Bewertung von Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter: Bester Putter für Tempo und Ausrichtung

Bewertung von Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter Bester Putter fuer Tempo und Ausrichtung best putter for alignment

In die­sem Put­ter­test füh­ren wir Sie durch unse­re 4 Schrit­te der Put­ter­an­pas­sung mit die­sem ultrasta­bi­len Kopf. Die bei­den größ­ten Pro­ble­me, die wir wäh­rend unse­rer Sit­zun­gen sehen, sind Aus­rich­tung und Tem­po­kon­trol­le. Der neue EvnRoll ER10 Out­back Put­ter schafft es, bei­de Pro­ble­me anzu­ge­hen und sofor­ti­ge Lösun­gen für alle Gol­fer zu schaf­fen. Der Kopf mit hohem Träg­heits­mo­ment hält den Schlag sta­bil, wäh­rend die mehr­fach dicken Ril­len den Ball mit bei­spiel­lo­ser Kon­sis­tenz rol­len. Link zu der ande­ren erwähn­ten Bewer­tung EvnRoll Tour­Stro­ke + ER5 Hatch­back https://​you​tu​.be/​x​e​E​U​R​Z​M​h​26c Sie kön­nen die­sen Put­ter auch bei Fore­Golf indi­vi­du­ell anpas­sen. Sie fin­den uns in Kil­le­en Cast­le, Co. Meath, Irland https://www. fore​golf​.ie/ Wir ver­öf­fent­li­chen jeden Monat Bewer­tungs­vi­de­os im benut­zer­de­fi­nier­ten Fore­Golf-Kanal Abon­nie­ren Sie, um mehr zu hören http://​bit​.ly/​2​x​D​6​qNa FRAGE Haben Sie eine Fra­ge? post it below Sie fin­den uns auf der WEBSITE Kil­le­en Cast­le, Co. Meath, Irland – https://​www​.fore​golf​.ie TWITTER – https://​twit​ter​.com/​f​o​r​e​g​o​l​f​c​u​s​tom INSTAGRAM – http://​insta​gram​.com/​f​o​r​e​g​o​l​f​c​u​s​tom FACEBOOK ‑https://​www​.face​book​.com/​f​o​r​e​g​o​l​f​c​u​s​tom

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20 thought on “Bewertung von Evnroll ER10 Outback Putter: Bester Putter für Tempo und Ausrichtung”

  1. Have play­ed Rife put­ters sin­ce 07–08 Two Bar Mal­let, Deep Blue and still today a Bar­ba­dos. I recent­ly trea­ted mys­elf to a ER5 Hatch­back black, like the feel and love the roll its like its on rails. Play it at 33* like my arms to hang a litt­le strai­gh­ter I’m 6 foot.

  2. Pace is a pro­blem of mine. Con­sist­ent­ly lea­ve putts short. Evnroll claim disper­si­on side to side is redu­ced by the face also. Have you seen any evi­dence of that?

    1. Yes the groo­ve design crea­tes speed con­sis­ten­cy across the face and regu­la­tes ball speed on off cent­re hits. Gre­at face design. 👍🏻

  3. 💪💪💪👍👍👍 Gre­at vlog ie always wan­ted a Evnroll mur­de­red out face balan­ce put­ter – it is here. The only down side is i like a cent­re line align­ment line not two out­side lines but lets try it , when we can!!!🙂🙂🙂

  4. just bought it today. I went to a pga tour supers­to­re and was loo­king for a new mal­let put­ter. The EVNROLL Out­back was the last put­ter I tried of the 4 put­ters below and I just star­ted making more putts but the big­gest ting was on my mis­ses it went about the same distance and I was not pena­li­zed to much on a slight mis­hit. Also I live the feel of a mil­led face per­so­nal­ly, I do not like inserts. I spent time with 5 foot putts, 10 ft putts and 25–35ft lags and after about 15 min with this on the in store green I wal­ked right up to the coun­ter and it bought it. Very cool loo­king put­ter. It is big, it dwarfs the Spi­der X and is a litt­le bit big­ger than the Scot­ty Phan­tom 12.

    I ran­ked the put­ters I tired below.
    1. EVNROLL Out­back (hands down)
    2. Ping Hepp­ler Floki
    3. Scot­ty Phan­tom X 12
    4. Tay­lorma­de Spi­der X (big­gest issue and miss IMO on TM’s part is the head is the same weight for all lengths and you have to buy sepa­ra­te $20 weights to add more weight if you play a 33 like mys­elf. Also for me the Spi­der X was too mus­hy of a feel and felt more like an odys­sey put­ter. I lik­ed the fir­mer face of the first Spi­der Black tour much better.)

    I have 1 ques­ti­on though, My Out­back has an all black mil­led face whe­re this video appears to have the mil­led groo­ves as a steel insert. Did they chan­ge after initi­al release when went to production?

  5. It’s align­ment for me. I just tes­ted this put­ter out at Golf­Ga­la­xy I can’t belie­ved how sta­ble it is with the gra­vi­ty grip. I’m plan­ning on put­ting this in my bag befo­re the end of the season.…..

  6. I just got me the evnroll ER6 cau­se it the one pushes the rules of PGA to the putts so good in just 2 wee­kends of gam­ble on the cour­se it alrea­dy paid for its­elf i real­ly like it.going to cus­tom paint the 2 ball align­ment on the top cau­se i have used the 2 ball fang sin­ce it came out..thats one thing i like about evnroll it has 3 dif­fe­rent weights to get this put­ter cus­tom feel to what i like

  7. All this fit­ting loo­ks and sounds very accu­ra­te and important. I just purcha­sed and wai­t­ing my new EF11 Mid­lock. I pla­ced the order online and respec­ted the +6″ as recom­men­ded from my stan­dard put­ter. How can I make sure that the dyna­mic lye ang­le, weight and all important para­me­ters are per­fect for me. Becau­se I live in Cana­da I did not have the luxu­ry of having a put­ter fit­ting at Even­roll faci­li­ty. Do you recom­mend that once I recei­ve my put­ter that I orga­ni­ze a fit­ting with local pro­fes­sio­nal to mea­su­re that. If the ans­wer is yes, would he be able to make the pro­per adjus­t­ment on my new put­ter. Thank you for your response.

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