Beste Fails des Jahres (bisher) 2022


Beste Fails des Jahres bisher 2022 2021

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4.539 thought on “Beste Fails des Jahres (bisher) 2022”

  1. 19:16

    The­se types of cou­ples real­ly annoy and dis­gust me. It’s stu­pid and why do you film yourself doing that crap

  2. Why is it the F‑bombs can be blee­ped out (don’t want to offend peop­le) but it is per­fect­ly fine to hear blas­phe­my which offends God?

    1. Bes­i­des we only saw five seconds of it.People usual­ly need more time to rea­li­ze if there’s some­thing wrong. Espe­cial­ly when they aren’t watching him in the first place. You are expec­ting too much.


  4. 4:04 per­fect examp­le of my you need to wear a seat­belt 🤦🏻‍♀️ ima­gi­ne it was an acci­dent and he slip­ped down there

    1. Loo­ks like she clip­ped the sunsha­de and not­hing else, it’s hard to bra­ke the front ele­ment of most len­ses the way it did the­re (espe­cial­ly the way it split into pie­ces immedia­te­ly makes me think it’s just the sunshade).

  5. Rather than ban Roe v Wade, Ame­ri­ca should have ban­ned stair­ca­ses, and peop­le loading their bikes onto pickups

  6. “F you Roy, you owe me a caar!” Also, i don’t remem­ber see­ing the tire mecha­nic pogo­ing hims­elf on the jack hand­le before??

    1. @shishinonaito her last litt­le snort of laugh­ter at the absur­di­ty of the who­le bat situa­ti­on. But real­ly I can’t be bothe­red try­ing to exp­lain the obvious cor­re­la­ti­on with what we’­ve all expe­ri­en­ced over the last two years.…figure it out. No hate, just love. But it ain’t my job to exp­lain my opi­ni­on to other peop­le. ✌️

  7. This is why you should actual­ly use the machi­ne and stay off your pho­ne when you go to the gym. 3:22 😒😒🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. 12:32 never stand direct­ly over a pres­su­ri­zed keg when you’­re try­ing to open it or make other adjus­t­ments, peop­le have died like that

  9. I flinch so hard at every shot of someo­ne fal­ling off a lad­der; some of tho­se are just a frac­tion of a mole­cu­le of being too clo­se and someo­ne get­ting FUUUHHHH-@@@ED up!

  10. 4:05 now ima­gi­ne they cras­hed, he could’ve got­ten thrown out of the vehi­cle or fall in that same posi­ti­on but then the air­bags would deploy, I shouldn’t have to say this but that’s one of the many rea­sons why you should wear a seat­belt, your not a bad ass if you don’t and your not a pus­sy if you do.

  11. Дорогие у вас дрова. 1:05. Путинцы когда орут свою говнопропоганду такими кадрами пользуются -” европа зажралась”

  12. The amount of peop­le that can dri­ve a car and have a baby but don’t know to put a lid on a bur­ning pot makes me fear for the future.

    1. @MPC OH so we’­re just gon­na for­get the femi­ni­ne voice, long hair, pur­se, inclu­ding the glos­sy lips. Ah yes, its a male. That tru­ly sends chills down my spine.

  13. 43:32 When your play­ing an unfi­nis­hed video­ga­me and things start clip­ping through the ter­rain and other objects.

  14. Life tip for 11:39 never ever put it under water, ins­tead put the lid on it and the lack of oxy­gen will burn it out. Adding water can actual­ly spread it.

    1. Karen Main You can use a lid from ano­t­her pan, or anything metal around that loo­ks like a cover, the idea is to smo­ther a fire. I’ve heard inci­den­ces whe­re water splas­hed fla­ming gre­a­se and have caught sur­roun­ding are­as on fire. But that is true, you should always have a fire extin­guis­her near or in your kit­chen, they can make an abso­lu­te mess and take weeks to clean but it’s bet­ter than a house burnt to the ground.

      Alter­na­te­ly for­got that you can also pour baking soda over the fire to smo­ther it too, if you have any lay­ing around.

  15. how do you “cook” a piz­za the wrong way round? and not even on a baking sheet? also, making a fro­zen piz­za in the oven isn’t cooking.…

  16. 5:15 What’s the bet this guy is suf­fe­ring from sleep apnoea, the­re­fo­re a lack of pro­per sleep and expe­ri­en­ced a microsleep

  17. Часто падают на ступеньках, нужно какое-то покрытие противоскользящее.

  18. When you bleep the word “boobs” and blur a bot­t­le of wine to post a joke about boobs and wine but are fine showing a dog hum­ping a guys face, your moral com­pass might be a bit skewed.

    1. I have no idea, but it loo­ks like the guy was ice fishing. I’d guess he was some­whe­re he was­n’t sup­po­sed to be or had pis­sed some­bo­dy off. It sounds like someo­ne hoo­ked his tent up to a snow­mo­bi­le and drag­ged him off. I think it must have caught some wind and come off the ground a bit when he bai­led out.

      Can some­bo­dy poke at my guess a bit? I’m curious just as much as you are.…

  19. AT 11 Minu­tes 45 seconds the fire in the pot WHAT SHE DOES IS THE MOST DANGEROUS 😳 ☠️ NEVER DO THAT 🤬💥☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🫁🦴🫀🧠👅🦴🦷🦴🫁🧠🫀THE OIL OR FAT THATS BURNING WILL EXPLODE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🚔🚒🚒🚑🚑🚔

    1. @MarkDavidson – GB&NI sor­ry just wan­ted any one who reads it to under­stand that action can and has cau­sed explo­si­ons and death and worse!!!

  20. 0:33 Loads of peop­le are asking what this is: I just think it’s some guys tent, the per­son who dro­ve him to the tent is dri­ving off and some car part / rope is stuck on the tent
    …it’s the “Noooooooo!” that’s the fun­niest for me tbh!!!!!!

  21. Die­ses ame­ri­ka­ni­sche Volk ist so der­ma­ßen dumm
    War­um haben die so ein waffengesetz
    Ist ja klar das es dort so vie­le Amok­läu­fe gibt

  22. The only thing more ridi­cu­lous than riding around in your car with a mask on is not knowing it’s on your face already.….what a bip

  23. That lady at 22:23 has given that lil boy a trau­ma of dogs for not­hing ☹ screaming,running with the lil boy almost upsi­de down. 🤦‍♂️

    1. @T. Mul­ler *Real­ly glad they blur­red the ————– though. Ima­gi­ne if a kid saw that and rea­li­zed it was a ————–!

  24. 90% being Amu­ri­cans being overweight.
    That coun­try can never get free health­ca­re becau­se the health is so poor it would ruin themselves

  25. United sta­tes peop­le, why don’t you built bet­ter Houses with for­gings, With for­gings you cant break the floor and fall in the lower floor

  26. The ski­er who col­lap­sed in the snow had a res­cuer who speeds up right tum and piles more snow onto him or snow on tomb what an asshole

  27. It’s ama­zing how many peop­le don’t know to sim­ply put a Lid on a bur­ning pot. Pass it On !! It makes good video , though 😂

  28. You know, tho­se fal­ling lad­der vide­os hap­pen­ed becau­se the lad­der wasn’t high enough up on the roof ledge. It’s part of OSHA’s rules for a reason

  29. Hey Fail Army, you’­re con­stant­ly say­ing the­se are fails of “this” year, then you just recy­cle fails from years ago, and you’­re sub­tit­les are often wrong with whats actual­ly being said. You guys used to be good, now you’­re just liars and re-use clips over and over say­ing they’­re new. You guys suck!

  30. I like your vide­os don’t get me wrong. But if I was that fuck­ing stu­pid there’s no way I would tell the who­le world ha ha ha ha ah ha

  31. Why are the alco­ho­lic bever­a­ges blur­red out in the video? Is this part of You­Tube cen­sor­s­hip? I’m asking becau­se as I’m watching this video I’m also get­ting ads for beer and vod­ka. So… what’s the point?

  32. 2:25.…“lifting the lid” on Boris John­son, he got bit­ten by what he was “coo­king up”.…
    No ?
    Alright, I’ll get my coat.…
    But he did look like Boris Johnson.…

  33. 2:23 ani­mal tor­tu­re and ani­mal abu­se is not fun­ny. You should know bet­ter and not pro­mo­te this. Do bet­ter @FailArmy

    1. Did you want them to put a “the fisher­man was unhar­med” noti­fi­ca­ti­on like they now do with every car acci­dent video?

  34. I know a lot of peop­le won’t like this but you just try not to bring Jesus or God into your excla­ma­ti­ons? If I can stop just one per­son from taking the Lord they God’s name in vain I will die hap­py! But say­ing it without mea­ning it is in fact taking the Lord’s name in vain. Say­ing “O my God” or “Jesus Christ” in vain, mea­ning say­ing it unin­ten­tio­nal­ly or in anger, is a mor­tal sin. The Lord gave us his name out of love and trust. Let’s not abu­se it, but hold it in our hearts and call upon his name when we need him.

  35. Bey­on­cé needs to redo her “Put a ring on it” video, with “Put a lid on it” to show how to put out a pan/pot gre­a­se fire.

  36. 0:17 as one living in Nor­way, from the moment that car came into the frame at 0:17 you know this is just tooooooo fast, given the con­di­ti­ons and that bend, and it will go of the road.

  37. 1:11 no one was smart enough to rea­li­ze that he could end up with major back pro­blems for life for doing some­thing so stu­pid? I get that boys try cra­zy stuff, but some times it’s sheer stupidity.

  38. 9:53 true love right the­re xD does­n’t help her up gets the fuck out­ta the­re every man for hims­elf yolo cya hick

  39. Jeli, a vi tac­no zna­te dal je neko pov­red­jen il nije pa kao napi­se­te niko nije pov­red­jen. Pos­la­li vam svi izvestaj da nisu pov­red­je­ni. Koji ste lazo­vi bate toe strasno

  40. 13:17 guys guys noti­ce how the immedia­te­ly sticks the tongue out at first xD then she rea­li­zed it’s not that sort of.. shot lmaooo

  41. 3:36 If the­re was a deeper thought behind this, can someo­ne plea­se exp­lain it to me. I did not get the memo. It loo­ks like they wan­ted to load the car and then at that point they stop­ped thin­king. Howe­ver, no one can be that stu­pid. I’m mis­sing something.

    1. The­re are a lot of moms in the US who would be lying on the floor uncon­scious if they had tal­ked to their daugh­ter lik­ed that.

  42. This is the con­tent we need, no nar­ra­tor, no spe­cial effects, strai­ght to the point. This is what You­Tube and the inter­net is for

    1. I just did some rese­arch. Seems to be sta­ged for a media com­pa­ny spe­cia­li­zed on viral vide­os. But still fun! 🙂

  43. The only not fun­ny it’s when they are coo­king a crab ali­ve, that is macab­re and in some coun­tries it is prohibited.

  44. In my opi­ni­on the vide­os of peop­le fal­ling off stairs and lad­ders are real­ly not fun­ny! Simp­le falls can often result in cata­stro­phic inju­ries! But I get it.…I’m bia­sed. In my late 20’s (I was a young and a very health guy) I slip­ped on some ice wal­king out my front door that resul­ted in a bro­ken ver­te­brae. At the time it was no big deal and I didnt even go to the hospital.
    The extre­me­ly tra­gic part was the pain and suf­fe­ring I put my friends and fami­ly through over the next 27 years. Years of Finan­cial devas­ta­ti­on, mul­ti­ple sur­ge­ries, drug addic­tion, men­tal & ver­bal abu­se, being a all around shi­ty father, divor­ce and much more! The phy­si­cal pain and men­tal inju­ries that I suf­fe­red from again nume­rous sur­ge­ries, drug addic­tion of pain meds was not only hard on my friends and fami­ly but on me as well. The har­dest pain of all was having to endu­re the loss of my fami­ly (I under­stand that was my fault).….. but it all star­ted with A LITTLE SLIP OFF MY FRONT PORCH. 

    The cra­zy thing is that II’m one of the lucky ones becau­se this sto­ry has (in my opi­ni­on) a very hap­py ending. After almost 7 years of sepa­ra­ti­on I was able to recon­ci­le with my wife and put my fami­ly back tog­e­ther. I was able to work through my addic­tion and get off all the nar­co­tic pain medi­ca­ti­on. I have a gre­at job that I tru­ly enjoy. Not to men­ti­on I found a hob­by of buil­dings Ebikes (electric, bat­te­ry powe­red bikes) that I make for my friends and fami­ly to enjoy. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

  45. 1:51 Why do girls always add extra syll­ab­les? “It’s in my eyeballah!”
    Or women on Wheel of For­tu­ne who guess the let­ter ELLLAH

  46. 3:10 That nas­ty mom should have hired a demo com­pa­ny. That situa­ti­on loo­ks like she for­ced her two daugh­ters to do it.

  47. Why has­n’t anyo­ne did a “I don’t wan­na hear the­se lies of was­te­ful spen­ding” yet. Like while put­ting 20 tires on your atv or screen door in bot­tom of your boat. Make sure you scwint real hard at the came­ra like your rea­ding the tramp stamp on a flees ass.

  48. I know I’m sup­po­sed to be laug­hing and having a gre­at time, but I’m just wai­t­ing for the death of socie­ty. This shit makes me fuck­ing hate peop­le as a rule.

  49. What is it about black peop­le and dogs? Can a black per­son may­be exp­lain that? I am working pro­fes­sio­nal­ly with dogs and have encoun­te­red this irra­tio­nal fear in black peop­le over and over again and would like to under­stand it, so I can may­be even address it cor­rect­ly next time.

    Thank you!

  50. 19:11 Anyo­ne else noti­ce the shorts she was wea­ring? The kind with the zip­per in midd­le of the who­le shorts. Dir­ty girl. She got tho­se in case she want sot have sex without get­ting undres­sed. Just zip them open and bam. Yes, dir­ty girl. LOL.

  51. 25:15 You never wear flip flops when on a lad­der and NEVER step on the very top of a lad­der. They all have signs on them that say not too. Guess he for­got which direc­tion he had the lad­der to and step­ped off wrong. Ouch.

  52. I think the most replay­ed coun­ter thing is bus­ted. The­re should cer­tain­ly be a spike at 0:31. Such ama­ze foa­my action.

  53. 37:27 – Mr. Bean !!! 44:06 – Teena­ge Dri­vers…. 49:45 – This method of ope­ning a cham­pa­gne bot­t­le has a suc­cess­ful pro­ba­bi­li­ty of 1%.

  54. Il faut un lin­ge humi­de pour éteind­re les flam­mes sur les cas­se­ro­les mais il faut fai­re vite………👵🏻👴🏻🧑🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳😨😰👊🏻😂🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇫🇷

  55. Love the vid whe­re the fisherman’s bud­dy dri­ves away with the shan­ty while he’s in it. Won­der how far he got befo­re the dri­ver noticed?

  56. Bra­vo le chien et pfff les gens. Tel­lement abru­tis je ne com­prends pas. Pour des hom­mes c est plu­tôt ridi­cu­le et les femmes aussi…… god my god my god my god

  57. 4:05 that’s one rea­son to have your seat­belt on. 7:52 that hap­pen­ed to me too. 33:36 I had a bat in the house, but not a bird.

    1. That and not put your feet up on the dash. Some hor­ri­fic inju­ries have hap­pen­ed becau­se of this, eit­her from a simi­lar thing at hig­her speed, or worse, an air­bag deploying…

  58. 8:54 i see ever­yo­ne say­ing the fault was from the Bent­ley, but it was from the i8, the guy in oran­ge was tel­ling the BMW to stop, whe­re he didn´t saw it and con­ti­nued, hit­ting the other car.

    1. Must admit I feel vague­ly sick watching them. No stu­pi­di­ty, no clow­ning about, just pain and dis­com­fort becau­se mother natu­re hates you.

  59. I’m ama­zed at how many peop­le dont bother to eit­her spread sand or ice melt on steps, walk ways and dri­ve­ways when it’s been real­ly cold out. It’s not hard to do. It can sure save you or a visi­tor a nas­ty inju­ry. Neglec­ting to do so is just sheer stupidity.

    1. Stick-on abra­si­ve strips are also a way of pre­ven­ting slips & falls! We don’t have snow & ice whe­re I live, but hea­vy rains can & do cau­se peop­le to have nas­ty falls causing injuries!

  60. @37:24 – What is with men and lad­ders??? This man wasnt even on the ladder.…and the lad­der just hit em in the head. LOL!!!!

  61. 8:00 they eat with their right hand and liter­al­ly wipe the shit off their ass­ho­les with their bare fin­gers on the left hand

  62. It’s baff­ling to me how many ppl start thro­wing a pan with oil and fire around the kit­chen and then ALWAYS put water in it. Both the dum­best things you can do in an oil fire.

  63. For tho­se who don’t know, if you cut a tree down in an urban area, you start by cut­ting the bran­ches, then cut the trunk from the top in pei­ces of about tree feet long making your way down.

  64. Have we real­ly come to the point we are blur­ring out bot­t­les of wine and blee­ping out the word books in vide­os now wow this world is doomed

  65. 49.05: When image is ever­ything her who­le body starts qui­vering 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the two bro­thers stan­ding next to the door don’t dare laugh at the sister 😂😂😂😂

  66. “Every idle word that man shall speak, he will give account for it”, You shall not use the name of the Lord your God in vain” The Bible

  67. 3:00 I felt so bad for the­se girls. They should have been shown which bathroom. Plus I real­ly want to see a full film of what hap­pens to them lol

  68. 5:00 That dog taking a shit on the front of a spee­ding boat…
    Why does it feel like that dog has accom­plis­hed more than I have or ever will?

  69. Some retri­bu­ti­on for FedEx for tho­se bus­ted packa­ges! That was an ela­bo­ra­te plan by the homeow­ners to get the tree to work that way. Made it look like an acci­dent! Brilliant.

  70. 6:22 what a hor­ri­ble parent. That sheep could have para­ly­zed that kid, becau­se sheep are built to ram things with their head and neck structure.

  71. 3:00 bathroom lady, you know… at the end of the day they’­re just cer­a­mic tiles. Perhaps the com­pa­ny will cover the cost to replace them for you. You don’t have to get so soul-des­troyin­gly per­so­nal. Be a coo­ler human.

  72. Fail Army: Are you sure you should be showing vide­os of peop­le slip­ping up on their door­steps? Whilst they might be ‘fun­ny’, the peop­le being filmed are at risk of back and head injuries.

  73. @5:59 not fun­ny dude must have got­ten real­ly hurt! Espe­cial­ly at his age…Why be on a fro­zen slip­pe­ry roof????

  74. I bet the­re are all kinds of valu­ables on the ground under­ne­ath amu­se­ment park rides that peop­le have lost. Dude was lucky his gold chains did­n’t fly off!


  76. To the laugher,ever hear of Kar­ma? And for the dim­wits with a pot/pan on fire,yea,put it the sink and run water in it,don’t bother to put a lid on it.


  78. 11:43 NEVER put water in a pot that caught on fire. ALWAYS keep a lid or cover clo­se. Adding water to bur­ning oil will spread the fire, the most com­mon rea­son for acci­den­tal self-immo­la­ti­on (death by burning)


  80. At 7:21 he was not being stung. When Honey Bees swarm they will rest in pla­ces in a giant ball of bees while they are loo­king for a new home. Becau­se they do not have a hive to pro­tect they are very doci­le. I have remo­ved many a swarm into a box by shaking them off a branch and I never wore a bee suite and never got stung.

  81. so, just to cla­ri­fy, if on cer­tain clips, usual­ly vehicle/road inci­dents, it sta­tes “dri­ver was unhar­med”, does that mean that in all the other clips someo­ne was actual­ly serious­ly harmed?

    1. @Muerte dup­res That’s non­sen­se. Unless you show a clo­se­up of the inju­red per­son, how the hell will You­Tube ever know?

    2. @Jim Nasi­um It’s liter­al­ly in the terms of ser­vice: Vio­lent or gra­phic content
      “Cell pho­ne, dash cam, or clo­sed cir­cuit TV foo­ta­ge showing the inju­red or kil­led in a road acci­dent accom­pa­nied by tit­les such as “Cra­zy acci­dent” or “Warning: Lots of blood.”
      Like I said, FA only ads the dis­c­lai­mer, whe­ther it’s true or not to pro­tect them­sel­ves from demonetization

  82. That chick at 17:30 ish is poten­ti­al­ly lucky.… Bats dis­play­ing abnor­mal beha­vi­or in the US is a pos­si­ble sign of rabies.

  83. 24:05 – would be easy to think that’s the dum­best thing he’s ever done…but the 5150 tat­too on the side of the face is going to be hard to beat.

  84. The dog that took a shit on the boat got me laug­hing so loud on the bus that ever­yo­ne loo­ked at me low­key embarrassing😂😂

  85. What is up with tho­se Kle­enex ads? Yuck! I don’t want to see that! This is the second time today I quit watching a video becau­se of a Kle­enex ad that made me want to puke.

  86. 9:20 – I was real­ly expec­ting a gator by the way they were screa­ming and run­ning! It tur­ned out to be a…beaver?🤣
    11:32 & 14:00- Aaaand that’s why you don’t put water on a kit­chen fire! You dump baking soda on it…

  87. I’m lear­ning a lot from the­se videos:
    1. Spot­ters are important.
    2. Stairs are slippery.
    3. A lot of pans have real­ly shit­ty handles.