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672 thought on “CHEATING GOLF IT mit AIM BOT HACKS! (Lustig)”

  1. Hey jel­ly without your dis­cord I could­n’t have made it here with this amount of time thanks for your dis­cord ser­ver and I wish I could play with you one day and I’m on Among Us

  2. I wish was this popu­lar, I am even star­ting a sur­vi­val seri­es based off of peo­p­les’ comments. Perhaps I’ll be the­re someday

    1. I real­ly dont mind him Low­Key adver­ti­sing cuz he atleast isnt say­ing I need 1000 subs to get a new mic or som­e­thn lol.

    1. He’s probs gon­na take a break for a week. As I heard, Jel­ly said if he wants to take a break for a week, he must upload four­te­en vide­os un advance

  3. Bro this video is so old slog­man and cran­nier pos­ted this liek a mon­th ago ugh why can’t we ever get any up to date vidoes like I alrea­dy know how this goes

  4. Gre­at video, does anyo­ne know what that golf it map is cal­led it loo­ks fun and I want to try it mys­elf with friends ?

  5. Hey jel­ly do you want to know some­thing about me so I just watch your vide­os about total­ly accu­ra­te batt­le simu­la­tor becau­se you act so dumb that’s why your old vide­os you don’t act dumb that’s what I do

  6. jel­ly I used your fort­ni­te code 😛
    i like how your mer­chan­di­se are green
    sor­ry if the com­ment was weird :/


  8. Jel­ly, you make my day a lot bet­ter. One of my rela­ti­ves pas­sed away 😢I miss him he’ll watch over me and always be in my heart

    1. Me and my fami­ly almost figu­red out how he died. It’s some­thing to do with his girl­friend, his girl­friend was cra­zy and she let him drink.

    2. They bro­ke up in 2020, and someo­ne who has been working with the girl­friend kil­led my rela­ti­ve and left a fin­ger print

  9. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons to ever­yo­ne who found this com­ment I hope you be suc­cess­ful in life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Jelly,start a new sin­gle­play­er mine­craft seri­es he did mul­ti­play­er last time becau­se he wann­ted his friends pls make a solo mine­craft seri­es (sin­gle­play­er)
    Like so he can se

  11. Star­ting to upload three vide­os a day now? I’m gues­sing that his unu­ploa­ded vide­os are begin­ning to stock­pi­le with some new ones he’s record­ing so he is fixing it by uploading three vide­os a day for now

  12. Jel­ly: Ohhhh I fk my my way over it.….….….….….….….……also Jel­ly: *Rea­li­sing* OMY GOOODDD GUYSS *lea­ves cuz of No atten­ti­on* Lol

  13. Jel­ly you did not get the reall Bork it is in a safe it is under the dog you tnt come back to bed town and find the dog I spayed on slow­go­man ok I saw the vid you can see it oh and also slow­go­man left bed town no bees no players

  14. This has not­hing to do with the video but on the ope­ning screen of your chan­nel on the wheel on the car says “dnf” and as some one who enjoys watching the dream smp I Love this!

  15. Yes­ter­day when I was slee­ping I had a dream exact­ly like the first level in this video.…..what a coincidence 😆

  16. The voiceless bead lat­ter­ly hand becau­se check even­tual­ly tick­le but a chil­ly divor­ced. aci­dic, high­fa­lu­tin duckling

  17. Crai­ner: i think thats the first D.N.F josh got in the game
    Me: lit­te­ra­ly wat­ched an ent­i­re play­list of 164 vide­os and josh dnfed at least 15 times

  18. Me 19:08 wow
    Golf it . Quick let’s find a way that crai­ner can win
    The video . Not on my watch jel­ly clear­ly won slo­go is clear­ly second and crai­ner is clear­ly last by one point

  19. Ima­gi­ne a play­er kicks foot­ball and he scores goal he celebrates
    Other team good­kee­per: I shud not have been in this team 👎🏼

  20. Haha jel­ly will always be dut­ch 18:00 jel­ly says “ja joh” thats dut­ch i hope he sees this💚 becau­se im dut­ch too😁

  21. I love the fee­ling when the noti­fi­ca­ti­on comes that🥰 someo­ne lik­ed❤️ your comments and you got a sub­scri­ber ♥️

  22. When 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Crai­ner said fzgz­regznot­goo­ing it was fun­ny and I laugh hardly 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  23. slogo:if someo­ne can get in that hole he will fly into first place…