BIG MONEY OTB-Tour-Skins #59 | F9 | Adlerkreuzung | 21.000 $ Preisgeld


BIG MONEY OTB Tour Skins 59 F9 Adlerkreuzung 21.000 Preisgeld central coast

OTB Spon­so­red Tour Seri­es Skins #59 Front 9 OTBdiscs​.com | KOSTENLOSER Ver­sand mit Pro­mo-Code: gkpro Eagles Cros­sing Disc Golf Cour­se Hawk Point, Mis­sou­ri Spie­ler Cal­vin Heim­burg Bro­die Smith Simon Lizot­te Scott Sto­ke­ly OTB Skins ist eine Eagles Cros­sing Disc Golf-Pro­duk­ti­on http://​eagle​s​cros​sing​di​sc​golf​.com/ Eagles Cros­sing Skins Match Final (Qua­li­fi­zier­te Spie­ler ) – Kevin Jones – Cal­vin Heim­burg – Gan­non Buhr – Eve­li­i­na Salo­nen – Hen­na Blom­roos – Chris Dicker­son – Knut Valen Håland – Matt Orum – Gar­rett Gurthie

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459 thought on “BIG MONEY OTB-Tour-Skins #59 | F9 | Adlerkreuzung | 21.000 $ Preisgeld”

  1. I knew the­re was a legi­ti­ma­te rea­son as to why I used a day of vaca­ti­on from work today. Now my Woman can stop crab­bing about me was­ting a day of it 🤣

  2. Can I just say as someo­ne who didn’t want spoi­lers. The­se last few days have made me so hyped to see this. Good job GK good job Eagles Crossing

  3. Simon can be a jerk from time to time. I’ve seen it befo­re. It’s skins. They are sup­po­sed to work each other.

    1. It’s hap­pen­ed a few times on other came­ras. He seems fine on his vlog. But every once in a while he seems like a doosh

    1. Peop­le unde­re­sti­ma­te Calvin’s Smack talk, don’t let his qui­te Deme­a­nor trick yah. He brings fla­mes on the­se skins matches.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Bro­die is so annoy­ing he tri­es way too hard to be a part of every con­ver­sa­ti­on and try to be fun­ny. Scott sto­kleys class is unmat­ched. So many big names that could have repla­ced Bro­die just to name a few. KJ USA, Dicker­son, Gib­son, wyso­cki. Bro­die is sub­par and every local a tier has someo­ne bet­ter than he does. Just don’t have the name.

    2. @Ralph Den­ver he puts out some of the best disc golf con­tent out the­re. haters just mis­sing out at this point. Him and Ezra’s prac­ti­ce round is always the first glim­pse of wha­te­ver cour­se ever­yo­ne is about to play that weekend

  4. Why is the ques­ti­on that I have regar­ding tho­se bas­kets on that cour­se. It is such a mis­match! Plea­se put some tour level bas­kets on it.

    1. The cour­se was desi­gned by the owner of Gate­way Discs, and tho­se are Gate­way bas­kets. The desi­gner just wan­ted to use his own bas­kets on his course.

    2. @Ashton Almond That’s not a good enough rea­son. If they’­re try­ing to make the best cour­se in the world they need to get past using the desi­gners com­pa­nies bas­kets. They’­re a joke.

  5. I like how this is basi­cal­ly Simon vs. Cal­vin. Scott is a legend but just does­n’t have the distance and Bro­die is Brodie

    1. @seymourglass26 I was­n’t tal­king about last weeks tour­ney, I was refer­ring to the front 9, in which case I am correct.

    2. @Billycake By that logic, I can go find a Paul McBeth trip­le-bogey and say he’s was­hed. Or I can be smart and look at the ent­i­re body of work, weigh­t­ing recent work as being more rele­vant to the conversation.

    3. @seymourglass26 I appre­cia­te the ana­lo­gy, but okay, let’s look at everyone’s care­ers. Bro­die is a good play­er, may­be a gre­at play­er, but not coun­ting B or C tier tour­na­ments, he has 1 top 10 finish. The other guys on this card, and Paul, have many first place finis­hes to their name. I’m not say­ing Bro­die is a bad play­er, I’m just say­ing ever­yo­ne else on this card is an éli­te player.

    4. @Billycake No. The point is you dis­mis­sed two very strong play­ers as nobo­dies and they show­ed up to play and pro­ved you wrong. That’s what skins is all about and good showing from everyone.

    5. @seymourglass26 Not­hing against Bro­die, but he did not pro­ve me wrong. He did not have a gre­at showing. I men­tio­ned Scott was a legend but did­n’t have the distance, which he did­n’t. Was­n’t dis­mis­sing anyo­ne. They are all entertaining

  6. Cal­vin has it right. The peop­le don’t wan­na watch me lay up!!! That’s cor­rect not in a skins match, run it even if it means taking a 7

    1. @Mikkel Hol­lna­gel okay I could­n’t tell who it was with the bea­nie and the hoo­die on behind them sun­glas­ses. I was thin­king it was too short to be eagle lol.…..

  7. So much good ban­ter bet­ween ever­yo­ne here! Not only were the boys play­ing gre­at golf, but I was laug­hing the who­le time! Exci­ted for the back 9!

    1. Dude. He just total­ly wal­ked back his pledge to dona­te 100 per­cent of his win­nings and skins money to cha­ri­ty. Real­ly, real­ly, real­ly bad look.

    2. @just brow­sing Ima­gi­ne nit­pi­cking phra­sing when the guy just nab­bed $5500 plus a matching dona­ti­on to an ama­zing cha­ri­ty and did, in fact, dona­te all skins winnings.
      I don’t think eit­her of us get to say what he does with a bonus for win­ning the who­le thing.

  8. Kev Jones ought to look out.…. I think Cal­vin heim­berg is gun­ning for his tit­le on the skins matches.… Lol

    1. it is still a brand new cour­se and pro­per­ty. see­ding grass does not hap­pen over­night. espe­cial­ly in ground that did not have grass pre­vious­ly. it can take YEARS some­ti­mes to get grass to come in.

    1. not­hing has been spoi­led bro. may­be you just need to con­trol yourself and whe­re you look online. its not the play­ers fault that you hap­pen to see a result befo­re watching the video. thats on you.

    2. @Orion 77 I can say from my expe­ri­ence on how it hap­pen­ed to me, I’m not even sub­scri­bed to anyone’s social media and I stay­ed of social media as well. Was loo­king for­ward to watching it when it was com­ing out and in anti­ci­pa­ti­on I goo­g­led “bro­die smith lizot­te scott sto­ke­ly eagles cros­sing” becau­se I was try­ing to remem­ber who the 4th par­ti­ci­pant was. The first link was a you­tube video (that I did not click on) I just scrol­led past it on the goog­le links and it had results in the first cou­p­le of words. I guess I did­n’t expect to see spoi­lers for a skins match becau­se I’ve never seen any spoi­lers for skins matches pri­or to this.

    3. @Orion 77 was a spon­so­red post on Insta­gram that spoi­led it, not anyo­ne I fol­low. For pre­recor­ded events I make an actu­al effort to avoid spoi­lers and watch live coverage when I can. In this instance, sin­ce it was this play­ers Insta­gram post, it is the play­ers fault that it got spoi­led, can’t real­ly get around that. Not the big­gest deal in the world, I just sug­gested a NDA. Not on me tho, lol.

  9. best group this time! lizot­te, fav­vou­rite, scott so awe­so­me to see him, bro­die alwa­sy fun, and cal­vin, well the trash­t­al­ker what more XD

  10. I’d love a behind-the-sce­nes that exp­lai­ned why some holes are worth cer­tain amounts of money ver­sus others, espe­cial­ly sin­ce skins often car­ry over from hole to hole. But an ama­zing set-up eit­her way.

  11. This awe­so­me stuff, thank you OTB and GK!! BUT STILL as last time, tho­se baskets…they are not good enough for the huge amounts of money on the line! Plz get more pro­per ones Eagles Cros­sing! Makes it hard to look when dial­led, insa­ne good puts are spit­ting out x (

  12. Chap­ters
    00:00 Start
    06:00 Hole 1
    10:40 Hole 2
    17:30 Hole 3
    24:39 Hole 4
    32:08 Hole 5
    39:31 Hole 6
    44:00 Hole 7
    47:59 Hole 8
    51:51 Hole 9

  13. 43:12 The chains on the bas­kets remind me of the marks­man style prac­ti­ce bas­ket. I won­der if the bas­kets actual­ly meet PDGA regu­la­ti­ons, as the dia­me­ter from side to side of the outer chains seem a litt­le nar­row. I think Brodie’s putt would have stuck on almost any usu­al basket.

    1. For real, all this time, money, and effort into this mas­ter­pie­ce of a cour­se and they install the Fisher Pri­ce baskets

  14. With no dis­re­spect whatsoever for the past skins matches but hell yeah, favou­rites skins match so far and haven’t even finis­hed it, Scott and Bro­dy for the first time on skins?! Hell yeah. Moreo­ver Simon and Cal­vin as a bonus as well! Just a per­fect com­bi­na­ti­on of play­ers in my opinion

    1. Agreed, I can’t stand watching him any­mo­re. He’s uptight and arro­gant af..
      And befo­re anyo­ne say, I need to see him in per­son to rea­li­ze I’m wrong about him… I’ve seen him THREE times at 3 sepe­ra­te events and his atti­tu­de is ass­ho­lish nowadays.

    2. Honest­ly I’m sure the pres­su­re to pre­form is super high for someo­ne who fell off a bit like he did. Ever­yo­ne wants him to be top 5 but things change.

  15. Brodie’s play on hole 6 was absurdly bad. All he had to do was get insi­de 20 feet for a 3 and throws it out of bounds.

    1. His play on 6 or 7 of the holes were ter­ri­ble. Hit­ting trees, rel­asing high, mis­sing lines, put­ting. It was all hard to watch. Makes me won­der why he was invi­ted (I get it, his fol­lowing). He just loo­ked so out­mat­ched on this F9.

  16. So Luke will say stuff like “fire­works on the cake hole” but won’t say four skins becau­se it sounds too much like foreskin?

  17. Cal­vin is the coo­lest play­er on tour. Hole 2, $1000 putt. He could have lay­ed up. He could have got­ten a meter off the OB line. Ins­tead, Cal­vin just putts a 20 foot death putt while ever­yo­ne is tal­king and casual­ly drains it. And says, “the view­ers don’t want to see me lay up.” Abso­lute­ly love this guy

    1. I don’t know about you all, but I’m real­ly only here to watch Cal­vin lay up. 80′ chips, litt­le scut­tles up to the bas­ket from 25′ away…🤣🤣🤣

    2. Mean­while, Simon is tel­ling peop­le to be quiet on a hail-mary throw-in. I love his game and he seems like a pret­ty cool guy but he seems to get worked up over small things.

    3. Whe­re I real­ly wan­ted him to lay up. It’s about making a living and I care for the one who does that best, not the coo­lest player.

    4. @Kylara Kuhn He is also bran­ding hims­elf; so doing it ‘his’ way will make him more money in the not-so-long run, though …

  18. I work in Pitts­burgh Pa area. For Cal­vin H. I run a prep kit­chen for a up and com­ing fran­chise with 4 soon to be 6 loca­ti­ons around the burgh. It’s cal­led Waff­les INCaff­ein­a­ted and you would love our waff­les all day every day!!! If you make it thur for the PFDO in cran­ber­ry this year hit me up we got you !!!

  19. Why does it take so long to get out when it’s almost unedi­ted? Would love it to be to days after the match at latest…

    1. “almost unedi­ted” 😂😅 When was the last time you crea­ted an enjoya­ble video that inclu­ded foo­ta­ge from 5+ came­ras and mics? GK Pro cove­r­ed FPO lead card all 4 rounds at DDO which star­ted the day after this match. Seems like a per­fect­ly rea­son­ab­le turn around time for free con­tent to me..

    2. Almost unedi­ted? LOL Do you think the­se guys are all tele­por­ting to their lie, from whe­re the throw hap­pen­ed? Dro­ne foo­ta­ge, mul­ti­ple came­ra angles, all of the micro­pho­nes, this is hea­vi­ly edi­ted together.

  20. Can’t call this a world class cour­se with tho­se bas­kets… Defi­ni­te­ly can’t call it the best cour­se in the world. Feels like a joke at this point. The money Gate­way and Eagle’s Cros­sing have pou­red into this pro­ject, ade­qua­te bas­kets would be a drop in the bucket. One chan­ge and the hype would be valid.

  21. I wish we could get Eagles Cros­sing Epi­so­des once a mon­th. Such an ama­zing cour­se and the vibe is just bet­ter. See­ing how gid­dy the­se play­ers are lets you know how spe­cial this cour­se will be for years to come. 💪🥏

  22. Scott Sto­ke­ly is an abso­lu­te tre­a­su­re and just an all around upstan­ding human that ever­yo­ne should stri­ve to be like.

  23. Why does Scott do anything for ASD? I am a rese­arch with UMN at ICI. I would love to know the con­nec­tion. My bro­ther has ASD.

  24. I real­ly can’t wait to see this cour­se in all it’s glo­ry. Final day of a major with a huge crowd and all the stars play­ing on this beau­ti­ful cour­se? Can’t get better

  25. Simon is right about play­ing blind. Any time I’ve play­ed a round blind for a tour­na­ment I play it bet­ter than I do after the tour­na­ment, lol.

  26. Car­rots do not help your eye­sight Bro­die, that rumor was star­ted by the RAF as an explana­ti­on for why their pilots could fly at night, covering the inven­ti­on of radar. The more you know.

  27. Beau­ti­ful cour­se for sure, wish I had unli­mi­ted discs like the­se guy’s, I only have about 20 and most of them mean a lot to me, I’d lose them all on a cour­se like this!

  28. So cool that Scott sup­ports autism foun­da­ti­ons, sin­ce I’m autis­tic mys­elf. Does he have any tour seri­es discs?

    1. He has a lot of discs, just go check out his own You­Tube chan­nel & social media. In some of the older vide­os he also talks about why he sup­ports autism foundations.

    2. He’s got tour seri­es discs from dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies, sin­ce he’s not spon­so­red by one disc maker. The Kasta­plast Berg put­ter is one of them.

  29. Scott Sto­ke­ly, “I dona­te all my win­nings to Autism.. becau­se they need it more than I do.”
    Class act all day any day. Much love, Scott!!

  30. With all that arti­fi­cial OB, I real­ly don’t think this cour­se deser­ves the tit­le of “Best Cour­se in the World”

  31. I real­ly wish someo­ne said some­thing to that guy with the pho­ne came­ra.. every frame he’s in the­re with his pho­ne video taping. so annoying. 

    BUT other than that I LOVE watching the­se. Luke is the greatest!

  32. This was a lot of fun to watch with the Scott Sto­ke­ly sto­ry­book ending. Four of the best per­so­na­li­ties in the game.

    1. Calvin’s dedi­ca­ti­on to making the skins con­tent good is ama­zing. “the peop­le don’t want to watch me lay up” hahaha

  33. Thank you so much to ever­yo­ne tuning in for this awe­so­me big money match! We hope you all are enjoy­ing the content. 

    Don’t for­get to click that like/subscribe but­ton for us! 


  34. Sooo cool to see a crowd for a skins match. The­se used to be just for play­ers only 4 years ago, and now they are drawing a decent crowd! Awesome-face!

  35. I ❤️ the inte­gri­ty of the pro­duc­tion team, GK Pro! All the dra­ma 🎭,which is honest. …with intan­gi­ble audi­ence awareness.
    I am only on hole 6 but feel moti­va­ted to comment.

  36. Y’all need to get Zackeri­ath John­son back on the­re this year. He does hold one of the only aces on skins. Do an epi­so­de with all pri­or ace guys. 🤔

    1. I read this com­ment and right after they star­ted tal­king about how life chan­ging owning a hotel gra­de waff­le maker would be 😂😂

    2. One hund­red per­cent. I just com­men­ted about them and went loo­king for others lol. They’­re awe­so­me together

    3. @Connor How­ell one of my mom’s favo­ri­te things about stay­ing in a hotel is the waff­les so I had to pau­se the video and immedia­te­ly call her to pro­po­se Brodie’s line of questioning.

  37. Elo­quent speech from a man who has wit­nessed the birth of our sport and com­pe­ted only for the love of the game.

  38. They real­ly need to get the guys to stop eating on the­se things. Lis­tening to someo­ne chew while a putt is lined up isnt cool

  39. btw
    scott sto­ke­ly tea­ches dg les­sons and he is a good tea­cher and u get a video
    look him up and send my a mes­sa­ge totally
    worth the $90

  40. 56:30 lmaoooo “I think peop­le actual­ly like watching peop­le not putt fast” – Bro­die “That’s why they all love Nik­ko” ‑Cal­vin

    1. They don’t finish holes on skins when they know they are eli­mi­na­ted from win­ning or pushing it. You hear them say “alright, I’m out” all the time, after shanking a cou­p­le of times.

  41. Sto­ke­ly 43:44: “Becau­se they need it more than me.” Such a good man. We need more like him. And we need to fol­low his example.

    1. Just saw this part. Abso­lute­ly awe­so­me. Chills. 

      I agree. For tho­se of us for­tu­n­a­te enough to have, we can share a litt­le more with tho­se who don’t. (Even if it’s not mone­ta­ry and is just our time or kindness.)

  42. Cal­vin and Bro­die tra­ding barbs throughout the match was abso­lu­te gold. Vin­ny was lay­ing down some next-level psy­cho­lo­gi­cal war­fa­re. Sub­t­le and devas­ta­ting. Fan­tastic stuff, all around.

  43. Why was it the­se four? Whe­re are the pre­vious win­ners we were told it would be?

    Some ran­dom ass dude we have never heard of who threw only one backhand? 

    Whe­re is Kevin Jones?

  44. Oh man, gre­at card on a gre­at cour­se. Too bad we have to watch spit out after spit out on the­se god awful baskets.

  45. Who’s the dude with the came­ra pho­ne and how many times did he get in the way befo­re someo­ne said some­thing? Lol

  46. Love to see someo­ne com­pe­te from my era. Scott was a good play­er when I tou­red, I was not. His num­ber is 3140, mine 3132.

  47. scott sto­ke­ly just beca­me a man of huge respect in my book. My wife is an Autism the­ra­pist so I know what the­se kids have to deal with and how many of them need help and do not get it. Thanks Scott! Hope to meet you on the cour­se some day and shake your hand! to hear what you do with skins money brought a tear to my eye!

  48. Luke : are tho­se are regu­la­ted baskets ?
    Can’t agree more with you.. GK pro should have spon­so­red to but bet­ter bas­kets at this cour­se .. tho­se bas­kets are real­ly real­ly bad

  49. Weird that for having such an éli­te cour­se, they stick with tho­se crap­py bas­kets… a lot of peop­le get screwed over by them it seems.

  50. Scott Sto­ke­ly: giant human; giraf­fe legs
    Bro­die Smith: giant human; rhi­no­ce­ros legs

    If you com­bi­ne them, you get one pro­per­ly pro­por­tio­ned giant human.

  51. Lil foot in mouth situa­ti­on at 43.53 – 100% of Pri­ze Money and Skins money…
    Then back 9 it’s the skins only!!
    Luke heard! Lol
    Gre­at moment for sure tho!!

  52. This is abso­lute­ly beau­ti­ful. Scott Sto­ke­ly is a mas­ter of not only Disc Golf, but the ener­gies invol­ved with Disc Golf, and without.

  53. Scott dona­ting 100% of the win­nings to tho­se cha­ri­ties is a super cool thing to do!!! Loved hea­ring that! Keep at em Scott you still got it in ya!

  54. Not gon­na lie… I had to mute the video for the last 10 minu­tes becau­se all I could hear was peop­le chewing on jer­ky #Bad­Goo­se­bumps

  55. Bro­dy: “I wish it went ten feet longer.”
    Cal­vin: “It would have if you threw 10 feet lower.”

    Lis­ten to Cal­vin Bro­dy. He is try­ing to help.

  56. The Bro­die and Cal­vin dia­log in this is ama­zing. He got Cal­vin tal­king more than I think I’ve seen in any video

  57. This is awe­so­me con­tent! Nice came­ra work, audio is gre­at and com­men­ta­ry is on point. Well done!!!!
    Who is the ran­do wal­king around record­ing video with their iPho­ne? Yo, you see all tho­se nice came­ras get­ting all the angles?!?!

  58. 19:33
    To [loo­se­ly] para­phra­se the gre­at Ayr­ton Sen­na: “if you no lon­ger go for a gap that exists you are no lon­ger a disc golfer.”

  59. Love Scott. “I’m going to che­rish this. I don’t have many moments like this left.”

    1st hole almost aces! You got ple­nty of time Scott!

  60. Oh wait, bro­die is tal­king again…cool. What’s that? Bro­dies yap­ping again, no way. Oh what get out.…brodie is giving ano­t­her soli­lo­quy, bet­ter lis­ten up. Howzabout you try not to ruin the next one of the­se and may­be try to stay in bounds for more than 3 holes. It reminds me of the one whe­re 2 legends, 1 dude who sounds like Andrew luck and 1 pin­head scoo­ber hucker tree hun­ter who won’t shut up walk into a bar.…? It’s a good one.

  61. Does anyo­ne know what c line put­ter Simon is thro­wing? Par­ti­cu­lar­ly his upshot on hole 8. Sky­god prototype?

  62. That disc Simon almost threw in on 7 made me think I was having a sei­zu­re watching it fly. Or the video was glitching

  63. I’m just so hap­py I was able to play and record at this cour­se!!! I tru­ly belie­ve it will host many tour­na­ments in the near future

  64. How do they choo­se what play­ers are gon­na be on the­se big money skins? So much money on the line!! Love all the­se guys!

  65. Aspa­ra­gus makes everyone’s pee smell, it’s just that some peop­le aren’t able to smell it while others are. The more you know

  66. On a pro­per­ty like this, having a dro­ne up for some of the­se fair­way walks would be awe­so­me to show the scope and beau­ty of the course

  67. Kind of expec­ted the­se skins to be domi­na­ted by Heim­berg with some fea­tures by Lizot­te. Good per­so­na­li­ties across the card, but feel like tho­se 2 are several tiers abo­ve Bro­die and Stock­ley in terms of talent

  68. This cour­se is ama­zing, it was ever­ything you could ask for in a cour­se, and the land­s­ca­ping and hole design puts it over the top.

  69. The­re will come a time in disc golf when the field is so sta­cked with talent that it beco­mes was­hed out. We are in the glo­ry days. Beau­ti­ful pro­duc­tion, incredi­ble and uni­que play­ers. Legends like Scott still around. Enjoy it folks.

  70. this who­le thing was gre­at except for the dude wal­king around tal­king and not thro­wing. geeze he was unbe­ara­ble at times

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