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    1. Ber­zerk­ku­be OK name 5 ori­gi­nal things that you can think of sin­ce “anyo­ne can crea­te some­thing ori­gi­nal with ease”

    2. Ber­zerk­ku­be that’s not a ques­ti­on so there’s no need for the ? and you said it was easy so I want to hear 5 ori­gi­nal ideas

  1. Honest­ly boys this was bet­ter than Jack­ass. I now award you legen­da­ry sta­tus you mother fuck­ing sava­ges! (LIKE if you agree) 🔥🔥🔥

    1. Ron­nie Du you will get the merch if they reach the goal on Kick­star­ter and you’ll recei­ve a sur­vey asking for size, color if reached

    2. Ron­nie Du When they rai­se the goal on kick­star­ter, if the goal isn’t reached by a month’s time all the money is refun­ded and you won’t recei­ve merch, howe­ver once the goals reached if it does you’ll pro­bab­ly get an email asking for the size & then they’d pro­bab­ly be ship­ped from then on

  2. Wotst NELK prank till date… Do more fun stuff man.. This shit don’t work any­mo­re..!! Expec­ting more GOOD vide­os from you guys..!!

  3. This is ter­ri­ble. You blow the horn way too late. You are sup­po­sed to blow the horn on their back­swing. Not after they hit the fuck­ing ball

  4. I don’t got a job boi’s, but I like the­se ban­gers keep um com­ing eh. Guess I got a job to like this shit 🔥

  5. This is rude. Tho­se peop­le pro­bab­ly had an hour dri­ve to the golf cour­se and can’t focus becau­se of your shit­ty video.

  6. You guys should do this again. But split up that way they dont know whe­re its com­ing from. Like when the asi­an man loo­ked at the came­ra, Jes­se would blow a horn from the other woods across the green.

  7. Is that the Che­do­ke cour­se?. I live east of Toron­to but am some­what fami­li­ar with Hamil­ton. Also got some help from Goog­le Maps. It’s near a Bike Path.

  8. Dish soap and a lot of scrub­bing… You’ll get rid of the poi­son ivy oils and won’t get the rash. You only have a few hours to do it. It’s pro­bab­ly too late this time, boys!

  9. an idea for your next video :

    go to people’s houses or pull up next to peop­le on the road asking if you can take a hit of their vape

    I feel like it would be super fun­ny to watch and I love your videos 😀

  10. You guys shoul­d’­ve came out and said “Not to toot my own horn but that’s was a shit­ty shot” whenever they did a bad hit

  11. Make a video for the boys whe­re u talk to ran­dom peop­le and at the end of the con­ver­sa­ti­on say “dick hair” ins­tead of “take care”