Cameron Smith gewinnt die 150. Open Championship | Höhepunkte der Endrunde

Cameron Smith gewinnt die 150. Open Championship Hoehepunkte der Endrunde british open

Came­ron Smith hat eine der groß­ar­tigs­ten Run­den in der Geschich­te der Majors zusam­men­ge­stellt, um Cham­pion Gol­fer of the Year bei The 150th Open zu wer­den. Der Aus­tra­li­er begann den letz­ten Tag mit vier Schlä­gen Rück­stand auf Rory McIl­roy und Vik­tor Hov­land, schoss aber eine unglaub­li­che 64, die fünf Bir­dies in Fol­ge zu Beginn der Back Nine und einen wei­te­ren auf 18 ent­hielt, um McIl­roy zu über­ho­len und Came­ron Young mit einem abzu­weh­ren strei­cheln. Sein End­ergeb­nis von 20 unter Par ent­sprach Hen­rik Sten­sons Sie­ger­num­mer von Roy­al Troon vor sechs Jah­ren und ist das bes­te Ergeb­nis in der Open-Geschich­te und das nied­rigs­te in St. Andrews. Smith ist auch der ers­te Aus­tra­li­er seit Greg Nor­man im Jahr 1993, der Cham­pion-Gol­fer wur­de, und schoss dabei die nied­rigs­te vier­te Run­de eines Cham­pions in der Geschich­te von St. Andrews und über­traf damit Zach John­sons 66 im Jahr 2015. Smith war zu Beginn drei Schlä­ge hin­ter McIl­roy zurück die hin­te­ren neun, aber er schal­te­te sei­nen Put­ter ein, wenn es dar­auf ankam, und loch­te Putts aus fünf, 16, 11, 18 und fünf Fuß ein, um die Meis­ter­schaft zu sich zu schwin­gen. Besu­chen Sie www​.The​Open​.com für die bes­ten Golf­ge­schich­ten Blei­ben Sie mit uns in Kon­takt! Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​T​h​e​-​O​p​e​n​-​C​h​a​m​p​i​o​n​s​h​ip/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​h​e​O​pen Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​h​e​o​p​en/ Um das Film­ma­te­ri­al der Open zu LIZENZIEREN, bit­te kon­tak­tie­ren Sie IMG REPLAY ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​0​6​V​7dI

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421 thought on “Cameron Smith gewinnt die 150. Open Championship | Höhepunkte der Endrunde”

    1. No way Jose any hair­dresser to cut his hair, they can trim but not cut. Cam’s Gol­di­locks give him power 💪💪💪🤣🤣🤣

    2. The mul­let alrea­dy had cult sta­tus in Aus­tra­lia. His win in The Open is only going to fur­ther pro­mo­te the mullet.
      A mul­let is reve­r­ed, wor­s­hip­ped and occa­sio­nal­ly crin­ged here in Oz 🇦🇺

    1. It took 22 years for someo­ne to beat Tiger’s ‑19 in 2000 des­pi­te all of the advan­ces with equip­ment, so obvious­ly it is. The­re was no 20+ mph winds or rain to deal with but that’s not the cour­ses fault. DJ scored ‑19 at August a cou­p­le of years ago so you could say the same thing about The Mas­ters if the final score under par worries you.…

    2. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring It is a links cour­se. Augus­ta is not.
      A links cour­se relays on the ele­ments to make it a true test. Hence the dif­fe­ren­ti­al in my scores on the two rounds I have play­ed. I was over the moon with 84 and ack down to earth with a 98 in the wind, rain and hail.

    3. @M’Luds Ladies & Gen­tle­men🤦‍♂️ I know what a links golf cour­se is having play­ed them for 20 years, and I also know what bull­shit is, and as a 16 han­di­cap­per you did not *genui­nely* shoot 84 at TOC 🤣🤣 Even off the ladies tee in per­fect Sum­mer con­di­ti­ons a 16hc would­n’t shoot 84 at TOC on their first attempt if they scored it pro­per­ly accord­ing to the rules of golf.…otherwise what is the point. And that 98 in the wind and rain would have most likely been 108 if scored accurately.…..Unless you are actual­ly a 6hc mas­que­ra­ding as a 16hc just to win competitions.….in which case you can just go strai­ght to hell 🤣🤣

    4. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring Par­ti­cu­la­ry unplea­sant post. Tan­ta­mount to cal­ling me a liar.
      I was the­re with 3 others – one a R&A mem­ber, one of scratch and ano­t­her play­ing of 9. I don’t belie­ve you were.
      My card was accu­ra­te. I need say not­hing more in respon­se to your vitri­ol except to say – you sound like the sort of gol­fer that many peop­le have had the plea­su­re of not play­ing with.

    1. @K M what are you tal­king about. He blew it big time. I am Rory fan but even I can see that. No wind, easy con­di­ti­ons and the lead.

    2. @mmadchef808 he did not blow it. So after loo­king at some num­bers… 19 of the last 25 54 hole lea­ders in major cham­pions­hips went on to win the cham­pions­hip when shoo­ting a final round 70. So yeah he did­n’t blow it. He just sim­ply got out­play­ed. Peop­le acting like a bogey free under par round on a Sunday in a major is blowing it lol.

    3. @K M He blew a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty. The best he could do was 70. Cmon man he is way bet­ter that. I love Rory, real­ly wish he would have won. He lacks the kil­ler instinct unfortunately.

  1. Cam Smith you just keep grin­ding it out. You are a true never give up the ship man. Wat­ched how you kept up a dog­ged fight to win this years Mas­ters with a clo­se 2nd.. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons win­ning the Open on its 150th anni­ver­s­a­ry!. Histo­ry made.… You cer­tain­ly ear­ned this victory.

    1. @Hyno Designs v.III So what bud­dy, Not many Gol­fers can pick them­sel­ves up after a round like that, but Came­ron did and is tes­ti­mo­ny to his never say die atti­tu­de. I smell a sal­ty Rory Fan, Rory would be tru­ly embarr­as­sed of you. Came­ron Smith was sim­ply unflin­ching today, he holed everything.

    1. Ima­gi­ne if Cam didn’t find the water on 12 at Augus­ta on Sunday. He could’ve Won 2 Majors this year.
      He’s beco­me one of my favo­ri­te gol­fers. Dude never quits!

    2. @david r In Aus ever­yo­ne I know has always refe­red to it as The Open Cham­pions­hip, you may be Ame­ri­can and Ame­ri­cans have always cal­led it the Bri­tish Open. I have never heard the win­ner being cal­led the Bri­tish Open Cham­pion at the pre­sen­ta­ti­on and that’s watching it over a 50 year span. Ein­stein is right.

  2. I’m so glad Cam can final­ly afford a good hair­cut! Serious­ly congra­tu­la­ti­ons Came­ron! You are an ama­zing put­ter and all around gol­fer as well!!!

  3. Best news i heard all day. „after mis­sing our trip to Perth Aus­tra­lia an fin­ding out our daugh­ter was admit­ted to hos­pi­tal this morning, fee­ling a lot bet­ter today congrats CAM.

  4. Whe­re is that dip­s­tick who after day 2 said that he did­n’t want Cam to win becau­se of the way he loo­ks. Accord­ing to him he was­n’t worthy of win­ning the Open becau­se he loo­ked like a hobo. How do you feel now you DH?

  5. Incredi­ble high­lights package.
    My only cri­ti­cism is you show­ed too many of Cam Smith’s approach shots and dri­ves, com­pa­red to other players.

    1. @Prev Sau­di bro, you liter­al­ly said “they show­ed too many of Cams approach shots and dri­ves”. Soooooo what do you mean?????? They did­n’t show all his putts that were insi­de of 10 feet???

  6. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons smit­hy! Sick of Rory, he’s a gob­shi­te and the media suck­le on his man-tits. I’m so plea­sed he did­n’t win, he’d have been unbearable.

  7. Poor Rory, he see­med to Cho­ke when he saw Came­ron cree­ping up on him. Rory’s game just fell away, what a sad sight to see, poor Rory he see­med to have a men­tal block or some­thing but his last round tur­ned out to be his worst, first Smith over­took him and then the Ame­ri­can, Rory just lag­ged behind them unab­le to make a sin­gle bir­die, i guess he just Choked????

    1. @fred flintstone he’s not cri­ti­ci­zing Rory any­mo­re the Rory likes to cri­ti­ci­ze ever­yo­ne else for their choices is he… he cho­ked. Mas­si­ve cho­ke job. Put him in a bucket with his mate Greg Nor­man for the two grea­test cho­ke jobs in histo­ry. Except Nor­man still his 59 more pro­fes­sio­nal wins then Rory and held num­ber 1 for way lon­ger so I guess Nor­man who­ops him too 🤷‍♂️

    2. Cam did­n’t creep up on him, he raced up to him and then strai­ght past him with tho­se 5 bir­dies in a row after the turn.

    3. @mmadchef808 He did­n’t blow it like Greg Nor­man blew the Mas­ters when Fal­do beat him. Nor­man loo­ked like he for­got how to play golf. McIl­roy play­ed well, just not well enough to win. It took a guy put­ting out of his mind to beat him. I’ve wat­ched Cam Smith play ple­nty of times and this is the best he’s ever played.

  8. -6 through the last 9 holes , of The Open, at St Andrew’s, to win your first major. That’s bloo­dy incredi­ble. Fan­tastic stuff, Cam!

    1. Wan­ti­ma Golf cour­se had a huge sign of Cam years ago by the roadsi­de so ever­yo­ne that dro­ve past knew about this kid. I took noti­ce and have fol­lo­wed him ever sin­ce. Gre­at to see him whe­re he is now and good on Wan­ti­ma Golf Club for play­ing a part in his care­er. Hope­ful­ly he can take the cla­ret jug the­re and show it off one day as thanks to tho­se who encou­ra­ged him befo­re the golf world knew who he was 👍

    2. but did he rebound his ball off the café and hit the green on the 18th like rick shiels? serious­ly though some huge golf shots from smith

    1. Dude he cho­ked. No wind on a short easy cour­se…. He made par from the fair­way of a short par 5 and he’s the lon­gest guy out the­re asi­de from Bry­son. Both can be true though. Can won it no doubt. But he had to shoot ‑6 on the back nine to win by 1. And Rory had play like a mup­pet to drop to third.

    2. McIl­roy mis­sed the 5‑footer on 3. Then he fai­led to bir­die eit­her 9, 12, or 14. If he bir­dies two of tho­se four holes they we’­ve got a total­ly dif­fe­rent situa­ti­on down the stretch. But still, if you had told me at the start of the day that he would shoot 70, and that would beat Hov­land, then I would have said he was extre­me­ly likely to win the tournament.

  9. It seems like the Media ” igno­red Cam the who­le way thru tis tour­na­ment .. much to their fault…
    Much shows their igno­ran­ce and Dis­da­ind­for a Real play­er who just Blew their Fining Minds. and Just Thras­hed all the rest of the world .
    Go figu­re that you twats ..

  10. 🌹🌹🌹
    I have the same ques­ti­ons as Came­ron Smith, like what the hell is a Ban­king Code Machi­ne? I just ring Cli­ve like ever­yo­ne else. Is it ille­gal to page­ant the open? Serious­ly he’s an Aus­sie of cour­se it’s make belie­ve money

    1. The­re was the US open coverage from Whist­ling Strai­ghts whe­re they did­n’t have any foo­ta­ge of Dus­tin Johnston’s ope­ning and lea­ding round of 3 under par but all of Tigers round of 10 over. Out­side of that, it’s embarr­as­sing to have so litt­le of one of the grea­test final rounds in an open on a high­lights reel.

    1. What do you reck­on Cam’s ans­wer would be to the ques­ti­on ‘whe­re are you from’? I’ll help you out: it’ll eit­her be Aus­tra­lia or Queensland.

  11. Congrats Came­ron! You deser­ve this, well play­ed! A round that will be tal­ked about for a long time to come. Your name will be etched on much more than just the Cla­ret Jug. A plea­su­re to watch.

  12. After hea­ring his vic­to­ry pres­ser, not­hing but respect for Cam. His humi­li­ty, dry sen­se of humour and rela­ta­bi­li­ty make him easy to cheer for. Deser­ves to be Cham­pion Gol­fer of the Year!

  13. can’t belie­ve the shots the­se guys were making and the put­ting was off the pla­net. 20 under at the bri­tish open. who would have thought. gre­at golf.

  14. *Inves­ting in cryp­to now should be in every wise indi­vi­du­als list, in some mon­ths time you’ll be ecsta­tic with the decisi­on you made today*

  15. A put­ting exhi­bi­ti­on, for sure! The man is a sava­ge under pres­su­re, and I don’t think this will be his last major that he will win.

  16. Phe­no­me­nal round, congrats Cam Smith

    Glad we got to see every one of DJ’s putts he made ins­tead of the bir­die streak of Smith’s

  17. I went to bed after the 4th hole of Smith’s round becau­se I was struggling to stay awa­ke and thought Mcil­roy would be next to impos­si­ble to catch with the way the cour­se was play­ing. Woke up this morning strai­ght to my trus­ted sports news site to be met with a mix­tu­re of joy and dis­be­lief. Well done Smith you are on your way to beco­m­ing a legend of Aus­tra­li­an golf!

    1. I went to bed after Rory mis­sed on the third. I woke this morning and tur­ned on Fox only to see them replay­ing Smit­hs win at the Play­ers. I thought why the hell are they play­ing that? I then ope­ned the The Golf chan­nel app to see him kis­sing The Cla­ret Jug. I went Nuts! WTF! HE WON, FK YEAH! SMITHYYYY!

  18. An abso­lute­ly per­fect day. Went alo­ne. First ever golf event of any kind and it was 150th at St. Andrews and my favou­rite gol­fer tri­um­phed with a his­to­ric char­ge. I was with him from the 1st right up to the 18th Green char­ge, to see him para­de his win. I’ll never for­get today, cheers! 🤝

  19. Whe­re did the wan­ker direc­ting to the tro­phy think he was going to go?
    A huge muyht, who should be clea­ning spikes with his tongue! but gre­at golf from the who­le leaderboard!

  20. All tho­se big hit­ters who could dri­ve a par 4. Done by a guy who is average off the tee but let­hal around the greens. Dri­ve for show, putt for dough. We’ll done Cam.

    1. He was the 6th ran­ked gol­fer in the world com­ing into the Open, but could be ran­ked as high as 3rd now. You clear­ly don’t fol­low golf.

    2. Fly­boy Some­ti­mes that’s true, but not very often. Cam Smith has been tea­ring it up this year and is very well known. On the other hand the 2003 Bri­tish Open was won by Ben Cur­tis, who NOBODY knew. I was the­re at Roy­al St Geor­ge and had to admit to some Brits (I’m Ame­ri­can) that I also had no idea who he was. Fol­low golf for a cou­p­le mon­ths and you’ll learn who’s who.

  21. I’ve been play­ing golf for just over 2 years and have mana­ged to get my han­di­cap down from 25 to 20 and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly Rory’s swing unra­vel­led with a sho­cking last round. What he should be doing is taking the club away from in to out until the top of the back­swing then add some out to in which will help him app­ly­ing too much up and down and that way he will be on a insi­de to insi­de path at the impact zone and his ball should set off strai­ght most of the time. If it is still going all over the place then he’s doing some­thing else com­ple­te­ly wrong. I also do not think sma­shing his balls into the lake will help him win the Bri­tish open. Best wis­hes, John­ny Muscles

    1. @Peter Tay­lor many thanks for the sup­por­ti­ve comments and feed­back. I was only focu­sing on his swing to be honest. They way he grips the club is a litt­le bit cack han­ded and that does­n’t help. Having a cack han­ded grip is never a good thing. His put­ting was­n’t too bad. What Rory needs to focus on next time is to line up the putt pro­per­ly and set it on the cor­rect path. What I always find is that if you putt the ball along the wrong path it never goes in. And also make sure you hit it hard enough. One of the sayings I often use is Never up, Never in. Rory would do well to remem­ber that. Best wis­hes, John­ny Muscles

    2. @Johnny Mus­cles I’ll make sure your tips are pas­sed on to Rory. Allowing for a bit of time for him to bed down the chan­ges, he should be win­ning tour­na­ments by 4 strokes or more wit­hin the next three months.

    3. @Peter Tay­lor thanks David, I’m sure he reads our comments any­way on Mon­days and Tues­days when the­re are no com­pe­ti­ti­ons to play and gol­fers have their 2 days off. When I star­ted play­ing golf 2 years ago I bought the same sort put­ter that Rory uses but it did­n’t work for me so it went into the lake. A lot of my other golf clubs have also ended up in the lake too but the clubs I now use are gre­at. He can bor­row them if he wants. See how he likes them. But I will need them back.

    4. @Working Brainthanks for your feed­back but you are mis­sing the point. What you need to do is take a holistic view on the­se things and look at the big­ger pic­tu­re. Fol­low my advice and you can’t go wrong. Good luck. John­ny Muscles

  22. Cam won the tour­na­ment. This was not a case of someo­ne col­lap­sing with a lead. Bet­ter than watching someo­ne cho­ke imo.

    1. Agreed, gave him a hard time for choo­sing cer­tain shots yes­ter­day and I bet not one gave him props today! Play your game not the 1980s like the com­men­ta­tors keep tal­king about.

    1. @Theophilus Euge­ne Con­nor It does­n’t mat­ter. I’m an idi­ot. I had bets on 20 dif­fe­rent gol­fers to win lol. Inclu­ding Rory and Hov­land. Never doubt the Came­rons I guess.

  23. I’m go for Tiger or Rory, but very hap­py for Cam. With that put­ting abi­li­ty, wining is the least he deser­ves! Well done Cam!

  24. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Came­ron Smith. You’ve done Aus­tra­lia 🇦🇺 proud as well as other play­ers all wit­hin cooee. I thought Adam Scott might throw his hat into ring at the turn.

  25. The way Smith took the air out of the who­le Rory crowd was ama­zing. The announ­cers were so hurt they could­n’t hide their pain 🤣

  26. Tre­men­dous effort… tre­men­dous year with the play­offs ahead. Golf is in good hands no mat­ter what the con­tro­ver­sy. Gre­at job Cam!

  27. Who ever put this high­lights video should give it away & has no idea about con­tent, the­re was num­ber of bir­dies that Smith nai­led & not included. !

  28. Watching this on Sky Sports was ten thousand times bet­ter than NBC. NBC is liter­al­ly almost more adverts than coverage of the golf. They did it at the US Open, ever­yo­ne com­p­lai­ned –they did it again this week, abso­lute­ly revol­ting. Shame on you NBC, you are the worst.

  29. Cham­pion hair­cut of the year!! That was some ama­zing golf by Mr Smith. What a gre­at Cham­pion. He just rip­ped that jug away from the rest of the field.

  30. holy shit he did it… I left ear­ly this morning to dri­ve home and thought rory had it in the bag.. cam was bare­ly in con­ten­ti­on then

  31. Rory win­ning woul­d’­ve been a pret­ty neat his­to­ri­cal event to say the least. I was actual­ly pul­ling for C Smith the ent­i­re tour­na­ment. Super cool watch him win. Talk about the abso­lute­ly most per­fect examp­le of “Put­ting for dough”! Rory just could­n’t get a put to drop. And THANKFULLY no one from the blood money tour won.

    1. @andy thoms You make it sound like he’s never won befo­re. Some­ti­mes the putts fall, some­ti­mes they don’t. He was bur­ning the edges most of the day and had no bogeys so stop it already.

    2. @andy thoms That’s becau­se he knew he nee­ded the eagle to get into a play­off. He pro­bab­ly would­n’t have been so aggres­si­ve with the 2nd shot had that not been the case – the bir­die meant not­hing after that. I will say I’m sur­pri­sed he did­n’t dri­ve the green with his long length – Cam was able to do that.

  32. The mul­let came into its own the­re… a six sen­se with the wind direc­tion . But gre­at per­for­mance Cam Smith, proud of ya mate.

  33. Qui­te pos­si­b­ly the worst high­lights of, not only a major golf tour­na­ment, but any golf tour­na­ment ever in the histo­ry of golf. Why show five minu­tes of high­lights of gol­fers who aren’t in con­ten­ti­on when we don’t care about them? Why not show more shots from the gol­fers who went into the final round with a four shot lead and were expec­ted to win, so we under­stand what hap­pen­ed and why they did­n’t? Why not even show all of the high­lights of the gol­fer who won com­ing down the stretch? Who are you making the­se high­lights for? Not for us, that’s for sure. High­lights are sup­po­sed to tell the sto­ry of what hap­pen­ed in the golf tour­na­ment. The­se high­lights don’t. 👎🏻

  34. What a bril­li­ant round of golf from Cam Smith. Knowing you’­ve got­ta make up tho­se strokes from Rory no less and Rory play­ed well too. Putts just did­n’t drop

  35. Ear­ly in the day one of the announ­cers said “They aren’t pigeons at the top but he may be the cat among them.” What a call.

  36. Perhaps Rory should focus on play­ing golf , rather that com­men­ting on the competion.
    Do you know what is wrong with today’s golf ? Not enough con­si­stant play­ers who main­tain a high stan­dard of play .

  37. นักกอล์ฟทุกคนเล่นได้ดีในสนามแห่งตำนานนี้ แต่แช้มเปี้ยนคนนี้เขาชนะด้วยพัตเตอร์ของเขาจริงๆ Congra­tu­la­ti­ons 🏌‍♂️⛳️🏆👍👏

  38. One of the best final rounds of all time, any event, any year, ever. Best put­ting per­for­mance ever too? Cam has stones of steel. He ear­ned every sin­gle one of tho­se 40 beers.

  39. Rory had all the cheers and zero inner resol­ve. To have 4 days of peop­le roo­ting for you and to let them all down is what PGA Pos­ter BOYS do time and time again. Win­ning takes more than cheers, Rory. It takes the “WILL” to win, and your will is weak. I could help you, but you could­n’t afford me. Your ego just would­n’t have it. Your ego is on par with Spieth’s and Mickelson’s, as they owe me one round of GOLF at Schenec­ta­dy Muni, becau­se of the insi­de infor­ma­ti­on i pro­vi­ded them about Tom Bra­dy in April 2021, that allo­wed them both to score wins short­ly after­ward, and sin­ce they have igno­red paying their KARMA they each have not won. MY WILL stop­ped Tom Bra­dy as he was play­ing, 11–23-15 so my WILL can allow anyo­ne I’m roo­ting for to win. My will is for­med by the space I am con­scious of. When I am con­scious of more space, my will can be in more pla­ces, can’t it? Exact­ly how many times was Phil Mickel­son asked about Tom Bra­dy in a win­ning press con­fe­rence? Ever­ything is MATH, and my MATH can make anyo­ne win, becau­se my MATH is lar­ger than the ent­i­re human race. Ever­yo­ne igno­res me like I don’t exist or I’m cra­zy, like JRE has just announ­ced in my face. I told JRE he can­not make me a laug­hing stock, but that I could make him one, and I guess that pum­ped up his ego blood rus­hing to his head, becau­se he thought it per­ti­nent to degra­de an unknown. I won’t be unknown fore­ver. Peop­le who use infor­ma­ti­on that took gre­at resol­ve to pro­cu­re like its a lol­li­pop stick they can throw away, will have their hopes taken from them. And when peop­le like Rory bad mouth good peop­le, Angry WILLS shadow his every move, causing him to lose. My words are for­med by the space 10,000,000,002,022 that I am con­scious of, and are not up for deba­te or belief. I AM FACT and the rest of huma­ni­ty is fiction.

  40. I want to see the high­light of Smith hol­ding a Sil­ver can that just had ‘BEER’ labe­led on it in the club house haha

  41. I see from the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN. It’s cal­led Eter­ni­ty. The moment I defi­ned THE LIGHT with THE MATH 10,000,000,002,022 WRITTEN when I got writ­ten into it, MY HALO-0-appeared. MY HALO‑0 is my mis­sing link-0- my mis­sing ZERO BIRTHDAY CARD. Put your HALO‑0 on. How else can you be seen from above?

    1. @Peter Tay­lor Very ori­gi­nal. Plea­se exp­lain to me the moment you gai­ned con­scious­ness, becau­se, ever­ything that is, began. I will be right here.

    2. @mark jay­cox I’m wide awa­ke. This is obvious­ly a spor­ting video, so your inco­he­rent rant is com­ple­te­ly off topic and clear­ly does­n’t belong here.

  42. キャメロンおめでとう

    1. Plus the sket­chy moe and the timeless Pen­gu­in shirt. The Pen­gu­in shirt is the icing on his gene­ral pre­sen­ta­ti­on cake.

  43. That cour­se should never host an Open again. Way too short, pro­tec­ted by wind they say, but guess what some­ti­mes it isn’t win­dy. Ludi­crous pin posi­ti­ons on extre­me­ly undu­la­ting greens as a defen­se is just intro­du­cing the ele­ment of luck to a gre­at extent – as are extre­me­ly undu­la­ting fair­ways. Too many bun­kers in the midd­le of the fair­way many of which are pot bun­kers not fair­way bun­kers. Huge dou­ble greens (which makes a round here very much a put­ting con­test) and criss-cross fair­ways make for time-con­suming rounds. Scot­land has much bet­ter cour­ses than this. And Cam Smith would have won on any of them.

    1. Still pro­du­ced one of the best Open I have seen. It does­n’t real­ly mat­ter if they go ‑50 or +50 , it’s all rela­ti­ve any­way. No wind and rain meant the con­di­ti­ons were as fair as they could be. I don’t dis­agree with what you said, but they will never remo­ve the most his­to­ric golf cour­se from the calen­dar, ever.

  44. Jesus cht­ist!! 20 under? The wea­ther must have never got­ten up. Tho­se scores are pret­ty ridi­cu­lous for an open championship.

  45. I was so impres­sed with both Cams. I think each will win majors. Rory, on the other hand, I doubt it. Still a fine gol­fer, but just has no extra gear when he needs it.

  46. I was roo­ting for Rory but Cam did an incredi­ble job of taking it away from him. I’ve been say­ing that Rory will never win ano­t­her major as long as he has his bud­dy cad­dy­ing for him. His cad­dy is abso­lute­ly NO HELP to him. He shoul­d’­ve con­trac­ted ‘Bones’ when Phil M. released him. Congrats to Cam!

  47. Stay­ed up and wat­ched every round in full which meant 4 days of 3.30am finis­hes, all worth it. That par save on 17 might be the most clut­ch 2 putt of his career.
    Gre­at final day and exci­ting finish. Gre­at lea­der board too for a final day showdown.

  48. Shout out for Tom­my F and ano­t­her good finish. If he did­n’t keep play­ing hims­elf out of con­ten­ti­on on Day 1 he’d win a lot more.

  49. Came­ron – a hel­lu­va gol­fer, but the sh-tt-est hair­cut I ever saw.
    His PR per­son should talk to him about cut­ting that scrag­gly mop down his neck.
    It would impro­ve his per­so­nal appeal immen­se­ly and incre­a­se endorsements.

  50. Still remem­ber fol­lowing Cam smith at the Sel­angor Mas­ters some­time in 2014/15. Grin­ding his way to the top. What a player

  51. Only play­er in mas­ters histo­ry to shoot all four rounds in the the 60’s, Play­ers champion,Open champion,Won the sentry,Cam will win mul­ti­ple majors becau­se he’s easi­ly the best put­ter in golf!

  52. Your life is fic­tion when you are con­scious of one chan­nel of Time. If Time is a fre­quen­cy, and you’­re on chan­nel 2022, why have you never moved the dial? Your one chan­nel 2022 forms your mono­to­nous voice on some dol­ls recor­der, on a lost chan­nel of time that for some rea­son never moved that sec­tion of their mind to remap the time its told it’s in. 2022, just ano­t­her lost door in The Twi­light Zone, spea­king of which the 9–3‑60 is the secret pre­cur­sor to the 1962 “The Man­chu­ri­an Can­di­da­te”, and only James of “Twel­ve Mon­keys” could tell you so. Nana nana. Less than 3 years sin­ce I announ­ce I will beco­me the 1st to use 20% of my brains capa­ci­ty I do just that 8–8‑15 and 11–23-15, and in bet­ween the POPE made a visit very clo­se to me, 8–18-15.

  53. I have this fun­ny fee­ling that young man will hold that tro­phy a few more times in his care­er as well as own a cer­tain color of jacket very soon! Congra­tu­la­ti­ons, Cam!

  54. Super hap­py. Ame­ri­can here thro­wing some love to my Aus­tra­li­an bro­thers and sis­ters. You pro­du­ced a class act in Cam Smith.

  55. mango­ha kayo Ng babae sa Indo­n­essia ngay­on kahit ilan 300 pera­so kas­a­ma kas­a­ma Japan tai­wan mag dala kayo Ng RPG

    1. I won­der if this is the best ever aggre­ga­te score for a pai­ring in the final round of a major? 15 under must be bloo­dy hard to beat. I can’t think of anything that even comes close.

  56. Very hap­py for cam smith. Always been up the­re in many tour­na­ments and he is the cham­pion gol­fer of the year 2022.

  57. Look at you, born with 5 sen­ses, and your body still has 5 sen­ses (hope­ful­ly) and LOGIC which begins at Zero, whe­re you haven’t yet remem­be­red being con­scious of, the moment you are born is seen, the moment you mea­su­re it hap­pe­ning by making your Zero Bir­th­day card. Must be some­thing very power­ful if it’s taken from every child in the world ever­y­day, huh? Put your Halo‑0 on, and SEE.

    1. Logic says too, that if your body has the same 5 sen­ses now sin­ce birth, then that means you have shown zero growth in sen­se sin­ce birth. Does that sound like con­scious­ness to you? Mmm?

  58. Been my second favo­ri­te play­er for qui­te a few years now!! First major at the home of golf can’t com­p­lain with that ⛳

  59. Came­ron Smith has an ama­zing round to win espe­cial­ly the back 9 with 4 bir­dies yet they bare­ly show­ed or men­tio­ned him until near the end! Not good enough!

  60. If he had had a solid 3rd round he would have won by miles. Some of the best put­ting chip­ping and cour­se manage­ment ive ever wat­ched. Well deser­ved win Cammo !!!!!!!!!

  61. Mcil­roy putts just whe­re not fal­ling could be some kar­ma for the guy but cam just play­ed lights out the back nine. Defi­ni­te­ly deser­ved it with the put­ting cli­nic he put on.

  62. Dear Tre­vor and DL III: Can we plea­se see Came­ron Smith vs Came­ron Young in the Sunday Sin­gles in the 2022 Pre­si­dents Cup? TY

  63. This is how a MAN plays golf – nobo­dy gave it to him – he went out and GRABBED it! That’s how you win an Open Championship!

  64. What abso­lu­te idi­ot edi­ted the­se high­lights? Smith scores 5 bir­dies in a row from 10 to 14 and we don’t even see most of them and you would have no idea from this video. Yet at the same time we see regu­lar­ly see Spieth who is 7 shots behind! Some­thing so stu­pid just has to be a mar­ke­ting decisi­on to keep the atten­ti­on of the ame­ri­can audience.

  65. Cmon Ozzie Cmon Cmon Bra­vo CAM fk the lori Knew it was Sus when Cam leads Round 2 and the NZ Geor­ge & ever­yo­ne else dis­ses Cam to dote over pri­ma don­na rori gfy Congratulations!💘🚀

  66. What a fan­tastic win by Came­ron Smith !! What a way to pro­ve all the doub­ters wrong by win­ning the 150th Open at St Andews the home of golf ⛳ Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Cam you made Aus­tra­lia proud and you tho­rough­ly deser­ved that cla­ret jug, hats off to you mate 👏

  67. Ima­gi­ne win­ning a Bri­tish open with a last round of 64, and still not necessa­ri­ly even being the best “Came­ron Smith” to repre­sent Queens­land sport in the last twen­ty years. 🤣 I reck­on Came­ron will be a popu­lar name for boys born the­re in this era.

  68. The cham­pion who doesn’t do a prac­ti­ce swing in his put­ting, he just uses his eyes. Does he put mea­su­re­ment sen­sors in his eyes ? What a gre­at put­ter! Both Cam Smith and Min­jee Lee won The Open and US Open, what a gre­at 2022 for Aus­tra­li­an golfers!!

  69. Why don’t tho­se peop­le who yell “get in the hole” just say “golf”, ‘cos that is the point, no? Well done to the boy from Down Under

  70. The­se high­lights are pure shit­ty! Cam had a legen­da­ry round of golf and you cant show any of his approach shots .. all putts? @theopen plea­se don’t turn into the pga­tour and beco­me lame w/media!

  71. You show­ed 4 total strokes from Came­ron Smith’s 5 con­se­cu­ti­ve bir­dies but 3 strokes just from Jor­dan Spieth on 17

  72. Has the best game for the majors short game and put­ting is next level and his deme­a­nour is per­fect. Congrats young man may it be the first of many.

  73. What a win. Play­ed like a champ, now he is the Champ.
    Cham­pion Gol­fer of the Year.
    Real­ly enjoy­ed watching this years Open.

  74. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to Smith, abso­lute­ly deser­ving win. But I must say, to all the play­ers this was some of the finest golf I have had the plea­su­re of watching.

  75. 1:03 Fitizpatrick’s bun­ker shot into 2nd green was the shot of the­se high­lights. Hard to over­sta­te how good that strike was.

  76. Never heard anyo­ne say a bad word about Cam Smith. He has no ego and let’s his golf do the tal­king. Win or loo­se he keeps that stone cold tem­pe­ra­ment. Congrats Cam what a final round.

  77. Nice sum­ma­ry of the final day of the #The150thOpen!!!!

    How was McIlroy’s bun­ker shot mis­sed from this com­pi­la­ti­on?! Awe­so­me week of golf it was!!!

    I love golf!!! I look for­ward to play­ing at the #Old­Cour­se some time soon.

  78. The way that Bri­tish Open is set­up is far bet­ter then US Open…at least we see­ing bir­dies and eagles ins­tead of play­ers try­ing to hang on for dear life. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to the orga­ni­zers for giving us a fan­tastic show!

  79. Just a scin­til­la­ting last round and what about that back nine!!!! Fabu­lous to watch and well deser­ved win. Congrats from England

  80. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Came­ron Smith. I got up to watch you for all 4 rounds, tru­ly sen­sa­tio­nal golf.
    I could­n’t belie­ve my 👀 at 2am this morning Aus­tra­li­an time. 5 bir­dies in a row, then the clut­ch par putt on the famous Road hole. Then to to it off knock to the frin­ge on 18 and get down in 2 for a bir­die for round of 64 ‑20. This is a win for the Ages, the Golf was phe­no­me­nal all week.
    The cour­se was just spar­k­ling in all its glory.
    You join the Aus­tra­li­ans and all legen­da­ry Gol­fers whom have won the most pres­ti­gious Major in Golf.
    Well Done Came­ron Smith 🏌‍♂️⛳🏆🥇🇦🇺

  81. Not to take anything away from the bril­li­ant play of Came­ron, but serious­ly the year is 2022. They can’t water the fair­ways? If the play­ers were not bound to pay lip ser­vice to the tra­di­ti­ons of the game I’m sure many would admit it’s a lou­sy cour­se. Mul­ti­ple driv­a­ble par fours, ridi­cu­lous undu­la­ti­ons on the “fair­ways”, bun­kers to swal­low good dri­ves. Most shots to the greens end up 50 feet away no mat­ter what shot is hit (unless you hit the per­fect shot or get lucky). I love the 17th hole but the 18th is the Worst Hole in Golf.

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