Cameron Smith / 2022 Open Champion „The Real/Best Interview“ (4K)

Cameron Smith 2022 Open Champion The RealBest Interview 4K brooks koepka

FRAGEN: 1.) Bist du zu betrun­ken von Cham­pa­gner, um das Inter­view zu füh­ren? 2.) Wie er sich in die­sem Jahr von einem guten Gesel­len­spie­ler zu einem groß­ar­ti­gen Spie­ler ent­wi­ckelt hat? 3.) War­um kann er auch unter Druck so viel leis­ten? 4.) Was dach­te er, als er am 17. mit sei­nem drit­ten Schuss kon­fron­tiert wur­de? 5.) Was lös­te sei­ne Serie von fünf Bir­dies in Fol­ge aus, die die Back Nine starteten?

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  2. Why does Bran­del Cham­blee have his left hand in his pocket while he is ques­tio­ning Cam? Why does the guy on the left have both of his hands in his pockets?

    1. @RollYourRock Sport is a mind game and the way we respond under pres­su­re seems like some­thing put on us like a spell. Some don’t feel it and rise hig­her when chal­len­ged. I’ve seen it and felt it in golf. I play­ed my best rounds under pres­su­re, matching my oppo­nent shot for shot and final­ly win­ning in a coup de grâce moment sin­king a clut­ch putt.

    2. @Sammy Jones I have never expe­ri­en­ced high-level com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf, but I have expe­ri­en­ced pro­fes­sio­nal bow­ling at the hig­hest level. Pres­su­re situa­tions see­med to always enhan­ce my focus and abi­li­ty to per­form. It’s a gre­at fee­ling to make clut­ch shots under the hig­hest pres­su­re! Cheers! 👍

  3. That was some­thing else Mr Cool! Hum­ble win­ner dag­gy hair­cut. Dedi­ca­ted to all of Aus­tra­lia. You have made our year!

    1. @Theophilus Euge­ne Con­nor surely he can think about it, post­po­ne it, play his heart out and win a few more majors. Loo­ks like LIV will be the­re when he wants to cash in ten years! Greed does fun­ny things to peop­le though.

    2. @Bernie “Greed does fun­ny things to peop­le though.” That it does. 

      I don’t know if he’ll defect, but it was disap­poin­ting to hear Smith not stead­fast­ly reject LIV when given the oppor­tu­ni­ty. He alrea­dy won $27M, most­ly on the PGA Tour. How much more money does he need? It won’t make him hap­py – in fact, how can they be hap­py com­pe­ting against most­ly low-ran­ked play­ers for only 54 holes? Tho­se are lazy, hol­low victories. 

      And think about this: LIV has alrea­dy spent $400M to $500M just to get a cad­re of lower-ran­ked gol­fers and host 2 tour­na­ments. It’s ridiculous.

      I watch golf several hours a week on TV, but I’ll NEVER watch a minu­te of LIV golf.

    3. I’m glad he kicked the crap out of that whiny, woke, punk Rory. Rory should focus more on his put­ting, than what leagues other play­ers are play­ing in.

  4. the pga panal coulld not men­ti­on greg nor­man, he did win it twice.. you yanks are a pie­ce of work some­ti­mes and the litt­le tight assed irishman .

  5. Honest­ly. I thought Rory would win it to boost up the pga tour and bring more audi­ence . Sports are so rig­ged now a days one can’t tell what’s real­ly true . Smith taken this real­ly made my day and will keep my love for the pga tour . Cam deser­ves this win and I can’t wait to see more golf from this Aus­tra­li­an . Most of rea­ding this sit­tin here won­de­ring how the heck is golf game rig­ged. But when there’s a bunch of cooks in the kit­chen no tel­ling what will come out.

    1. @Arran Green No I don’t. How is the easy part though, but why is the real ques­ti­on. It’s some­thing they’d only do for someo­ne like Tiger. Again I don’t think it’s fixed, but perhaps it could be fixed if they wan­ted. Alt­hough what would be the point? Idk? Boost ratings? Again if they were to do it would only be for someo­ne like Tiger.

    1. And to hear him say he hasn’t been home in 3 years!

      LIV golf will chan­ge golf for the bet­ter, for the players!
      They will start to have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to spend more time with fami­ly and friends moving forward!
      No mat­ter which tour they play on.

    2. @Tim Poortin­ga And watch how the tours scram­ble to allow them more free time to plug tho­se holes in their sin­king ships!

  6. Hope he’s jab­bed if he’s gun­na pass the jug around all the mem­bers back home.. !!
    Actual­ly. I hope he isn’t 😂

  7. Came­ron deser­ve this tro­phy 🏆 more than any other gol­fer this week the way he mana­ged his game the last round com­ing from behind tie the lea­der­board win by one stro­ke on the last hole sim­ply the best round we will ever see in years

  8. A state­ment day by Cam Smith – win­ning the Open Cham­pions­hip with a final round 64. Regard­less of what the OWGR says he is unques­tion­ab­ly the best gol­fer in the world.

    1. No…he was the best play­er at the 2022 Open. Cal­ling him the best play­er in the world is just a LOT pre­ma­tu­re. Let’s watch him rack up the wins first.…if he does. 😉

    2. @Shug ! they mean cur­rent best play­er in the world. He has a pret­ty solid claim, 22 open cham­pion, 22 Pga Cham­pion and won at the 22 Sen­try with the lowest score in PGA history.

    1. @Teddy the Won­der Liz­ard I won­der why they focu­sed on exact­ly that stat…
      He coul­d’­ve also star­ted by say­ing: You are the first Aus­sie to win the Bri­tish Open sin­ce the Gre­at White Shark Greg Nor­man 29 years ago. How do you feel?

    2. @Benny Frank the 3rd I think you’­re rea­ding too much into it. They did­n’t ask how it felt to break Eld­rick Woods’ four round score record around St Andrews; they did­n’t men­ti­on Ian Baker-Finch; they did­n’t ask for the name of his bar­ber. Are they all ’snubs’? This is how the cur­se of the age – con­spi­ra­cy theo­ries – start! 😉😉😉

    3. @Teddy the Won­der Liz­ard Given how much Bren­del and most of the other guys in media talk about LIV this is no accident.

    1. They were refer­ring to win­ners at St Andrews – go back and lis­ten to it again. Mr Nor­man won at Turn­ber­ry and Roy­al St George’s. You’­re welcome.

  9. FFS why get two yanks inter­viewing him, when it’s the Bri­tish Open! I gues­sed that one of tho­se would find a way of men­tio­ning TW at some sta­ge during the inter­view and low and behold.….yes, the­re it was.

  10. As many shots as Rory has been thro­wing at Greg recent­ly, the iro­ny of someo­ne who ido­li­zed the elder Aus­sie cha­sing down McIl­roy to take St.Andrews must have made Nor­man the second hap­piest gol­fer in the world Sunday night. 😂

  11. The inter­view­er on the left is the worst. Does­n’t even let Cam finish his sen­ten­ces befo­re spea­king over him. He did it 3 times. How does someo­ne like that get their face in front of the came­ra? Unbelievable

  12. How awe­so­me is Smit­hy!! The­se same com­men­ta­tors were tal­king Rory up after Round 3. The Mul­let gate cras­hed the big Rory party! 👍💪🏻

    1. exact­ly, never seen such media bias towards one play­er, real­ly Sky, did we have to have 30 minu­tes of watching Borey Rory prac­ti­cing while other matches were going on.…always do a bet on Cam Smith as part of my sta­ble and he came up trumps and rui­ned ever­yo­nes day, an abso­lu­te gol­fing champion…go away Rory !

    2. @Lyla Hale “never seen such media bias towards one play­er” In the Sta­tes we’­ve suf­fe­red, and con­ti­nue to suf­fer, 25 years of con­stant Tiger Woods hype. It’s not his fault, of cour­se, but it con­ti­nues to this day. Befo­re the tour­na­ment, The Open Cham­pions­hip ran fre­quent TV ads hyp­ing Woods par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the 150th, as if he liter­al­ly could win it. Ridi­cu­lous. It’s been extre­me­ly revol­ting and unfair to the other, bet­ter players.

  13. LIV golf I can’t wait to see what hap­pens. If they get ban­ned from Ryder cups, pga and DP world tours their are ple­nty other tour pro’s wai­t­ing in the wings to fill their spots. If we start get­ting top 10 play­ers joi­ning LIV it’s going to be mas­si­ve. The only ones cri­ti­cis­ing are Rory, JT, Tiger who are alrea­dy mega rich they don’t need the money

    1. Or they just drop all that non­sen­se and peace­ful­ly co-exist along each other. The golf pie is big enough for every tour. When Sten­son goes to LIV will they get new cap­tain? Will they bar the best play­ers from get­ting OWGR points and exclu­de them from play­ing their tour events and majors? It does­n’t make sense.

    2. @Benny Frank the 3rd Inte­res­ting take, but I can assu­re you the R&A, PGA and ANGC are col­lu­ding and will do ever­ything in their power to crush the LIV players.

  14. Cam mate!! What a back 9 and what a fan­tastic blo­ke you seem to be. Typi­cal­ly Aus­sie, laid back, hum­ble, you know it’s not actual­ly about you. It’s about golf in this instance and all the gre­ats and not-so-gre­ats who have kno­cked it around their local course.
    Good on you mate – and here’s to many more gre­at wins in the years ahead!

  15. ” I like being uncom­for­ta­ble “… the mark of a true com­pe­ti­tor and cham­pion. ” I’m here to win golf tour­na­ments. ” Yeah mate! And yet what cha­rac­ter to keep humi­li­ty and pre­d­a­tor pro­wess separate.

  16. If anyo­ne hap­pen­ed to see his golf in TV for the past 8 mon­ths, you would cer­tain­ly think this was ine­vi­ta­ble. He had gre­at golf and demeanor.

    1. Smith, like many in his posi­ti­on, has been lin­ked to LIV Golf over the past few mon­ths, and he has been a past par­ti­ci­pant at the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal, the event run by the same orga­niz­a­ti­on that funds LIV ope­ra­ti­ons. So when taking the sta­ge in the media cen­ter after his win at the Old Cour­se on Sunday, Smith was asked about his inte­rests in jum­ping to the new­ly-crea­ted league.
      “I just won the Bri­tish Open, and you’­re asking about that. I think that’s pret­ty not that good,” Smith said in response.
      Which, to some extent, is under­stand­a­ble. Smith would rather talk about his recent con­quest than the con­tro­ver­si­al sub­ject. But when pres­sed what his inten­ti­ons are, Smith did not offer a denial.
      “I don’t know, mate,” Smith replied. “My team around me worries about all that stuff. I’m here to win golf tournaments.”
      It should be noted Smith did not respond in the affir­ma­ti­ve. But given the chan­ce to say he was sti­cking with the PGA Tour, Smith pas­sed on the opportunity.
      Should Smith ulti­mate­ly defect from the PGA Tour, he would be the hig­hest ran­ked play­er in the Offi­cial World Golf Ran­king (Smith is up to No. 2 in the OWGR with the win) and one of the few under-30 stars LIV has on its roster.
      The next LIV Golf event is sche­du­led for July 29 at Trump Natio­nal Golf Club in Bed­mins­ter, N.J.

    2. @Zarza Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, that’s a pos­si­bi­li­ty, as Greg Nor­man is Cam’s boy­hood idol. He also said he was loo­king for­ward to doing bet­ter at East­la­ke this year…

    1. @RollYourRock Yeah, I would have thought that would be a fun­ny reoly given how offen­ded peop­le (you?) get about play­ers joi­ning LIV.

    1. They take a repli­ca for a year (that’s been the repli­ca sin­ce the 1920s). Once the year is out they give it back and get given a new repli­ca to keep.

      The ori­gi­nal sits in the club­house, while the old 1920s repli­ca is han­ded to the next win­ner for a year.

  17. I would’ve loved to hear Cam say, “sor­ry guys, I know you were roo­ting for Rory. I want to dedi­ca­te this vic­to­ry to my hero, Greg Norman.”

  18. I’m an old bald geezer, get­ting fed up with the sweep over,I’m thin­king of going out to Tur­key to get a hair trans­plant, so I can have a Bar­net like this boy.

  19. Love how the com­men­ta­tor wor­ded the phra­se “who have won HERE inclu­ding 2 of your coun­try­men” after tal­king about the names on the jug.….… Peter Thomp­son & Kel Bagel – alt­hough Greg Nor­man & Ian Baker-Finch won at other cour­ses who­se names still appe­ar along­side Cameron’s.

  20. What a gut­ty, gut­ty per­for­mance. You’d never know from his deme­a­nor becau­se he’s so under­sta­ted. But to be hacking around in the gor­se the day befo­re and see­min­gly thro­wing away his best chan­ce, to just floo­ring it past Rory and ever­y­bo­dy on Sunday. He is a thre­at in every tour­na­ment he plays in becau­se of that putter.

  21. Cam play­ed a gre­at round of golf to win, and as he said he did it for Aus­tra­lia. But, the media are so wrong, with regard to Greg Nor­man, regard­less of his invol­ve­ment in LIV golf, to not men­ti­on Greg Normans 2 open wins, when men­tio­ning pre­vious Aus­tra­li­an win­ners is total­ly dis­re­spect­ful, and smacks of agen­da dri­ven nar­ra­ti­ve from the media and the tour in gene­ral. May­be they should all grow up and stop acting like petu­lant child­ren who have spit their dum­my out, after fal­ling out with a pre­vious good friend.

  22. Noti­ce they said “2 other coun­try­man”. Sor­ry Greg Nor­man won the Open twice. The poli­tics are so pathe­tic. Bunch of beta’s run­ning the golf chan­nel and PGA tour. LIV golf is living rent free in all their heads. Espe­cial­ly Cham­blee. What a pie­ce of work.

    1. Nope, they men­tio­ned the two Aus­sies who won at St. Andrews as well, Nor­man won at RSG and Turn­ber­ry, hence no men­ti­on. Also no men­ti­on of Ian Baker Finch, but that does­n’t suit your mad con­spi­ra­cy, does it?

  23. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Came­ron. Shame that Rory’s game fell part on the final round and had a sho­cker. His swing is all over the place and sma­shing the balls into the lake is never going to be helpful.

    1. @RollYourRock Yeah, in Scot­land they refer to the rough as being in the lake. The scotch get a lot of things mudd­led up. For examp­le a lot of the men wear skirts.

    2. Rory fell apart? He was 2 under for the final round. Rorys just mis­sed putts. I belie­ve its more Cam got hot than Rory fal­ling apart.

    3. @Josiah Jones I agree, but it’s an impos­si­ble ques­ti­on to ans­wer without knowing how Rory felt when he was over tho­se putts.

  24. Mcgin­ley is a 🤡….say­ing how tough the cour­se was and the win­ning score will be under minus 10 😂….the­se boys ate the cour­se up

  25. So glad Came­ron won this. He was well due for a win on this type of sta­ge. Rory came up short and that’s why I love golf becau­se you got­ta earn it.

  26. whe­res the credit to cam young. Remem­ber can Smith nee­ded to put out to avoid a play off. The inter­view­ers are were all about bea­ting Rory to the win. Cam young play­ed awe­so­me. In some ways as good as cam smith

  27. I bet he’s a crowd favo­ri­te world­wi­de, with his fan­tastic game, sil­ky-power­ful moti­on, spi­rit of a tiger and authen­tic and believ­a­ble appearan­ce. I bet his value for LIV just sky­ro­cke­ted becau­se having someo­ne like him on board is like car­ry­ing pure gold. If pga keeps on try­ing to own play­ers they will likely loo­se this fight. A com­pro­mi­se has to be found so that spec­ta­tors at the end of the year know who’s the best play­er. Wha­te­ver the money, that’s what the play­ers want to know too.

  28. why do we need 3 peop­le payed x amount to give him the jug ? 1, its not their jug , 2 they did not win it, so why do we have to have their waff­le . All you need is last year’s win­ner to hand it over and the chair­per­son plus win­ner . it makes me sick was­ting money

  29. Golf chan­nel need to get rid of Mcginley.
    Two-faced bullshitter.
    Sti­cking up for LIV Golf the other week on Sky Sports, not­hing men­tio­ned a cou­p­le of days later when he put his Golf Chan­nel coat on!

  30. Dou­sche­bag inter­view­ers. Naming Smith’s fel­low coun­try­men Open cham­pions but omit­ting Greg Nor­man, 2 time cham­pion. What, Is Nor­man now Vol­de­mort? Grow up PGA, acting like a spoi­led child who’s favo­ri­te toy got taken rather than the domi­nant league in the world. Time for PGA to start acting like the adult in the room, not the petu­lant child.

    1. Were you lis­tening? He named his two coun­try­men that had won at St. Andrews (Nor­man won at Turn­ber­ry and Roy­al St. Geor­ge). Noti­ce they did­n’t also men­ti­on Ian Baker finch, ano­t­her fel­low coun­try­men that won the Open, but not at the Old Cour­se. Calm down a bit.

  31. Of any PGA pro (other than Tiger obvious­ly), Cam Smith is a guy I would love to play a round with. Unbe­lie­ve how he can putt like that under extre­me pressure.

  32. Not to men­ti­on ANOTHER one of his coun­try­men that won it TWICE Mr Norman!!!!!
    So pet­ty guys grow up, mom­my and dad­dy didn’t teach the­se guys the value of com­pe­ti­ti­on huh?
    We will play nice as long as ever­ything is going our way. The tru­est and most hono­r­able always show the qua­li­ties when it’s har­dest, anyo­ne can do it when it’s easy
    Cheers mate way to go

  33. Good for him. Gol­fing gods cer­tain­ly loo­ked down on him with tho­se mons­ter put­ting for the 4 rounds. Just sad that the Cla­ret Jug will pro­bab­ly be tra­vel­ling to Sau­di and MBS pro­bab­ly gon­na take a sip out of it. Hope he does­n’t cave in to the money but I can’t bla­me him. Rory and Came­ron Young were unlu­cky. I think Came­ron Young being in his group hel­ped a lot to push him to shoot – 8. Hov­land fell apart and Rory could­n’t get anything going.

  34. What a game this guy has. Doesn’t miss with the put­ter. Shi­te bar­nett though, like a pound shop joe mang­le. Pro­per play­er though going to win a few majors with that short game.

    1. It means ter­ri­ble hair cut. Joe mang­le was a cha­rac­ter from the Aus­sie soap ope­ra “neigh­bours”
      Had a simi­lar haircut.

  35. Look at the douch­bag Bra­and­le and how he is all kind, and nice to Cam…but he deci­des to bet­ter his fami­ly finan­cial­ly and watch how the puke will turn on him.

    1. Cam Smith does­n’t actual­ly get the ori­gi­nal Cla­ret Jug when he won The Open Cham­pions­hip. The ori­gi­nal has sat in the club­house at St Andrews sin­ce 1928, and the win­ner holds up a repli­ca upon vic­to­ry. It’s the same repli­ca that’s been used sin­ce 1928, but it’s not the ori­gi­nal. The Cham­pion Gol­fer of the Year then takes that repli­ca around the world for a year, and returns it to the R&A at next year’s Open. Then that is exch­an­ged for ano­t­her repli­ca that they can keep. So there’s a lot of Cla­ret Jugs out the­re, and this isn’t like the Stan­ley Cup which has the ori­gi­nal bowl on top, with names and rings being added each year.

    2. @RollYourRock gre­at info, thanks. But I saw a docu­men­ta­ry a few years ago with Rory at home loo­king at the names on the tro­phy. May­be it’s dupli­ca­ted on the replica?

  36. Rich asked a sne­aky ques­ti­on without expli­ci­tly addres­sing the LIV rumors for Cam by asking if he plan­ned to get enough FED EX points to qua­li­fy for the Tour Cham­pions­hip and his goals for the President’s Cup. Cam did­n’t seem to ful­ly com­mit, but he did say he wan­ted to make a run at East­la­ke. Hmmm…

  37. May ALL your 💐 flowers keep bloo­m­ing.…. even at EASTLAKE.…. by far YOU KIDDO you are a 💎of a play­er , cool calm and an exe­cu­tio­ner. Love that sta­re at the hole👍.„ well done champ.…..CS.

  38. Just the grea­test put­ter I have seen. He might have a Wat­son like care­er. Croo­ked on many weeks. Mis­ses left. But when he hits fair­ways he will fill it up. Like the gre­at put­ters, he belie­ves the next 20 foo­ter will fall.

  39. Well done Rich. Cle­ver­ly put ques­ti­ons. We all know what was on your mind. I just hope he stays clear of LIV. The­re is no point. He can always join on a year. For now, keep com­pe­ting and go for ano­t­her major or two. If his “team want to get fil­thy rich, they will tell him to go to LIV. But that would be them USING him, not advising.

  40. I love when they announ­ce ‘The Cham­pion Gol­fer of the Year”.
    So cool.…
    His put­ting was spec­ta­cu­lar. The putt on 18 was ama­zin­gly clo­se with so much on the line.
    Ner­ves of steel.

    1. Yes, it was a gre­at per­for­mance! One of the best ever! Com­ing from behind with a 64 on the final round… Does­n’t get any better!

  41. Congrats to Came­ron on a well-deser­ved vic­to­ry. Look at Cham­blee stan­ding the­re as if he wasn’t say­ing after Round 1 that Smith had zero chan­ce of win­ning (after shoo­ting a gre­at first round of 67) becau­se he ran­ked 105th on tour in mis­sed shots to the left or some other bull­shit sta­tis­tic. The guy is the big­gest jack­ass on TV.

  42. OWGR is a mono­po­ly, a pure MONOPOLY, the most pure MONOPOLY in the world 

    Golf Chan­nel is not neu­tral or par­ti­al as a News vehi­cle to the world of golf.
    They should and must trans­mi­te the rea­li­ty of all golf mat­ters in the world of golf. Eit­her good or bad.
    The­re is place for ano­t­her strong tour. Let the play­ers deci­de. At the end, they are play­ing for money. It is a work at the end of the day like play­ers from other sports… They play for money.
    The OWGR board is not an inde­pen­dent enti­ty, it is the best examp­le of a monopoly.
    They do not repre­sent the Asia, India, Latin Ame­ri­ca and other territories.
    Tho­se and many others should have their own repre­sen­ta­ti­ve in the OWGR.
    The OWGR board of gover­nors includes:
    1.- PGA TOUR, CEO Mana­han (REPRESENTS and runs the tour­na­ments in USA, mainly)
    2.- DP World Tour CEO Keith Pel­ley (tour­na­ments
    3.- USGA CEO Mike Whan (REPRESENTS NORTH AMERICA in the world of golf),
    4.- R&A CEO Mar­tin Slum­bers (REPRESENTES UK inte­rest in the world of golf),
    5.- PGA of Ame­ri­ca exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor Seth Waugh (REPRESENTS USA golf inte­rest in USA mainly),
    6.- Augus­ta Natio­nal Golf Club exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor Will Jones and Keith Waters (The­se are THE ONLY MEMBER THAT could be impartial.
    The Mas­ters could be the only enti­ty world wide that may be inte­res­ted in GOLF as the last bene­fi­cia­ry at no cost, in all this), Who repres­ents the Inter­na­tio­nal Fede­ra­ti­on of PGA Tours. THERE IS NO WAY THAT THE OWGR today is 100% an inde­pen­dent body that will not take a decisi­on without no con­flict of inte­rest. Each mem­ber of the OWGR bes­i­des Keith Waters can,t put their hands over the fire, If the do they will burn immedia­te­ly. It is a real examp­le of a clear mono­po­ly… No repre­sen­ta­ti­ves from Asia, India, South Afri­ca, Aus­tra­lia, each coun­try in Lati­na Ame­ri­ca, and many other coun­tries or ter­ri­to­ries in order to cut that mono­po­ly for ever in the bene­fit of the golf. NON of the­se fac­tors have being ana­ly­zed by anyo­ne in the media golf indus­trie, WHY? will be gre­at if you dedi­ca­te a video in you­tube exp­lai­ning why… you can orga­ni­ze many pod­cast with many many important ana­list to unco­ver this topic… do it for the pure LOVE OF THE GAME… LOOKING FORWARD… if you want to con­ta­ct me … loo­king forward

  43. Ama­zing they men­ti­on only two Aus­tra­li­ans who have won and he left Norman’s name out who won two Opens, to me this is just disrespect

    1. You’­re free to call it anything you like! – But out of respect to the Brits, I’ll con­ti­nue to call it The Open Cham­pions­hip. Cheers! 🙂

  44. One of the joys of this game for me is the mul­ti­ple oppor­tu­nities of mee­ting like min­ded peop­le. I just made litera­ry $600k from the last two quar­ters without loo­king at a sin­gle graph. if you are into inves­ting, you must have heard of the gro­wing algo­rith­mic tra­ding sec­tor that’s cur­r­ent­ly all the rage. I met a friend some­time last year who made me awa­re of it. apart from the plea­su­res of the game, the net­wor­king aspects is qui­te as beneficial

    1. @Robert Lam­bert look her name up! she’s not hard to find as she is qui­te a popu­lar bro­ker. she char­ges 10% of the pro­fits she makes for me

    2. @James Dido­na­to I have sent her an email. hope­ful­ly she gets back to me as soon as pos­si­ble. thanks for the infor­ma­ti­on buddy

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