Bernhard Langer | Ep. 4 | The Golf & Fitness Show with Cory G.

Bernhard Langer Ep. 4 The Golf Fitness Show with Cory G. bernhard

A ligh­the­ar­ted inter­view with 63-year-old Bern­hard Lan­ger as he shares with Cory how he has stood the test of time on per­for­mance – both on and off the golf cour­se – for all the­se years. From the ear­ly years and how he over­ca­me a ter­ri­ble back inju­ry to how he chan­ged his swing to be able to com­pe­te in the sport he loves for his ent­i­re life­time. Join us and hear from this legend befo­re he com­pe­tes in the PNC Cham­pions­hip! Lan­ger is a two-time Mas­ters win­ner and has clai­med 41 vic­to­ries on PGA TOUR Champions. 

Cory Gre­go­ry is a seri­al fit­ness entre­pre­neur, lea­der in the nut­ri­ti­on indus­try and a top trai­ning expert. He has com­pe­ted in more than 30 power­lif­ting com­pe­ti­ti­ons, 14 drug-free body­buil­ding events and has graced the cover of 13 fit­ness maga­zi­nes. He holds his exer­cise spe­cia­list cer­ti­fi­ca­te from Colum­bus Sta­te, is a cer­ti­fied NESTA nut­ri­ti­on coach, and by West­side Bar­bell for their power­lif­ting metho­do­lo­gy. Cory has worked with and per­so­nal­ly lear­ned from the grea­test body­buil­der of all-time, Arnold Schwar­zen­eg­ger. In addi­ti­on, he’s lear­ned and trai­ned with Éli­te Mem­bers of West­side Bar­bell, the stron­gest gym in the world. Cory star­ted his busi­ness over 20 years ago as a per­so­nal trai­ner with money saved from his days as an under­ground coal miner. Give him a fol­low for more fit­ness moti­va­ti­on @corygfitness

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The Golf & Fit­ness Show cap­tures how the best in world com­bi­ne the­se two worlds that used to clash. We inter­view the top PGA TOUR play­ers, their trai­ners and cele­bri­ties that have game with tips for the average through advan­ced gol­fer. This show is meant to impro­ve your game through fit­ness with some laughs along the way.

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