Chip, Pitch, Punch

Chip Pitch Punch ball striking

In this week’s Revo­lu­ti­on Golf You­Tube video, Mar­tin Hall wants to sim­pli­fy your approach to ball-striking, espe­cial­ly with your irons. To do this, all you need is three simp­le words: “chip,” “pitch,” “punch.” To app­ly the­se to your swing and lower your scores, watch this video now!

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3 thought on “Chip, Pitch, Punch”

  1. Yes­ter­day (Aug 10) I went out to prac­ti­ce as I very often do now that I am reti­red and my swing went com­ple­te­ly off the rails. After about 150 fat shots I final­ly stop­ped. I was very frus­tra­ted becau­se I have been making pro­gress late­ly. So, this is eating at me all day and up pops your chip, pitch, punch video. Having not­hing to lose I thought I would try it this morning. The results were almost immedia­te. The path shal­lo­wed out and the strike great­ly impro­ved enor­mous­ly. Can’t thank you enough. Now I have a drill to use and fall back on that I know works.

    1. I was thin­king the same thing. I would think it would work copy­ing this with a dri­ver based on his rea­so­ning of why it works for iron ie baking a cake

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