BESTE FAHRER 2022 beste Fahrer 2022

In die­sem Video ver­rät Neil Tap­pin sei­ne Mei­nung zu den bes­ten Fah­rern des Jah­res 2022. In den letz­ten zwei Mona­ten hat er eine gan­ze Rei­he von Fah­rern in ver­schie­de­nen Preis­klas­sen getes­tet. Er schaut sich die 2022er Model­le an und unter­teilt sein Urteil in fünf Schlüs­sel­ka­te­go­rien: Aus­se­hen, Gefühl, Kon­sis­tenz, Distanz und Wert. Anschlie­ßend kürt er den bes­ten Dri­ver des Jah­res 2022. Wenn du dar­über nach­denkst, die­ses Jahr in einen neu­en Dri­ver zu inves­tie­ren, soll­te dir unser Video helfen!

Cal­la­way Rogue ST Max 10˚, Tensei C+Blue 55s Schaft
Cal­la­way Rogue ST Max LS 9˚, Tensei Blue 55s-Schaft
Cobra LTDx 10,5˚, Tensei 65s sil­ber­ner Schaft
Cobra LTDx LS 10,5˚, Tensei 65s sil­ber­ner Schaft
Hon­ma T//World GS 9.5˚, Hon­ma Speed Tun­ed 55s
Mizu­no ST‑G 10˚, Hzur­dus Smo­ke 60g s, Gewicht vorwärts
Mizu­no ST‑Z 220 9.5˚ Hzur­dus Smo­ke 60g s
PING G425 Max 9˚, Tour 65s
Sri­x­on ZX7 9.5˚, Hzur­dus Smo­ke 60g s
Tay­lorMa­de Ste­alth 9˚ Aldi­la Ascent 60 s
Tay­lorMa­de Ste­alth Plus 9˚ Aldi­la Ascent 60 s
Tit­leist TSi3 10˚, Tensei Blue 55 x

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41 thought on “BESTE FAHRER 2022”

  1. When oh when will golf publi­ca­ti­ons, vide­os and inst­ruc­tions give infor­ma­ti­on, advice for the majo­ri­ty of gol­fers out the­re. I know it’s not you fault, but 314 yards, to get that distance of the tee i would need to car­ry it in my pocket for the first 100 yards.

  2. just bought tour edge. it out hit all the dri­vers you show­ed. dont care about pri­ce, it’s per­for­mance!! dont lis­ten to this guy, go hit ever­ything and look at the results. I have friends that buy a dri­ver becau­se someo­ne on the tour has one. doesnt mat­ter the cost or what it loo­ks like. what puts you in the fair­way more consistently?

  3. It’s fun­ny you noti­ced the con­sis­ten­cy in the Ping. I have the 425 Max and was hit­ting it the simu­la­tor yes­ter­day and was sur­pri­sed when I hit every dri­ve to almost the same distance no mat­ter whe­re I hit it on the face, and with a tight dispersion.

  4. Hi Neil real­ly enjoy­ed your 👍Vide­os , I remem­ber you play­ing our Sheer­ness cour­se years ago and it’s nice to see someo­ne you know reviewing golf clubs ,
    I have just bought a new Rogue Max D Dri­ver, after a week’s tes­ting with a Launch Moni­tor on the prac­ti­ce ground against my Ping G410 Dri­ver, The Rogue Dri­ver out per­for­med my Ping Dri­ver in Distance Ball Speed and con­trol, with nice high soft draws, fit­ted with Tensei Blue 55gram R flex shaft, Keep up with the good work, much bet­ter than just rea­ding in the maga­zi­ne, Thanks Dickey

  5. I love the­se kind of vide­os. Im gues­sing fair­way woods and hybrid vide­os are com­ing soon rly loo­king for­ward to that. Im loo­king for a new fair­way wood and hybrid

  6. When you hit the Cobra, it sound­ed just like the Cal­la­way. I knew the pri­ce was low, and when you show­ed the distance data, I knew you would pick the Cobra LTDX. It does look to be a winner.

  7. I ended up with a new Cal­la­way Rogue LS dri­ver after going to a few demo days at my local cour­se. I wan­ted to try the Cobra but I couldn’t find any local demo days to try it out. Bum­mer. I will say if the Big 3 dri­vers I did hit the Ste­alth the lon­gest but not qui­te as con­sis­tent as the Rogue. Plus I’m still not sold on the dura­bi­li­ty of carbon.

  8. I real­ly don’t under­stand why loo­ks or sound mean much to gol­fers. Whe­re the ball lands time after time should be what counts. If I wan­ted the best sound I’d go back to Woo­den dri­vers. lol ( Thwack)

  9. Yes­ter­day I hit the worst shot of my life on the G425 and it ended up being a per­fect miss. Low fade that lan­ded midd­le of the fair­way. Love my G425 Max

  10. Noti­ced you play­ed A 10.5* in the Cobra and 9* in most others. Was this by choice or avai­la­bi­li­ty ? I ask becau­se I have been in Cobra F9 and Spee­zo­ne and always at 10,5* and some­ti­mes adjus­ted up or down 1* depen­ding on the head con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on. After a fit­ting I noti­ced my launch and spin were too high on the 10.5* and did­n’t get on it tun­ed down 1* but hit it gre­at in 9*.

  11. Not sur­pri­sed at all of the out­co­me, LTDx is very con­sis­tent and neu­tral flight dri­ver with gre­at sound and feel. Of all the 2022 dri­vers this is the only one that has all of the­se fac­tors and also a pri­ce tag of 450 eur that is about 200 eur less then the the most expen­si­ve dri­vers of 22.

  12. For how much press and pro­mo­ti­on the ste­alth got you see a lot of them for sale alrea­dy
    But that cobra ltd ls is a beast without all the shou­ting that the others have done

  13. I’ll tell you around my club only one peop­le are tal­king about is the ste­alth, but in all Fair­ness talyolrma­de came out and was having a demo test day. I play­ed 9 with the who­le bag dri­ver, woods, irons and they were good the but bes­i­des the dri­ve I would­n’t tra­de my 718s. Hit­ting a M6 dri­ver and woods and think ill wait a year till can find some used ones.

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