Anhörungen am 6. Januar versprechen Bomben und PGA-Golfer fliehen in die Saudi League | Die Tagesschau


Anhoerungen am 6. Januar versprechen Bomben und PGA Golfer fliehen in die Saudi League Die Tagesschau apple

Die Anhö­run­gen zur Haupt­sen­de­zeit am 6. Janu­ar ste­hen kurz bevor, Län­der in der Euro­päi­schen Uni­on ver­lan­gen jetzt, dass alle Mobil­te­le­fo­ne das­sel­be Lade­ge­rät ver­wen­den, PGA-Gol­fer tre­ten einer kon­kur­rie­ren­den sau­di-ara­bi­schen Golf­li­ga bei, um Geld zu ver­die­nen, und Pünkt­lich­keit erlebt ein Come­back, da die Men­schen dort­hin zurück­keh­ren Gesel­lig­keit. #Tre­vor­No­ah #Dai­l­y­Show #Come­dy Abon­nie­ren Sie The Dai­ly Show: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​w​W​h​s​_​6​x​4​2​T​y​R​M​4​W​s​t​o​q​8​H​A​/​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 Fol­gen Sie The Dai­ly Show: Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​h​e​D​a​i​l​y​S​how Face­book: htt­ps: // Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​h​e​d​a​i​l​y​s​how Strea­men Sie voll­stän­di­ge Fol­gen von The Dai­ly Show auf Para­mount+:–10aei0b Fol­gen Sie Come­dy Cen­tral: Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​C​o​m​e​d​y​C​e​n​t​ral Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​C​o​m​e​d​y​C​e​n​t​ral Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​o​m​e​d​y​c​e​n​t​ral Über The Dai­ly Show: Tre­vor Noah and The Die Kor­re­spon­den­ten der Dai­ly Show behan­deln die größ­ten Geschich­ten aus Nach­rich­ten, Poli­tik und Pop­kul­tur. Die Dai­ly Show mit Tre­vor Noah wird wochen­tags um 11/10 Uhr auf Come­dy Cen­tral ausgestrahlt.

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1.103 thought on “Anhörungen am 6. Januar versprechen Bomben und PGA-Golfer fliehen in die Saudi League | Die Tagesschau”

  1. “The world is in more peril from tho­se who tole­ra­te evil or encou­ra­ge evil than from tho­se who actual­ly com­mit it.” ‑Dr. Albert Ein­stein, 1953

    1. what is evil? inter­fe­ring with the mar­ket or deli­vering goods and ser­vices in the most eco­no­mi­c­al­ly effi­ci­ent way such that sup­ply and demand are matched?

    1. Sad­ly too many peop­le will call the truth “fake news” and igno­re it in favor of some­thing that con­forms to their own cult narrative.

    1. @maddoxghost man It’s cra­zy how he wants to com­pa­re peop­le who were pro­tes­ting for social jus­ti­ce vs peop­le who were star­ting a riot based on LIES.

  2. Hang them all. If trump real­ly told his ter­ro­rists to hang pence, I want to see trump han­ging in front of the capitol

  3. USB‑C is awe­so­me (if kind of a mess with all the dif­fe­rent stan­dards) and I’m glad the EU put that man­da­te in effect. But I honest­ly just assu­me Apple is going to wrigg­le their way out of it somehow.

    1. @Joe R M and it’s worth watching the tear­downs on beats head­pho­nes. $20 pho­nes fil­led with metal to feel like a qua­li­ty item and tag­ged as a $250 pro­duct. If I see peop­le tes­ting them I always point out the $60 Senn­hei­sers for a com­pa­ri­son. The beats get sling back on the shelf pret­ty quickly 😂

    2. Haha. I’ll con­sult with my Mac­book pro that char­ges using usb‑c and has about 4 usb‑c ports. And an adap­ter for just about ever­ything else except the head­pho­ne jack sur­pri­sin­gly. Haha. Apple will be fine.

    3. @Luminous Frac­tal I love my Senn­hei­sers for fly­ing… for ever­y­day I have Sym­pho­ni­zed wired ear buds with the ligh­tening connector.

  4. i like how every “late night”-style show has its own cus­tom schtick. Tre­vor has the “ani­ma­ted asi­des” whe­re he sticks his face in a wha­te­ver, any­way i got­ta char­ge my pho­ne, later guys. Trev call me later, I’m lear­ning Xhosa

    1. @iamzimbabwe 36
      They haven’t uploa­ded it yet as far as I know. I have an account and I’ve been wai­t­ing for them for mon­ths to intro­du­ce Xhosa.

  5. All of this Jan 6th com­mit­tee stuff would have been, may­be not unne­cessa­ry, but less than necessa­ry, if the 2nd impeach­ment led to a con­vic­tion and a bar­ring from hol­ding any future public office (which was THE POINT OF DOING IT!!!) The GOP lost their ner­ve to block Trump from run­ning again in 2024. (The­re was pre­ce­dent for impeaching someo­ne that left office, so McConnell’s excu­se was total BS.)

    1. “Sicth”
      “No sixssssth”
      “YES! Now Six-th”
      “Sicth! 😁👍”

      I was real­ly expec­ting it to be an in-joke or a set up for a later joke.

  6. This is the demo­cra­cy Ame­ri­ca want for the world . Look at the mir­ror Ame­ri­ca befo­re poin­ting fin­gers at other countries.

    1. I dun­no. His Tucker Carl­son is pret­ty spot on, other than the fact that it’s hard to ACT like the devil’s soul is in your eyes, when imper­so­na­ting someo­ne who lives it every broadcast 😬😂

  7. I dont get the dis­trac­ted desi lydic bit yall. I mean I get it but I think it just needs to sett­le on what it’s doing. does “blow up the show’s flow” work as a bit, ever? don’t say eric and­re becau­se that show’s who­le flow is to blow up

    1. The only time I’m likely to see a golf clip is if it’s play­ed in Flo­ri­da. It’s not a real water hazard if the­re aren’t any gators in the water.

  8. It’s hard to keep up with all the lies told becau­se they for­get what lies they said and have to tell more lies to cover up the ones alrea­dy told. loo­king for­ward to see­ing the hea­ring tomor­row. Love you Trevor

    1. @BLANCODABARBER79 I’m glad you can still laugh at your own joke when it’s essen­ti­al­ly “I know you are but what am I”. May­be take some notes from the come­di­an in the video the next time you attempt stand-up in the comments 😉

    2. Video shows capi­tal poli­ce waving peop­le into the buil­ding and even tel­ling to hur­ry hur­ry hur­ry as they waved them in then they slam­med the doors and arres­ted the peop­le they just invi­ted in. Did you know that at least 4 capi­tal poli­ce who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the ent­rap­ment have been suicide?

  9. Stop bea­ting around the bush, Repu­bli­cans. *If you weren’t behind that ter­ro­rist attack, you would wel­co­me the truth com­ing out!*

  10. Trevor’s style has beco­me less authen­tic. For examp­le, the laugh­ter in the back­ground , the note­book infront of him, the pace of the show is fas­ter and seems paced, and the embel­lish­ments .. I pre­fer the old authen­tic Trevor.

    1. @Myriam Ickx My point is making all devices USB‑C will not make any of the old devices obso­le­te as they make con­ver­ters and they will still sell the old chargers.

      Now the EU can demand that all devices built from 2014 will have to use the USB‑C but that does­n’t mean Apple has to com­ply they are a pri­va­te com­pa­ny the EU has no say in what they deci­de to do.

      Now the EU can tell Apple that they can no lon­ger sell their devices in the EU and Apple will see the loss of inco­me and make the choice to chan­ge to com­ply with the law or they can make two dif­fe­rent pro­ducts like the car company’s do to com­ply with emissions.

      I use Android devices and I live in the sta­tes so it does­n’t effect me at all, but if they think it will redu­ce was­te it will not as more peop­le will have to start buy­ing the con­ver­ters for their old devices and that will dri­ve up demand for them and the­re for will pro­du­ce more gar­ba­ge for the landfills.

  11. you’­re abso­lute­ly right Tre­vor! the Ame­ri­can peop­le don’t want to see anything boring about the­se Janu­a­ry 6th hearings

  12. I’d like to thank Patri­cia for her gift to Ame­ri­ca and the world through her son Tre­vor Noah. He is so made for this era, and I’m gra­te­ful he’s here for and with us all.

    1. Patri­cia Noah yes, bless her, but South Afri­ca too hey? Our mes­sed up histo­ry con­tri­bu­t­ed to him being born a crime? OK wha­te­ver, just remem­ber he’s ours. Mzan­si for sure.

    2. Would­n’t be nice if the Left get their poli­ti­cal ideo­lo­gy from rea­ding legis­la­ti­ve con­tent ins­tead of late night comedians?

    3. @Gwen Ver­de Just becau­se you aren’t offen­ded others should­n’t be eit­her. The defi­ni­ti­on of igno­ran­ce. In addi­ti­on to that it’s sta­ted under a com­ment whe­re Tre­vor is high­ly prai­sed, a guy who hims­elf dont get tired to men­ti­on that Afri­ca isn’t a coun­try. Wow, just wow.

    1. his father is swiss-ger­man and I’m sure he has made qui­te a num­ber of ger­man-spea­king friends and acquain­tan­ces sin­ce his first inter­na­tio­nal stand-up gigs

  13. This is what I was loo­king for. All my love and thanks to you. ~Fkm

  14. If we are gon­na keep going on about Jan. 6th why don’t we keep tal­king about the “peace­ful” riots and do hea­rings to arrest peop­le that par­ti­ci­pa­ted in those ?

  15. “And while we spo­ke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me. The grea­test thing you ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.”

  16. It’s so fun­ny money can buy anyo­ne and anything. Sau­di lea­ders are shameless they don’t care even Biden caved. He punis­hed the Afgha­ni peop­le with war and free­zing their money but Sau­di with their new oil money is a dif­fe­rent sto­ry. Their human rights record, their opp­res­si­on of women & kil­ling of jour­na­list, who cares. We are friends and ally. Really 🤔


    1. ████████████████
      │█║│ 十 𝟙𝟡𝟟𝟠𝟞𝟙𝟚𝟞𝟜𝟞𝟡 █║▌

    2. I’ve been sear­ching all this while for a digi­tal assets invest­ment and I found Bit­coin to be most pro­fi­ta­ble of them all I’m defi­ni­te­ly inves­ting in it thanks you so much 🙏🙏

    3. Love you’ll and the infor­ma­ti­on given always lear­ning and gro­wing is the only way we can build our­sel­ves thanks for the informations

    4. Are you guys try­ing to grift on com­ment sec­tion on you­tube and ans­wer your own ques­ti­ons? Your a joke 😆 🤣 Keep on try­ing to con peop­le and see were that leads you. Ever­yo­ne dont trust the­se peop­le and dont invest in cryp­to its tan­king and worth­less and peop­le just lost trillions

  18. A quick remin­der, Trumps­ters who were at the insur­rec­tion are proud of it, the Trumps­ters who weren’t say ever­yo­ne the­re was an actor, the Trumps­ters who are tas­ked with repor­ting the news are say­ing it did­n’t hap­pen at all.

    Soooooooo.…. which breed of Trumps­ter replies and whi­nes to me about this?

    1. They are not the tar­get audi­ence of the J6 public hea­rings, the other 3/4 of Demo­cra­cy loving Ame­ri­cans need to under­stand the plan­ning and attemp­ted exe­cu­ti­on of the coup, so the get out and vote in the midterms. 😉👍💙🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊

    2. @Metalcake
      You’d be sur­pri­sed how often you find them in the com­ment sec­tions of the­se vide­os. I figu­red temp­t­ing fate would be fun here.

  19. Desi is like a friend wit­hin the group who acts like a total air­head but is actual­ly smar­ter than the rest. She is too funny 🤣🤣

    1. Desi Lydic ama­zing grace gra­te­ful Tuc­son Ari­zo­na Sono­ran desert 🏜️ Jah sis­ters Jah ever­ything ever­yo­ne soli­da­ri­ty Afri­ca 🍄🐕🌵🇮🇱🇬🇧❤️🇲🇱🌟🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹

  20. First off -

    1. I’ve worked at a cou­p­le golf cour­ses and you’d be sur­pri­sed. It’s real­ly not as expen­si­ve as you think. At least it does­n’t have to be. A lot of pla­ces don’t make you pay for a mem­bers­hip. A round of golf whe­re I live in Flo­ri­da is some­whe­re around $50 and that inclu­des the golf cart ren­tal. There’s no rule say­ing you have to have expen­si­ve clothes and clubs. I saw a lot of guys who came in casual­ly and still enjoy­ed themselves .

    2. @MaddieB while you WORKED – . . That says a lot … At a few golf cour­ses . . Did you know that mem­bers­hip fees at Mara lar­go is $280,000 ??? 🤯🤯🤯 ( that ought to keep the RIFF RAFF out . . ) 😂😂😂
      Plus you have to run AT LEAST A $20,000 /YEAR BAR TAB 🍸🍸🍸

  21. Time for some 🍊💩 to start eating their words. 

    They’ll never admit that they’­re wrong but at least this will dri­ve the mes­sa­ge home °~•.☆.•~°

  22. This is SO inte­res­ting. Mars moved into Tau­rus Janu­a­ry 6th 2021 and Mars will once again move into Tau­rus on July 5th 2022. I love how the pla­ne­ta­ry ener­gies mir­ror the events of human con­scious­ness evo­lu­ti­on. Mars in Tau­rus Inde­pen­dence Day! Mars Pla­net of War in Tau­rus the con­tel­la­ti­on if the Home. This is the “Friend­ly Fire” pha­se of the pandemic.

  23. Sau­di Ara­bia is irre­vo­ca­b­ly infec­ted by the pla­gue cal­led islam. The isla­mic cult has no place in civi­li­zed society.

  24. I love how I’m here in Cen­tral Euro­pe, paying 20€ per semes­ter for uni­ver­si­ty, never paid for anything in a hos­pi­tal other than a hot cho­co­la­te and the­re are so many Ame­ri­cans who are actively against all of this for bare­ly any rea­son at all other than that it’s a repu­bli­can thing to be against it (also this 2‑party sys­tem is pro­bab­ly one of the worst things to hap­pen to a socie­ty ever in my opi­ni­on, I have never seen the­re being so litt­le midd­le ground on the most basic issu­es ever­yo­ne should agree for)

    1. @Mario Cin­drić Yes we pay for it with taxes, but so do ame­ri­cans. With the average ame­ri­can and aus­tri­an making around 31000$/€ per year, they pay around 3600$ taxes annu­al­ly and we pay around 6000€. With health insuran­ce alo­ne cos­ting 5400$ per year on average in the US, I think we win this tra­de by qui­te a bit, not inclu­ding free uni­ver­si­tys, and gene­ral­ly, a lot of other things.

      Addi­tio­nal­ly, if you earn 15000€ annua­ly in Aus­tria, you would alrea­dy pay less taxes than an ame­ri­can would with the same amount, as the first 11000€ are taxfree.

      In Aus­tria the rich get taxed more than in the US, the poo­rer peop­le get taxed less. Call it com­mu­nism if you want but eit­her way peop­le are get­ting taxed and the main dif­fe­rence is that the US spends a lot on it for the mili­ta­ry while we spend it on having basic human rights like edu­ca­ti­on and health ser­vices for free.

  25. Love the seg­ments whe­re Tre­vor testi­fies & raps in Con­gress sit­ting next to Ber­nie San­ders & Warr­ren Gun­nels. I’d watch that!

  26. I remem­ber when they told me I couldnt use my ipho­ne 4 any­mo­re. I was so upset, it was the per­fect size, was per­fect. They told me sor­ry they made it not work any­mo­re. And then I saw my bro­ther still using his ipho­ne 4 and just all see­med so unfair his still worked.

  27. Real bombs­hells, like Sham-Rus­sia­Ga­te, Sham-Ukrai­ne­Ga­te, two Sham-peach­ments, etc, etc, etc ! Demo­crats, the archi­tects of Anything­Gate as long as it focu­ses on Trump and not their criminality !!!

  28. So cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca is deci­ding what cool is now? I’m with u Tre­vor dis­re­spect­ful time stuff makes no sen­se they have a pho­ne it’s 2022.

    Desi *hey I’m doing a thing to pro­ve you wrong but had enough time to get a micro­pho­ne on mea­ning she was on time but cho­se to be late, and btw the point she was try­ing to make was about being late and how it is dis­re­spect­ful to Tre­vor but the sto­ry was tal­king about it not being cool anymore.*
    Bey­ond that there’s a dif­fe­rence in per­so­nal dis­re­spect and unpro­fes­sio­na­lism was she try­ing to pro­ve that being late is dis­re­spect­ful AND unpro­fes­sio­nal? Or sim­ply dis­re­spect­ful? That brings us to ano­t­her point being inad­vertent­ly made: if it being fashion­ab­ly late to a work thing it’s actual­ly pro­fes­sio­nal or not, which loo­ks to me she was try­ing to pro­ve that it is professional.

  29. “The most balan­ce in my life”
    The most bank account balan­ce, he means.
    Sau­di Ara­bia is making bank with the high oil pri­ces. They can buy our ath­le­tes, no problem.

  30. befo­re the epi­so­de even starts, i’m gon­na call it: Dems aint doing jack squat against trump. they’ll name ever­yo­ne but him

  31. Jan 6..the first insur­rec­tion in histo­ry by peop­le with.… came­ras and cell phones.
    Nor­mal­ly peop­le use actu­al wea­pons, and actual­ly try to batt­le the government.
    This was a clownshow.
    Brought to you by the FBI pro­duc­tion company.

  32. Bro, Desi is just the fun­niest per­son in the histo­ry of Late Show.
    I was rol­ling in the ground laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. On Janu­a­ry 6th 2021 the Capi­tal of the United Sta­tes was attack by insur­rec­tio­n­ist for 187 minu­tes & POTUS Trump knew & for 187 minu­tes Did not­hing that’s liter­al­ly the defi­ni­ti­on of der­elic­tion of Duty

  34. Janu­a­ry sickth!! I’m actual­ly impres­sed that is the first time I’ve noti­ced an accent dif­fe­rence. I can’t even figu­re out why it sounds weird. It’s pro­noun­ced exact­ly like it’s spelled.

  35. “bombs­hell” just means “we may­be think that pro­bab­ly someo­ne some­whe­re did a thing that at some point might be…” abso­lute­ly not­hing will come of this.

    1. No my friend, bombs­hell means the J6 com­mit­tee is deli­vering the rece­i­pts, con­fes­si­ons, expo­sing the details of the ent­i­re plan and estab­li­shing how long the ground work for the coup attempt was in place.

  36. The only thing a pre­si­dent you could do to be found cri­mi­nal is tre­a­son, liter­al­ly. And, of cour­se, Trump did it.

  37. Apple mis­sed the chan­ce of sel­ling bat­te­ries by adding remo­val bat­te­ries to iPho­ne. Now that they have to add a char­ger they can also think about new ways of making money like gar­ba­ge can.

  38. Why has the DOJ and FBI abdi­ca­ted their respon­si­bi­li­ty to pro­tect Ame­ri­ca to a con­gres­sio­nal com­mit­tee? That’s bureau­cra­tic cowardice.

  39. Ain’t no “torn” about it. Sau­di bad. South Afri­ca did­n’t chan­ge UNTIL the US cut them off. Tre­vor knows this

  40. US City.… Suckers everyday.…..40 cents an hour.…..2 bucks a day.……US CD .…suckers ever­y­day.….… They make you whist­le for your money.…..

  41. If com­pa­nies want a badass name for the char­ging port of their pho­ne they should just use Thun­der­bolt. It’s the same con­nec­tor as USB‑C but just more badass.

  42. Tre­vah, I love ya man, your behind-the-sce­nes tell truth strai­gh­ter than mike pence. And you keep working hard every week. Just, thanks brah. I say brah to my friends its not a racial thing and I’ve said too much.

  43. I wish that you would cea­se say­ing the For­mer Cheetoheads name. He Lives by hea­ring his name, Plea­se stop say­ing it, you can assist in rid­ding him and all others that cho­se to fol­low this path. Plea­se Stop say­ing his name. Stop say­ing his name.…Please.

  44. I love Mr Noah’s Trump deli­very. He somehow cap­tures that con­stant brag­ga­do­cio mixed with con­stant lying that somehow befudd­les the judiciary.

  45. I had to rewatch the clip with Tre­vor and the sena­tors becau­se of the weird loop, Ber­nie just sit­ting the­re, the other dude kept moving for­ward repeated­ly, bald guy loo­king left repeated­ly. Weird.

  46. Trevor!Trevor Tre­vor! wow! Whew!. That is the shor­test mono­lo­gue from 6:55- 7:40, to ever sums up why Ame­ri­ca is not 1st world as we think we are. Tre­vor and his wri­ting team deser­ve an oscar.
    Com­pa­ring the gol­fer play­ing for Sau­di Ara­bia to other spor­ting Rogues that play­ed in South Afri­ca during apart­heid, tho­se that play­ed in South Afri­ca ruin their care­ers espe­cial­ly the cri­cke­teers. lol.

    1. Did­n’t know about the sports cri­cke­teers felt back­lash for play­ing for South Afri­ca back then. To most Ame­ri­cans cri­cket is a mys­te­rious game, only unders­tood by peop­le in the Bri­tish Commonwealth.

    2. @Katie Het­tin­ger is is very big in the com­mon­wealth like foot­ball, real foot­ball whe­re u use your foot to car­ry the ball not your hand.

  47. Sooo…just that one oran­gut­an joke? That inci­dent deser­ves a who­le seg­ment of its own if u ask me. And his Tucker Carl­son imper­so­na­ti­on is so annoyin­gly accurate🤣🤣

  48. *Most peop­le don’t even rea­li­ze that the eco­no­my is col­lap­sing and the­re is an incre­a­sing rate of unem­ploy­ment world­wi­de, so take advan­ta­ge and pre­pa­re by making invest­ment to survive*

    1. I’m hap­py to see Mr. Wil­liam ava men­tio­ned here, my spou­se recom­men­ded him to Me after inves­ting $4000 and he has real­ly hel­ped us finan­cial­ly in times of COVID ‑19 lock­down here in Australia.

    2. Take it from one who has it and bought a house in mis­sou­ri and dream Wrang­ler with forex tra­de pro­fits. I star­ted with Mr Wil­liams ava of finan­cial edu­ca­ti­on and he has been my hand­ler and gui­der for the past years.

    3. @Viduté Mer­ecki­enè I just loo­ked up your invest­ment prof­fes­sio­nal on his info, his expe­ri­ence is pret­ty impres­si­ve. I wro­te him and I’m wai­t­ing on his reply.

    4. The very first time I saw recom­men­da­ti­ons about Glenn, thought it was bots. I deci­ded to try him with a spa­re and he deli­ve­r­ed I’m cur­r­ent­ly gro­wing my Bit­coin port­fo­lio under his management.

  49. As your show is about jan 6. Jack del Rio of the Washing­ton Com­man­ders sta­ted that the Geor­ge Floyd pro­test is worse than the jan6 insur­rec­tion becau­se buil­dings got burnt. So in his world a buil­ding is worth more than a human life. Guess u can chan­ge the teams name. But the racist trend gets to stay. # fire Jack Del Rio

  50. 40 wit­nes­ses were cal­led in the 6 week Depp/Heard tri­al, after two years pre­pa­ra­ti­on. So now you know, why it has taken so f’ing long for us to get to the hearings.

  51. IDK why they picked Prime Time. They could have strea­med it live & peop­le would have still wat­ched it. It’s clear here they don’t rea­li­ze that many folks don’t have cable anymore

  52. “You always know when I’m secret­ly tal­king about vagi­nas. You’­re a femi­nist that way.” HAHAHHAHA I LOVE THIS

  53. Being late was never cool, not the worse thing eit­her. I think the only thing that chan­ged are peo­p­les atten­ti­on span.

  54. It almost sound­ed like Q‑anon ‘Poke­mon Go’ for a minu­te the­re. Are the­re vir­tu­al insur­rec­tion Raids at your local park? Do you spin Trump stops and batt­le Democrats?

  55. Dai­ly show people…Have you heard about Pro­phet Muham­mad row hap­pe­ning in India…please cover it…its important and entertaining.….Muslims in India face the same issue as Black peop­le in USA but just mul­ti­ply the serious­ness 100 times. Thats why Arab nati­ons are joi­ning hands to Boy­cott Indian products.

  56. the­res a lot of serious topics going on but yea peop­le who are habi­tual­ly late at least are annoy­ing and self cen­te­red .. like get it tog­e­ther for your own sake

  57. We need Ste­wart back. Noah obvious­ly does­n’t care and just makes “zin­gers” about topics that need a more serious approach. Yes, I want fun­ny too… this just isn’t it imo.

  58. I never wat­ched him until I saw his comments at the White House Correspondent’s din­ner. (But then I haven’t had tv for a few years). What a talent! He gets so com­ple­te­ly into what he’s doing. That Tucker Carl­son thing was cra­zy! So glad I dis­co­ve­r­ed him!

    1. wow!! i tra­de cryp­to under her exper­ti­se too. I just with­drew my pro­fit of over $17,000 two days befo­re now. I am glad i inves­ted with her com­pa­ny. I still reinves­ted and the tra­de is ongo­ing. Her invest­ment stra­te­gies is a top notch.

  59. I can’t belie­ve apple actual­ly got away with not put­ting USB c for this many years and now they are com­p­lai­ning that they have to put it? Also we alrea­dy know they are gon­na add it as if it’s a “cool new fea­ture” in their new launch just like mag safe. I hate apple. They stubborn and don’t even lis­ten to their own customers

  60. A sports boy­cott of Sau­di Ara­bia would be inef­fec­ti­ve, it worked in South Afri­ca becau­se white South Afri­cans loved Cri­cket and Rug­by, they were mis­sing out on some­thing they had pre­vious­ly had. It’s like taking an iPad away from a kid, they’ll want it back, but if they’­ve never had it and deve­lo­ped an attach­ment they won’t care, boy­cot­ting Sau­di sport is essen­ti­al­ly the sta­tus quo.

  61. Why do I feel like depen­ding on how this shakes out we could see the begin­ning of the total melt down of our federal government? Pro­bab­ly PTSD from the last cou­p­le years in total …

  62. I won­der who still actual­ly cares about the Janu­a­ry 6 event like why is it been tur­ned into a big issue when you have other major problems

  63. “Fashion­ab­ly late” is not a thing. There’s regu­lar, plain late, and there’s late, _and_ lying about why. This hel­ps you fool yourself into belie­ving that you don’t real­ly need to apo­lo­gi­ze for for how late you are.

  64. 8:13 PGA in Sau­di Arabia.
    So, now the sand traps will be grass traps, while you play an 18 hole cour­se of sand?
    EV golf carts? – No! you dri­ve SUV off­roa­ders from hole to hole?
    Water hazards? – only if there’s an actu­al oasis with some date palms to rest under.
    And of cour­se, you play only at night.

  65. That’s gre­at man it’s true we would have lis­tened to it if it was like Lin Manu­el Miran­da kind of rap. The guy made histo­ry interesting.

  66. The iGar­ba­ge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why is that some­thing I actual­ly see them making though.

  67. I would­n’t take 200 mil­li­on to play golf in Sau­di Ara­bia. Given what I know about the place and the con­tro­ver­sy has had with khash­og­gi that would be insen­si­ti­ve. Money isn’t worth that kind of bad press

  68. Wow so being fashion­ab­le late is not fashion­ab­le any­mo­re I was never real­ly fashion­ab­ly late I’ve always been a punc­tu­al per­son so this is my type of jam! Oh yeah

  69. The EU is deca­des ahead of the US, which is why we laugh so hard when we hear Ame­ri­cans call it “the grea­test coun­try on earth”.

  70. Can we actual­ly con­vin­ce Lin-Manu­el Miran­da to make a “Hamil­ton” for Janu­a­ry 6th. I would die laughing 💀💀💀

  71. I saw this video with the oran­gut­an pul­ling the guy through the cage and it’s so hil­arious from the Jamai­can per­spec­ti­ve of it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Ques­ti­on: Why would 4 capi­tol poli­ce com­mit sui­ci­de becau­se of the Jan 6th events? I have not heard poli­ce com­mit­ting sui­ci­de after any other pro­tests, irre­spec­ti­ve of how vio­lent the pro­tests were!

    1. IDK spe­ci­fi­cal­ly; but my impres­si­on is that it was becau­se of the con­fu­si­on, con­tra­dic­to­ry orders, and lack of sup­port for poli­ce during the insur­rec­tion rio­ting. The ideo­lo­gues that were sup­po­sed to be all “Blue Lives Mat­ter” and “The­se Colors Don’t Run” were sud­den­ly bea­ting poli­ce offi­cers with flag­po­les, offi­cers on one side of the Capi­tol Buil­ding were radio­ing “Offi­cer Down! Need back­up immedia­te­ly” to com­man­ders on the other side who still thought they were the­re for peace­ful crowd con­trol duties, US Capi­tol Poli­ce and Washing­ton DC Poli­ce (two sepa­ra­te agen­ci­es with dif­fe­rent com­mand & com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on struc­tures) ope­ra­ting at cross pur­po­ses, etc. 

      The­re was also a big racial com­po­nent to the cha­os: many of the poli­ce offi­cers (espe­cial­ly the DC poli­ce) were black, and the vast majo­ri­ty of the insur­rec­tio­n­ists were white. Racial insults were hur­led, and some white insur­rec­tio­n­ists beat up black poli­ce offi­cers. It’s rough to be a black per­son in the US, and it was rough to be a poli­ce offi­cer that day, and both may have added up to more than some of them could handle.

      Hope this helps.

    2. @Evelyn Gor­fram: Impres­si­ve sto­ry­line, but again, I don’t think it was the first pro­test to turn from peace­ful to chao­tic. And every vio­lent pro­test is trau­ma­tic for the poli­ce. Not the first pro­test to have a racial colour to it as well.

      Can someo­ne share one other pro­test in histo­ry of vio­lent pro­tests whe­re poli­ce per­son­nel com­mit­ted sui­ci­de days after the protest?

      To me it is very odd, but may­be it is just me!

  73. Tre­vor: what’s hap­pe­ning in the wea­ther today Desi
    Desi: oh it was hot I was just outside
    Me: we need wea­ther fore­cas­ters more like her. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. All the Saudi’s had to do was show them the money 💰 and not­hing else mat­te­red. Just ask Jer­id Kusc­ner and Ste­ve Mnu­chin who still need to be inves­ti­ga­ted for the bil­li­ons in Invest­ment money they recei­ved from the Sau­di government.

  75. Fox News isn’t broad­cas­ting the hearings.

    A bit sad for the peop­le who watch Fox News expec­ting to hear their names cal­led in the hearings.

  76. well well well Tre­vor. Isn’t it you that said Ame­ri­ca is bro­ken for having only 2 par­ties? Sau­dis hos­ting a major sport event should be cele­bra­ted. It offers a dif­fe­rent way of see­ing things

  77. expec­ting a fascist régime to sof­ten up if you intro­du­ce more libe­ral stuff, isn’t real­ly effective.

    they’­ve been try­ing to do that with chi­na and the richer the CCP got, the more dra­co­nic they beco­me with their poli­ci­es coz it gives their lea­ders­hip the clout to flaunt their economic/diplomatic suc­cess to jus­ti­fy their claim to power and authority.

    how can the mas­ses topp­le a government that is ear­ning so much bling from for­eign invest­ments and gai­ning so much inter­na­tio­nal influence?

  78. Any­way I will defi­ni­te­ly be che­cking out tho­se hea­rings for the Janu­a­ry 6th inves­ti­ga­ti­on. I don’t real­ly care whe­ther it’s like a nor­mal hea­ring or if it blows out the roof out of the place I per­so­nal­ly want to see what their fin­dings are. That’s my con­cern becau­se I want to see if he tru­ly did com­mit a crime as if I don’t alrea­dy think so but I want to see exact­ly what he did.

  79. New enter­tain­ment for Americans!
    Is Trump gon­na get jail time? No.
    Is this gon­na take everyone’s atten­ti­on off of mass shoo­tings? YES.
    Vic­to­ry for all parties!!

  80. I don’t even think about paying at a doc­tors office even if I go to some ran­dom with no appointment..
    Ame­ri­ca is so behind

  81. Two days ago, I was giving away an expen­si­ve bike and agreed that the per­son who wan­ted it could fetch it at a spe­ci­fic time that he cho­se. He never show­ed, never sms­ed. If being late is unac­cep­ta­ble now, ghos­ting is unforgivable.

  82. Just the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to get rid of the char­ging port. They alrea­dy have wire­less char­ging. No need to have a plug.

  83. Dude, you’­re lying – the truth is in the Feb/Mar 2021 Intel­li­gence Secu­ri­ty Con­gres­sio­nal sub-com­mit­tee hea­rings. The Capi­tol poli­ce were set­up to fail due to ‘their’ under­sta­ted Intel­li­gence reports. It never would have hap­pen­ed if the 10-day Bipar­ti­san Con­gres­sio­nal review audit was done with respect of the mil­li­ons of con­cer­ned voters (all par­ties), but that was pur­po­se­ly blo­cked ‘after’ the­re were Con­gres­sio­nal vol­un­te­ers from both sides of the ais­le. What hap­pen­ed to the truth­ful per­son you were at the White House Cor­re­spondents Din­ner. Is the dif­fe­rence by who signs your paycheck?

  84. Every broad­cast net­work logo you show­ed is part­ne­red with the CCP at their cor­po­ra­te levels, bia­sed cen­sor­s­hip exchan­ge for advertising/merchandising rights to the bil­li­on-count PRC.

  85. The Trump beard can’t hide high gas pri­ces or that the covid flu just went through sanc­tua­ry cities, do the ille­gal for­eign natio­nals get a bonus if the cross the bor­der with covid or just the death­ly drugs.

  86. You know how you can spi­ce up the coverage of the hea­ring and make it more dra­ma­tic and enter­tai­ning? Adding Indian TV soap ope­ra music.
    “They tried to hang for­mer Vice Pre­si­dent Mike Pence” **dhum tanana­na dhum tanana­na dhum tanana­na tere­na tere­na tere­na dhum** **came­ra pan­ning and zoo­m­ing onto faces** while the screen turns black and white and mul­ti­ple other dar­ker colours for dra­ma­tic effect with ever­yo­ne having the 😲 expres­si­on on their face

  87. This is a kang­a­roo court. It was put tog­e­ther by dem shills. The two “Repu­bli­cans” are peop­le who hate Trump.

  88. I have a bunch of things that char­ge with a USB port: mini, micro, ligh­t­ing, but none with USB‑C. So now ins­tead of nee­ding 3 cables, I’ll need 4? Why?!?

  89. Tre­vor is right. In Ger­ma­ny, at least with sta­te health insuran­ce, nobo­dy pays in the doctor’s office and or even in the hos­pi­tal for any sur­ge­ry. For sta­te uni­ver­si­ties, the­re is no tui­ti­on fee, only tickets and admi­nis­tra­ti­on fees. And yes, the­re is also pater­ni­ty lea­ve, in which the father gets paid lea­ve after his child is born.

    1. @Guided Medi­ta­ti­on ever­yo­ne in Euro­pe knows “free” means “free at the point of ser­vice”. Nobo­dy thinks it’s “free” as in “nobo­dy is paying for it”. It’s only Ame­ri­cans thin­king that we think that.
      No, it’s more effi­ci­ent and the­re­fo­re che­a­per while pro­vi­ding bet­ter coverage – for ever­yo­ne. In the US you pay more (inclu­ding through your taxes!) for less coverage.

  90. may­be if you get rid of that dumb 2 par­ty sys­tem things could get bet­ter, you know many peop­le have opi­ni­ons that are essen­ti­al­ly com­pro­mi­ses of what each par­ty pro­po­ses, but if the­re is no midd­le ground and only a “us vs them” situa­ti­on, how are you guys sup­po­sed to get anything done.

  91. I like the Ger­man accent as sbd. Who doesn’t pay at the doc­tors and paid 200€/semester for uni­ver­si­ty I can only say Ger­ma­ny is great

  92. On behalf of all my friends in Euro­pe – thanks for the com­pli­ments! We are able to make the­se kind of decisi­ons, with 27 Coun­tries .. it can be dif­fi­cult and takes a while, but we at least try to legis­la­te for the peop­le of Euro­pe.. and by ‘we’ of cour­se I do mean the demo­cra­ti­cal­ly elec­ted Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves – kind of like in Ame­ri­ca – but many more Par­ties and ideo­lo­gies.… which should made it har­der to find con­sen­sus – and yet… it is just as you said … ports for char­gers .… oh, and the­re is a War on less than 800 miles from whe­re I am, in Ber­lin.. Now… how is congress/senate doing about pro­tec­ting children…?

  93. @ 7:30 …actual­ly paid paternity/maternity lea­ve is gene­ral­ly 2 years not one , across the E.U. 😁 You get paid 80% of your pre­vious year’s sala­ry and only one of the par­ents can opt for it.

  94. I must re punish mys­elf any chan­ce I get becau­se the first x I was given the pri­vi­le­ge to stand up for my friend as maid of honor and I show­ed up late which was the last x I was late for any important event becau­se it not only is dis­re­spect­ful to the other peop­le it is also dis­re­spect­ful to yourself.

  95. The iro­ny is that USB liter­al­ly stands for Uni­ver­sal Seri­al Bus. Yet they refu­se to allow it to be universal!!

  96. I went into a store today, bat­te­ry store. And the­re was Trump 2024 flags, and F*ck Joe Biden flags on the wall„ and I’m thin­king to mys­elf, what is wrong with the­se people?

  97. haha Ger­ma­ny ist not Euro­pe – we had some kind of an issue with that in 1940s. Euro­pe > Ger­ma­ny as it sup­po­sed to be.

  98. Is anyo­ne else weird­ly stuck on the way Tre­vor Noah keeps say­ing the word “sixth?” I feel like I“m having a Fami­ly Guy “cool whhhip” moment!

  99. Be wary, be wary of 6 January!
    The gal­lows, the riot, the plot.
    Over­throw the election:
    That was the intention
    Of Trump, Haw­ley, Cruz – that who­le lot.

  100. I don’t abi­de by arbi­tra­ry per­so­nal schedule’s. I’ll never be tht late… if some­thing is legi­ti­mate­ly in the way tho, I’m gon­na be a few min. Unless it’s like a job inter­view. For like cof­fee, a fami­ly thing or a dr.’s appt, ur gon­na have to deal with it Dr. Stern­blatt… I’m paying u my mon­ths sala­ry for this appt

  101. What chan­ged in South Afri­ca? I think you’­ve been gone too long. Rqma­pho­sa is paying off cri­mi­nals that ste­al from him.

  102. Top notch com­men­ta­ry. Also top notch nar­ra­ti­ve swer­ve, cuz I was SURE Tre­vor would make an Amber Heard joke when tal­king about the Janu­a­ry 6th hea­rings 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  103. The Apple state­ment that USB‑C will ren­der ~1 bil devices obso­le­te is just a big pile of bull­crap. The demand of USB‑C ports is for new devices sold, the Light­ning cables will still be sold and the old devices won’t sud­den­ly stop working. Until Apple relea­ses the next ver­si­on of iOS, that is.

  104. “Being fashion­ab­ly late is fal­ling out of fashion” mean­while, me being here in Ger­ma­ny thin­king, when has being late ever been fashionable??

  105. 🎉 The Sly Fox “News” … may have just Out­Fo­xed itself 🤔

    Mean­while, Many folks are won­de­ring why it seems like most of the fast food restau­rants, if they have a TV, play only Sly Fox News 👀🤔
    Is this Pavlov’s law … or … what is this about? 🤔🤔🤔

  106. There’s a video of a master’s stu­dent who repla­ced the light­ning con­nec­tor on an iPho­ne with a USB‑C port. What’s Apple’s excuse?

  107. Tre­vor, when you first show­ed up. You were come­dic. Then you star­ted pro­ving you were a black bro­ther. Now you final­ly rea­li­ze you can be a come­di­an and black by let­ting your hair grow out.