with his new yar­da­ges eh!!..haha.

  20. Always love watching Matt do his thing. So know­led­ge­ab­le and able to cut through the noi­se and make a com­pli­ca­ted pro­cess simp­le. Made up for Pat, even though he didn’t need much help taking fivers off everyone!

  21. Very good vlog. Gre­at to see Pat get­ting set up with his new Mizu­no clubs. Well done lads , you all deser­ve the best 🏌‍♀⛳

  22. Bloo­dy lovely can’t wait to see pat tea­ring up the fair­ways and taking fivers off the boys with his new clubs and as for mizu­no the next time I’m buy­ing irons I’m buy­ing mizu­no cos how they tre­at peop­le young man Josh and old man pat just doing it pro­per­ly and as your self Liam hea­ring your enjoy­ment at see­ing others hap­py is gre­at viewing 👍

  23. What a video, the­se are such an inte­res­ting video to watch! Matt is obvious­ly very good at rela­xing someo­ne so he can bring out the best of their golf too! Play well with the new clubs Pat!

  24. Abso­lute­ly loved watching this you’re never going to win ano­t­her fiver off omp again Liam can’t wait to see pat out on the cour­se with tho­se bad boys 💥💥

  25. Love you guys but also Mizu­no for trea­ting you all so well. Gre­at video! Now, get OMP and tho­se clubs up to Down­field again. That cour­se loo­ked incredible.

  26. What an abso­lu­te joy to watch. I think OMP loo­ked 10 years youn­ger when he finis­hed that fit­ting. Can’t wait to see him play a round of golf with you Liam. That real­ly made me smi­le just to see his face. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    1. He real­ly did. You could actual­ly see him get more mental­ly enga­ged the lon­ger the video went on. It’s won­der­ful to watch

  27. I’ve been wai­t­ing to see you get fit by the guys at Mizu­no! Mr. Bar­low is going to be very sur­pri­sed when he sees you hit your dri­ver strai­ght down the midd­le of the fair­way, 180+ yards, while his sli­ce ends up 20 yards behind your drive!!! 😂😂😂

  28. Best fit­ting I have seen yet. At 83+ I most­ly car­ry half bag dri­ver, 7 wood, 7 iron, sand wedge and put­ter. Living in Sou­thern pines Pinehurst area have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play some gre­at cour­ses (4Donald Ross), which clubs I car­ry will vary depen­ding on the cour­se. Watching OMP swing a club gets me out of my chair and give it a go. Thanks Pat!

  29. That was just gre­at. See­ing OMP striking the ball so clean­ly always gives me hope ! Matt sor­ted him out an now he’s going to be unbeatable.

  30. What an epic video a mas­si­ve thank k you to Liam , Matt and Dan 9f mizu­no Euro­pe. Matt again a mas­ter fit­ting and put­ting a mas­si­ve smi­le on OMPs face both the pro­cess and the legends swi g just effort­less. Also to see both pro­vi­der and reci­pi­ent get as much out of the day . I feel like a proud parent with the enjoy­ment that OMP from the expe­ri­ence . Can’t wait now to see OMP 0lay his new clubs , he’s a hum­ble true gen­tle­man and now has the best for his game . Keep safe and well golfmates

  31. Matt’s a class act, as is Liam for arran­ging to do this for the legend Pat. Can’t wait to see Pat in action and bag­ging a few more fivers along the way.👌👌⛳⛳🏌‍♂🏌‍♂

  32. Well, that’s a lot of £5 com­ing OMP’s way no stop­ping him now, he will be lon­ger and hit­ting hig­her into the greens and did you do a put­ter fit­ting as well ??? A gre­at fit­ting as ever from Matt at Mizu­no, it makes sen­se what he is say­ing, plus has the track­man num­bers to back it up.

  33. The legend that is OMP will be unstopp­a­ble when he gets his new set cant wait to see him use them in his 1st match and we’ll done Matt and Liam &Mizuno

  34. OMP is a legend and Matt is an abso­lu­te class act. I’ve seen him on all the golf chan­nels from PGA pros to high han­di­cap­pers and still app­lies the same care, atten­ti­on and pro­fes­sio­nal stan­dards. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing Pat get them on a cour­se for the first time. Gre­at video 👍🏻

  35. Equal parts inte­res­ting and heart­war­ming. Pat you’­re a machi­ne, like a metro­no­me, ama­zing to watch. Matt, job well done buddy.👏

  36. Class!!! OMP was just so effort­less with each swing it defi­ni­te­ly see­med to make the job easier. Thank you Mizu­no, Liam and the team for making Pat’s day, what a joy. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing OMP play a round with the new clubs..

  37. Can yous stick the cos­ts I know they’­re spon­so­ring him but how much it’d cost for me to go do this with mizu­no would be nice to know

  38. That was awe­so­me, I’m loo­king for­ward to see­ing Pat whip Liam next time they’­re on the course.
    Gre­at job get­ting this done Liam.

  39. Real­ly inte­res­ting and infor­ma­ti­ve. Matt is spot on why bother having clubs you don’t need in your bag. Was also inte­res­ting to see that the ligh­test shaft wasn’t necessa­ri­ly the best as con­ven­tio­nal wis­dom would seem to sug­gest. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing Pat put the­se into action

  40. Hey Pat you’ll be off the white tees and Liam and Mr B will be off the reds…Good going sir abso­lute­ly fantastic…love you to bits mate, you’­ve got some gre­at golf pals who real­ly do appre­cia­te you and your talent

  41. Love it. OMP you’re an inspi­ra­ti­on mate. Still time to qua­li­fy for The Open! Best of luck with the new clubs and look for­ward to more con­tent with you and the lads. #golf­ma­tes

  42. Gre­at fit­ting by Matt, he does it in a rela­xed calm way, love the set up Pat has been fit­ted with. Look for­ward to see­ing Pat hit­ting his new sticks in upco­m­ing vide­os. Enjoy Pat!👍

  43. Jeez……something flew in my eye the­re watching OMP clo­se out that video! Gre­at fee­ling Liam to give back like that….well done Mizu­no and Matt too….great work 👍🏼⛳️

    Pat……let’s see you get back to sin­gle figu­res now 👏👏👏

  44. Would like to say a mas­si­ve thank you to mizu­no for fit­ting omp, what a cracking video, , matt from mizu­no gre­at job and always gre­at to see how pro­fes­sio­nal you are with ever­yo­ne, omp enjoy ur new clubs, and just think of how many fivers you’ll be taken off the non-gol­fer now.

  45. Well done Liam .Pat was like a kid in can­dy shop . Bril­li­ant when he had dri­ver and the chap tos­sed ball onto mat and Pat was going to hit it of the mat . You and that gen­tle­man should be proud of what you did . BAD NEWS IS PAT NICKING ALL YOUR FIVERS NOW .

  46. I can’t wait to see you on the cour­se with tho­se gor­ge­ous clubs OMP, big fan of Mizu­no, and I’m hoping to be going down the same rou­te mys­elf in the near future.

  47. OMP has shown he can be an old dog that learns new tricks. His lon­gest iron is a seven iron then 5 hybrid, 7 fair­way metal/wood , 5 fair­way metal/wood and final­ly his dri­ver and all the clubs with sof­ter ligh­ter shafts. His game will most defi­ni­te­ly impro­ve and he will be taking more fiver’s from ever­yo­ne. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Pat.

  48. wow can­not wait to see OMP thrash you all with his new clubs you may have to rever­se them tee’s now Liam and you play of the for­ward Tee’s very good video 👍

  49. OMP is a machi­ne, no fuss,just per­fect striking time after time after time 👏👏👏👏 bril­li­ant video guys ❤❤

  50. I spo­ke to Matt at work not long after you filmed this. He said he real­ly enjoy­ed spen­ding time with omp. Shame I couldn’t make it to bear­wood that day to meet you all.

  51. Matt at Mizu­no you are a star and now cant wait to see OMP play with his new clubs.…… been loo­king for some irons mys­elf so might have a fitting

  52. Top man Liam gre­at to see the legend hims­elf kit­ted out with the best clubs, that swing is more con­sis­tent than pro 😂 hope you’re all well mate! Gre­at video.

  53. Loved Matt’s face when OMP hit that 5 wood 1st time… OK that’s sor­ted moving on
    Liam you bet­ter get to the bank for a wad of fivers to keep in your locker befo­re han­ding them over to Pat
    Hope­ful­ly loads of Golf Mates will go for a fit­ting and add 15 yards per club

  54. What a gre­at video and pats swing is just so casu­al yet so good . Good luck with them and hope you start kicking arse strai­ght away pat lol

  55. What an ama­zing fit­ting pro­cess! So much bet­ter than what I have expe­ri­en­ced in that Matt is fit­ting basi­cal­ly indi­vi­du­al clubs and not just giving him a set

  56. Well done Liam,Matt and Dan for sor­ting out OMP. Qua­li­ty day and just empha­si­ses how a good fit­ter can evi­dence the true worth of a fit­ting, Can’t wait to see OMP play­ing with the­se – Liam will need a bank loan and Bar­low will be doing a runner

  57. how won­der­ful, omp hits it so well but the­se new clubs can only help – gre­at fit­ting from mizu­no and well done liam for arranging

  58. This video was so heart war­ming to watch, to see Pat so hap­py at the end and very gra­te­ful too. Liam and Matt you’ve made Pat’s year the­re. Can’t wait to see Pat out the­re on the cour­se bea­ting you again Liam 🫢😁

  59. Love watching OMP get his fit­ting and Matt is a class act. OMP will pro­bab­ly be taking more 5’ers off of you Liam with his new setup!

  60. Liam you must have a lot of fivers you don’t want becau­se you’­ve just made OMP even bet­ter, you’­re in trouble 🤣

  61. Well done Matt @mizuno fan­tastic at his job and the look on OMP’s was superb he’s a hap­py man well done Liam 👏 🏌‍♂️⛳️

  62. OMP making the fit­ting easier being con­sis­tent in ever­ything. i just hope he slo­wed down so matt could keep up with the num­bers. OMP loves his quick pace of play… lol

  63. It must be a plea­su­re fit­ting someo­ne like OMP. So con­sis­tent with every shot. I’d love a fit­ting like this but won­der what Matt would make of someo­ne like me who seems to hit every shot dif­fer­ent­ly. Can’t wait to see OMP in action with his new clubs. Full marks to Mizu­no for doing this for him.

  64. Pat, you are a lucky mate get­ting that fit­ting expe­ri­ence. Matt seems fan­tastic. Ok Liam, bet­ter have a few Fivers in your pockets.

  65. Must have been the easiest fit­ting they ever had. Deligh­ted for Pat tho­rough­ly deser­ved cant wait to see the legend play­ing with his new clubs. Enjoy Pat. Gre­at vid again Liam .

  66. Thank you Mizu­no for making a LEGEND happy!
    I just feel sor­ry for the rest of the lads, how are they going to keep up with Pat now. 👍❤️

  67. What a gre­at club fit­ter and gre­at to see OMP get what he wan­ted from the fit­ting distance and height. Look out Liam you’­re about to lose some fiver’s !

  68. What a video. OMP at 81 play­ing gre­at golf and get­ting clubs fit. Abso­lu­te legend and you could tell he abso­lute­ly loved every minu­te of it

  69. That was class, that game you play whe­re Liam plays off the whites and pat off the reds is going to be even more inte­res­ting, I can see Pat win­ning alot of fivers this year.🤣😁👌🏌‍♂️👍

  70. Just com­ple­te­ly heart war­ming – chuf­fed to bits for Pat, can’t think of anyo­ne more deser­ving of such a fab treat.

  71. Tell you what; I bet I’m not the only view­er who could only dream their fit­ting was like that. You sure can see why Matt is at the top of his tra­de. Super video and can’t wait to see Pat work his magic on the cour­se with tho­se new bad boys!

  72. My expe­ri­ence of fit­tings isn’t gre­at. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Matt and Mizu­no for doing a fabu­lous job on fit­ting OMP for his new clubs. Ama­zing that OMP was trea­ted exact­ly the same as a top pro. Inte­res­ting that OMP didn’t need a full set of clubs. Most of us take a full set out but rare­ly use every club in the bag. I was loo­king for­ward to this video and it didn’t disap­point. Well done Liam for arran­ging this for Pat. Loo­king for­ward to see­ing him use his new clubs

  73. What a guy Matt is. The atten­ti­on to detail and his abi­li­ty to iden­ti­fy exact­ly what Pat nee­ded is asto­nis­hing. Real­ly loo­king for­ward to see­ing Pat in action with the new clubs.

  74. Bril­li­ant!! Well done OMP! Can’t wait to see how you get on with them. Nice one Liam for making it hap­pen 👊🏻⛳️🏌🏻

  75. That was a bril­li­ant video Liam. I love watching the­se craft­s­men at work. Matt is excel­lent & real­ly exp­lains all of his thin­king for each club in the bag.
    What else can you say about OMP. The man is a legend. I can’t wait to see him play with the new clubs.
    Well done Liam for making the fit­ting pos­si­ble. You’­re a gentleman 😉

  76. Abso­lu­te class act Matt is and love to see a huge smi­le on Pats face. Made up you were able to do this for him Liam, all credit to you mate. Fan­tastic video once again!

  77. Gre­at to see Pat being trea­ted as he should alt­hough I didn’t reco­gni­se him at first without his hat 😆😆. Very inte­res­ting video and Matt is per­fect for that job.

  78. I play mizu­no hot metals and love them. The respect and kind­ness that they show­ed OMP will make me a cus­to­mer for life. Class act Matt and tre­at­ment of the legend. Thank you Liam for sharing this guy with the rest of us!

  79. By far my favo­ri­te video you have pos­ted on this chan­nel. Loo­ks like ever­yo­ne tho­rough­ly enjoy­ed the experience!

  80. Abso­lute­ly class all round and so good to see Pat’s hap­py with his new clubs! Top man Liam & Matt for sor­ting it, real­ly nice to see what it means to Pat!

  81. i am so hap­py for OMP mizu­no what can i say well done for doing this for him liam now you going to lose more fivers to OMP lol hehehehehehehehe

  82. mizu­no guys did a gre­at job with pat,i went for fit­ting at ame­ri­can golf and gave up half way through it, guys didnt have a clue,i want new clubs to get a few extra yards,i was losing yar­da­ge with them not gaining,so glad to see pat was get­ting height and yardage,well done guys

  83. Think he is one of the best fit­ters I’ve seen on the hund­reds I’ve seen on YouTube
    You haven’t got a hope now Liam of win­ning the fiver’s 😁

  84. Gre­at video that, love watching the­se fit­ting vide­os. Pat is an abso­lu­te hero, would love to play a round with him. If your ever round Glossop golf mates let’s have a knock!

  85. Lovely upload. Gre­at to hear Matt exp­lain how some clubs can be sur­plus to requi­re­ment and ulti­mate­ly repla­ced. Liam, you’­re an abso­lu­te legend and a true gent for sor­ting this for OMP. He’s gon­na make a for­tu­ne off the rest of the team now 🙂

  86. It is ama­zing to watch OMP loving his golf and now he will be even bet­ter if that is pos­si­ble. Real­ly enjoy­ed this video so much.

  87. Can’t wait to see omp out on the cour­se with his new bats. Would of been good to see omps stats from the track­man or what ever one they use.

  88. Well done OMP. I love watching the­se club fit­ting vide­os, I have seen lots on various you­tubers chan­nels and Matt at Mizu­no seems to be by far the best that comes across the best. Well done Matt and Mizuno

  89. A real­ly inte­res­ting watch having never real­ly had a fit­ting (and cer­tain­ly not­hing with this detail) Matt has done a gre­at job for OMP. Gre­at work all.

  90. Loved every moment of the fit­ting. Matt is a class act and defi­ni­te­ly knows what he’s tal­king about.
    Good luck with the new clubs Pat.

  91. liam har­ri­son I take my hat off to u mate your a top top blo­ke and for me you have mad My year by maken omp very hap­py you and matt just gave that man the leathel wea­pons he needs to tear you all apart

  92. I’m always disap­poin­ted when someo­ne claims they will get you more yards and do it by having stron­ger lofts. The Mizu­no were 3 degree stron­ger than the ben­ross irons. Having said that he got a hig­her ball flight for OMP with tho­se lofts so kudos the­re. Still a gre­at video to watch though. Which shafts were OMP fit­ted into ?

  93. Could have wat­ched OMP hit­ting tho­se clubs all day cant wait to see them being used on the cour­se. That might have been one of easiest fit­tings Matt has done, cant ima­gi­ne anyo­ne is nor­mal­ly that con­si­stant. Well done to Matt and Liam for making OMP hap­py , he deser­ves it.

    1. I know it can be shown but would have lived to have seen pats disper­si­on over the day. Matt did men­ti­on it in say­ing 2/3rds way through he hits it strai­ght which is half the battle.

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