Cameron Smiths Strafraumregelung führt zu einer Zwei-Schläge-Strafe

Cameron Smiths Strafraumregelung fuehrt zu einer Zwei Schlaege Strafe 2022 fedex st. jude championship

Nach einer wei­te­ren Über­prü­fung eines von Came­ron Smith in der drit­ten Run­de des FedEx St. Jude Clas­sic 2022 aus­ge­führ­ten Penal­ty Area Drops wur­de ent­schie­den, dass Came­ron Smith mit einer Zwei-Schlä­ge-Stra­fe belegt wer­den wür­de. Die Stra­fe wur­de nach einer Dis­kus­si­on zwi­schen Smith und den Offi­zi­el­len der PGA TOUR-Regeln ver­hängt. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Die 125 bes­ten Spie­ler der FedEx­Cup-Rang­lis­te wer­den die­se Woche beim ers­ten von drei FedEx­Cup-Play­offs-Events außer­halb von Mem­phis auf­schla­gen. Scot­tie Scheff­ler wird zu TPC Sou­thwind wech­seln und die FedEx­Cup-Punk­te­lis­te anfüh­ren, nach­dem er in einem unglaub­li­chen Jahr 2022 vier Mal gewon­nen hat, dar­un­ter einen Sieg beim Mas­ters-Tur­nier im April. Tony Fin­au geht nach auf­ein­an­der­fol­gen­den Sie­gen bei den 3M Open und dem Rocket Mor­tga­ge Clas­sic als Sieb­ter in der FedEx­Cup-Rang­lis­te in die Play­offs. Der Ame­ri­ka­ner gewann das ers­te FedEx­Cup Play­offs-Event im Jahr 2021 und hofft, sei­nen Titel auf einem neu­en Gast­ge­ber-Golf­platz ver­tei­di­gen zu kön­nen. Came­ron Smith wird zum ers­ten Mal seit sei­nem Sieg bei The Open wie­der spie­len. Im ver­gan­ge­nen Jahr ver­pass­te der Aus­tra­li­er beim ers­ten FedEx­Cup-Play­offs-Event nur knapp einen Sieg, nach­dem er in einem Play­off gegen Tony Fin­au ver­lo­ren hat­te. Auf dem zwei­ten Platz in der FedEx­Cup-Wer­tung sit­zend, soll­te ein gutes Ergeb­nis für Smith beim FedEx St. Jude ihn in die bes­te Posi­ti­on brin­gen, um am Ende des Monats um den ulti­ma­ti­ven Preis der PGA TOUR zu kämp­fen. Der letzt­jäh­ri­ge FedEx­Cup-Sie­ger Patrick Cant­lay, der der­zeit auf dem fünf­ten Platz liegt, wird ver­su­chen, der ers­te FedEx­Cup-Sie­ger in Fol­ge zu wer­den. Der 30-Jäh­ri­ge hat die­se Sai­son nur ein­mal beim Zurich Clas­sic of New Orleans gewon­nen, kommt aber in groß­ar­ti­ger Form in die Play­offs und lan­de­te bei sei­nen drei letz­ten Events unter den Top 10. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.pga​tour​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Wer­tun­gen und Sta­tis­ti­ken! Fol­gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​t​o​ur/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​G​A​T​our Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​G​A​T​OUR Tik­Tok: https://​tik​tok​.com /@pgatour Sound­Cloud: https://​sound​cloud​.com/​p​g​a​t​our Mel­den Sie sich für exklu­si­ve Bericht­erstat­tung an – http://​www​.pga​tour​li​ve​.com PGA TOUR Supers­to­re – http://​www​.pga​tour​su​pers​to​re​.com/

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343 thought on “Cameron Smiths Strafraumregelung führt zu einer Zwei-Schläge-Strafe”

  1. Ridi­cu­lous­ly stu­pid rule, and ruling com­ing a day after this occur­red. Of cour­se it’s Cam Smith, haha, tar­ge­ting by the beta PGA Tour.

    1. It’s incredi­b­ly obvious what they’re doing. Didn’t show one high­light of his on day one after he shot a 65! Scot­tie Scheff­ler told by the PGA to mess with him and walk right in his line, and now this bogus penalty.

  2. Cam said he the rules are the rules and didnt care, becau­se he knows he is lea­ving. Ano­t­her rea­son why play­ers think the PGA is stupid.

    1. Just wait a bit until a play­er gets to start at 10 under which hap­pens in a few weeks. So incredi­b­ly stu­pid. THIS is why LIV exists.

    2. @Adam Zis­ser­man His ball went into the water, he drop­ped. Ball was tou­ch­ing the line. DIdnt gain any com­pe­ti­ti­ve advan­ta­ge. Play was yes­ter­day, bla­me the offi­cial that was wal­king with the group. Not the player.

    1. Ridi­cu­lous tri­vi­al, incon­se­quen­ti­al rea­son for the ruling. If they can’t give a ruling befo­re the round is over then they’re too late. No penal­ty. And the PGA won­ders why play­ers are flo­cking to LIV.

    1. @bryan H You are a hypo­cri­te becau­se you buy Chi­ne­se made clothes, pay for and use Chi­ne­se made tech, and run your car and home on Sau­di oil & gas.….yet you cri­ti­cise LIV play­ers and other gol­fers for accep­t­ing Chi­ne­se tech money and Sau­di oil money that YOU hel­ped them make 🤣🤣🤡

  3. No mat­ter what it loo­ks bad for the pga tour. Cam may have play­ed his round dif­fer­ent­ly yes­ter­day. This was the 4th hole. Could have made up a cou­p­le shots yes­ter­day if he knew. PGA fails again.

  4. At The Open, and every week, play­ers tee off 7 hours apart in total­ly dif­fe­rent wea­ther con­di­ti­ons. Nobo­dy says a peep at how unfair that is to half the field. Then a ball is tou­ch­ing a red line and it’s a two shot penal­ty. Ina­ne. Foot­ball bas­ket­ball switch ends at halfti­me just to keep things fair yet golf allows wea­ther to pena­li­ze half the field.

    Now do you see why the shot­gun start is so much more fair?

  5. Rules are the rules! Chan­ge the dumb snob­by rule so that the second time you drop if it rolls down a slo­pe the play­er can place the ball whe­re it hit the ground after he drop­ped it the second time! Dumb!

  6. any­bo­dy knows the ball can’t be on the pain­ted line. Abso­lute­ly stu­pid to not call an offi­cial over for a ruling or opi­ni­on. How is he not also pena­li­zed ano­t­her two strokes for signing an incor­rect score card? remem­ber how they mur­de­red that LPGA gol­fer Lexie Thomp­son? Not only gave her a two stro­ke penal­ty, but then ano­t­her two strokes for signing an incor­rect score card.

    1. New update Janu­a­ry no lon­ger get DQ for signing on a penal­ty you did­n’t know. The ball can be tou­ch­ing white­li­nes. Alot of gol­fer get tho­se 2 mixed up

    2. @Albany Fx I never said anything about DQ. Jesus peop­le, learn to read with under­stan­ding. I said Lexi was not DQd. She was given an extra 2 stro­ke penalty.

  7. The­re are many dumb rules in golf (e.g. gol­fers have to play from a divot in the fair­way even though it’s clear­ly ground under repair) but this one’s pret­ty strai­ght for­ward. It’s a shame that the offi­cials weren’t the­re to pre­vent the mistake.

    1. Offi­cials aren’t the­re to tell play­ers they’­re brea­king the rules, they offer rulings WHEN ASKED. Offi­cials are the­re to enfor­ce the rules.

  8. Why was­n’t the play­er signing for an incor­rect score if this was inde­ed after the round that they found this ou? Surely if he signed for a score that was then 2 shots bet­ter than he actual­ly shot he should be disqualified?

    1. You are right. They wan­ted to nob­b­le him… Not dis­qua­li­fy him. May­be he should have “wal­ked”.…. Dis­qua­li­fied hims­elf. That would have stuf­fed them

  9. Ano­t­her stu­pid dou­ble jea­por­dy rule that needs to be stop­ped, just utter stu­pi­di­ty, hes just dun­ched it, and now gets punis­hed for a minor rule infrac­tion that shouldnt exist….

    1. Just becau­se you under­stand rule does­n’t make it so. He knew the rule, or shoul­d’­ve, dis­re­gar­ded it and and play­ed it anyhow.

    2. @brembe01 im say­ing the rule its­elf is dumb, whilst i under­stand you take full reli­ef from a drop, punis­hing a play­er for what is effec­tively being over­ly picky, doesnt ser­ve the rules / offi­cials, right and it makes the game of golf look even more stu­pid to tho­se who dont enjoy the gre­at game we play. Its a good way to say, yeah we have rules for no req­son that will punish you for no rea­son, have fun…

    3. And what i mean by full reli­ef here, is no part of the ball must be tou­ch­ing in a ver­ti­cal line of any part of the hazard or whe­re you are drop­ping from. Reli­ef from other drops means no part of your stance as well as ball may be tou­ch­ing the ver­ti­cal line. Wel­co­me to golf rules are con­fu­sing for no real rea­son 101

  10. And the PGA run­ning around acting like they’re the good guys. Chi­ck­in­s­hits ! Low­li­fe losers ! Chea­ters. Will Z, you aint win­ning the pga is win­ning for you !

  11. The­re is a rumor this play­er may join LIV. We will show him who is boss.
    If a penal­ty is mis­sed by the end of the day, does the rules offi­cials and com­mit­tee get a reduc­tion in pay?

  12. This is defi­ni­te­ly incredi­b­ly sus­pi­cious, the pga offi­cials were aler­ted after by someo­ne reviewing the broad­cast. I sin­ce­rely hope the pga has to beg on their kne­es for LIV’s help after the class­less actions we have seen.

  13. He’s having the best sea­son of his care­er… he can afford to take this one on the chin. Bet­ter to catch a bad break now than during a year he is struggling!

  14. This is what is so insa­ne and illo­gi­cal about some of the rules of golf. He recei­ved no advan­ta­ge from his error, if anything becau­se he didn’t take full reli­ef of the hazard he was stan­ding on the rock (making his next shot more dif­fi­cult). The­re is no fair­ness to the rule or jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of it to any logi­cal per­son. He just didn’t take full reli­ef, lol.

    He should have made the state­ment Ser­gio made not too long ago, I’ll be so glad to play else­whe­re soon (whe­re they pay much bet­ter) and aren’t idiots.

    1. Rules are not made to be fair necessa­ri­ly. Stop making a big deal out of not­hing; he should have read the rule book, after all his place of employ­ment is a golf course.

    2. How right you are, my same reac­tion, it makes no dif­fe­rence what so ever, just becau­se someo­ne pain­ted a line?
      If the pga is worried about gro­wing the game becau­se of liv. They need to get rid of the­se none sen­se rules. You still have to make the shot. In our evening game we play win­ter rules in fair­way, why should you be pena­li­zed becau­se your ball found ano­t­her gol­fers divot. No one on staff fixes divots on the fairways.

    3. @Mark Huru yep mark I see the obvious simi­la­ri­ty of your evening social game and a pro­fes­sio­nal tour­na­ment. Perhaps we should allow each group in the field agree on which rules they are hap­py to obser­ve and tho­se which they choo­se to ignore.

    4. @Mark Huru Does it mat­ter if a WR cat­ches a pass and they call it no good becau­se someo­ne pain­ted a side­li­ne and his foot touched it? How else do you mark a hazard area without put­ting down a line? The rule­book clear­ly sta­tes you must take reli­ef OUTSIDE the hazard.… you’­ve got to mark that sepa­ra­ti­on somehow, and lines are a pret­ty con­ve­ni­ent way to do that.

  15. Bruh, he alrea­dy took a drop. U are picking on a drop that rol­led 2mm tou­ch­ing the line. FFS not like he is try­ing cheat for bet­ter lie or avoid a drop or groun­ded his club in hazard.

    1. Lack of intent does­n’t mat­ter, he clear­ly bro­ke a rule. It’s much easier to enfor­ce every rule at all times than to try and deci­de when a play­er is mea­ning to gain an advan­ta­ge or not.

    1. Oun­ce you have to take relief,you must take total reli­ef. And tou­ch­ing the line is still in the hazard. lIV ‘s rules will be exact­ly the same .

    1. I agree that’s a total bias call….the rules offi­cial on that hole didn’t say anything, they actual­ly went back to tape of the replay to seek out a pos­si­ble error. They went loo­king for some­thing to call him on….. if he play­ed it “completely”out of the penal­ty area he would hav had a bet­ter lie…… doesn’t the rules offi­cial come over any­way to make sure he is drop­ping and play­ing it legally?

    2. @10S Coach No. The rules offi­cial comes over when you ask them to come over, other­wi­se they assu­me you know the rules. He made an honest mista­ke. The USGA rule book is clear about the rule, and also the penal­ty, and it takes into account if it was an honest mista­ke or not. A “serious” bre­ach of the rule, i.e. they play­ed it from the wrong spot to gain an advan­ta­ge, gets you DQ’d

  16. First Scheff­ler walks over Cam’s put­ting line and now this! What a scam! They are ste­aling this tour­na­ment from him becau­se he is going to LIV. But Cam will have the last $140 mil­li­on laugh!

  17. Inves­ting in cryp­to now should be in every wise indi­vi­du­als list, in some mon­ths time you’ll be ecsta­tic with the decisi­on you made today*.

    1. Peop­le pho­ning in has been done away with after the Lexi Thomp­son inci­dent. Rewatching tv for infrac­tions is still smt the tours do, its just done intern­al­ly now

    2. View­ers can no lon­ger call in rules infrac­tions, but each tour­na­ment has a rules offi­cial who moni­tors and reviews the broad­casts, same with LPGA and DP Tours.

    3. @Eric Aus­tin why did he wait until about an hour befo­re Cam was going to tee off to talk to him about it?
      Was it becau­se he is off to LIV Golf?

  18. Not a bad rule – had he known he would have pla­ced the ball com­ple­te­ly out­side the penal­ty area- and that is legal when the drop­ped ball rolls into the area. He could have reques­ted a rules offi­cial to take a look pri­or to hit­ting the ball to get an opi­ni­on on his drop, but he didn’t. I think he will next time.

    1. @I’m ratio­nal, how about You? pret­ty sure Jus­tin Tho­mas did the exact same thing at the pga cham­pions­hip. Cant remem­ber which hole but it wasn’t called.

  19. Whe­re was the rules offi­cial to tell him to place it just abo­ve the line? He would have asked he would have been told to hand place it… Ano­t­her rea­son LIV is gai­ning traction…

  20. He should have asked for cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on from an offi­cial. Knowing ano­t­her drop might be worse he cho­se to take the shot. The rules are the rules and he knows them.

    1. Wise up would ya …for all he new he was doing not­hing wrong i mean not one announ­cer picked it up i mean ya spe­cu­la­ting he new what he was doing was questionable!

    2. Or, it would have rol­led back into the same area and he would get to place it which would ensu­re a bet­ter lie.… you’­re half cor­rect, he should have asked for cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on. And why, knowing that a ball went into the water, was­n’t a rules offi­cial right the­re at the point of the 1st drop, obser­ving that the drop was done correctly ?

  21. I real­ly love the game but this is what I hate about golf and why peop­le don’t want to play this gre­at game. Stuffy peop­le who are irrele­vant wan­ting to be in the lime­light. What a joke.

  22. You can’t hit from a place that some ran­dom greens kee­per spray pain­ted a line… an ima­gi­na­ry line. Let the­se dudes play bro, one more rea­son to dip to LIV.

  23. Does­n’t a tour offi­cial walk with every group? One shoul­d’­ve advi­sed him befo­re he made an inno­cent error. Remem­ber the Memo­ri­al when they told Jon Rahm AFTER his round he had tes­ted posi­ti­ve for covid and had to with­draw? They coul­d’­ve allo­wed him to go out ear­ly and play his last round with only his cad­die and tour offi­cals. He had a huge lead and woul­d’­ve won the way he was play­ing at the time ( he won the US Open weeks later). The PGA is shoo­ting them­sel­ves in the foot with the LIV fias­co, boring tour­na­ments on boring ( at least on TV) cour­ses, only one match­play tour­na­ment and the only Shack­le­ford sco­ring tour­na­ment is oppo­si­te the frea­king Bri­tish Open.

  24. Tou­ch­ing the line or over the line, my god what a stu­pid rule. You won­der why play­ers are lea­ving in dro­ves to get away from the PGA with situa­tions like this.

  25. Jus­tin Tho­mas would’ve never had that penal­ty cal­led against him. Some­thing tells me his infrac­tion would’ve went “unno­ti­ced”.

    1. You mean like the time JT got a penal­ty becau­se his ball wob­bled slight­ly befo­re he put­ted it, even though he did­n’t touch it? If you don’t think the PGA Tour calls even the tiniest, see­min­gly dum­best pen­al­ties, you haven’t been watching the PGA Tour.

  26. I took my wife over to Sau­di Ara­bia and beat her up in the town squa­re so we would fit in with ever­y­bo­dy. When she com­p­lai­ned to me, I said, “sor­ry honey, the rules are the rules.” 

    All the gol­fers that direct­ly took Sau­di money are dirt bags

    1. The­re is ano­t­her rule whe­re if a play­er is unawa­re that a penal­ty should be levied against their score, the penal­ty is app­lied rather than disqualification.
      Tiger had a simi­lar situa­ti­on in the 2013 US Mas­ters whe­re he was pena­li­sed two shots after the 2nd round for drop­ping in the wrong spot on the 15th.

    1. No, rules chan­ged recent­ly to pre­vent that sce­n­a­rio, whe­re the penal­ty is app­lied later (the next day) it no lon­ger results in a DQ.

  27. So let me under­stand this, Smith gets a TWO STROKE PENALTY for play­ing a ball that’s res­ting on a paint spray­ed line. Yeah, I can see that, it clear­ly gave him an advantage.

    1. @jacob ben­nett There’s not­hing ridi­cu­lous about fol­lowing the rules. There’s no gray area, or “spi­rit” of the rules to be con­si­de­red. It’s black and white, and has to be fol­lo­wed the same for all com­pe­ti­tors. It sucks, but it is what it is, and Smith was an abso­lu­te pro­fes­sio­nal about it.

      The penal­ty used to be MUCH stif­fer than a two-stro­ke penal­ty for some­thing like this. Befo­re 2016, he would have been DQ’d for signing an incor­rect score­card. Thank­ful­ly they’­ve chan­ged the rule sin­ce then for honest mista­kes in sco­ring, such as this case whe­re Smith did­n’t do it on pur­po­se, but rather did­n’t ful­ly under­stand the drop rules.

    2. @Venerated Mor­tal Yep, no way were they going to allow him to win this one. All they mana­ged to do was make him even more deter­mi­ned to lea­ve. Well done PGA. You’­re real­ly hand­ling the pro­blem perfectly. 😁

  28. Yep, no need to say it, the PGA is hating on any play­er who is con­si­de­ring going to LIV Tour. And this is pro­of they are doing it in fine fashion and ever­yo­ne can see it.

  29. He was enti­t­led to place his ball after it did­n’t stay in the drop zone. He may have thought pla­cing it would have given him an advan­ta­ge. He should have taken the time to get a ruling.
    Eit­her way, he cop­ped it sweet and got on with it.

    1. That’s irrele­vant. What is rele­vant is that the ball was still tech­ni­cal­ly in the hazard after his drop. If he had taken ano­t­her pre­vious drop, it does­n’t chan­ge the situa­ti­on in the slightest.

    2. Hope al is well . Were not tal­king about the play should be or even if its cor­rect, we’­re tal­king about how he came to that con­clu­si­on in the ruling by his point of view. Bless day brother

  30. PGA is as cor­rupt as the DNC they dona­te to.
    Fun Fact: check out their Board of Direc­tors. All wall street donor class.
    Some of the few that actual­ly did vote for p3do Joe.
    That being said, Cam should of got a ruling on the drop.


    1. The old rule would have been a dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on for sining an incor­rect score­card. Thank­ful­ly they chan­ged that in 2016 in the case of “honest” mistakes.

  31. He did­n’t gain an advan­ta­ge .. this is the dum­best stuff. Go back and watch a NBA game or NFL.. you will see Pen­al­ties not cal­led. They don’t go back and call them after

  32. This is why peop­le hate golf some­ti­mes. The­se rules are total BS. He liter­al­ly did not­hing wrong. If you didn’t catch it live, you can’t go back and punish a play­er after the fact becau­se you saw some­thing on a video a day later

  33. Once the card has been signed and accep­ted by the PGA, it is final; mista­ke by PGA again; how about awar­ding the 99 Bri­tish to Van de Vel­de then…

  34. If he were to win then join LIV it would be an emba­rass­ment to the tour.. Have not­hing against play­ers joi­ning LIV as long as they don’t put them­sel­ves on a pedes­tal and claim some lof­ty rea­sons for doing it. Cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca is FULL of dir­ty money so what are you doing about it? As for golf ran­king points the fiel­ds in PGA and DP tour events are deeper and they play 72 holes so how are you going to award points in this app­les and oran­ges situa­ti­on. BTW how did Patrick Reed do in a minor event whe­re he’s the top bil­ling? Nuff said

    1. Liv has had three events. That’s it . Pga going sin­ce what the late 60s . In time it will run right over pga . They can pick up world ran­king points on the Asi­an tour too .

  35. I love how all the PGA Tours con­tent is vir­tue signa­ling for the play­ers who are point­less­ly stay­ing loy­al to the PGA Tour and they are making con­tent about how they are more moral peop­le. I am sick of the PGA Tour and I’m not watching it any­mo­re, just wai­t­ing for the next LIV Golf event.

  36. Look at the child­ren in the PGA acting like bit­ter, vin­dic­ti­ve midd­le schoo­lers. He had no advan­ta­ge and the drop area is non existent.

  37. PGA you are doing this becau­se Cam is going to LIV GOLF. He will boun­ce back from your cheap shot and take your FED EX money and go to LIV. LOL, IDIOTS.

  38. loo­ks like pga is on the wrong here… never heard about pga doing this to anyo­ne else… I’ll start fol­lowing Cam Smith on liv golf… was­n’t a fan of life v golf for­mat.. thanks PGA

  39. Not only did his hit­ting from the­re crea­te no advan­ta­ge for him,( it actual­ly was an awk­ward shot from the­re) he was pro­bab­ly try­ing to be con­si­de­ra­te so the other gol­fers would­n’t have to wait for some offi­cial to come lum­be­ring over and take an hour try­ing to figu­re out the rules! This was not in the pro­per spi­rit of the game!

    1. You mean like the other gol­fers that were with him? And the hund­reds of fans that were watching??? You’d think they’d know the rules too, eh troll?????

  40. Golf has chan­ged this rule years ago, for this very rea­son, the­re is no rea­son why they need to look at this foo­ta­ge unless someo­ne told them too. Which was the rule chan­ge, peop­le can’t call in and tell them to look at video for 18 hours ago. But I guess, they don’t care .

    1. At-home view­ers can no lon­ger call in rules vio­la­ti­ons, but rules offi­cials who are part of the tour­na­ment CAN. The PGA Tour, LPGA, DP Tour, Ladies Euro­pean Tour and PGA of Ame­ri­ca all assign at least one rules offi­cial to moni­tor all tour­na­ment tele­casts and resol­ve any rules issues.

  41. PGA screwd up. When they first noti­ced it they should have told the play­er. Wai­t­ing until the next day is unac­cep­ta­ble. I smell politics!!

  42. I wat­ched the inci­dent with Schef­ler it was one of the most unsports­man­li­ke like acts I have seen in a long time inte­res­ted to know if he was pena­li­sed for unsports­man­li­ke like con­duct and brin­ging the game into dis­re­pu­te. “ I DOUBT NOT “ the PGA would never upset one their gol­den boys and have once again high­ligh­ted their Ame­ri­can bias. Extre­me­ly disap­poin­ted with their action towards Cam, but in the true AUSTRALIAN spi­rit he just got on with it.
    Well done Cam you are big­ger and bet­ter than the pet­ty PGA

  43. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is a sin, so said David Rocke­fel­ler. I guess the pga feels the same way. But you can’t claim to have the best in your tour­na­ments any­mo­re, becau­se you kicked them out, rui­ned your own brand out of spite.

    1. If a WR cat­ches a pass but his foot on the line, do we just give him the catch becau­se they show­ed skill in catching it? No. The­re is not­hing hor­ses­hit or laug­ha­ble about app­ly­ing the rules as they are written.

  44. Agree with the mas­ses. PGA is acting like a scor­ned ex-lover. None of the PGA purists would have been ques­tio­ned about this, let alo­ne pena­li­zed. Kudos to Cam for brushing it off.

  45. This is not one bit sur­pri­sing. PGA cant hand­le the thre­at of the LIV tour. They are liter­al­ly giving the press even more to wri­te about. Its honest­ly like the PGA have rocks in the­re head at this point. Even pos­ting this YT vid is dumb.

  46. Rules in golf are to pre­vent a play­er from gai­ning an unfair advan­ta­ge. I see no way this bene­fi­ted him. When you enfor­ce “rules” just “becau­se”? You beco­me a joke. Which is exact­ly what the PGA has become.…

  47. The rules offi­cial should have stay­ed around and payed more atten­ti­on to the situa­ti­on and let cam know it eit­her was or was­n’t ok to con­ti­nue to play from whe­re he was to avoid what hap­pen­ed today

  48. Love it when they go back after the fact and make a ruling becau­se some view­er thinks he’s an offi­cial. Loo­ks like sour gra­pes from the holier than thou PGA.

  49. SO when HE goes to LIV… he will com­p­lain about this FOREVER… BUT, when this hap­pens on the LIV what “Rules are the RULES?” who ENFORCES them? and WHO do you GO com­p­lain to for veri­fi­ca­ti­on?? the PRINCE??

    1. @HLLDY That’s not how this sport works. Any­ti­me you aren’t sure of rules you should call an offi­cial. They don’t have one with every group. If you play com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf you need to know the rules

  50. So I was play­ing in a regio­nal tour­na­ment in high school and My dri­ve lan­ded right on the out of bounds line. I liter­al­ly could­n’t tell if it was in or out. It was direct­ly in bet­ween the red sta­kes (not spray paint). So the offi­cial comes over and says the ruling is your oppo­nent gets to deci­de if it’s in or out and of cour­se my oppo­nent cho­se it was out of boun­ce and I had to walk back to the tee box and hit a pro­vi­sio­nal. Pro­bab­ly the stu­pi­dest rule in golf.

    1. The offi­cial was wrong that the oppo­nent gets to deci­de, but the oppo­nent DOES get inclu­ded in the dis­cus­sion and can offer their opi­ni­on. Even­tual­ly a con­sen­sus should be made. FYI, if your ball is tou­ch­ing the OB line, it is OB. It must be com­ple­te­ly insi­de the line to still be in play. So the end decisi­on was cor­rect (if it was white OB sta­kes). OB is white sta­kes, hazard is red.

      If it WAS red sta­kes, then the cor­rect ruling would have been a 1‑stroke penal­ty, and a drop wit­hin two club lengths (no clo­ser to the hole).

    2. First of all, if your ball goes any­whe­re near out of bounds you take a pro­vi­sio­nal. Out of bounds are indi­ca­ted with white posts. Red post are hazard are­as. You can play the ball whe­re it lies in a hazard area, with no penal­ty. You are the only per­son to deci­de what and how you play not your opponent.

  51. So, the hones­ty of the PLAYER not any offi­cials gets him a TWO STROKE PENALTY?! 😲If the­re was no advan­ta­ge, why the penal­ty? 🤔It’s almost as if the PGA want to influ­ence the result 🤔🤔

  52. Like Cam said…the rules are the rules. But, yeah, I’m secret­ly hap­py to see him off the lea­der board. Go take your 140mill with LIV golf, and don’t dou­ble dip with PGA pri­ze money.… pure greed.

  53. I joked the other day about the PGA fin­ding a way to dis­qua­li­fy Cam Smith if he won the FedEx.….and they could­n’t even wait that long they had to find a rea­son to pena­li­se Cam befo­re he even got the chan­ce to have a run on the final day. This is why LIV had to happen.

    1. Peop­le acting like the USGA snuck a new rule into the rules of golf over­night or some­thing. Drop­ping com­ple­te­ly out­side a hazard has been in the rule­book for over 100 years. It was the CORRECT ruling, no mat­ter how much it sucks.

  54. They should have let him drop and lose two balls in the pond and then he could have gone back 5 or 10 yards and place it whe­re­ver he wan­ted. But oh no, can’t do that.

  55. It’d be one thing if he was­n’t in the run­ning to win the thing but 2 strokes behind in a tight race with 18 to go? Pathe­tic showing by the PGA honest­ly. It’s one thing to strict­ly adhe­re to the let­te­ring of rules and ano­t­her to use them as gui­de­li­nes for fair­ness.. Came­ron Smith clear­ly did not­hing wrong and got punis­hed for it.

    1. So you just drop the rules and sub­sti­tu­te fee­lings becau­se someo­ne is wit­hin two shots? The PGA actual­ly has a respon­si­bi­li­ty to the ent­i­re field to enfor­ce the rules as they are writ­ten. He did­n’t take full reli­ef as the rule requi­res, the­re­fo­re he was pena­li­zed. It’s pret­ty simple

  56. Like a spayed line will give you an advan­ta­ge … again PGA going down and they review­ed it becau­se he’s joi­ning LIV. Reven­ge will be their downfall

  57. Rumors that Cam is lea­ving hove­r­ed around during this tour­na­ment, so is it a coin­ci­dence the PGA scru­ti­ni­zed Cam’s round to find this penalty?

    1. The PGA issu­es penal­ty strokes after the fact all the time. Not all calls can be made in real time. Some­ti­mes view­ers will let them know about infrac­tions after they see it on TV.

  58. “Rules are rules” is lame. The­re should be some com­mon sen­se ruling for things like this, and while your at it, let me move my dri­ve down the midd­le out of a divot…

  59. Unre­al – a total was­te of time for ever­yo­ne. It never cea­ses to ama­ze me how lega­listic golf gets. What a stu­pid rule as well. Now that a play­er can ground the club in that area, it’s total­ly irrele­vant if the ball comes to rest on the line or behind the line.

  60. Who the fck DOESN’T know the “com­ple­te reli­ef” rule, eit­her for free drops or penal­ty strokes…At the very mini­mum, his idi­ot cad­dy could have ear­ned his pay by cor­rec­ting Smith befo­re he took the shot…

  61. Keep the ball out of the water and you have no worries. I hear the­re are no water hazards on the LIV’s for $$$$ Tour any­way. Just fair­ways paved with money, brought to you by the peop­le who slaugh­te­red thousands of Ame­ri­cans by brin­ging us 9/11.

  62. Blah blah blah…we don’t pay to watch the rules offi­cial pena­li­ze a play­er over some­thing this pet­ty. No won­der play­ers are skip­ping town.

  63. PGA should name the com­mit­tee mem­ber who brought it up again. Young was alrea­dy let­ting this go as the­re was no advan­ta­ge gai­ned by Cam. This is pure poli­tics by Monahan!

  64. It was an inno­cent mista­ke and with a hazard penal­ty, a rule offi­cer should have been pre­sent but that is pure gen­tle­man ges­tu­re from Cam. Now he has more moti­va­ti­on to chan­ge leagues.

  65. Just so hap­pens that he might be going to liv golf tour and they don’t want him making any coin befo­re he boun­ces to a sign on bonus. But hey that’s cra­zy right ever­y­bo­dy has everyone’s best inte­rest at heart 🤣😂

  66. I guess they did­n’t want him to win, deci­ded the penal­ty the next day 10 mins befo­re he tee’s off, and that stoo­ge can’t even tell if he drop­ped once or twice? But their good litt­le boy star­ving Mar­vin got the win.

  67. I love the insi­nua­ti­on that play­ers are jum­ping to LIV becau­se of rulings. So, what rules will the LIV Tour be play­ing by? If they’­re serious about wan­ting world ran­king points, they will be REQUIRED to play by eit­her USGA or R&A rules, both of whom are part of the OWGR board. 

    The head rules offi­cial for LIV is a 40-year PGA Tour rules vete­ran. One LIV play­er actual­ly asked him during a tour­na­ment if he should men­ti­on rules vio­la­ti­ons or “just keep quiet”. The offi­cial poin­ted out that he has a legal fidu­cia­ry duty to enfor­ce the rules as writ­ten. You can’t have mil­li­ons of dol­lars on the line, and selec­tively enfor­ce vio­la­ti­ons that you knew occurred.

  68. Only pul­led him up becau­se he is 🇦🇺 serious­ly if it was anyo­ne else in the field they would not of worried – what the advantage…paint??? Com­ple­te BS

  69. Whoever makes the rules up.…a few need chan­ging or alte­ring becau­se some are ridi­cu­lous­ly bad.…is a sport about having fun,what next…you have to wear swim shorts to play out of water…🫣

  70. Did­n’t see much of cam, could have pla­ced it in the end, to wait till next day is very sad. What if it’s a week later and he’s won the tournament??

  71. lets just place the ball alrea­dy now, this hole drop­ping the ball when taking a penal­ty has always been a joke. And com­ing back the next day to pena­li­ze a play­er has always been BS. Unless court chea­ting its to late, that was yesterday.

  72. YOU DONT KNOW? You don’t know exact­ly what hap­pen­ed yet you’re the chief for rules? How croo­ked! Abso­lute­ly stinks. Move to LIV is about the money but it’s obvious­ly about a lot of other things going on at the PGA too.

  73. If I was a bet­ting man, I’d bet the­re were a few high fives amongst the PGA manage­ment for this one. No doubt he was in bre­ach, but I’ll bet tho­se offi­cials relis­hed the who­le jui­cy business.

  74. He should have been allo­wed to place the ball on a slo­pe like that, not drop it and watch it roll back into the water or out of bounds

  75. The PGA is on a down­ward spi­ral. Not­hing but Roo­kies and com­pa­ny men on the lea­der­board. All the cha­rac­ters and histo­ry of the game is banis­hed. I’m star­ting to lose interest.

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