Charl Schwartzel REAGIERT auf den Gewinn des 4‑Millionen-Dollar-Preises bei der INAUGURAL LIV Golf Tour in London

Charl Schwartzel REAGIERT auf den Gewinn des 4 Millionen Dollar Preises bei der INAUGURAL LIV Golf Tour in London charl schwartzel

Charl Schwart­zel REAGIERT auf den Gewinn des 4‑Mil­lio­nen-Dol­lar-Prei­ses bei der INAUGURAL LIV Golf Tour in Lon­don. 🚨 GENIE­ßEN SIE unse­re Inhal­te? Ver­giss nicht zu ABONNIEREN ❗ 🔥 Auf der Suche nach Sport­vi­de­os auf Spa­nisch? Schau­en Sie sich unse­ren spa­ni­schen Kanal an. 👇 @TJSports – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​t​j​s​p​o​rts Fol­gen Sie TJ Sports USA auf Social Media – ● IG: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​T​J​S​p​o​r​t​s​USA ● FB: https://​www​.face​book​.com/ TJS­portsU­SA ● Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​J​S​p​o​r​t​s​USA ✔️ Abon­nie­ren Sie jeden Tag neue Uploads! #TJS­portsU­SA #Charl­Schwart­zel #LIV­Golf #PGA #PGA­Tour #LIV­Golf­In­vi­ta­tio­nal­Se­ries #Majors #Golf #LIV­Golf­In­vi­ta­tio­nal

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300 thought on “Charl Schwartzel REAGIERT auf den Gewinn des 4‑Millionen-Dollar-Preises bei der INAUGURAL LIV Golf Tour in London”

    1. Golfer’s!
      What do you call a com­pa­ny that threa­tens its mem­bers with expul­si­on for doing their craft? GREEDIER!!!!!

  1. This is not play­ing in a golf tour­na­ment. It’s an exhi­bi­ti­on. 54 holes and all get paid like a par­ti­ci­pa­ting trophy.

    1. I didn’t watch it. This just pop­ped up on You­Tube so I wat­ched the inter­view out of curiosity.
      It was an embarrassment.

  2. The words out of his, the­re was a lot of money at sta­ke. Clear­ly shows why they have joi­ned the LIV tour. The scores weren’t good. That is the bad thing about this for­mat, if you play poor­ly for two days the­re is no cut so the end result is a sad loo­king leaderboard.

  3. 2:50 So let’s assu­me LIV gol­fers are out of all future majors? Do they start reg­ret­ting at that point?
    3:50 Sharp answer 😵‍💫

    1. @Mike Thank you. 100% of Ame­ri­cans would POUNCE on an offer like this: _“work 3 days a week ins­tead of 5. Work 24 weeks a year ins­tead of 48. And I’ll trip­le your salary.“_ They could­n’t sign fast enough!

    2. @Kim Gal­lag­her THIS year’s US Open yes becau­se it’s one week away and the USGA deci­ded it would be shit­ty to reject them this late, when they’­ve spent the year qua­li­fy­ing. Pret­ty decent move by the PGA tour. Howe­ver, the LIV-boyz might be exclu­ded from all future majors

    3. @Mike That’s a stu­pid ana­lo­gy. Sau­di fun­ded ter­ro­rist money is one thing. World rank points, major tit­les, lega­cy are other things to con­si­der as a pro golfer.

      Wha­te­ver makes you sleep at night Mikey.

  4. It does­n’t mat­ter if you win by an inch or a mile, Win­ning is Win­ning! And the shit­load of cash is just icing on the cake! Good on him. Congrats.

    1. @Steve Win­ter $$$$$$ set for life. Who cares about brag­ging rights. Plus he’s not done, more $$$ to come. Phil got $150 mil­li­on to play 8 tour­na­ments. Plus he can still play majors. He’s laug­hing at the PGA

  5. 4 mil­li­on for three days golf is abso­lute­ly stu­pid and sel­fi­sh – this tour is taking the mickey out of the wealth of one coun­try and their ide­als. No gol­fer deser­ves to win that type of money when hard working peop­le are slug­ging life week-in-week-out. I hope the PGA say stuff-off for life to the­se gol­fers inclu­ding tho­se who have ‘exemp­ti­ons’ to major’s. The­se play­ers are all struggling to talk about the amount of money being thrown around – it’s as though their play­ing con­tract for­bids them to say anything.

    1. @Russell Donald­son Greg is an odd one. And he’s pet­ty as he||. The timing for LIV was per­fect: Tiger’s prime is over, play­ers are youn­ger and less atta­ched to histo­ry and nost­al­gia the PGA Tour props like MLB does with base­ball. Play­ers noti­cing Charl win­ning $4M in 3 days.….will rai­se PGA play­er eye­brows play­ing for 25% of that over 4 days.

    2. @Senna_Grillo12 this will be like rug­by league and super league
      Piss poor atten­dance at venues and play­ers who play in the NRL com­ing over to get a easy pay check in the­re later years of the­re career
      If the likes of tiger and Rory come over then I’ll chan­ge my mind
      Tell you who will be next to come across Rickie Fow­ler and if he does it just pro­ves what most are saying

  6. No sports orga­niz­a­ti­on rai­ses more money for cha­ri­ties than the PGA Tour. I won­der whe­ther this ‘tour’ is going to be so generous and com­mu­ni­ty-min­ded? lol

    1. @John Bur­nett bud­dy win next week’s us open not in the past lol. The timing of it was the point but I guess went over your height 🤣😂

    2. @JewVol I con­vey thoughts. I don’t get hung up on minu­tiae like punc­tua­ti­on in infor­mal wri­ting.. If that’s all you’ve got as a come­back then go and do some­thing pro­duc­ti­ve like go play with yourself.

  7. SHAME SHAME SHAME .… a dis­gus­ting bunch.
    Is it a coin­ci­dence that the­re are so many south afri­cans and pro­ven chea­ters signing up to liv?

  8. Schwart­zel should call Bran­del Cham­blee the arm chair golf punk and let him know he just matched his care­er ear­nings in one tour­na­ment. Cham­blee is busy tal­king about play­ers than joi­ned the new league are lower tier or gas beens. Unli­ke Cham­blee, a care­er also ran with four wins.

    1. @Artisa Pri­mus Reed – Oh you mean the chea­ter. Do your home­work. Reed was not in the field. He just signed on to play in future events.

    2. @Artisa Pri­mus Dech­am­beau didn’t play in this LIV event. He signed up for future LIV events becau­se his inju­ries are per­ma­nent and his care­er of win­ning on tour has been short cir­cui­ted. He loo­ked hor­ri­ble when he tried to play a cou­p­le of weeks ago.

  9. All the­se ath­le­tes, even LIV golf its­elf, should have a stan­dard ans­wer to the ‘blood money’ ques­ti­on. It will be asked, over and over, espe­cial­ly if they get new play­ers joi­ning their tour. It seems like this ques­ti­on has beco­me a rite of pas­sa­ge of sorts.

    1. @Unshou Thats decent , so basi­cal­ly one of the team could have a poor sea­son and as long as one or two get a win still pocket good money !

  10. Just tell the repor­ter to do one , you can gua­ran­tee every pound or dol­lar has got blood atta­ched to it in some way . Lea­ders of coun­tries set the examp­les not a hand­ful of gol­fers 🏌️‍♂️

  11. I don’t know why they can’t get along. Live and let LIV is what I say. 
    It’s not up to gol­fers to deter­mi­ne whe­ther the money comes from a legi­ti­ma­te source. Governments are still dealing with Sau­di and still have diplo­ma­tic rela­ti­ons with them, may­be peop­le should be com­p­lai­ning about that!

  12. Hypo­cri­sy at its finest. When US and Euro­pean com­pa­nies want to sell their goods and ser­vices in the form of mili­ta­ry equip­ment worth bil­li­ons of dol­lars to the “mur­de­rous régime” that’s okay – but if an indi­vi­du­al play­ing golf wants to sell his ser­vices to the same régime that is terrible.

    1. @Streaming Ana­ly­tics once ever­y­bo­dy stops “try­ing to save the world” your com­for­ta­ble litt­le exis­tence won’t be so com­for­ta­ble any­mo­re. You should try rea­ding a book on human histo­ry and be thank­ful that peop­le have stood up to evil. And, be thank­ful that right now just say­ing in a com­ment or wha­te­ver that some­thing isn’t right (if enough peop­le say it and act on it, or just not buy or watch some­thing) might help. It’s sad to see so many shills for evil on here.

    2. @PXG 0811 Pro­to wouldn’t it be so nice if we could just pre­tend that saving the world was so easy and that “evil” is so easi­ly iden­ti­fied. May­be it’s time to turn off the outra­ge porn, and stop pre­ten­ding that the world is going to end unless you express your outrage.

    3. Everyone’s chan­ging their mind in a hur­ry. The media paid by and who­se care­er and rela­ti­ons­hips with the tour sway­ed a lot of opi­ni­ons on non­sen­se. They’re sca­red of com­pe­ti­ti­on and they don’t want to make the sacri­fices from their own pockets to impro­ve the tour. They can be stubborn but the lega­cy of the tour will be not­hing if all the worlds best play­ers except 7 are gone.

    1. For now. When you see a struggling for­mer Major win­ner just land $4M payday for 3 days work…it will ent­i­ce other PGA play­ers road­t­ri­ping through traf­fic to Con­nec­ti­cut for the Tra­velers cham­pions­hip. With a total pur­se that’s 66% LESS than the inau­gu­ral LIV tour­na­ment purse!

    2. @Senna_Grillo12 you do know Charl is also play­ing on the Euro­pean tour and not only on the PGA tour? And he is doing real­ly well on the Euro­pean tour

  13. 4 Mio. of pri­ce money for such a weak field is just a shame. This is not about com­pe­ti­ti­on golf. It’s just about the money 🤮🤮🤮

  14. The PGA Tour bro­ke away from the PGA Tour of Ame­ri­ca in the late 60’s for lar­ger pur­ses!! This is sim­ply histo­ry repea­ting its­elf. The PGA Tour isn’t the big boy any­mo­re and try­ing to posi­ti­on its­elf as the “Con­sci­ence of golf” is hys­te­ri­cal. The PGA Tour is not the game of golf and never will be. They think they are big­ger than golf. That’s the PGA Tours problem.

    1. Sniff rea­li­ty! US PGA tour is the stron­gest and best fiel­ds in golf. Pro­bab­ly always will be. The majors will always be the big­gest pri­ze. Mas­ters, US Open , Bri­tish Open, PGA Champ in that order. I love the fact that the­se guys are snatching the huge dol­lars from the Sau­dis . When peop­le like DJ get his 120 mil­li­on we will tax the shit out of that and then we get 60 mil­li­on of thar Sau­di cash. Win win for all of us. 💰💪🏼🤣

  15. Well done, Char­lie, first big win for a while. May the­re be many more. I belie­ve this is the new norm. The team event is fan­tastic. Peop­le round the world, will be bet­ting on the results. Good luck for the future.

    1. You can tell he can’t belie­ve what’s hap­pe­ning! A year ago he was a struggling ex-major win­ner. Now, $4M in the bank. You don’t think other play­ers on the PGA or Euro­pean Tour who are say­ing, “I always best Charl!” are taking note of that $4M prize? 👀

    2. As long as the field is average lacking cur­r­ent­ly the majo­ri­ty of the best of the best, he may well win more, and is more likely to as long as the field is bang average.

    3. @Senna_Grillo12 a year ago he lost a play­off to win a PGA event and this past year finis­hed 10th on the mas­ters. Yeah good call.

    1. @Ancil Ramey When you’­re sup­po­sed to be the pree­mi­nent super­power and lea­der of the world.…I would hope their “morals” are of a level to be emu­la­ted. Other­wi­se, how does that reflect on tho­se citi­zens who voted tho­se indi­vi­du­als into power? Should tho­se citi­zens be con­si­de­red a fine “moral com­pass” to the­re­fo­re critique.…I don’t know, other citi­zens who make per­so­nal choices?

  16. But yet no one has a pro­blem with nike and all the other com­pa­nies that explo­it child labor 🤔 but want to stand on high ground when it comes to LIV 🤣

  17. Good ans­wers Charles . I am tired of the jour­na­list ques­ti­ons about why are the play­ers slee­ping with the Sau­dis! YOUR GOVERNMENTS ARE ALREADY IN BED WITH THE SAUDIS. Stop the hypo­cri­sy and give the­se guys a break

  18. Some of the­se repor­ters need to take a look at who owns the news out­lets they work for. Espe­cial­ly Golf Channel.
    GC owned by NBC, owned by GE, owned by China.

  19. The com­pe­ti­ti­on is wate­red down. Ever­yo­ne wins ever­yo­ne makes money. It feels like a golf exhi­bi­ti­on and not a tour­na­ment. You need to earn the big bucks not just be given it. It speaks volu­mes of the youn­ger genera­ti­on. Wan­ting ever­ything now.

  20. If spon­sors and club manu­fac­tu­rers stay with play­ers, LIV will sur­vi­ve in the short run. The big­ger ques­ti­on is how long will the foun­ders con­ti­nue to finan­ce LIV? Start up leagues have a long, long histo­ry or failure.

    1. Well sounds like at least 3yrs, and they have bot­tom­less pits of cash. More play­ers will defect becau­se money talks. LIV will be around for at least awhile. That being said, you bet­ter hur­ry and get you a sli­ce befo­re it’s gone. Rickie!!!!

  21. Screw the PGA Tour. Not­hing but a bunch of rich hypo­cri­tes ! The­se guys are pri­va­te con­trac­tors and have a right to work whe­re­ver. The PGA had a mono­po­ly on Tour golf and now they don’t, good !

    1. Ya only pro­fes­sio­nal Base­ball, Bas­ket­ball (chi­na) Foot­ball can make insa­ne money. Just like Wat­son on Brown’s 230 mil­li­on Is gua­ran­te­ed money .

    2. Oh, it’s obs­ce­ne alright. At least the PGA Tour also has a cha­ri­ta­ble mis­si­on, and tons of vol­un­te­ers who take time off from real jobs to help run the events. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly now they have to com­pe­te with an ent­i­re coun­try that’s sim­ply try­ing to buy legi­ti­ma­cy and stif­le cri­ti­cism. And, the PGA Tour will likely lose in court when their bans get chal­len­ged- that’s not bad in and of its­elf, but when the com­pe­ti­ti­on is an evil régime with near­ly end­less money, it’s very unfortunate.

  22. A lot easier when you play les­ser com­pe­ti­ti­on and very few top éli­te gol­fers. 6 years without win becau­se you play­ed against real com­pe­ti­ti­on befo­re. Congrats on money fun­ded from dis­gus­ting pockets.

  23. Hasn’t won in six years on the PGA and now wins 4 mil­li­on for a 54 hole tour­na­ment with a medi­o­c­re field.
    I didn’t hear him he say he was thin­king about the rich histo­ry of the game and all the gre­at play­ers that came befo­re him. He was thin­king about win­ning and money like they all do no mat­ter whe­re they play.
    Spa­re ever­yo­ne the lega­cy talk becau­se it comes down to show me the money.

    1. He finis­hed 8th in the Byron Nel­son this year. He was at the top of the field after the second round. No one bas­hed him as an over the hill has been then. He joins LIV, and all of a sud­den he’s a lou­sy gol­fer. Yeah, right.

    2. @cioccbike who cares who leads 36 holes into a tour­na­ment? A sin­gle top 10 ok not bad. But cer­tain­ly not any­whe­re clo­se to top per­for­mancers. Just get a grip on reality.

    3. @Jonas H he finis­hed 10th at the Master’s this year ya mook. Lost in a play­off last year. Jesus the simp­le abi­li­ty to know facts is so hard for ya mooks.

  24. lol he’s won more money than 90% of the PGA play­ers this year in one tour­na­ment. PGA sells 700k tickets to one event and con­vin­ces their play­ers it’s a gre­at pri­ze pool lmaooooo.

  25. Good for the LIV Tour.…the PGA sold out to spon­sors back when it put spon­sors names on all of the tour­na­ments for one reason.…MONEY.
    Peop­le who grew the game.….Bing Cros­by, Bob Hope, Andy Wil­liams etc etc.… screwed by the PGA for spon­sors demands.
    No tears for the PGA.….sorry.

  26. I think Charl real­ly strug­gled with that last ques­ti­on. He had a lot to say and not­hing at the same time. No ans­wer really!

    1. K.H. Lee Max Homa Sepp Stra­ka Tom Hoge Luke List…all house­hold names right? PGA tour win­ners this year past few mon­ths. Does that mean PGA sucks?

  27. Play the game of life one shot a time..
    Wis­dom is bet­ter than is a good name.
    Could end up OB..
    Bet­ter have sage caddie!!

  28. what a JOKE…

    Just thing…oil some­day will not be IMPORTANT.

    1. @Gunnar Hamun­dar­son Does the U.S. & Euro­pe by oil from Sau­di Ara­bia or not? It’s an honest ques­ti­on. Yes or no answer.

  29. It’ll never be legi­ti­ma­te until the world’s best gol­fers play the­se tour­na­ments. Most­ly 40 plus gol­fers past their prime and young ones who aren’t good enough to get or hold a PGA tour card.

    1. as the owner says –you have to start somewhere–they can,t all be num­ber one picks. ask base­ball foot­ball bas­ket­ball –they call it the draft for the best of the best.

    2. You do rea­li­ze that Lou­is Oost­hui­zen who’s part of the field liter­al­ly finis­hed T2 in two majors last year and finis­hed T3 at ano­t­her one. Dude is liter­al­ly play­ing at the hig­hest level.

      Dus­tin John­son is not past his prime, he’s only 37, still around 5 years of high level golf in him. He won the mas­ters in 2020 and his best finish in 2022 came at the WGC match play which was a T4

      Charl Schwart­zel has recent­ly made strong finis­hes, inclu­ding a T10 at the 2022 mas­ters, was liter­al­ly tied for the lead after the second or third round, and then finis­hed T8 at Byron Nelson.

  30. Give it a rest Isra­el ter­ro­ri­zes the ent­i­re world kil­ling pregnant Pales­ti­ni­an women for sport and we hear not­hing about it stop try­ing to por­tray the sau­dis as bad peop­le and focus on the game

  31. Why all this bit­ching about Sau­di dir­ty money. Pre­si­dent Biden is fly­ing all the way the­re to see MBS. Why? Need more oil? It’s a prac­ti­cal world we live in. If the Sau­di paid the repor­ters a shit load of money, they would jump ship too.
    So stop the hypocrisy.

  32. 3:50 haha­ha­ha­ha­ha. Hey Charl, you cool with the money com­ing from murderers?
    Ahhhhh.…..ahhhhhhh.ahhhhhh, well.…..ahhhhh

  33. The USA has no right to give les­sons on human rights to anyo­ne or any coun­try. It should take a good look at its own record befo­re making judgments. (Pana­ma, Viet­nam, Irak and the list goes on and on.
    This is about golf, peri­od. The more pro­fes­sio­nal golf tour­na­ments the­re are the bet­ter it is for golf and a lot more young gol­fers will get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to earn a good living. PERIOD

  34. The dif­fe­rence is now play­ers have a choice whe­re to play com­pa­red to befo­re when the PGA was basi­cal­ly the only game in town. You can no lon­ger hide behind the PGA and say oh I don’t appro­ve of their busi­ness decisi­ons but the­re are no other opti­ons to earn a living play­ing golf. You can now just show up and earn a decent living but it is direct­ly and sole­ly com­ing from the Sau­dis so do what you want but be pre­pa­red to be held accoun­ta­ble for your decisi­ons. That’s how the real world works.

  35. The PGA Tour is some­thing none of us knows a thing about… unless someo­ne among us here has direct expe­ri­ence. Sim­ply going with the social flow and hop­ping on the band­wa­gon of chan­ge for the sake of chan­ge its­elf.… and then to shat all over the PGA Tour at the same time.… well, that is class­less. The strength of the field is what deter­mi­nes the qua­li­ty of the win. Unless chan­ges are made finan­cial­ly to get the­se mil­lion­aires more money, the PGA Tour will con­ti­nue to be chal­len­ged and money the measure.

  36. This human rights ques­tio­ning is media rub­bish. The­re was a major golf tour­na­ment in Sun City South Afri­ca which paid mega money to win­ner which the media wan­ted boy­cot­ted during the apar­teid. Jour­na­lists make money from sprea­ding bad news

  37. The Ame­ri­can ath­le­tes that go play pro­fes­sio­nal hockey and pro­fes­sio­nal bas­ket­ball in Rus­sia we don’t say anything about that

  38. He’s a gre­at play­er but bot­tom line has­n’t been cut­ting it on Tour and has lost all his form .LIV is basi­cal­ly a Seni­or Tour league with most­ly C ‑D level play­ers, with a few A list B list guys who have lost their game mixed in.They will get a few other names but without OWGR points, which they won’t get, lack of TV and only 8 events this is basi­cal­ly a Minor League Game Show whe­re ever­yo­ne wins. There’s not­hing com­pel­ling. Cana­di­an Open this week has 5 of the T0p 10 Play­ers in con­ten­ti­on. The crowds are riled and down the stretch it will be way more compelling.

    1. Charl Schwart­zel liter­al­ly lost in a play­off as recent­ly as 2021 on the PGA tour and has recent­ly made T10 finis­hes at both the Mas­ters and Byron nel­son, he’s been play­ing gre­at the past cou­p­le mon­ths. He’s been finis­hing strong in qui­te a few events in Euro­pe the past few years but not con­sist­ent­ly. Sort of like Mar­tin Kay­mer, he occa­sio­nal­ly finis­hes strong and comes clo­se but has­n’t won in a while. The­se strong finis­hes howe­ver are pro­of that they can still com­pe­te and finish strong while play­ing with the best which means they have the game to beat the best gol­fers in an event

      Liter­al­ly no one can deny that Charl play­ed gre­at golf here, have wat­ched him? The guy’s iron play and put­ting were abso­lute­ly ins­a­nely good.

    1. Pro­bab­ly becau­se you’re watching on You­Tube and not CBS, NBC. Even­tual­ly, when more top play­ers move over it will be on main stream TV.

  39. So Demen­tia Joe and the hoe just got done begging Sau­di Ara­bia to pump more oil and offe­red up all sorts of con­ces­si­ons inclu­ding mili­ta­ry equipment/weapons, tra­de deals/options, heck, pro­bab­ly a pal­let of cash inbound soon… but hea­ven for­bid the­se guys play in a tour­na­ment that is Sau­di backed. Every gal­lon of fuel you pump now with Biden in office is Sau­di backed.

    1. Errrrrrrrr…great league. It’s a step abo­ve Korn Fer­ry, it is a step befo­re the Champion’s.
      Charl is not win­ning on the PGA…

  40. I can’t argue taking the money other than you­re joi­ning an obvious money bur­ning busi­ness and have no qualms being a head on the mant­le that a Sau­di tycoon brags about.

    1. Only free to deci­de becau­se enough peop­le stand up for what’s right and don’t let the bad guys run amok. Hope it stays that way, but rea­ding the comments in here it seems many peop­le are too sca­red and/or igno­rant to under­stand what’s going here.

  41. Paid to play, not paid to win, there’s not­hing com­pe­ti­ti­ve about this, except for com­pe­ting to dodge ques­ti­ons about accep­t­ing lite­ral blood money.

  42. It’s fun­ny ever­yo­ne tells NBA, NFL, NHL to get the­re money no mat­ter what teams pays them but the­se cry­ba­by arm chair gol­fers and other gol­fers on the PGA says they are gree­dy for taking this mas­si­ve upgrade in pay. Dou­ble stan­dards by the­se crybaby’s!!

  43. The­se guys just want to play golf and make money. Take a look at the com­pa­nies who are inves­ted with the public invest­ment fund (fedex in par­ti­cu­lar). The pga tour still plays for the fedex cup.

  44. So here is the deal, yes this guy won 4.8 mil, but you heard hims­elf he hasn’t won in 6 years (let alo­ne con­t­end on big sta­ge). I also watch golf and never heard of half the guys in the top 10.
    On the other hand, Rory JT and Fin­au are in the final group of the pga tour­na­ment this week.
    As a fan would u rather see no name guys play for more money, or more talen­ted house­hold names?

    1. Charl Schwart­zel still has the game to com­pe­te on the big sta­ge, finis­hed T10 at the last mas­ters, and went in a play­off in 2021 on the PGA tour. Has made qui­te a few strong finis­hes on the DT tour the past few years, he also finis­hed T2 at the 2018 play­ers championship.

  45. it is so easy to cri­ti­ci­ze, without having the hones­ty to won­der what we would do our­sel­ves in their place.
    human rights are cer­tain­ly vio­la­ted in sau­di arabia.
    But are the­re not human rights vio­la­ted in South Ame­ri­ca, Chi­na, Afri­ca and else­whe­re in so-cal­led civi­li­zed countries.
    this does not pre­vent all play­ers from par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the­se tour­na­ments every week to earn a living.
    And the­re, no one finds fault with it.

  46. All the Vir­tue Signa­ling Idi­ots tal­king about “Blood Money”, how come you are silent about the Glo­rious PGA Tour’s deal with Shankai Sports?

  47. Charl Schwartzel’s cad­die just made more than the 4th place finis­her at the Cana­di­an Open. If you think this tour is going away then I’ve got a bridge to sell you!

    1. @AsianTankPilot the inves­tors are the Sau­di Government. They are worth tril­li­ons. They made more in less than an hour sel­ling gaso­li­ne in the US than what they shel­led out for this tournament

  48. The who­le point of a job is to make money. Peop­le for­get that a sport is a occup­a­ti­on. The who­le point of a occup­a­ti­on is to make money to sup­port your fami­ly and build your name up. And with any job we want to make more money doing the same while doing the same thing.

  49. The PGA does not own the game of golf. It was foun­ded in Euro­pe and migra­ted to the United Sta­tes. The guys on the LIV Tour are play­ing for the money peri­od. That is not wrong it just is. The­re is no need to argue the right or wrong of the pri­ze money and whe­re it comes from it can all be con­ver­ted to the Euro or whatever.

  50. A mat­ter of what you do with the money you earn, no mat­ter whe­re it comes from. In the end most money at one point or ano­t­her gets tin­ted with blood. How would you wash it when it pas­ses through your hands? One examp­le: Do governments burn the mil­li­ons of money they catch from raids on drug traf­fi­cking orga­niz­a­ti­ons? I mean, how many peop­le die becau­se of drugs ever­y­day in a blood and vio­lent way not coun­ting non-vio­lent ways due to it all? What is it done with all of that impo­un­ded money? Do they give it back to the cul­prits? As Schwart­zel pro­per­ly put it: “We could argue about it all day.” Charl, the first win­ner, is good peop­le. I don’t jus­ti­fy some of the finan­cial sources, but rather think of what can be done with the just and right­ful ear­nings My take is the same as all of the future win­ners, just let them be and let them liv. Congrats champ!

  51. I wat­ched a litt­le bit of the LIV tour­na­ment. Why do they only play 54 holes? It was inte­res­ting but I usual­ly only watch the majors tournaments.

  52. Dir­ty chea­ting bel­ly put­ter hack, near­ly com­ple­te line on ball. His mother must have ban­ged their farms hor­ses mul­ti­ple times, tho­se teeth.

  53. The­se are pro­fes­sio­nal and smart play­ers. For the hypo­cri­tes next time you gas up for your car think of whe­re the source of oil is!

    1. Agreed. You could argue that the Sau­dis’ wealth only exists becau­se we buy their oil and the LIV pri­ze money is the money com­ing back into circulation

  54. When was the last time you heard charl schwart­zel In Con­ten­ti­on in a golf tour­na­ment? Like 2008? All of the­se guys play­ing out the­re k n o w they can’t cut it on the PGA tour anymore

    1. ??? He finis­hed T10 in 2022 Mas­ters behind JT, and 8th at the Byron Nel­son, can’t cut it? May­be just your bias just can’t cut it.


    As a proud SOUTH AFRICAN and a proud fan of Schwartzel’s I can tell you now, with that sin­gle win he can reti­re with ease and never play golf again… our weak cur­ren­cy is at 15/1… that means this win alo­ne has set him 60Bar…that’s enough to buy him tracts of land in SA, enough to get him a Farm/Wine Farm if he’s that way inclined,that’s money to get his kids to any high end schools in South Afri­ca or any­whe­re else in the world…that’s money he can just put away for his kids coz he’s won on the PGA Tour before,has a few top 10,20,25 finis­hes on tour,that’s tons of Dol­lars he’s made,not coun­ting his big pur­se at 2011 Masters.

    Just this one tour­na­ment this guy is set for life in his home coun­try which is what the­se play­ers ply their time and tra­de for…MONEY Bru…talk about the love and pas­si­on for the game..?? I’m pret­ty cer­tain every sin­gle pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer has both love and pas­si­on for golf but ulti­mate­ly the who­le pur­po­se they’ve pur­sued this game is the Mone­ta­ry Bene­fits they stand to acqui­re by WINNING…also Ladies and Gen­tle­men let us not be selec­tively obli­vious to the fact that the­se gol­fers sacri­fi­ced a lot for this game,for them to have that oppor­tu­ni­ty to first qua­li­fy in their local mini tours to get that elu­si­ve Tour Card(that’s locally,long befo­re that invi­te to the PGA/DP Tours), let’s not for­get of all tho­se sacri­fices that their par­ents under­took so that their sons could one day play on the­se tours to win…hopefully to win and payback their par­ents for hel­ping and sti­cking with them throughout so they can one day stand on the win­ners’ podi­ums around the world with their win­ning cheques,let’s not selec­tively for­get that my good people.

    Is the­re anyo­ne out here who would frown at a $4 Mil­li­on Dol­lar Che­que for a 3 day’s work…?? Against other com­pe­ti­tors that are vying for the same top prize??…I know I wouldn’t coz I would have won against EQUALLY GOOD PLAYERS in a tournament.

    YOU…riding on that moral high hor­se and cri­ti­ci­zing the­se players/family men/husbands/fathers for play­ing on the LIV TOUR and dit­ched the PGA TOUR, then shame on you!! Shame on you for ques­tio­ning stu­pid shit like the source of money,the politics,how dir­ty Ara­bic Money is…look around you and real­ly dig deep to who runs THE PGA/DP TOUR…ever ques­tio­ned whe­re the PGA TOUR get their monies from,how tho­se tour­na­ment spon­sors make their monies…ever ques­tio­ned how much the PGA pays the grounds­men at the clubs that they host their beau­ti­ful events…and let me pull the race card here,for the lon­gest time,the same PGA TOUR NEVER ALLOWED BLACKS TO PLAY IN THEIR TOURNAMENTS and NOBODY QUESTIONED THAT for the lon­gest time🤔isn’t that iro­nic that today LIV is ques­tio­ned on the basis of mora­li­ty…??? Befo­re you pass judgement,pass jud­ge­ment on yourself.

    And on that note… I hope and wish for more play­ers to lea­ve the PGA and sign up with LIV GOLF so they can make money in half the time so they can take care of them­sel­ves and their families!!!

    From an ardent golf fan down in SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦✌🏿

  56. PGA Tours greed and con­trol­ling obses­si­ons crea­ted this. With Bry­son, Reed, Bub­ba, John­son, Perez, Rose and others joi­ning this tour, it is THE future of Golf. And I’m loo­king for­ward to every tournament.

  57. Charl had to bring up apart­heid to vir­tue signal. The coun­try is cur­r­ent­ly in cha­os and divi­si­ons worse than ever with many Whites figh­t­ing to sur­vi­ve. Perhaps stick to play­ing golf, like you said in the begin­ning. Lea­ve the poli­tics to tho­se in the know.

  58. “Sau­dis’ wealth only exists becau­se…” The wind­fall exist due to ESG, our refu­sal to drill, and over­po­pu­la­ti­on in China/India. The­re is also our refu­sal to nego­tia­te with Putin. Stop bla­ming the vic­tims – name­ly Ame­ri­cans- for the fol­ly of our poli­ti­ci­ans. And stop bla­ming a con­ser­va­ti­ve reli­gious and moral socie­ty for being bles­sed and born on oil – name­ly Sau­di Arabia.

  59. I find it abso­lute­ly hil­arious that peop­le think a golf tour­na­ment loses its lus­ter sim­ply becau­se the sco­ring avg. goes up a cou­p­le strokes. 😂🤣😂🤣 Rickie is just hol­ding out for more money.

  60. Look at that litt­le smug Luis Oost­hui­sen, a wealt­hy white South Afri­can who grew up in apartheid…same with his coun­try­man, smir­king at obvious ques­ti­ons. Schwart­zel says he could­n’t care less whe­re money comes from. That’s what fel­ons for money laun­de­ring say as well. Of cour­se has to immedia­te­ly refe­rence Nel­son Man­de­la. Mr. Man­de­la would not appro­ve of this fias­co, gua­ran­tee you.

  61. I always heard Charl is a long estab­lis­hed D‑bag accord­ing to his PGA Tour peers. Not sur­pri­sed he is now play­ing on the offi­cial D‑bag Tour

  62. Pret­ty bad when John­son, Mickel­son and am the other ran­ked play­ers can’t beat a guy that has­n’t won in years. They thought it was gon­na be easy money. PGA should make the ban perminant.

  63. Asi­de from the money I’m not sure how this shakes up golf. It’s much the same, not very exci­ting, qua­li­ty of golf was ques­tion­ab­le as was the coverage. The play­ers real­ly should be prep­ped on how to ans­wer tho­se ine­vi­ta­ble ques­ti­ons on Sau­di invol­ve­ment, real­ly awkward

    1. You’­re a mook. He lost in a play­off just last year. He’s con­sist­ent­ly doing very well at majors and he does­n’t even play on the PGA tour most of the time.

  64. If you wat­ched the Cana­di­an Open today you can see the PGA Tour has not­hing to worry about. Much hig­her level of play than the Liv hackers.

    1. Yes, far more ten­si­on and exci­te­ment in Toron­to, but the LIV fizz­led out main­ly becau­se of the com­ple­te domi­nan­ce of the South Afri­cans. Remains to be seen if clo­ser finis­hes pro­vi­de more, and also if they will be using play-offs – $4,000,000 on the table bet­ween may­be 2 – 3 play­ers surely has the makings of pret­ty dra­ma­tic stuff.

  65. Liv tour­na­ment is blood money, it’s kind of a les­son in human behavior 

    I’m not one to judge here. The­se guys are in a tough spot. The­re get­ting paid to secu­re finan­cial free­dom for generations

  66. Sau­di Ara­bia might not be a model of demo­cra­cy but the gol­fers who have signed up to the LIV Golf Tour are dis­grace­ful­ly vili­fied by the media and in par­ti­cu­lar by the PGA Tour estab­lish­ment. The Sau­dis are thro­wing bil­li­ons of petro dol­lars into sport. Did­n’t hear many voices in oppo­si­ti­on to the Saudi’s sta­ging a F1 Grand Prix. Boxing tit­le fights held in Sau­di Ara­bia. Golf tour­na­ments held the­re. More recent­ly, Ita­li­an and Spa­nish foot­ball cup finals play­ed the­re and in neigh­bou­ring Arab sta­tes. Foot­ball clubs bought and finan­ced by mega wealt­hy Arab royal­ty. As for the moral high ground on which governments, media orga­ni­sa­ti­ons etc claim to be per­ched on, they will all jump into a ces­spit when the­re is money to be made.

  67. The only way the pga tour can makes the­se guys feel like they made a mista­ke is buy matching the pur­se LIV is paying the winners.

  68. Not­hing more than a money grab and drama..they’re all making the cut…greedy pigs who cant hang with the big boys on the Real Man’s Tour.

  69. Remains to be seen how fan reac­tion and gene­ral enter­tain­ment value com­pa­res when LIV moves onto US soil with the addi­ti­on of the latest ’names’ on offer. I ima­gi­ne LIV will want the impact of intro­du­cing more (may­be alrea­dy signed up?) while in the US. More repeats of the ending to the Cana­di­an Open and the PGA have litt­le to worry about.

  70. i don’t get it ! Whats wrong with money com­ing from Sau­di Ara­bia ???? LOL “ but but but but they kil­led I don’t know who and did I don’t know what “ HAHAH …. So you are tel­ling me the US didn’t do 10 times as worse ?? Are you kid­ding me ! Haha … the US and Sau­di do busi­ness … they buy oil and Sau­di buy wea­pons and tech from them … 

    Your own government take Sau­di money , so many Ame­ri­cans work in Sau­di LOL !!! …. now you wan­na rant on some pros wan­ting to go for big­ger pri­zes ??? Go sleep and get out of your litt­le bub­ble you live in .

  71. Charl won $4m good on him. How much was he paid to join the liv tour is the ques­ti­on I want ans­we­red. Mickel­son was paid $200m . He is 52 has very litt­le chan­ce of win­ning any of the­se events. DJ $150m . Nor­man was pro­bab­ly paid more than Mickel­son and he’s not even play­ing any­mo­re. I hope the­se events even­tual­ly get world ran­king points . Pga tour , tigers world chal­len­ge event they have small fiel­ds no cuts but have world ran­king points I don’t see any difference.

  72. Blood money„, and the­se guys can’t win on the PGA „ good rid­dance to em all. Hope USGA AND MASTERS fol­lows suit and bank them too.

  73. PGA plays in Chi­na, Nike and most golf equip­ment and appa­rel is made in China. 

    Chi­na respon­si­ble for Mil­li­ons of peop­le dying, along with Dr Falsey.
    Rory takes Mil­li­on$ from Chi­na so does the PGA. 

    Stop attacking the­se play­ers for their choices and not your own. 

    How much crap do you have in your house that says made in Chi­na. Oh and by the way park your fricking car and stop dri­ving. Whe­re do you think the oil came from to make your gas. 

    Lets Go Brandon

  74. Ask them Charles why NBC Nike sup­ports Chi­na??? You are NOT abo­ve this PGA tour. You sup­port all of them . Chi­na Black Lives Mat­ter NBC NIKE

  75. What’s next? A Sau­di foot­ball league? The­se guys snub­bed ever­yo­ne who lost loved ones on 911. I hope they never play in the PGA again. Scumbags,

  76. Love how peop­le care about their money as if its own their money lol I bet charl would’ve won the cana­dai­an open today if he were the­re haha

  77. It’s golf lea­ve the poli­tics out of it. If you want to bring it up search USA’s histo­ry on human rights, you’ll find ple­nty of abu­se, but appar­ent­ly it’s ok becau­se it was done by white people.

  78. Loved watching this new tour, as for golf I belie­ve it has a big future. If you look how the new genera­ti­ons are com­ple­te­ly obses­sed with social media and their pho­nes the facts are clear we need to chan­ge golf tour­na­ments to make them exci­ting to the new genera­ti­ons sad­ly. As for the jour­na­lists who ask whe­re the money comes from it’s easy to ques­ti­on, but going home by pla­ne, car, bus ect then they need to ques­ti­on their own ques­ti­ons. They seem to know more then they real­ly understand.

    1. It abso­lute­ly NOT in store for a big future.….this is a blood stai­ned league. SHAME TO ALL OF THESE GUYS. I hope each and every one of them never gets to com­pe­te in a major. They dont deser­ve the chance.

  79. Congrats on win­ning a tour­na­ment that LITERALLY you could not have win if REAL play­ers were play­ing. This is a joke. 4.75Mill of blood stai­ned money.…congrats on win­ning NOTHING.

  80. So when do we start rip­ping folks loo­king for oppor­tu­nities to bet­ter than life–CBS, GC and all the rest of them should look at themselves.

  81. While he was car­ry­ing his money in a bag to his car, not unli­ke Kas­ho­gi was, the­re was a bril­li­ant golf tour­na­ment going on in Cana­da whe­re many of the best gol­fers in the world were put­ting on a show in front of thousands of golf fans. I hope his reti­re­ment plan was worth it.

  82. Well said Charl – do you real­ly think the­se other cor­po­ra­tes that spon­sor golf tour­na­ments are so so sque­aky clean?

  83. Beat the other wash ups. The­se guys are like Vegas enter­tai­ners paid by the mob.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤢 Be fun if the Sau­dis deci­de they’­re not get­ting their money’s worth and pull the plug on the mercenaries😈

  84. How many of the­se main stream media com­pa­nies are owned by cor­po­ra­ti­ons that cor­rupt and pol­lu­te our world???

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