Brodie Smith wird immer besser…

Brodie Smith wird immer besser... clutch

Begin­nend mit Ulti­ma­te Fris­bee war Bro­die Smith in die­sem Sport her­vor­ra­gend, bis er kürz­lich zum Disc­golf wech­sel­te. Jetzt, nach nur 2 kur­zen Jah­ren, spielt Bro­die mit den bes­ten Disc-Gol­fern der Welt und hält mit ihnen Schritt … Dan­ke fürs Zuse­hen! Liken und ABONNIEREN!!! ————————————————– ————————————————– ————– Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​D​i​s​c​G​o​l​f​C​o​n​t​ent Tik­Tok: https://​www​.tik​tok​.com/​@​d​i​s​c​g​o​l​f​c​o​n​t​ent Grü­ße an die­se groß­ar­ti­gen Menschen/Unternehmen für die Fort­set­zung des Wachs­tums des Sports! Jomez­Pro: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​J​o​m​e​z​P​r​o​d​u​c​t​i​ons Disc Golf Kid: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​D​i​s​c​G​o​l​f​Kid Disc Golf Pro Tour: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​D​i​s​c​G​o​l​f​P​r​o​T​our Dis­craft Disc Sports: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​d​i​s​c​r​a​f​t​v​i​deo Bro­die Smith: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​B​r​o​die Zeits­tem­pel: 0:00 Intro 0:15 Ulti­ma­te Fris­bee 0:33 Making Moves 1: 09 Bro­die Smith Welt­rang­lis­te 1:32 Making DDO Lead Card 3:09 Final Round Lead Card DDO 5:03 Erfah­rung im Disc­golf 6:27 Outro Bezie­hen Sie sich auf das „Fair Use Copy­right Act“, das eine „trans­for­ma­ti­ve“ Nut­zung von Inhal­ten und ermög­licht Kom­men­ta­re, Kri­tik, For­schung, Leh­re oder Nach­rich­ten­be­richt­erstat­tung. #Disc­golf #Sports #Bro­dies­mith #Win­ner #Ken­c­li­mo #Beast #Waco #Fazi­te #Tipps #Approachshot #DGPT #Com­back #Put­ting #Tipps #How­To #Pro #Putt #Per­fekt #Geschich­te #Golf­ge­schich­te #Ket­ten #Bas­ket #Disc­golf­Bas­ket #ricky­wy­so­cki #Disc­golf­Con­tract #geld #sport #fris­bee #spiel #distanz #distanz­re­kord ##disc #dis­craft #dyna­micdiscs #Fris­bee­golf #golf #tee­pad #dri­ver #drew­gib­son #distancedri­ver #dri­ve #com­pe­ti­ti­on #scotts­to­ke­ly #simon­liz­zo­te #vic­tor­mala­fron­te #pdga #pro­tour disc golf, disc golf loch in einem, disc­golf 2021, disc­golf 2022, disc­golf asse, disc­golf alba­tros, disc­golf schei­tert, disc­golf ass, disc­golf, fris­bee­golf, golf schei­tert, loch in einem disc­golf, golf schei­tert lus­tig, bes­te disc­golf asse , simon lizot­te, kevin jones, golf, jomez, paul mcbeth, disc­golf zusam­men­stel­lung schei­tern, schei­tert, disc­golf schei­tert, jomez, jomez­pro, disc­golf zusam­men­stel­lung, lus­ti­ges disc­golf, lus­tig, urko­misch, PDGA, USDGC, PDGA Wel­ten, Disc­golf Zusam­men­stel­lung, Dis­craft, Discma­nia, dyna­mi­sche Discs, MVP-Discs, James Con­rad, James Con­rad Disc­golf, James Con­rad Ace, Jere­my Koling, Nate Küs­ter, DGPT, MVP offen, Ahorn­hü­gel, Brun­nen­hü­gel, Disc­golf­platz, viral, im Trend, Eric Oak­ley, Cal­vin Heim­burg, aus­ge­flippt wer­den, Ster­nen­zer­stö­rer, Luna, Anax, Zeus, James Con­rad Hole in One, Ezra Ader­hold, Ezra Ader­hold Disc Golf, Ken Cli­mo, Ken Cli­mo Disc Golf, Ken Cli­mo Ass, Ken Cli­mo Hole in One, Disc Golf Hole in One, Disc Golf Asse, Disc Golf Trick Shots, Disc Golf High­lights , Disc Golf Ass Com­pi­la­ti­on, Disc Golf 2020, Disc Golf Tipps, Paul Mcbeth Ace, Paul Mcbeth Hole in One, Bro­die Smith, Bro­die Smith Ace, Bro­die Smith Hole in One, Disc Golf Anfän­ger Tipps, Disc Golf Asse und Trick­schüs­se, Disc-Golf-Ass, gk pro, Disc-Golf, jomez­pro, ccdg, simon lizot­te ace, simon lizot­te hole in one, eagle mcma­hon, eagle mcma­hon ace, eagle mcma­hon hole in one, paul mcbeth hole in one, bro­die smith hole in one, sport­s­cen­ter Disc­golf, Disc­golf schlägt fehl, Disc­golf bes­te Auf­nah­men, Disc­golf-Ass, Disc­golf-High­lights PDGA, USDGC, PDGA-Wel­ten, Disc­golf-Zusam­men­stel­lung, Dis­craft, Disc Manie, dyna­mi­sche Schei­ben, MVP-Schei­ben, James Con­rad, James Con­rad Disc Golf, James Con­rad Ace, James Con­rad Hole in One, Ezra Ader­hold, Ezra Ader­hold Disc Golf, Ken Cli­mo, Ken Cli­mo Disc Golf, Ken Cli­mo Ass, Ken Cli­mo Hole In Eins, Disc­golf Hole in One,Discgolf-Asse,Discgolf-Trickschüsse, Disc­golf-High­lights, Disc­golf-Ass-Zusam­men­stel­lung, Disc­golf 2020, Disc­golf-Tipps, Paul Mcbeth-Ass,Paul Mcbeth Hole-in-One,Brodie Smith,Brodie Smith-Ass ‚Bro­die Smith Hole in One,Disc-Golf-Anfängertipps,Disc-Golf-Asse-Disc-Golf,Jomez-Disc-Golf,Disc-Golf 2019,Disc-Golf-Pro-Tour,Disc-Golf-Ass,Disc-Golf-Fails,Disc-Golf-Zusammenstellung,Disc-Golf-Asse,Zusammenstellung,Disc Hole-in-One-Golf, Disc-Golf-High­lights, Disc-Golf-Ass-Zusam­men­stel­lung, Disc-Golf-Trick­schüs­se, Disc-Golf-Fail, Disc-Golf-Best-Shots, bes­te Disc-Golf-Auf­nah­men, Golf, wahn­sin­ni­ge Disc-Golf-High­lights, Disc-Golf-Fails-Zusam­men­stel­lung, Disc-Golf 2018, Disc Golf 2020, Inno­va Disc Golf, Top-Disc-Golf-Auf­nah­men, Disc, Golf-Ass-Zusam­men­stel­lung 2020, Disc-Golf-Asse und Trick­schüs­se, Disc-Golf-Ass, gk pro, Disc g olf, jomez­pro, ccdg, simon lizot­te ace, simon lizot­te loch in einem, eagle mcma­hon, eagle mcma­hon ace, eagle mcma­hon loch in einem, paul mcbeth loch in einem, bro­die smith loch in einem, sport­s­cen­ter disc­golf, disc­golf schlägt fehl, schei­be Golf-Best-Shots, Disc-Golf-Ass, Disc-Golf-High­lights, PDGA, USDGC, PDGA-Wel­ten, Disc-Golf-Zusam­men­stel­lung, Dis­craft, Discma­nia, dyna­mi­sche Discs, MVP-Discs, James Con­rad, James Con­rad Disc-Golf, James Con­rad-Ass, Disc-Golf, Ken Cli­mo ‚ken climo


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54 thought on “Brodie Smith wird immer besser…”

    1. One of the things that sepa­ra­tes pro ath­le­tes from us mor­tals is their insa­ne coach-abi­li­ty and knowing how to make incre­men­tal steps for­wards while mini­mi­zing steps back­wards. A lot of them typi­cal­ly have way more time to dedi­ca­te to pro­gres­si­on, and they all know how to take care of their bodies to get the most out of it. One of my best friends is a pro snow­boar­der and we see it with him all the time. From spike­ball to disc golf to gui­tar hero (all real examp­les) anything … When he deci­des to get good at some­thing he works with others bet­ter than him and not a sin­gle pie­ce of advice is was­ted or for­got­ten. He’d be in the gara­ge doing a cou­p­le hund­red prac­ti­ce spin ser­ves befo­re bre­ak­fast after being shown how and cri­ti­qued until it’s second natu­re. Their body awa­reness is also wild…if an expert wat­ches his dri­ve and men­ti­ons “hey you got­ta keep your shoul­der down but not swoop your back­swing” he’ll go into a field for an hour or 3 and then poof, you never seen that swoo­ped back­swing again. Immense body con­trol and ath­le­ti­cism com­bi­ned with men­tal focus and sub­stan­ti­al time invest­ment all with com­mit­ment to the estab­lis­hed pro­cess (posi­ti­ve atti­tu­de and total belief in abi­li­ty to figu­re it out) app­lied to each and every step for­ward and the­se guys can impro­ve at inhu­man levels in any acti­vi­ty they want. It pis­ses us all off when we bring him into a niche sport we like and he’s the best wit­hin a cou­p­le days/weeks.
      I feel like this is espe­cial­ly true with tech­ni­que based sports. All the prac­ti­ce in the world won’t make you an olym­pic sprin­ter or offen­si­ve line­man if you haven’t done that your who­le life, yeah tech­ni­que is important in all of tho­se but ya know, you kin­da need the right body to start with. But you hear it all the time with disc golf, “tech­ni­que is way more important than strength” that’s why Cal­vin Heim­burg can bomb dri­ves with tho­se nood­le arms (i love you Cal­vin) and Drew Gib­son is like a com­pact howit­zer can­non. Bro­die is a big strong dude who knows how to throw a disc, he just needs some tech­ni­que adjus­t­ments and a litt­le time to engrain them.

  1. Bro­dy defi­ni­te­ly has talent. I was pis­sed off when dis­craft signed him with zero expe­ri­ence just becau­se he has two mil­li­on You­Tube sub­scri­bers!!! He’s defi­ni­te­ly pro­ven hims­elf the­se last cou­p­le of years though! He bet­ter be good star­ting out with Mcgoat as your coach lol! It just shows it’s not what you know it’s who you know!!! Hard work and dedi­ca­ti­on pays off!!! I’m still not real­ly a big fan though. Per­so­na­li­ty is ever­ything in my opinion!!!

    1. Do we know how much men­to­ring he actual­ly got from Paul. I know there’s vide­os of them play­ing rounds with Paul giving him tips, but did he go deeper than that?

    2. @Jay Penn Disc Golf is about beeing the best “you”. Mcbe­ast knew Bro­die nee­ded some tips, and to figu­re out the “rest” with expe­ri­ence. Disc golf is so much a mind game aswell;) im going d‑golfing tomor­row;) yaay

  2. If Bro­die keeps deve­lo­ping his game he can be one of the best in the sport. He still needs to be a bit more con­sis­tent and to deve­lop his fore­hand bet­ter. The only thing going against Bro­die is his age and phy­si­cal con­di­ti­on. After play­ing other sports for so many years I won­der how much of the repe­ti­ti­on nee­ded to get good that Brodie’s body can with­hold. We’­re see­ing more and more youn­ger guys com­ing out with elbow and shoul­der problems.

    1. I’m curious to see whe­ther we’ll wit­ness an Ica­rus sce­n­a­rio. Lots of pro­té­gés and savants that grow too quick­ly end up with serious inju­ries, and he may be one of them. All it takes is a slight­ly off form or one egre­gious throw.

  3. I qui­te like Bro­die. I think when you look past his out­go­ing per­so­na­li­ty, there’s a good guy with a real­ly sharp sports brain.

  4. Bro­die: “I’m not thro­wing tho­se Ulti­ma­te Piz­za Boxes any­mo­re, it’s hard get­ting a lar­ge 16” box to flex.”

    1. @ADAM E MILLER LOL. Bro­die is a kind man. May­be some­ti­mes annoy­ing ‚with the loud voice ‚but he is not a hor­ri­ble human being.

  5. Bro­die will never be worth much in this game. He sells discs. 5 years from now he will be 40 and play­ing in the mas­ters and still not able to win.

  6. This is a good video, knowing a litt­le more about his jour­ney has incre­a­sed my respect for him not just as a disc golf play­er, but as a man also. Best wis­hes Brodie!

  7. First off yes bro­die is an unre­al ath­le­te, look at his ulti­ma­te top plays.… second he’s like 6′4″ and a unit. So yes natu­ral­ly he is talen­ted and skil­led but we also have to remem­ber he was direct­ly trai­ned from day 1 by the pros like Paul McBeth… not ever­yo­ne can get this good this fast even with that con­si­de­red so yes he’s talen­ted and a unit like I said abo­ve but we also have to take that into account. Regard­less one of my favo­ri­te players…

    1. He also was hands down one of the top peop­le to ever throw an ulti­ma­te disc. He’s got World Records to pro­ve it. So once he was able to switch the style of throw, all now he has to work on is form and the mus­cle memo­ry will kick in.

  8. ezra ader­hold is in that class whe­re he star­ted like 2–3 years ago and rose quick, but bro­die is always like the hig­hest pdga num­ber and him play­ing the way he is, is awe­so­me. having the hig­hest pdga num­ber and podi­um finis­hing, wow

  9. Bro­dies atti­tu­de was the big­gest annoyan­ce with him for a lot of peop­le. I remem­ber him pos­ting a video of how far he could throw and he was acting like he was ins­a­nely good becau­se he was thro­wing over 500 ft. but he was get­ting mons­ter skips off of con­cre­te. Tho­se kind of vide­os were very off put­ting at first. He’s toned it down and iro­ni­cal­ly can easi­ly bomb tho­se 500 ft. throws now without a con­cre­te landing.

  10. I loved what Bro­die had to say at the end. No mat­ter what ever­yo­ne else thanks still put your all in and do what you can, love it

  11. He was alrea­dy spon­so­red by dis­craft btw. His signa­tu­re ulti­ma­te fris­bee was the ultrastar he had the dark hor­se stamp on them when he got big with trick shots. So it’s not hard to reword the con­tract from ulti­ma­te to disc

    1. @Disc Golf Con­tent I loo­ked into a cou­p­le mon­ths ago when he star­ted doing the foun­da­ti­on trick shot vide­os and he said some­thing about bus­ting out the og dark hor­se but it was an ulti­ma­te. Pret­ty cool nonetheless.

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