ALLES, was Sie über den Rücktritt von Dustin Johnson von der PGA Tour wissen müssen | CBS Sportzentrale

ALLES was Sie ueber den Ruecktritt von Dustin Johnson von der PGA Tour wissen muessen CBS Sportzentrale cbs

Eine voll­stän­di­ge Auf­schlüs­se­lung des­sen, was Sie nach dem Rück­tritt von Dus­tin John­son von der PGA Tour wis­sen müs­sen. 0:00–8:39 Doug Bell mit einer sofor­ti­gen Reak­ti­on 8:40–14:24 Mark Immel­man mit den nächs­ten Schrit­ten für LIV Golf ABONNIEREN SIE UNSEREN KANAL: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​t​sHQ SCHAU CBS Sports HQ : https://​www​.cbs​sports​.com/​l​i​ve/ Para­mount Plus: https://​www​.para​mount​plus​.com FOLGEN SIE UNS AUF: Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​ts/ Insta­gram – https://www .insta​gram​.com/​c​b​s​s​p​o​r​t​s​hq/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​t​sHQ #Golf #LIV­Golf #Dus­tin­John­son #Golf­News #PGA­Tour

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118 thought on “ALLES, was Sie über den Rücktritt von Dustin Johnson von der PGA Tour wissen müssen | CBS Sportzentrale”

  1. I under­stand why he did it. The stress of play­ing event after event on Pga Tour while, try­ing to balan­ce fami­ly! I wish him the best! Fami­ly First!!! Hope­ful­ly we still see him in majoras!

    1. You know he plays golf for a living and not a Mari­ne going over seas? He sees his fami­ly every week.…wtf man Most peop­le with actu­al jobs don’t see the­re kids half as much as a PGA tour play­er. They aren’t being exploited.

    2. He has over $72 mil­li­on ($72,000,000) in care­er PGA golf ear­nings (not inclu­ding endor­se­ment, invest­ments, etc.). If he does­n’t want the ’stress’ and REALLY wants more fami­ly time, he real­ly does­n’t have to play pro­fes­sio­nal golf at all. I don’t think you’­ve qui­te dia­led in the rea­so­ning here @DK-brian 96.

  2. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­dek don­de quie­ra que QUIN​ZAA​.Mons​ter encan­tan tus videos.

  3. WOW, all this Ame­ri­ca first non­sen­se we have been hea­ring for the last 6 years! Except when the Saudi’s start thro­wing cash around, then its Ame­ri­ca second and who can afford the big­ger house! In the words of the Wu Tang Clan, ” Cash rules ever­ything around me Cream get the money dol­lar dol­lar bill yall”.

  4. The­se libe­ral news sta­ti­ons are pushing “Sau­di backed” like the ent­i­re USA government/military isn’t “Sau­di backed”

  5. After the 2020 sea­son you could kind of see DJ hea­ding down this path. He didn’t play as fre­quent­ly as years pri­or and it seems the money + sche­du­ling play a huge fac­tor in this. Per­so­nal­ly I’d stay on the pga but a 9 figu­re con­tract is a tough oppor­tu­ni­ty to pass on

    1. @Rose Thao You con­ti­nue to ama­ze with your assump­ti­ons. Mad? Whe­re? The word that comes to my mind is princip­le, but you can’t under­stand this con­cept becau­se you’­re void of it just as well perhaps.

    1. @LowHandTopRoll if i had 75 mil­li­on i would­n’t. some peop­le would­n’t do this as is shown by jack nick­laus, tiger woods, and others decli­ning the money thrown at them

  6. The play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors.… The PGA does not “owe” him anything and he does not owe the PGA anything.

    1. you are abso­lute­ly cor­rect. The PGA owes their inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors not­hing. So i hope DJ and the gang don’t get offen­ded when they are no lon­ger invi­ted to PGA events…

    2. DJ will be con­trac­tual­ly obli­ga­ted to per­form in at least 8 LIV events. If any of them cho­se to just pick and choo­se which LIV events they deci­de to play, as they can do in the PGA, that would not be per­mit­ted by con­tract. So they are no lon­ger inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, they are just con­trac­tors obli­ga­ted to perform.

  7. good..more golf more play­ers to watch.….😁.…note..the pga has made a ton of money tele­vi­sing the­se guys talent over years…nether one owes the other a thing.…

  8. The LIV Sau­di league is a white­wa­shing of the country’s image and Phil “the Shill” and John­son “the idi­ot” are now their front­men. It’s not all about money you know. It’s also about lega­cy and cha­rac­ter and being role models. Phil and John­son is appar­ent­ly all about greed!!! Good luck to them signing with the devil!!! Sau­di Ara­bia is an incredi­b­ly repres­si­ve place. Here are ten ways they are vio­la­ting its citi­zens’ human rights:
    1. Tor­tu­re is used as a punishment.
    2. Exe­cu­ti­ons are on the incre­a­se. Gay peop­le being hung.
    3. No free speech.
    4. No protests.
    5. Women are wide­ly discri­mi­na­ted against.
    6. Tor­tu­re in poli­ce cus­to­dy is common.
    7. You can be detai­ned and arres­ted with no good reason.
    8. Reli­gious discri­mi­na­ti­on is rife.
    9. Migrant workers have been depor­ted en masse.
    10. Human rights orga­ni­sa­ti­ons banned.

    1. @w 2 The game and its tra­di­ti­ons, the PGA, the USGA, the R+A, the Mas­ters dudes, will con­ti­nue to thri­ve whe­ther any of the play­ers you have named lea­ve or not becau­se the­re are lots of other guys, hungry to fol­low in the foots­teps of Jack, Arnie, Tiger, Rory… who will fill the gaps. As for the LIV, its like the game show who wants to be a mil­lion­aire, er bil­lion­aire. A kind of novel­ty. whe­re regu­lar guys win unhe­ard of sums of money. But nobo­dy will con­fu­se that with win­ning a major. Inde­ed, the rea­son Phil and DJ got the big bucks was becau­se of the immor­ta­li­ty they achie­ved on the PGA tour.

    1. @Joe R that’s the same blood money that the PGA has got­ten for years from the Sau­dis. You’­re clu­eless this ain’t about human rights.…this is about THE LOOT DUDE

  9. Who the hell do the PGA think they are try­ing to for­ce play­ers not to play whe­re they want?! Free men make their own choice! Loo­ks like the PGA beca­me a Demo­crat com­mu­nist institution.

  10. All this bull­shit “loyal­ty” talk makes no sen­se. Nobo­dy gives a shit when play­ers in other sports chan­ge teams or leagues. You think anyo­ne cries if an MLB play­er plays in the Japan league?? Seems like the PGA wants to tre­at gol­fers like employees ins­tead of contractors…

    1. Else­whe­re is the big­gest com­pe­ti­tor and a exis­ten­ti­al thre­at to the PGA. Why should­n’t the PGA fights back?

    2. @Kha Le Becau­se the pga has no ground to stand on. liv is going to pay more. plain and simp­le… they’­re play­ing for $$$, not tro­phies and green jackets

  11. He’s built his brand and repu­ta­ti­on as an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor. He can shop his Brand whe­re ever the fu*ck he wants.

  12. Can some­bo­dy tell me what the big deal is about play­ing in the Ryder cup I mean what did the­se guys get paid to play in it

  13. What do you think?? $125-$150,000,000! That does not requi­re much thin­king Bro.! We are tal­king about Golf, not your Soul!

  14. Im wil­ling to bet the PGA is hol­ding mee­tings with the com­mit­tees that govern each major cham­pions­hip events and also the big­gest golf com­pa­nies, with the goal making the­se play­ers lives a living hell if pos­si­ble. This will be inte­res­ting on what side of the line the­se com­pa­nies choose.

    1. The PGA has not­hing to do with any of the inde­pen­dent major Events. The PGA also doesn’t have any influ­ence on the­se major events.

    2. Jus­tin R.: Abso­lute­ly, and Fedex and big media are the­re too.…what else would you expect from peop­le who rui­ned the majors schedule?

  15. Bull crap the U.S. Open and the US seni­or open and the US ama­teur most of the­se cour­ses that they play at to qua­li­fy even even for the event are not public venues which means you can­not get into prac­ti­ce to get rea­dy to play the cour­se let’s get some pro­of any­bo­dy that reads us this try to qua­li­fy at some­place that’s not a public venue lis­ted on the­re I’m gon­na call at one mys­elf Alco­na coun­try club Bris­tol India­na US ama­teur éli­te pri­va­te club can­not get on to prac­ti­ce Come on guys what you got list them out there

  16. Sounds like the pga are hating that their in com­pe­ti­ti­on now. This is what life is all about, com­pe­ti­ti­on. Pep­si coke, nike addi­das, atat veri­zon and atlan­ta fal­cons green bay packers and so on. Pga tour some money hungry jokers.

  17. Two thumbs up screw the pga. A bunch of rich scum who are brin­ging in bil­li­ons yet under paying play­ers no health bene­fits no 401 k so he’ll yeah I’d lea­ve too.

  18. Just ano­t­her pawn to help sports­wa­sh the Sau­dis, the same coun­try that atta­cked us on 9/11, had a repor­ter they did­n’t like chop­ped to bits, crea­ted a geno­ci­de in Yemen and many other human rights vio­la­ti­ons. The­re isn’t enough cash in the world that could make me take Sau­di money. Anyo­ne that does is a low qua­li­ty human being. It pret­ty insin­ce­re to hear the­se mil­lion­aires talk about making sure their fami­lies are taken care of.….they alrea­dy are.

    1. Get rea­dy for some serious match fixing. It’s the only way that the Saudi’s can reco­ver the amount of money Invol­ved. Keep an eye on the bet­ting pat­terns. How long befo­re the viewing public start to see the col­lap­se of cer­tain gol­fers in a see­min­gly unbea­t­a­ble posi­ti­on. If any play­er dares to stand up to their con­trol­lers, it’s a death sentence.

  19. The PGAs lame “Human Rights” excu­se did­n’t work…especially sin­ce theyve been get­ting Sau­di money for years!! now watch how they hate on tho­se guys. I hope one of them wins the US Open.

  20. Dus­tin John­son and Phil Mickel­son are going to quit the PGA tour becau­se of the PGA’s unethi­cal mono­po­ly to join the Sau­di Ara­bia backed golf tour? Are you kid­ding me? In addi­ti­on to the Saudi’s backing 911, Moham­med bin Sal­man mur­de­red, dis­mem­be­red, and put Jamal Khash­og­gi through a meat grin­der but somehow backing this tyran­ni­cal régime is bet­ter than the PGA? This is dis­gus­ting. Dus­tin John­son made $74 mil­li­on from the PGA tour but that’s not enough. He’s “doing what’s best for him and his fami­ly.” Phil squan­de­red his hund­reds of mil­li­ons of dol­lars away from gamb­ling. Who’s fault is that? Most sports can’t touch the kind of money that is in golf. Fine, take issue with the PGA but their beha­vi­or, put­ting greed abo­ve good is repre­hen­si­ble. Is this what they teach their child­ren? Whe­re the hell is their huma­ni­ty? U.S. Defen­se con­trac­tors sel­ling wea­pons to mur­de­rous regimes is repre­hen­si­ble too. The U.S. is in the busi­ness of war. We mur­der peop­le around the world and no one does anything about it. U.S. com­pa­nies fire workers and move to Chi­na to use free Uyghur con­cen­tra­ti­on camp labor. Gol­fers, howe­ver, are indi­vi­du­al actors, each with their own moral com­pass. They know what they’­re doing and they choo­se to look the other way. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I hope the PGA locks the­se guys out for good.

  21. you think dj cares about get­ting sus­pen­ded with a 120 mil­li­on con­tract? and ryder cup is the most over­ra­ted tourn­ma­ment. it’s frea­king pain­ful to watch.

  22. PGA and their “loya­lists” (aka the Rorys) can sho­ve it. At some point, all the­se “loya­list” will get boo­ted out after losing their card and the PGA will not care what hap­pens to them.

    1. Is that befo­re or after they pay Rory almost $100m ($100,000,000) in golf win­nings (plus endor­se­ments, etc.)? You give me $100m and you can kick me out and for­get about me any­ti­me you want .… actual­ly, way, WAY less than $100m, and I’ll do more for it … wink, wink, nudge, nudge … say no more, know what I mean?

  23. Once the PGA gets rid of the Nazi Dic­ta­tor Mona­han, all the tours will be intert­wi­ned to some degree. It’s ok for the Euro­pean tour be sepa­ra­te and that f**kwad Rory has not­hing to say about that nor does Jus­tin Tho­mas. Pro­blem with them is they think they are the grea­test and they aren’t. Loyal­ty belongs to their fami­lies and what is best for them.

  24. It’s all about money. The­se play­ers are see­ing them­sel­ves chal­len­ged by youngs­ters in pga. Why not take the easy money from liv?

  25. I think it’s always healt­hy when an estab­lish­ment gets tes­ted! Tiger & the PGA are almost a fore­go­ne con­clu­si­on! Only a TV con­tract is the key ele­ment. Al Jaze­e­ra & BBC Ame­ri­ca can put a nice packa­ge tog­e­ther and should hold a cele­bri­ty golf ⛳️ tour­na­ment with For­mu­la One dri­vers when the races are in the Midd­le East! This way it gets inter­na­tio­nal expo­sure on both fronts!
    The PGA sort of has the same pro­blem as boxing 🥊 & ten­nis 🎾!! They haven’t pro­mo­ted the up and com­ing talent! Glad NASCAR had the insight to do so and the tran­si­ti­on has been very smooth in their sport!

  26. I don’t see PGA did anything absurd. It sim­ply tells play­er you can­not play my tour­na­ments if you work for my ‘rival/enemy’ becau­se it is sui­ci­dal. Beco­mes famous through PGA then takes away all audi­en­ces to a rival league. Who would allow that? Busi­ness is busi­ness. It is true for both play­ers and PGA.

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