Bryson DeChambeau verrät, warum er zu LIV Golf kam

Bryson DeChambeau verraet warum er zu LIV Golf kam bryson dechambeau

Ex-PGA Tour-Pro­fi und LIV-Golf­spie­ler Bry­son DeCh­am­beau äußert sich zu sei­nem Wech­sel zum neu­en Riva­len der PGA Tour inmit­ten der Kon­tro­ver­se um „Tucker Carl­son Tonight“. #Fox­News #Tucker­Carl­son­To­night Abon­nie­ren Sie Fox News! https://​bit​.ly/​2​v​a​B​U​vAS Sehen Sie sich mehr Fox News-Vide­os an: http://​video​.fox​news​.com Sehen Sie sich Fox News Chan­nel live an: http://​www​.fox​news​go​.com/ FOX News Chan­nel (FNC) ist ein 24- Stun­den umfas­sen­der Nach­rich­ten­dienst, der aktu­el­le Nach­rich­ten sowie Nach­rich­ten aus Poli­tik und Wirt­schaft lie­fert. Als füh­ren­des Kabel­netz ist FNC seit 18 Jah­ren in Fol­ge der meist­ge­se­he­ne Fern­seh­nach­rich­ten­sen­der. Laut einem Bericht des Brand Keys Con­su­mer Loyal­ty Enga­ge­ment Index 2020 ist FOX News die Top-Mar­ke des Lan­des für die Mor­gen- und Abend­be­richt­erstat­tung. Eine Umfra­ge der Suf­folk Uni­ver­si­ty aus dem Jahr 2019 nann­te FOX News die ver­trau­ens­wür­digs­te Quel­le für Fern­seh­nach­rich­ten oder ‑kom­men­ta­re, wäh­rend eine Umfra­ge zur Emo­ti­ons­bin­dungs­ana­ly­se von Brand Keys aus dem Jahr 2019 ergab, dass FOX News die ver­trau­ens­wür­digs­te Mar­ke für Kabel­nach­rich­ten war. Eine Umfra­ge der Gallup/Knight Foun­da­ti­on aus dem Jahr 2017 ergab außer­dem, dass FOX News unter Ame­ri­ka­nern, die eine objek­ti­ve Nach­rich­ten­quel­le nen­nen konn­ten, die am häu­figs­ten zitier­te Nach­rich­ten­quel­le war. FNC gehört der FOX Cor­po­ra­ti­on, ist in fast 90 Mil­lio­nen Haus­hal­ten ver­füg­bar und domi­niert die Kabel­nach­rich­ten­land­schaft, indem es rou­ti­ne­mä­ßig die Top-Ten-Pro­gram­me des Gen­res erreicht. Sehen Sie sich voll­stän­di­ge Fol­gen Ihrer Lieb­lings­sen­dun­gen The Five an: http://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​l​o​n​g​f​o​r​m​-​t​h​e​-​f​i​ve/ Son­der­be­richt mit Bret Bai­er: http://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​l​o​n​g​f​o​r​m​-​s​p​e​c​i​al- report/ Fox News Prime­time: https://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​o​n​-​a​i​r​-​f​o​x​-​n​e​w​s​-​p​r​i​m​e​t​i​me/ Tucker Carl­son Tonight: http://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​l​o​n​g​f​o​r​m​-​t​u​c​k​e​r​-​c​a​r​l​s​on- tonight/ Han­ni­ty: http://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​l​o​n​g​f​o​r​m​-​h​a​n​n​i​ty/ The Ing­ra­ham Ang­le: http://​video​.fox​news​.com/​p​l​a​y​l​i​s​t​/​l​o​n​g​f​o​r​m​-​t​h​e​-​i​n​g​r​a​h​a​m​-​a​n​g​le/ Fox News @ Night: http :// Fol­gen Sie Fox News auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​F​o​x​N​e​ws/ Fol­gen Sie Fox News auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com /FoxNews/ Fol­gen Sie Fox News auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​f​o​x​n​e​ws/

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735 thought on “Bryson DeChambeau verrät, warum er zu LIV Golf kam”

    1. @Leluthecat Well the­re is Sau­di money in the PGA too. But the media never tells the public about it and none of the PGA play­ers do eit­her. All anyo­ne has to do is look up the PGA spon­sors and see whe­re the money comes from.

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  1. This man has EVERY right to feed his fami­ly. We do busi­ness with Sau­di Ara­bia. They obvious­ly aren’t that bad. Aren’t they an ally?? Go get that 💰 whoever this is

    1. @Bobbulinius Botu­lis­mus
      I can’t wait for the­se “grow the game” ex-PGA gol­fers’ expres­si­ons if they see a Sau­di fan “disci­pli­ning” his wife on the side­li­nes, or the “mora­li­ty poli­ce” arres­ting a woman for showing her hair or some ankle.

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  3. gre­at news:The Biden admi­nis­tra­ti­on on Tues­day appro­ved and noti­fied Con­gress of pos­si­ble mul­ti­bil­li­on-dol­lar wea­pons sales to both Sau­di Ara­bia and the United Arab Emirates.

    1. @Fred Her­bert Esther is just tal­king, Esther don’t care anything the­se important jack­as­ses that FOX sits and prai­ses about, Fred. Pray­er­ful­ly, one day they will figu­re out who they should be prai­sing. 🤔🦧May God bless you with the love of our Savi­or the Lord Jesus Christ. ☦🕊❤ Esther can’t even pro­noun­ce this dude’s name. 😂🦦

  4. Bom dia a todos os guer­rei­ros e guer­rei­ras da fox news, deus, patria e famí­lia semp­re. Deus sal­ve a Amé­ri­ca do Nor­te e os liv­re do comu­nis­mo socia­lis­mo cor­rupto e traidor.

    1. @Ashes 2 Ashes 👍👍👍 That’s exact­ly what I said in a com­ment a cou­p­le of days ago on ano­t­her channel!!! 😂😂😂

  5. What exact­ly is liv doing to make it inte­res­ting? 18 less holes and shot­gun starts with a lack­lus­ter field on cour­ses nobo­dy knows. Now that’s a reci­pe for suc­cess. So refreshing!

    1. @E Clark lol… sin­ce you are going to mini­mi­ze or argue any other examp­le I offer you.. ill just ask how you are sit­ting here try­ing to make the case that com­pe­ti­ti­on isn’t posi­ti­ve for inno­va­ti­on and the con­su­mer in indus­try? Becau­se of the money the LIV tour is offe­ring the PGA has alrea­dy rai­sed the over­all pur­ses in several tour­na­ments to pay out hig­her amounts. I like the PGA Tour as much as the next guy, but why do they get to main­tain a mono­po­ly on pro­fes­sio­nal golf? Euro­pe, Asia, Latin Ame­ri­ca… its all a sub­si­dia­ry of the PGA tour. Every event the PGA tour has they use the free labor of thousands of vol­un­te­ers. The PGA has its faults too… but until now the­re has never been anything to com­pa­re it to or com­pe­te against. It’s only going to be a posi­ti­ve for golf fans. Watch.

    2. @Sean Wal­lace the examp­les you offe­red weren’t wit­hin con­text of what it brings the fans but for one. The incre­a­sed inter­ac­ti­vi­ty is nice. The rest had to do with the play­er spin of being oppres­sed and now being freed. Nobo­dy that works for a living should take that serious­ly and i don’t feel obli­ga­ted to address a coun­ter­point to a point i never made.

  6. Yet ano­t­her attempt by Sau­di and Arab sta­tes try­ing to take over sports events and teams. He does­n’t men­ti­on the finan­ce for LIV is from Sau­di. Foot­ball in Euro­pe being domi­na­ted by Emi­ra­tes etc. alrea­dy: coun­tries with worst huma­ni­ta­ri­an records .

  7. Trump buries Iva­na in a back lot at Bed­mins­ter which gives him a tax break on his land and pre­vents Fore clo­sure on his property…how low can that grif­ter go

    1. Perhaps, con­si­de­ring the total pur­se for each event is sub­stan­ti­al­ly hig­her than 95% of PGA Tour events. Hell, 1st place in a LIV tour­na­ment is $4mil, that’s more than any major right now, too.

  8. Most LIV cri­tics are hypo­cri­tes. They have no pro­blems with NBAs hea­vy ties and invest­ments with Chi­na, or with mul­ti­ple ara­bic coun­tries’ invest­ments in the eng­lish pre­mier league. This is all about money, from all sides: the PGA, LIV and the players.

    1. C’mon meng… Main­land C. And S. Ara­bia did­n’t not­hing wrong… They just have their own rules that peop­le must obey.… 😂😂😂

    1. No it isn’t. He has been a com­ple­te flop in the majors sin­ce his win at the US Open in 2020. He was fading fast. Not clo­se to Tiger. Not even clo­se to Jor­dan Spieth, Jus­tin Tho­mas or Rory Mcilroy.

    1. T͓̽h͓̽a͓̽n͓̽k͓̽s͓̽ F͓̽o͓̽r͓̽ C͓̽o͓̽m͓̽m̽e͓̽n͓̽t͓̽i͓̽n͓̽g͓̽ O͓̽n͓̽ T͓̽h͓̽e͓̽ P͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽, H͓̽i͓̽t͓̽ M͓̽e͓̽ F͓̽o͓̽r͓̽ M͓̽o͓̽r͓̽e͓̽ U͓̽p͓̽d͓̽a͓̽t͓̽e͓̽s͓̽ 🔝🔝🔝

    1. It’s not even remo­te­ly clo­se. AFL fil­led a need for more foot­ball in the tele­vi­si­on age. It gave sta­di­um access to fans who were locked out of NFL venues due to sta­di­um capa­ci­ties being fil­led. But, it was foot ball, 4 quar­ters and a full sche­du­le of games.

  9. the m/v Clar­an­ce Tho­mas my medi­cal ship will be open in about 3 mon­ths. going to start abor­ti­ons 12.1 miles off the Gal­ves­ton coast. try to stop that Gregg Abbott

  10. LIV needs to have one match at a lin­ked cour­se like St. Andrew’s. A match going back to the roots of golf.

    And the rough on all cour­ses need to be real­ly rough. UNMOWED!

    1. They will NEVER have the heri­ta­ge and tra­di­ti­ons like the PGA, they’d be bet­ter off com­ing up with some­thing new & futu­ris­tic almost…

    2. @Nick Hall What heri­ta­ge? PGA does­n’t own the histo­ry of golf. It only began in 1969 as a new league set up as a “cha­ri­ty” to spread TV money around.

    1. Tucker said, “I fish and hunt.” Not gon­na get much help for his golf game by lis­tening to what Bry­son is doing in his swing. Lol.

  11. The con­cept is gre­at but the back­ground to this i think is pro­ble­ma­tic. Whats in it for the Sau­dis? Sports­wa­shing, and for how long are they going to throw money at it irre­spec­ti­ve of the vast sums they have. The gol­fers cur­r­ent­ly on the LIV tour are for the most part has beens. Big deal, Bry­son hits a ball a mile but wins litt­le, never mind once ter­ri­fic gol­fers like Gar­cia, West­wood, John­son et al are for the most part past their prime and in some cases well into the twigh­light of their care­ers. Values asi­de makes sen­se they went for the money. If the PGA goes about this the right way now that a rocket has been put under them may­be they will turn this game into a world game and not the pero­chi­al game it is in the USA.

  12. Ever­yo­ne, almost, in the éli­te world golfs. Decisi­ons affec­ting finan­cial & mili­ta­ry actions poli­ti­cal poli­cy have been made on golf cour­se. Pro­found legal decisi­ons. Ban­king & finan­ce cour­ses that have affec­ted ever­yo­ne. Mar­ria­ges made & divor­ces plan­ned. And assas­si­na­ti­ons. And that has gone back at least a cen­tu­ry. Anyo­ne who is anyo­ne has met on the cour­se in the éli­te mem­bers only clubs, their wives & fami­lies in the club house. It’s time the “sport” beca­me a more popu­list, inclu­si­ve sport, if it’s going to be one.

  13. Big fan of Bryson!
    Live and let LIV!
    After a cou­p­le of more sea­sons, this is going to be a force!
    Let them qua­li­fy for Majors!

    1. @Tin Foil Hat S He’s a jerk and a com­ple­te pseu­do intel­lec­tu­al. That’s why he did­n’t have many friends on the PGA Tour.

  14. impeach impeach remo­ve all demo­se­wer­rat demo­w­re­cker demo­phy­scopath demo­de­vil fol­lo­wers demo­de­vil wor­s­hip­pers democps/demodhs demo­pig­cops and demochild moles­ter demochild rapist lbgtq blm anti­fia biden Har­ris from every office and every job in the world !!!!!

  15. Becau­se Bry­son is shy and hates when too many peop­le watch when he plays. Even­tual­ly, not­hing against eit­her league but they all should just go away and the­se guys should actual­ly work for a living!!!!

  16. Did you ever noti­ce, peop­le on TV usual­ly same “the game of,” the game of golf or the game of bas­ket­ball – ins­tead of just say­ing golf or basketball.

    1. @Sal Leo Yeah, but I get the sen­se that what he real­ly means is – the busi­ness of golf. Cor­po­ra­te spon­sors, endor­se­ments, gover­ning bodies, TV, poli­tics. All that other stuff that isn’t JUST hit­ting the ball.

  17. Ok I can say a few things here. Nobo­dy is play­ing with hick­ory sticks and bala­ta balls. The tech­no­lo­gy has impro­ved ten­fold. The youth is being cate­red to by First Tee and Dri­ve, chip and putt so they are gro­wing the game and the $1 bil­li­on inves­ted is what they payed the play­ers up front to join and it’s even more than $1 bil­li­on. If tiger was gon­na get bet­ween $700-$800 mil­li­on then Nor­man got pro­bab­ly $500 mill. Mickel­son got $200 mill. DJ got $125 mil then the rest of the play­ers. Team aspect?? When it’s every week it loses it’s lus­ter and they are play­ing at the same time so their is no roo­ting going on. Look at the President’s Cup and Ryder Cup. It’s spe­cial becau­se they alter­na­te years and you don’t get to see it but once a year and when they play­ers finish they are stay­ing and gathe­ring at the 18th green as the other play­ers finish and chee­ring them on. LIV golf isn’t doing anything to grow the game that the PGA has­n’t been doing for a very long time. If by making it exci­ting for the youth means brin­ging in the hap­py Gilmo­re aspect of it then no thank you. It’s all about the money, don’t let the talk fool you.

    1. The only non-BS point he makes is when he says the money made the decisi­on to go to LIV a “no brai­ner”. Ever­ything else he says is disingenuous.

  18. For­mer White House coun­sel Pat Cipol­lo­ne has been sub­po­e­na­ed by a grand jury inves­ti­ga­ting events sur­roun­ding the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the U.S. Capi­tol, accord­ing to mul­ti­ple reports Tues­day evening. DOJ clo­sing in on Trump and his lackeys.

    1. @Michael
      More curious than concern.
      Obvious­ly, Trump, and his “lacky“s I guess, hurt your feelings.
      That sil­ly, pet­ty, disap­poin­ted over not­hing mind­set intri­gues me.
      How anything Trump trig­gers you to the point of mise­ry should be a con­cern of yours.
      Fresh air and sunshi­ne are gre­at dis­in­fec­tants for tho­se extre­me TDS and TOD aff­lic­tions you seem to have

  19. A young, Bryson’s con­cepts reflect the cur­rent view of Sports, evi­dent­ly. He’s con­cer­ned with money and him being hap­py .… Came off as a litt­le ste­ri­le, tech­ni­cal and removed ..

  20. Well the PGA did build the ent­i­re indus­try of pro­fes­sio­nal golf, some peop­le have loyal­ty to what, who made it pos­si­ble. Not to men­ti­on the mil­li­on+ that gets dona­ted to local cha­ri­ties every tour­na­ment. But first for­eign $$ bazil­lion­air and your out. Just how a lot of peope see it.

    1. Ori­gi­nal­ly the PGA of Ame­ri­ca ran the tour. The PGA Tour was crea­ted becau­se some guys, name Jack and Arnie, just to name a cou­p­le, thought that they were not get­ting a fair share of the money. So they bucked the sys­tem of the day and now we have the PGA Tour.

  21. It’s important to note that LIV golf stands for the Roman nume­ral of 54 and that would be the total score of a 72-par golf cour­se if every hole was bir­di­ed. LIV is also foun­ded and fun­ded by Sau­di Ara­bia. This is whe­re the issue comes into play. Some are say­ing that Sau­di Ara­bia wants to shut down the PGA by over­fun­ding LIV golf and for­cing the PGA into chap­ter 13 (bankrupt­cy) and then when the PGA is no lon­ger in exis­tence, Sau­di Ara­bia will shut down LIV golf ther­eby ending the game of golf as we know it. We mus­tn’t for­get that Sau­di Ara­bia is a sworn enemy of the U.S. alt­hough we have bila­te­ral agree­ments, tech­ni­cal­ly the U.S. does not have any trea­ties nor pacts with Sau­di Ara­bia ther­eby Sau­di Ara­bia is not an ally. In fact, the only rea­son we have bila­te­ral agree­ments with Sau­di Ara­bia is becau­se of their oil. Sau­di Ara­bia is making offers most gol­fers can’t refu­se in order to pull them away from the PGA and play in the LIV golf tour­na­ments. The PGA knows what LIV golf is doing and is ban­ning any PGA golf play­ers that play in the LIV golf tour­na­ments from play­ing in any PGA tour­na­ments. Sau­di Ara­bia has a mil­li­on times more money than the PGA and could ulti­mate­ly pull all or near­ly all PGA play­ers away to the LIV golf tour­na­ments sim­ply by paying them more in the short run. If the PGA fal­ters and clo­ses its doors, then LIV golf will win and then shut down the game of golf. Stay tuned.…

    1. Shut down the game of golf. Now that’s fun­ny!! I have been bit­ing my tongue on reply­ing to some of the­se out­lan­dish comments, but yours takes the cake. “We have a Winner”

    2. @Surreal Pro­phet “As we know it” yes, a pos­si­bi­li­ty. It would seem that the Sau­dis are try­ing to chan­ge the sport into some­thing dif­fe­rent. What that is I don’t know, but they are defi­ni­te­ly try­ing to pull the best of the best away from the PGA and then after that is anyone’s guess. But here’s the thing, have you ever seen a sheik play golf? No, do you know why? Becau­se you can’t play golf wea­ring a kach­he­ra (robe) tur­ban (head covering). Now do you get it?

    1. Look up how much tiger woods has ear­ned in his care­er from tour­na­ment win­nings. Then look at any other ath­le­te who’s play­ed a sport for over 20 years. Check that just do 10 years

    1. @grep67 Other, much bet­ter play­ers than Bry­son did­n’t, so why are you inti­ma­ting ever­yo­ne would. It’s not as easy a decisi­on as you’­re making it out to be. But, that’s the pro­blem the­se days, peop­le feel they are enti­t­led to com­ment even when they only have a rudi­men­ta­ry under­stan­ding of the sub­ject matter.

  22. I just think it’s fun to final­ly see one the pro sport mono­po­lies have to sweat it out a litt­le bit and they sure don’t like it.

  23. No one wants to watch a bunch of buf­foons play­ing for gua­ran­te­ed money wee­kend and week out whe­re is the sport in that whe­re is the honor whe­re is your inte­gri­ty the­re is none cho­ke on a boys

  24. If the PGA bans Liv play­ers. Won’t they be vio­la­ting the con­tracts of tho­se that have won PGA tour­na­ments, and recei­ved exemp­ti­on as part of their winnings?

    1. If you win a major cham­pions­hip you get a life­time exemp­ti­on into that major. The PGA tri­es to ban the play­ers from the majors but they can becau­se they don’t have jurisdiction

    2. The PGA won’t be ban­ning anyo­ne once this thing gets through the courts, many play­ers over the past several deca­des have play­ed on mul­ti­ple tours at the same time along with the PGA, and the PGA had no objec­tions, so a pre­ce­dent has been set, it won’t be long befo­re LIV play­ers can play on both with no issu­es. Like I said many play­ers have play­ed on the PGA and Euro­pean tours and even the Asi­an tours at the same time, Seve was one of them who did that back in the day. Jay Mona­han will be fired or demo­ted, and LIV play­ers will be able to play both and The PGA will be for­ced to play nice with LIV.

    1. Do you think a cou­p­le hund­red gol­fers tra­vel­ling around is going to have any mea­ning­ful impact on the Earth? hahaha

  25. I don’t under­stand what are you cry­ing about? You want to play other league, play less games pay bet­ter and not inclu­des money up front hund­red of mil­li­ons dol­lars should stop nag­ging and spend time with your fami­ly 🤣🤣 kind of annoying

  26. You fools ban trump but bring on all the­se gol­fers from his pro­mo­ti­on ? Haha what a bunch of clowns can’t even keep trumps name out your mouth just like all tho­se lun­a­tic lefty’s.

  27. The Spi­rit of Golf? Okay, think about a bunch of rug­ged Scots­men cur­sing and tel­ling miso­gy­nistic jokes. I think they had more fun and com­pe­ti­ti­on than the PGA allows. So let LIV exist. The Spi­rit of Golf is not mali­gned in any way. The­se men are Pros. They were mis­sing some­thing with the PGA, or they never would have left for the new­ly crea­ted LIV.

    1. They weren’t mis­sing anything on the PGA Tour. They left for the money, simp­le as that. Gor­don Geckos, every last one of them.

    1. Fun­ny. The PGA Tour actual­ly has guys from diver­se back­grounds play­ing their tour­na­ments while LIV is a bunch of older white guys almost exclusively.

  28. Whe­re were all the com­p­laints about upfront money when tiger recei­ved 50 mil­li­on, befo­re hit­ting his first ball at the pro level?

  29. This guy got a 125 mil­li­on to show up , how long would it take for him to make that on the boring PGA tour ! Exact­ly 💯 the only choice to make .

  30. That was gre­at con­tent Tucker. It was encou­ra­ging and uplif­ting in com­pa­ri­son to the cree­pi­ness being dis­play­ed by Ame­ri­ca haters that want to fun­da­men­tal chan­ge Ame­ri­ca (Oba­ma is real­ly the one still in the house) Bry­son is a breath of fresh air. I enjoy watching him play.

    1 Thes­sa­lo­ni­ans 3:16 “16 For the Lord hims­elf shall descend from hea­ven with a shout, with the voice of the arch­an­gel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
    17 Then we which are ali­ve and remain shall be caught up tog­e­ther with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

    1. @Diesel the ques­ti­on is why would he say to grow the game. LIv is like a high dol­lar men’s league. Means not­hing in world ran­kings. Does­n’t even mat­ter if you win. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is a joke!!!

  32. One of Bryson’s favo­ri­te things is team golf. Yet, he for­fei­ted his right to play in the two most pres­ti­gious team events known to man i.e. The President’s Cup and Ryder Cup.

    Some­thing is not adding up here.……hmm

  33. Bry­son, I have an Idea, how about let­ting Seni­ors play Gulf for Free? The seni­ors who have always wan­ted to ‚but don’t belong to any club’s and don’t have a golf club eit­her. It would get them out of the home/apartments and get some exer­cise AND being able to talk to other’s.
    I have loved golf for over 50 years, it makes you focus but never given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play.

    1. I agree 100%. Seni­ors are always for­got­ten or left out. Seni­ors are like the say­ing, Out of Sight Out of Mind. Only the majo­ri­ty of church­es and Seni­or Homes take care and pro­vi­de activ­ties for the eder­ly. Main stream socie­ty could care less about them. I mys­elf am guil­ty of it.

  34. It made sen­se eco­no­mi­c­al­ly?… Trans­la­ti­on: I did it fir the money. I wish they’d all just say it. If you cared that much about golf, you would­n’t be pro­mo­ting a You­Tube chan­nel. I do like the direc­tion that LIV could take the game and the fan expe­ri­ence. But for good­ness sakes plea­se just say we did it for the money. Duhhhhh Noo­ne would fault you for being honest. We’­re not stupid.

    1. I can’t belie­ve how igno­rant some of the­se comments are. How old are the­se peop­le? Of cour­se he did it for the money. That was the very first thing he said. He was­n’t try­ing to hide it. You even trans­la­ted it for us. HE DID IT FOR THE MONEY. You yourself, in the very first line of your com­ment, ack­now­led­ged that he ADMITTED that he did it for the money. So why do you then go on to plead for him to just say he did it for the money? HE JUST DID! May­be he’ll come over to your house and per­so­nal­ly whis­per in your ear that he did it for the money. Will that do it for you?

  35. Becau­se (just like #45 Cheato) he has no “beef” with taking money from murderers ?
    Biden HAD to “gen­uflect”…
    tRump, accord­ing to hims­elf, just loves money…

  36. What’s the big deal it’s only golf. It’s not like mar­ria­ge bet­ween a man and a woman being chan­ged to two men or two women.

  37. More money and less hours. Who would­n’t jump ship for that. Think about every per­son who left a job for bet­ter money, bene­fits, hours, or qua­li­ty of life. I’ve known peop­le who took a job for less money just to have bet­ter qua­li­ty of life. With LIV, they get it all inclu­ding the money. A part of me asks whe­re is their loyal­ty and par­t­rio­tism. After all, LIV is backed by the Sau­dia Ara­bia government. They have been one of our allies in that regi­on but can hard­ly be trus­ted. But if you look at the rules and the way the tour­na­ments are struc­tu­red with payouts, I think it would be hard for any play­er to turn it down. And if all the best play­ers join the LIV, that’s less com­pe­ti­ti­on for Tiger Woods and may­be he will win ano­t­her few majors and even­tual­ly beat Jack Nick­laus’ record. Doubt­ful, but pos­si­ble. With Tiger’s best gol­fing days behind him and his limi­ted sche­du­le, I’m sur­pri­sed he did­n’t jump ship other than he is still cha­sing Jack’s record on the PGA.

    1. Lol that’s a strong state­ment. It’s golf. 😂 Seems like he’s still a good guy. He saw an oppor­tu­ni­ty and took it, who wouldn’t!?

    1. I’m not sure the “game” of golf even deser­ves to be refer­red to as a sport. I think it is a game of skill much in the same cate­go­ry as bil­li­ards. But a sport? I’m not so sure.

  38. is nobo­dy going to admit what’s real­ly at the core of this issue? the pga’s embrace­ment of lgbtq pri­de and the lgbtq com­mu­ni­ty? liv won’t be cele­bra­ting pri­de and that’s a core attrac­tion for play­ers and fans.

  39. Just say it’s for the money, if he was all about the growth of the game he wouldn’t join a tour that only has ants the best play­ers and isn’t inte­res­ted in gro­wing talent just buy­ing it

    1. In golf, what are con­si­de­red the “best play­ers”? At this level, whe­ther it is PGA, PGA Tour or LIV, anyo­ne can beat anyo­ne if they are on their game. So in short, the best are play­ing the best… you com­pe­te against the cour­se and the play­er who scored the lowest, wins the tour­na­ment… any tournament.

  40. Wait, isn’t LIV fun­ded by the Saudi’s? The peop­le who took a NYT jour­na­list into a back­room and dis­mem­be­red him? Put his bloo­dy parts in a bag? Is this who the GQP is now best bud­dies with??? And Jared is flee­cing them for what reason??

  41. No bry­son, that would be say­ing to the employees of the piz­za shop if you go over the­re you can’t ever work here again. The PGA isn’t say­ing to it’s cus­to­mers if we watch Liv then we can no lon­ger watch the pga.

    1. Not real­ly. PGA Tour play­ers are Inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. They can and have been par­ti­ci­pa­ting and get­ting appearan­ce fees from other events, and tour­na­ments, and tours from around the world for years.

  42. sum it up.

    the dude made more money then he ever would have from PGA. and thats the bot­tom line

    i dont care what peop­le say, if i were offe­red 400 mil to come play golf? id do it. unless i dont need the money like tiger

    1. If I had a mil­li­on dol­lars it would be enough to live out the rest of my life much less than 400 mil­li­on if he needs money he has very serious per­so­nal problems

    2. @F P I know, but some­thing about the who­le thing being run by Sau­di hits dif­fe­rent. They have unli­mi­ted resour­ces to throw at it, so when will it stop? They could scalp and pay every PGA play­er 10 mil­li­on to join and they wouldn’t even noti­ce finan­cial­ly. My instinct right now is that it feels icky, may­be that will chan­ge in time. The play­ers who joi­ned don’t look hap­py or con­fi­dent about it and you can almost see the shame on them. Or may­be that’s just me. Nobo­dy will admit it,but it’s just for the money, not some gre­at cau­se of sprea­ding the sport.

  43. I’ve play­ed golf (not well) my ent­i­re life, in my fif­ties now. That said, I’ll still watch PGA tour events and LIV events. You play the cour­se, not tho­se that are in the same tour­na­ment. You’re try­ing to beat the cour­se and pos­si­b­ly shoot the lowest score to win. 

    I see not­hing wrong with the­re being the PGA and LIV events.

    1. Your read on this is off base. This isn’t about play­ing the cour­se, it’s play­ing the money. The­se guys drea­med of play­ing on the PGA tour. Now they dream of the money. Blood money.

    2. Still makes no dif­fe­rence to me. They’re free to play whiche­ver and whe­re­ver they wish and for the money or the love of the game.

  44. Well I’m all for LIV but Bry­sons piz­za argu­ment is fla­wed. Rea­son being the PGA did pay Bry­son and not just for wins but he got gua­ran­te­ed money just to show up at cer­tain tour­na­ments. Liv it up Brooksy

    1. @Paul oh I think Liv Golf is way bet­ter than PGA and it’s only the begin­ning. It’s bet­ter from the fans per­spec­ti­ve imo. defi­ni­te­ly does­n’t have the histo­ry but it’s awe­so­me espe­cial­ly see­ing the top guys com­pe­te for the top of the lea­der board last week.

  45. Ano­t­her pro­blem is Bry­sons distance theo­ry isn’t necessa­ri­ly get­ting him strokes gai­ned on other play­ers. With more distance comes the need to be more accu­ra­te pret­ty much the oppo­si­te of what he said.

    1. Cor­rect – had PGA even been wil­ling to let the play­ers own their own liken­es­ses (for EA Sports etc) – but oh no; they had to con­trol it all – inclu­ding paying bureau­cra­cy gre­at sala­ries etc (while ‘pro’s’ who were at the bot­tom of that years per­for­mance were ear­ning pea­nuts des­pi­te being part of the ‘enter­tain­ment’). Play­ers want more finan­cial secu­ri­ty – more fle­xi­bi­li­ty in terms of num­ber of games paid – and did­n’t want to have to kiss the ‘ring’ and say thank you to the over­lords every time they were given per­mis­si­on to go take a pee.

    2. @Grant Hux­ham That’s a gre­at point about EA sports and the play­ers image rights, not real­ly seen anyo­ne else bring that up yet.

  46. Its a frea­king golf game, what is wrong with the­se peop­le. I could care less who spon­sors this crap game or who plays in it. Grea­ter issu­es in our coun­try than the­se imbeciles

  47. Sounds good… only pro­blem is if you watch LIV it’s pret­ty boring. No cut… same guys every week. It’s exhi­bi­ti­on golf, NOT an open tour­na­ment. In the PGA events you have up to 200 pros com­pe­ting on Thurs­day and Fri­day to get into the wee­kend part of the event. It’s exci­ting to see them com­pe­te and every day is a dif­fe­rent mindset.

    1. @Jack Rain­field You not only mis­sed my point ent­i­re­ly but also make fal­se attributions,where exact­ly do I say I hate putting?
      You need to reply to what is actual­ly writ­ten not what figu­res in your imagination.
      I have play­ed the GAME of golf for over 50 years so am ful­ly acquain­ted with the num­ber of strokes allo­ca­ted to putting.

    2. @Christopher Fran­k­lin “put­ting con­test which is boring” I belie­ve you said. Pret­ty much every tour­na­ment inclu­ding LIV ends up being a put­ting con­test. As for your “boring resort cour­ses” com­ment… Peb­b­le Beach, Tor­rey Pines, Augus­ta, TPC River High­lands, Har­bour Town, Muir­field Vil­la­ge, Doral… not exact­ly what I’d call boring. I think you just might be an old “gol­fer dude” who likes to argue with peop­le on social media.

  48. LIV Tour was desi­gned to coexist with the PGA Tour and other tours. But PGAT wan­ted to retain their mono­po­ly. So they have done ever­ything a mono­po­ly can do to take down a com­pe­ti­tor. But mono­po­lies are full of bureau­crats and they can’t com­pe­te with new AND BETTER ide­as and they can’t com­pe­te with pro­ven cham­pions and sav­vy busi­ness­men like Nor­man and Phil Mickel­son. The bet­ter pro­duct will pre­vail and LIV is the bet­ter product.

    1. It was­n’t about retai­ning a mono­po­ly. The PGA Tour is pro­tec­ting their spon­sors who have inves­ted in them and the play­ers. You should first seek to under­stand befo­re making a com­ment based sole­ly on the tal­king points. Greg Nor­man sta­ted free agen­cy for golf. The LIV play­ers sign con­tracts to play. Now they are employees of LIV requi­red to play their events. No exceptions

    2. @Industrial Pal­let Worx ‘The PGA Tour is pro­tec­ting their spon­sors who have inves­ted in them and the players’

      Oh you mean the 23 PGA tour spon­sors who make a com­bi­ned $40+ bil­li­on of reve­nue each year from Sau­di Ara­bia? 🤣 You should first seek to under­stand befo­re making a com­ment based sole­ly on the tal­king points 🤡

    3. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring you should take your own advice ins­tead of regur­gi­ta­ting the same tal­king points of Greg Nor­man. Just becau­se he says it does­n’t make it fac­tual­ly true.

      Here’s your sign.…

  49. No ima­gi­ne a Piz­za shop, whe­re the EMPLOYEES go and work for ano­t­her piz­za shop that pays them…Do you think the first piz­za shop could say to the EMPLOYEES that left sor­ry but you can’t work here anyo­ne sin­ce you left to work for a rival?!

  50. Tucker: You are on the wrong side of this issue. The­se enti­t­led ath­le­tes have sold their souls for money.
    Money, money, money, money, money.
    I will Never be a fan again.

    Shame on all of them.

  51. I like both leagues. Howe­ver sin­ce I stream ever­ything now, it is nice to watch LIV on you­tube for free ins­tead of having to sub­scri­be to other ser­vices. I expect that will chan­ge in the future. but for now I think its kind of cool.

  52. The new LIV Bas­ket­ball League is going to real­ly attract fans. The NBA said it is just fine to Ste­al the top 100 play­ers from the NBA. It won’t hurt them at all.

  53. When you’­re paid mil­li­ons (some cases tens and even hund­reds of mil­li­ons) just to par­ti­ci­pa­te, you just might lose the incen­ti­ve to work as hard as you might have. I have tried to watch it and it just does­n’t have the same feel and never will.

    1. lets see… It’s a team and indi­vi­du­al event, a shot­gun start, and only 54 holes… you think it should feel the same as the PGA tour?? the all day on 3 dif­fe­rent plat­forms some­ti­mes I can only watch if I pay extra on espn+ to watch PGA tour? yeah you are right it does feel different.
      the­re has been 3 events so far and each one has been bet­ter than the pre­vious. pret­ty cool when you watch 0 com­mer­cials and stream it on only 1 site/platform. Is it bet­ter golf coverage than some PGA events? Hell no! but its cool for what it is. give it a year or 2.

  54. Tucker is on a roll. His head was spin­ning when Bry­son was tal­king about the tech­ni­cal stuff he has worked on. Bry­son is so cool and a gre­at golf ambassador.

  55. I think it’s hil­arious watching the Mono­po­ly of the PGA panic.
    It’s okay for ever­y­bo­dy else to have competition..
    just not the PGA.!

  56. This all reminds me a lot of World Seri­es Cri­cket back in the 70s. Tho­se play­ers were ban­ned from inter­na­tio­nal cri­cket. WSC intro­du­ced the limi­ted overs or one-day for­mat to cri­cket which was fas­ter paced and, as the name implies, meant the game was over in 6 hours rather than 5 days. In the end it reju­ve­na­ted cri­cket and was incor­po­ra­ted into inter­na­tio­nal cri­cket competition.

    1. It’s not the same. The top cri­cke­ters at the time were struggling to make a living finan­cial­ly and some had second jobs. The­se gol­fers are most­ly mul­ti mil­lion­aires. . The­re are play­ers on the pga tour who have never won anything but are mul­ti millionaires.

  57. If a pro­fes­sio­nal foot­bal­ler joins a big­ger club, it’s becau­se the play­er wants to bet­ter hims­elf, with say a move to a top 4 team. He’s goes becau­se he wants to play in Euro­pean com­pe­ti­ti­ons like the cham­pions league. Yes he gets more money, but as a foot­bal­ler he is also bet­te­ring himself.
    How does this do that. Does this bet­ter his golf or the bank balance 🤔
    It gives me the chan­ce to play with bet­ter players.….yes like a footballer.
    But how will that impro­ve your golf.…..

    1. Not­hing wrong about knowing who you are and what you are good at. He has pro­ven that. His head is on strai­ght and he knows his posi­ti­on affords him the abi­li­ty to help others. But I’m not a fan…eh what.

  58. If u cri­ti­ci­ze that man for joi­ning LIV, ur a com­ple­te LOSER. Ur life is 9–5 Mon­day through Fri­day and u just can’t seem to get out of the grind🤓🤓🤓🤓

  59. Lol. The thought bub­ble over Bryson’s head kept repea­ting, “Don’t say money, don’t say money, don’t say money.”

  60. The PGA is smart enough to know that LIV isn’t desi­gned to coexist with the PGA, it’s desi­gned to replace it, and that will only work if LIV can recruit the top tier golfers.
    The PGA is respon­si­ble for their care­ers in the first place and is sim­ply pro­tec­ting it’s interests.

  61. Mean­while, in news that FOX would pre­fer to igno­re, Kan­sas just show­ed Repu­bli­cans that their anti­Wo­men and anti­Ve­te­ran poli­ci­es are not popu­lar with the citizenry 🇺🇸

  62. not only have a life out­side of golf but a satisfy­ing life out side of it. Awe­so­me sounds like he has gre­at things plan­ned for others along with hims­elf. Love it.

    1. LIV Golf will FAIL and FAIL BIGLY. first of all, it exist at the WHIM of the Saudi’s who can walk away at any moment and not have to ans­wer to anyo­ne. Second, all the play­er are essen­ti­al­ly say, I no lon­ger want to com­pe­te for a living, I want show up money which is con­tra­ry to the ent­i­re histo­ry of golf. The only one that would thinks Tucker did a good inter­view here does­n’t know $hit about golf, just like Tucker. BTW… Bry­son is the kind who is his own best friend, becau­se no one else likes him.

  63. Remem­ber the Bush admi­nis­tra­ti­on, Clin­ton Admi­nis­tra­ti­on and Oba­ma Admi­nis­tra­ti­on all had good Rela­ti­on with Sau­di Arabia.
    Bush, Clin­ton and Oba­ma all went to Sau­di Arabia.
    tho­se cri­ti­ci­zing Pre­si­dent Trump for Atten­ding Sau­di League are not­hing But Hypocrite.

  64. Ever­yo­ne should get their money when they can. The guys that don’t go to liv tour are eit­her finan­cial­ly set aka 🐅 esk or you will use the vacan­ci­es in the PGA to build your brand up to even­tual­ly win some tour­na­ments or get an offer from Liv. That is what my plan would be. Get your money, for­got ever­ything else.

  65. Gua­ran­te­ed money is what he meant, just like the other pro sports. PGA doesn’t pay all par­ti­ci­pants.. spon­sors do.. if you win or are mar­ket­a­ble. Is it bet­ter golf??? No. But I don’t watch golf on tv any­mo­re, it’s boring AF and I’m not paying for cable ever again. I pre­fer play­ing… but when I can’t play.. I like watching Good­Good and Bob Does Sports on You­Tube… the pga is going to be left in the dust unless they adapt.

    1. 💯 $10M-$50M will sway most play­ers to switch to LIV. Bry­son was making money on the PGA tour, but LIV just offe­red more money than he would make in a sin­gle sea­son on the PGA tour

    2. Kind of a mis­sing com­po­nent here which is who is direct­ly paying them. They’­ve liter­al­ly made a deal with the devil.

    3. The PGA pays based on whe­re you place. As well as you have spon­sor­s­hips. Yes, it’s like ten­nis. Ano­t­her indi­vi­du­al sport. Pro­fes­sio­nal fishing by the way pays whe­re you place to not­hing gua­ran­te­ed. It’s how indi­vi­du­al sports have worked forever.

    1. @F P
      All I ask is that he’s honest. He’s not drea­ming of the OPPORTUNITY of play­ing in frea­king Sau­di Ara­bia. It’s obvious­ly the money. Why can’t he just say that? (it’s pro­bab­ly part of his contract).

  66. Will LIV allow crowd chee­ring and cheerleaders?
    “Go, Gol­fer! Go!!
    Putt, Gol­fer! Putt!!
    We don’t want no
    balls in the ruff!!
    Yeaaah, Golfer!!”

  67. Per­fect ques­ti­on from Tucker. Golf – the PGA ver­si­on – has always been a hall­mark of pure capi­ta­lism, pure meri­to­cra­cy. If you don’t liter­al­ly “make the cut” the first two rounds, you go home actual­ly losing money (you have to pay expen­ses for you and your cad­die, inclu­ding his sala­ry). You only get a paycheck (and the resul­tant spon­sors, hope­ful­ly) if you play well.

    Now the LIV is chan­ging that. It’s basi­cal­ly tur­ned a boxing “pri­ze­fight” into a sala­ried UFC, with play­ers fol­lowing the orders of their bosses.

    Kudos to Tiger for appar­ent­ly tur­ning down about $730 M.

    1. $730M was too low. If Tiger was CEO of LIV, then they would have a broad­cast part­ner in a few weeks, more fans. Peop­le would show up just to see Tiger at the event and pos­si­b­ly tee off.

    2. Wrong. Spon­sor­s­hips alrea­dy tur­ned PGA golf into a “boxing pri­ze fight”. Except play­ers just wear adver­ti­se­ments on their clothes for gua­ran­te­ed money…including the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sit on their butts and play when they feel like it. The LIV Golf for­mat has a team aspect whe­re the up and com­ing stars are pla­ced on teams with vete­rans. The vete­rans con­ti­nue to play hard throughout the who­le tour­na­ment to help their team­ma­tes get money for their fami­lies. LIV gol­fers don’t get to sit out of tour­na­ments. Their best 48 play every tour­na­ment and the shot­gun start essen­ti­al­ly adds pres­su­re to every shot becau­se the lea­ders can’t real­ly play it safe.…and they all play the same wea­ther con­di­ti­ons. If the top 48 gol­fers in the world play­ed at LIV, then we would basi­cal­ly get to see a major cham­pions­hip for every event. Ins­tead we get the PGA Maxi Pad Memo­ri­al whe­re the top 20th gol­fer is the stron­gest in the field. Get real.

    3. I think Tiger has been paid hand­so­me­ly, like a few mil­li­on extra per appearan­ces in Dubai and other pla­ces on his per­so­nal glo­bal golf jour­neys. If he was 28 or 30 and healt­hy, he would have gone in a minute.
      This is not what it appears to be, simi­lar to just about anything that we’­ve seen sin­ce March 2020.
      Tiger can bare­ly make it around the cour­se the­se days, he is not going to fight against tho­se who’­ve hel­ped him beco­me the big­gest name in Golf.

    4. @The Powers Fami­ly Thank you. They also don’t talk about the time it actual­ly takes to actu­al play tour golf. You bare­ly get time to see your fami­ly. You bare­ly get rest. Then they for­ce play­ers to play a cer­tain num­ber of events to qua­li­fy for the post­sea­son. Even though you need to qua­li­fy on points. Who cares how many events you play if you have the right amount of points? The peop­le at the top making the money. Peop­le bring up Tiger as if he wasn’t the first spor­ting bil­lion­aire and isn’t one now. Over 90 per­cent of his money was made off the cour­se. Also con­ve­ni­en­t­ly peop­le for­get about “The Match” thats way more like a pri­ze fight being 1v1 and on pay per view

  68. And all the­se para­si­tes can’t get enough Sau­di blood money to make them hap­py. Noti­ce that DeCh­am­beau chuck­led when asked about “the spi­rit of golf.” He does­n’t care about that. He just wants to fol­low the money. Bless his heart.

    1. Enjoy a gre­at inter­view with a young and power­ful gol­fer. Stop being the pes­si­mist in the room and find the best out of peop­le. Tucker does inter­views about issu­es that affect Ame­ri­can socie­ty posi­tively and so he deci­ded to see why having a com­pe­ti­tor to the PGA tour is good or bad. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is what makes the eco­no­my grow. And the eco­no­my con­cerns all Americans.

  69. He took the bag like every other human with a brain would do. Get the PGA on and ask them how much money they take from Chi­na? Chi­na is good Sau­di Ara­bia is the worst? Sau­di could use some work just like the US, Chi­na needs to make a full 180

    1. Been over 8 years sin­ce Rory won a major, Bry­son won a major just 2 years ago – and *recent* major wins are what actual­ly matter.

  70. What about Mockingbird?????????????
    What about Pre­si­dent Trump?????????????
    LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Based on the crowd sizes at Bed­mins­ter not doing that gre­at a job of buil­ding the game. Even with $1 dol­lar tickets. Trump must have been tal­king to hims­elf about crowd size all over again.

  72. KANSAS (The Boro­witz Report)—Republicans in Kan­sas woke up to the dark pro­spect of life in a sta­te whe­re women have human rights, G.O.P. acti­vists report.

    Har­land Dorr­in­son, a Repu­bli­can stal­wart in Kan­sas for more than for­ty years, said that now, after voters in the sta­te appeared to affirm women should be trea­ted as humans, “I no lon­ger reco­gni­ze my Kansas.”

    “This is a slip­pe­ry slo­pe,” he said. “If women are gran­ted bodi­ly auto­no­my, it’s only a mat­ter of time befo­re they are per­mit­ted to mar­ry who they want, wear what they want, eat what they want. I know I speak for many of my fel­low-Repu­bli­cans when I say I don’t want to live in a sta­te like that.”

    Dorr­in­son said that he is con­tem­pla­ting lea­ving the sta­te whe­re he has lived his ent­i­re life but is unsu­re whe­re he might go. “If this kind of night­ma­re can hap­pen in Kan­sas, it can hap­pen any­whe­re,” he said.

    Had Tuesday’s vote gone the other way, Dorr­in­son said, Repu­bli­cans in the sta­te had fore­cast a bright future for Kan­sas. “Next, we were hoping to roll back women’s right to vote,” he said, adding rue­ful­ly, “but it’s a litt­le late for that now.”

  73. Bry­son DeCh­am­beau is a sell­out who cares more about making money from Sau­di dic­ta­tor­s­hips than having any pas­si­on for golf as a hobby

  74. All­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­l­ll of this inter­view is say­ing is THEY PAID ME ALOT OF MONEY.

  75. I love women’s golf. Women’s golf had been hor­ri­b­ly mana­ged by the LPGA. The LPGA wants women golf to be just like the men’s PGA – sta­le, old school. The ladies have some­thing that the men’s don’t – beau­ty. The LPGA has invo­ked a rigid atti­re gui­de­li­nes that have real­ly tur­ned off many women on golf. They want the ladies to be Qua­kers in their atti­re. If LIV brought the same to the ladies golf and allo­wed the ladies to wear golf out­fits that they desi­re (I’m not tal­king about inap­pro­pria­te clothes) but young vibrant, yes sexy sports atti­re, they will bring many more young women back into the sport who love golf and want to also look good doing it. And many more fans will come along too.

  76. Why are they also obses­sed with growth? Our cour­ses are crow­ded with ama­teurs and it’s beco­me almost unbe­ara­ble to play.

  77. “The game of golf”
    Try­ing to sound smart. Pretensious.
    No one says the game of baseball.
    They say baseball.
    No one says the game of football.
    They just say football.
    Just say golf.

  78. Bry­son is no dif­fe­rent than Eile­en Gu, play­ing for ano­t­her for­eign nati­on keke­ke. In the end it’s all about the money. Think of it as com­pe­ti­ti­on, jaja­ja­ja. Love the hypo­cri­sy of Faux view­ers. He even says it’s all about the ben­ja­mins. And this is why I don’t com­p­lain when they shift jobs over­seas becau­se in a Capi­ta­list socie­ty, all about them pro­fits. Enjoy it. Stop hatin’.

  79. LIV with their cur­rent ros­ter will not be a “bet­ter piz­za shop” than the PGA. The LIV piz­za shop is thro­wing older “ingre­dients” to the cus­to­mers. I would have more respect for the mem­bers if they just say “i’m here for the money, and unless the­re is some type of mer­ger, or the money dries up, I’ll con­ti­nue to play here.” I have wat­ched it on You­tube (objec­tively) and I’m NOT see­ing cut­ting edge, or a bet­ter packa­ged pro­duct. I under­stand that they are just try­ing to find their feet, but what they have rol­led out is not even clo­se to the qua­li­ty of what you get with the PGA. I’m going to stick with my cur­rent piz­za shop until some­thing tru­ly com­pa­ra­ble comes along.

    1. @Doug hey, if you enjoy it, gre­at. Does­n’t make it a com­pa­ra­ble pro­duct. Don’t real­ly care about the team play con­cept, or the 54 holes. If I’m a pro­fes­sio­nal care­er gol­fer, and on the back nine of my care­er (with some excep­ti­ons) and some­bo­dy throws an ungod­ly amount of money to help launch their league, try and recruit some youn­ger, exci­ting play­ers, show up at some thrown tog­e­ther tour­na­ments, look MORE com­pe­ti­ti­ve than you actual­ly are becau­se of the infe­ri­or field, hell, I’d likely con­si­der it as well. I’ll watch it and see whe­re it goes, but what they are put­ting out the­re now is not a pro­duct I see any value in.

  80. Bry­son tal­king rub­bish, he’s all about buil­ding his bank balance.
    Liv golf is a seri­es of rub­bish shot­gun start exhi­bi­ti­on games, I hope he gets boo­ed whe­re­ver he goes.

  81. thanks bry­son, all you do is care about the game and the fans and you care not­hing aboutr yourself. that is gre­at. so any money u win plea­se do not accept it. u lyan pie­ce of sh.…

  82. What did they have befo­re the PGA? Mono­po­lies are ille­gal for one and ever­yo­ne has a right to com­pe­te inclu­ding orga­niz­a­ti­ons peri­od. NFL and NBA weren’t always just one organization.

  83. young man on TV that car­rys hims­elf like a man, who admits he has been bles­sed, and he will go far as he con­ti­nues beha­ving like a man, we are pul­ling for you dude

  84. Wait.… LIV gol­fers are just piz­za cus­to­mers that want to try a dif­fe­rent shop than the one they are tired of eating all the time? I am fair­ly cer­tain that if i tried to WORK for ANOTHER COMPANY, my cur­rent com­pa­ny would fire me, and not allow me to come on the incen­ti­ve trip any­mo­re (Ryder Cup).

    1. @scrout is Bryson’s ana­lo­gy about inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors? If you’re try­ing to make a point that LIV gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors… are they allo­wed to skip events?

  85. NBA and NFL are suc­cess­ful through capi­ta­lism just like the PGA. Shame­ful they’­re beco­m­ing com­mu­nist orga­niz­a­ti­ons. It will ruin them, justifiably.

  86. Nor­man and him prac­ti­ced their lies over and over again, must have taken hours. It’s ONLY about money and that is fine if they just admit­ted it. They aren’t gro­wing the game at all and the piz­za shop ana­lo­gy is moronic

  87. Bry­son is a sell­out! LIV golf is not­hing more than a Sau­di toy. It’s only and all about money for the LIV play­ers don’t let anyo­ne fool you. Bryson’s ana­lo­gy about the piz­za shop is abso­lute­ly moro­nic. Now the­se LIV toi­lets are try­ing to sue the Tour. I hope they never get to play ano­t­her major again. They can sit the­re cry­ing wiping away the tears with their Sau­di blood money!

  88. “Tailor to the youn­ger per­son!” What BS! Most of the LIV play­ers are “over the hill” hacks! Fess up, Bry­son, it’s all about the money!

  89. Tucker, you should have went with your first thought and tal­ked about hun­ting and fishing.… I would point out that the­re is not enough wild game and fish in the city park to feed all the folks out the­re that are being affec­ted by rising infla­ti­on.… some folks think they will be able to out hunt ever­yo­ne else in the neigh­bor­hood… ouch

  90. Why do peop­le cri­ti­ci­ze gol­fers for asso­cia­ting with the Sau­dis yet I see the prez fist bum­ping with the same régime?

    1. or that the lar­gest LPGA Spon­sor is Aram­co a.k.a. Sau­di Oil Com­pa­ny.…. Don’t seem to hear this in the news much do ya?

  91. The fact that anyo­ne could object is sil­ly. No mat­ter why it star­ted or he left the PGA. Whe­ther for money, love of the game or bet­te­ring hims­elf, all are valid rea­sons, but he doesn’t need to exp­lain hims­elf. Do what you want. If I wan­na quit my job and make more money or be clo­ser to home by going some­whe­re else, would you be mad? No difference

    1. No one is mad at them lea­ving. Play­ers on the PGA Tour have said as much. What they are mad at is the­se LIV play­ers wan­ting to come back and play the PGA Tour whenever they feel like it. You can’t have it both ways. The LIV play­ers made their bed now go sleep in it.

    2. @Industrial Pal­let Worx And I hope the PGA tour loses in court. Bry­son et al are con­cer­ned about being exclu­ded from the majors.

    3. @Richard Get­so well unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly for you it’s pro­bab­ly not going to hap­pen. You see the PGA Tours’ bylaws sta­te no release for any north Ame­ri­ca tour­na­ments. It also sta­tes only 3 relea­ses per year. The play­ers have to sign a mem­bers­hip con­tract to abi­de by the tours rules. The­se rules are made by the play­ers. The LIV play­ers bro­ke the rules after they were war­ned. So go play the LIV tour all you want, but don’t bother com­ing back here, you’­re not wel­co­me. It’s plain and simp­le. By Bry­son, have fun with your exhi­bi­ti­ons. The 4 majors are gover­ned by their own respec­ti­ve asso­cia­ti­ons. LIV is pro­bab­ly not going to get world ran­king points, becau­se their events are 54 holes. They will need to be 72 hole events to count accord­ing to the world ran­king points orga­niz­a­ti­on. The top 50 get into the majors.

  92. I love how tuck tuck turns the comments off when he goes on a rant that doesn’t even align with the fox nar­ra­ti­ve 🤣 go look through last nights clips

  93. B.D. OPPURTUNITY.…B.S. How much money is enough. Your ano­t­her ame­ri­can sel­ling out our coun­try. Grow the game.…Its never going to be as big as it was when Tiger came to the game. Sell your soul out to ano­t­her country.…why dont you just move over the­re and stay there.

  94. Why does ever­y­bo­dy keep ban­ging on about the money. If you love golf just watch it. Any­bo­dy with half a brain would do the same. I’m not inte­res­ted in what they earn same as I’m not inte­res­ted in what the fel­la next door earns. Why should they stand up and say it’s about the money it’s got not­hing to do with any­bo­dy else.Good luck to all of them!!

  95. Anything to make a buck huh Alex? You make your living off of acu­sing others of lying when in fact you are the big­gest liar in the room if Trump is not pre­sent! The worm, Alex Jones, is chur­ning insi­de his “MAGOT HAT”! He sounds exact­ly like Old-Tub-Of-Guts-Trump! They all spew the same mee­sa­ge like rea­ding a script from a bad movie! We can only hope that his child­ren aren’t trap­ped in a room being run down and slaugh­te­red by a Trump­vert with an AR-15 and a thousand rounds of high velo­ci­ty ammo! Whe­re is the soul and heart in the­se con­spi­ra­cy MAGOT’S? OMG

  96. Due to his uni­que approach, total com­mit­ment to his pur­su­it and gre­at results with sheer power and gre­at put­ting, golf histo­ry will show Bry­son as a legend in his own time.

  97. *Inves­ting in cryp­to now should be in every wise indi­vi­du­als list, in some mon­ths time you’ll be ecsta­tic with the decisi­on you made today..*

  98. I remem­ber back some 40 years ago when government sub­si­di­zed steel com­pa­nies with see­min­gly unli­mi­ted fun­ding dum­ped their pro­duct into the mar­ket at a loss knowing that the exis­ting pro­fit dri­ven pro­du­cers could­n’t com­pe­te. It deci­ma­ted the exis­ting steel industry.

  99. What a coward for not tel­ling the truth about the money being the moti­va­tor. Trump is a bum as well, I vote repu­bli­can but not for him.

  100. The piz­za shop ana­lo­gy does­n’t make sen­se. It would be more like the new piz­za shop offe­ring the employees of the old piz­za shop a ridi­cu­lous amount of money to come work for them no mat­ter how they work. The cus­to­mer is more repre­sen­ta­ti­ve of the fans, who I doubt gets paid to attend “the game of golf” events.

  101. C’mon dude just say you did it for the money! I would have such respect if you said that…nothing wrong with that. It is not for all the “rea­sons” you listed.…just watch any LIV event inclu­ding last wee­kends embarr­as­sing event at Trump’s course.…they could not give away tickets and the tv over­head shots were a joke. I play with more of a gal­le­ry every wee­kend at my local Muni Course.…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @scrout Yup…ok dude😂 Bot­tom line is he has not won anything in almost 2 years…smart move on his part his game is going south and he took the bag…don’t spend 7 minu­tes tal­king about the ways you want to chan­ge the game and bring it to a big­ger demographic…you took the blood money…no worries. That’s my last post on this…if you did not get that out of the inter­view than I can’t help you dude. 🥂

  102. All his IQ.… went total­ly into golf, ain’t any lef­tovers. Just go after blood money, fuxxx­ker. U sold your soul to $$$ just like can­cun Cruz to ( Trump lost). LIV golf =WWE . Just put on a freak show.

  103. I mean… the patrons that attend the events are the ‘cus­to­mers’ at the piz­za shop. They can watch (eat) whe­re­ver they want. The gol­fers are an employee at that piz­za shot. Even as inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, in any other indus­try, if you’­re caught working at a direct com­pe­ti­tor simul­ta­ne­ous­ly you’ll pro­bab­ly get can­ned. Pret­ty bad ana­lo­gy, Bryson.

  104. Why should golf be all PGA? Ame­ri­ca deci­ded to play Ame­ri­can foot­ball, which should have been named hand­ball, to dif­fe­ren­tia­te its­elf from Euro­pean soc­cer or rugby.

  105. Bry­son is just ano­t­her extre­me right wing Trumper on the LIV tour appearing on the­se extre­me right wing Fox shows sprea­ding mis­in­for­ma­ti­on and SAUDI TALKING points, hel­ping the cri­mi­nal Government spread their extre­me views here.

  106. As Ame­ri­ca crum­bles the­se jokers talk all around the peri­phe­ry to jus­ti­fy their part in it. LIV golf is backed by Sau­di money. Dir­ty money. And not just a litt­le bit of money…obscene amounts of money paid to PGA tour play­ers to ent­i­ce them to lea­ve the Ame­ri­can tour. Ano­t­her pie­ce of Ame­ri­ca­na being des­troy­ed by out­side for­ces. That’s the way I feel.

  107. This is such a gre­at idea. Shame on the PGA. This should be an exci­ting moment for golf. You could have play­ers in both leagues then at the end of the year they could face off with the top 3 play­ers from the PGA and LIV and see who wins. This could be such an awe­so­me expe­ri­ence. I’m roo­ting for LIV and their suc­cess. Bra­vo to whoever thought of this idea.