Chippen gegen Pitchen | Vollständiger Leitfaden

Chippen gegen Pitchen Vollstaendiger Leitfaden Chipping Vs Pitching Complete Guide

Kli­cken Sie hier für ein kos­ten­lo­ses Video: https://​top​speed​golf​.com/​y​o​u​r​-​f​r​e​e​-​v​i​d​eo-pitch/?ytvid=mX05fBEhykU Chip­ping Vs Pit­ching Com­ple­te Gui­de Ich freue mich dar­auf, in Zukunft noch viel mehr mit Ihnen bei Top Speed Golf zusam­men­zu­ar­bei­ten. Viel Glück mit Ihrem Golf. Clay Ball­ard Kli­cken Sie hier, um den You­Tube-Kanal zu abon­nie­ren: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​_​i​d​d​Z​i​E​U​K​R​0​B​y​b​_​e​H​b​H​HAQ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​o​p​S​p​e​e​d​G​olf

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191 thought on “Chippen gegen Pitchen | Vollständiger Leitfaden”

  1. Hi Coach Clay, thank your show for short game club. Ano­t­her ques­ti­on is about distance. How could we con­sist­ent­ly con­trol the fly distance in pitch with 56, or pit­ching wedge?

    1. Hi, I recom­mend some­thing cal­led the clock sys­tem. Ima­gi­ne your hands are hands on a clock. Do some tes­ting to see how far you hit the ball with the hands at the 7, 8, 9 and 10 o’clock posi­ti­ons. Use the­se posi­ti­ons to con­trol your distance. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    2. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard I try it befo­re, howe­ver, I feel real­ly hard to con­trol my hand at 7, 8, o’clock 😢. It is unab­le to keep the swing speed. Help~~~ or any recom­mend vedio for this. Many thanks

  2. play I like your vide­os I wat­ched over a hund­red vide­os of dif­fe­rent peop­le and I am so mixed up peop­le to say to do this do that do this do that in they ain’t none of them the same it is a mess

    1. Thanks! Ever­yo­ne is going to have a dif­fe­rent phi­lo­so­phy. It does­n’t mean one per­son is right and ever­yo­ne else is wrong. The­re are lots of ways to do it. I would recom­mend fol­lowing one and see if that fits the way you like. If it does­n’t then try someo­ne else’s phi­lo­so­phy. I would­n’t recom­mend taking pie­ces from dif­fe­rent phi­lo­so­phies becau­se they may not fit tog­e­ther and it can get frus­tra­ting. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Thanks Adri­an. Check our our chan­nel. We have many vide­os on hit­ting draws and fades. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    2. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard I was won­de­ring what you would say the opti­mal lan­ding ang­le is with your irons? And would this num­ber be affec­ted by other things such as back­spin? Thanks for the gre­at videos.

  3. Real­ly enjoy your vide­os Clay. I wat­ched your dri­ver video last week and it hel­ped me fix some of my issu­es. Thanks.

  4. Clay, you are making qua­ran­ti­ne beara­ble. Thanks for all the­se gre­at vide­os. Now, how the hell do I get out of a crap green­si­de bun­ker with no sand? I lose at least 3 strokes on that shot.

    1. Thanks! We are actual­ly releasing a video in the future on this. The short sto­ry is that you open the face less and hit a litt­le clo­ser to the ball. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  5. Just love your vide­os! Very good easy to fol­low inst­ruc­tion. I haven’t been able to mas­ter that fade yet though, but still working it. Thanks

    1. Ste­ven Kor­rell The FADE?! I’m a mas­ter of it – unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, no idea how I make it look so effortless.…🙄

  6. dri­ving hell out of the ball my short game is gone,i was pret­ty good befo­re i hurt my knee now i can’t find this part of my game

  7. Real­ly like your vide­os Clay. And for the­se 20–30 yard shots I don’t care what you call them, but for me the dif­fe­rence bet­ween a chip and a pitch is mea­su­red by how much time in the air and how much roll out! Loo­ks like you’re car­ry­ing most of the way in the air, mini­mum roll, and some spin…sounds like a pitch to me.

  8. Wow Clay thanks man i am a par chip­per thanks to your inst­ruc­tion bruh thank you for the knowledge

  9. A bud­dy of mine could not hit his wed­ges worth anything on Mon­day. Hope­ful­ly this hel­ps him out. Your dri­ver vids have hel­ped me a ton. Now if only I could putt…

  10. “If you think you’­re going to have a tap-in every time from here, you need to pick a dif­fe­rent sport.” Clay, you should tell us what you REALLY feel ins­tead of being mea­ly mou­thed about it.

  11. Love your vide­os. Wat­ched the chip­ping part yes­ter­day and used it during league play last night. HUGE help! Thank You!

  12. The tip you bave about prac­ti­cing by hit­ting off your car­pet is a drill I use to prac­ti­ce my bun­ker game with ONE chan­ge. I take a sheet of paper and using a paper punch, I punch out a bunch of litt­le white 1/4″ dots. Then I place one on my car­pet when the ball would be, and then a second dot 4–5 inches far­t­her away from me. This allows me to hit the shot try­ing to PICK the dot off the car­pet, and using the second dot as refe­rence, I can see exact­ly whe­re my club makes con­ta­ct with the car­pet (Sand), and I know if I made a good swing or not. Using a litt­le white dot on the car­pet would work just as well with your chip­ping drill. Try it and let me know what you think. Don Fisher

  13. Gre­at to re watch video again Clay, haven’t be gol­fing as much as I like, try­ing to finish buil­ding my 78 Cama­ro, but star­ted to get back to the golf cour­se. Thanks for all the videos.

  14. This is a MUST WATCH for every gol­fer. The best YT inst­ruc­tor! What is uni­que­ly gre­at about this is that he inclu­des “mista­kes” too.

    1. Hi Jim, the­re are actual­ly many views of this later in the video star­ting about about 29:00 or so. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  15. So glad I’ve found this video – most frus­tra­ting part of golf in my opi­ni­on and you have put that across per­fect­ly clear , very well exp­lai­ned , all makes per­fect sen­se – your vide­os will be my go to tuto­ri­als from now on – thank you …Kurt , Not­ting­ham U.K…hopefully I can put this into prac­ti­ce tommorow 👍

    Sub­bed ⛳🏌️‍♂️

  16. Clay, I’ve said this befo­re, but you are the best coach out the­re, and this is the best video on chip­ping I’ve ever seen. Your explana­ti­ons and demons­tra­ti­ons are so easy to fol­low. Thanks for ever­ything mate.

  17. BRILLIANT! I’ve been play­ing for x35yrs and always held back by an abys­mal short game. I putt from 50yrds! Sud­den­ly, it’s easy! Play­ed on the rock hard links that is my home cour­se and immedia­te­ly this sys­tem worked – I couldn’t belie­ve it, and not could my pals. Thank you so much (just don’t tell them). Ps my wife asked me to let you know she doesn’t like your beard🙄.

  18. I like to chip with my 8 iron. Espe­cial­ly when the pin is clear across the green. I pick a lan­ding spot and then envi­si­on the roll out like a putt rol­ling. Works pret­ty well, but I admit that it real­ly all depends on your lie and posi­ti­on as to what club you use. Some­ti­mes you need a lof­ty lob to land soft, etc.…

  19. Clay your awe­so­me! I am struggling to chip from the rough!! The deeper the rough the more I miss hit my shot. How much for­ce do I swing with?

    1. Hi Damon, tho­se are tough. Firm up your grip and hit more stee­ply into the turf to take out as much grass inter­fe­rence as you can. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    2. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard – Hi Quen­tin, I have seen you in some of the vide­os with Clay. The way you exp­lain what the swing data is and how the dif­fe­rent ele­ments of the swing are the result of (bad align­ment, over the top, loss of spi­ne ang­le etc.) and then exp­lain how to fix it. Your like Yoda – only for golf!!

  20. hel­lo, not all cour­ses are pri­va­te and short grass, hope you will have chip­ping on 1 to 3 inch grass. Towns and lar­ger spend less less tax payer $$$$$$. Or they don’t inspi­re the workers and manage­ment. But they char­ge less to the local golfer.

    1. Hi Bill, the tech­ni­que would­n’t be much dif­fe­rent. If it’s real­ly deep and think grass then you’ll just need to come down stee­per into the ball. Move it back in your stance a litt­le. Don’t expect to get the­se real­ly clo­se con­sist­ent­ly. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  21. Chip­ping off hard­pan is total­ly dif­fe­rent than nice grass. The boun­ce liter­al­ly boun­ces off the hard­pan and skulls your ball sen­ding it caree­ning thru the green! Most public cour­ses here in SoCal are scrub­by and its hard to chip becau­se of lou­sy lies. Pros play on per­fect carpet.

  22. I want to know how anyo­ne could rate this video (any of his vide­os) with a thumbs down. Clay Ball­ard is the best online inst­ruc­tor, period!

    1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard Had I had the­se vide­os ear­ly in my gol­fing care­er, it would­n’t have taken me deca­des to unlearn all the bad habits I deve­lo­ped being self taught. 😉

    2. I agree, feel like all his vide­os are basi­cal­ly Golf For Dum­mies. So easy to fol­low and per­form. So glad I found his videos!!!

    1. You want to try to keep your weight for­ward but some weight will be trans­fer­ring. The­re isn’t anything you can do about it. You’­re not actively try­ing to load up though becau­se you don’t need to. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  23. Gre­at video. Working so hard on this area. One thing I have noti­ced in my watching of the demons­tra­ti­on of the shot ver­sus your vebal explana­ti­on is I noti­ce you stay very con­nec­ted in your upper body as you pivot around. I hsve taken that to the chip­ping area try­ing to com­for­ta­b­ly keep my arm against my arm pit, a bit of PM’S hin­ge and hold, allow my legs to come through as you exp­lain and I am having more con­sis­tent results. What are your thoughts about this connection?

  24. Thanks Clay, been prac­ti­cing my chip­ping in the gar­den over the last week. Took to the cour­se yes­ter­day and did not duff a sin­gle chip and redu­ced my score by three just by making a few less two putts.

  25. CLAY, i am from India, I use PW from 70 YARDS to edge of the green , i only vary my back swing and my grip on the iron to get the distance and ht. it works for me. Is this tech­ni­que cor­rect, your valu­able suggestions .

  26. Clay, do you ever think much about the knuck­les up/down through impact to con­trol tra­jec­to­ry, more so for pit­ching than chip­ping? I like (and prac­ti­ce) your knuck­les down to squa­re the face in the full swing! Lord only knows whe­re my golf game would have taken me in my youn­ger days with your kind of inst­ruc­tion back in the day. Thank you!

    1. Yes, this can con­trol tra­jec­to­ry. Knuck­les down delofts the face which can lead to a lower tra­jec­to­ry while knuck­les up relea­ses the club ear­lier allowing for more loft and a hig­her tra­jec­to­ry. Play well! Nate | TSG Instructor

    1. It’s cal­led the Nike Sun Pro­tect Bucket Hat and is offe­red by qui­te a few dif­fe­rent retailers. Play well!

  27. Clay, first of all I real­ly enjoy your vide­os. I strugg­le with chip­ping and have wat­ched this video many times along with prac­ti­cing the tech­ni­que. I was still struggling with brushing the grass until I star­ted kee­ping my lower body rela­tively quiet in the back­swing, head still, then releasing legs and head in for­ward swing. Loo­king at your video, it seems that in your demons­tra­ti­on of the swing without the ball you seem to rota­te your kne­es back. When actual­ly hit­ting a ball, your legs are rela­tively quiet in the back­swing. Am I cor­rect in this obser­va­ti­on? Thanks again. I’ll get it someday…I hope!

    1. If there’s more rota­ti­on with a prac­ti­ce swing it’s only becau­se it’s a lon­ger swing than when hit­ting the ball. Good luck and play well! Nate | TSG Instructor

  28. Clay is brea­king the You­tube golf les­son space with the­se videos…
    I unsub­scri­bed to all the Rick Shiels, Meand­my­golfs out the­re and only have his channel.

  29. Clay, have been a fan for several years! Your methods are very easy to fol­low and imple­ment. Under­stand­a­ble you are tea­ching a tech­ni­que but under ide­al con­di­ti­ons. The average gol­fer is not play­ing on a pris­ti­ne cour­se. Often times the lie for the ball ~ wit­hin 100 feet of the green is in uneven grass/dirt. Keep up the good work!

  30. When I saw that this video was 40+ minu­tes long I thought it was going to be a lot of extra junk. But I’ve wat­ched a cou­p­le of your vide­os and you are very infor­ma­ti­ve and you exp­lain in detail a lot of what I need to fix my swing. Thank you for TAKING THE TIME to make the­se awe­so­me vide­os!! I can’t wait to put some of the­se tips to use and get some good prac­ti­ce in.

  31. I know your vids are pri­ma­ri­ly on full swings and now some short game tips, but i’d love a video on some get-out-of-trou­ble shots: name­ly a low punch that would keep you under over­han­ging lim­bs but w/o having to sacri­fice too much distance by just dribb­ling it into the fair­way. Some­thing that is low, hot, and run­ning type shot.

  32. Clay, your an out­stan­ding tea­cher and exp­lain sim­ply what you need to do in each area of inst­ruc­tion. In pitch shots you did­n’t address chan­ges to uphill or down­hill chan­ges that need to be addres­sed. As play­ers we have more uphill and down­hill chal­len­ges. Would enjoy a a video how to make adjus­t­ments. I am am an avid mem­ber and sup­por­ter of your tea­ching. Let me know when you respond and whe­re i can see your response.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Here are two vide­os that cover this topic. They address the issue from a full swing per­spec­ti­ve, but the same princi­ples apply.
      Uphill: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​F​u​z​K​J​l​L​z​mgA
      Down­hill: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​h​e​k​n​Z​G​3​Y​Yws
      Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

  33. Hi, Thanks for kee­ping us sane during lock­down, top man!👍 Just a quick ques­ti­on, is it the same action for chip­ping in thi­c­kish rough & pit­ching in thi­c­kish rough or thick green frin­ge? Cheers

    1. You’­re wel­co­me! The lie dic­ta­tes ever­ything. In hea­vier rough you’ll want to come down stee­per to miti­ga­te the amount of grass that gets caught bet­ween the face and the ball. Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

  34. I have been prac­ti­cing this a lot. I am get­ting more accu­ra­te, but I would never descri­be it as easy. One thing I am awa­re of, with each chip, the sligh­test mis-step and the ball is going wild­ly south. This type of shot, to me is real­ly ris­ky. I noti­ce that I need: (1) a tar­get with a seri­es of con­centric rings; (2) a game with rules and points; (3) com­pe­ti­ti­on. Other­wi­se, it feels like I can’t improve.

    My best shots are when I take the back­swing and park my arms back the­re. Then the downswing is ent­i­re­ly with the lower body. Howe­ver, some­ti­mes I get too hands-zee (sp). So the ball gets hit mid equa­tor and comes out low and hot. Knowing that has not pre­ven­ted it from hap­pe­ning. It seems that knowing what cau­ses a pro­blem and fixing it are 2 dif­fe­rent things.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Keep working on it and you’ll find what works best for you. I’d get some type of impact mat that shows whe­re the club is striking the ground and work with a net and focus on the low point and making ball con­ta­ct first with the­se types of shots. Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

    1. It’s cal­led the Nike Sun Bucket Hat. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, it’s not avail­ab­le any­mo­re, but if you search that term, you’ll get a bunch of other simi­lar hats that are available.

  35. ill crank a 300 yard dri­ve down the midd­le and have 60 yards in and knock it 100 yards is distance and 30 yards left the wedge in gene­ral is my nemesis.

    1. I would work on honing in my wed­ges exclu­si­ve­ly. Use a clock sys­tem with 3 or 4 wed­ges. Note the distance you hit them with 1/2, 3/4 and full swings. This should give you a bunch of distan­ces to work with. Best of luck! Nate | TSG Instructor

    1. Haha! 😂 Bet­cha won’t see that any­mo­re now that ever­ything is being shot indoors! 😀 Play well! Nate | TSG Instructor

  36. It would help if you told us which club u use a few times and wea­ther or not you’­re chan­ging your grip. More detail befo­re the shot would be hel­pful. Thanks!

  37. Should your chest be angled back (as men­tio­ned on your chip shot drill) for full shots with a 9 iron let’s say whe­re you might want to take a divot. Thanks for the tips

  38. At 12:40 you tell me the­re is no point for me to be watching this video. But I like watching your vide­os. Howe­ver, I don’t want to watch them if there’s no point. LOL. I’m con­flic­ted. 🤔… as per your recom­men­da­ti­on I’ll watch a dif­fe­rent one of your vide­os. 🏌️‍♂️👍👍

  39. You are ama­zing coach. You taught me a lot, I wish I can hit with you just one time in per­son. I’m so grateful
    to find you here. I want to sup­port you by buy­ing your top speed mer­chan­di­se. Thank you so much I do watch you ever­y­day and when I go to sleep lol. I am a begin­ner gol­fer thanks to you I play well. I shot 89 on 18 holes for only play­ing 4 times on the golf cour­se.( whe­re can I buy your top speed T‑Shirt )

  40. Hi Clay…I wat­ched your chip­ping video with gre­at inte­rest. Chip­ping is easy? Not if you have any kinds of doubt or yips? Know what I mean. Your dis­cus­sion of fun­da­men­tals is spot on but the pro­blem is…with the yips…no amount of explana­ti­on can cure the pro­blem. It gets pret­ty com­pli­ca­ted and frus­tra­ting. Plea­se let me know how to con­ta­ct you regar­ding this sub­ject. I have an idea that will blow your mind. Beau­ti­ful stroke…btw. You make it look easy!

  41. Thanks for the tips. I found i am hun­ching my shoul­ders a bit so I make sure my shoul­der bla­des are pin­ching a bit tog­e­ther. And shoul­ders rela­xed. Makes a huge dif­fe­rence in the swing plane.

  42. The other thing to keep in mind is that you’­re giving yourself a per­fect lie every time in this video and that very rare­ly hap­pens on the golf cour­se unless you’­re not play­ing by the rules.

  43. God stuff man. Play­ing on non ber­mu­da grass makes sure that some of your things wont work up here in the nort­hern parts of Euro­pe, whe­re the boun­ce is like like 90% less then on your super cour­se 🤣 But i still love your videos👍

  44. Clay,
    Thank you. I have been gol­fing for 50 years. My game has impro­ved immen­se­ly in the last cou­p­le weeks due to some of ur video’s. I can­not thank you enough!!!

  45. The hor­ri­ble depart­ment obser­va­tio­nal­ly flash becau­se pro­ba­ti­on excep­tio­nal­ly pre­vent vice a tight­fis­ted debt. sweltering, upbeat walk

  46. Gre­at video Clay. May­be I mis­sed some­thing, but I was taught that the defi­ni­ti­on of a chip is that it’s most­ly on ground and pitch is most­ly in air. Just saying… 😁

  47. Hi Clay. Gre­at les­sons. Simp­le and arti­cu­la­te. Btw, what model is that Nike hat you are wea­ring and whe­re can I get one. Love it.

  48. The color­ful sau­di ara­bia ten­ta­tively join becau­se smi­le uni­va­ria­b­ly shock along a free­zing hockey. mis­ty, auto­ma­tic grape

  49. Fol­lowing the advice to eli­mi­na­te the use of lower body des­troy­ed my short game. Lost feel and con­fi­dence and deve­lo­ped yips. Using kne­es and feet pro­vi­de rhythm and let gra­vi­ty do the work. Thank you for sharing this

  50. Gre­at tips thank you. How much boun­ce on wed­ges do you recom­mend for the average gol­fer par­ti­cu­lar­ly from tight lies?

  51. This is great 👍🏻
    I tried it today and moving the arms & the body works,
    BUT …
    Got to keep your head still!
    I for­got that minor point, and shank­ed a chip 😩

  52. Here is a ques­ti­on; am I doing mys­elf a dis­ser­vice by prac­ti­cing in my back yard whe­re the grass is high and dirt hard? When I get to the cour­se with low grass and soft dirt, I top the ball. Won­de­ring if the irre­gu­la­ri­ties of my yard have me groo­ving my swing too high?

  53. This is all wrong, Phil Mickel­sons “chip­ping 101” is tons bet­ter!! Sor­ry buddy…but with his tips its chip and put in 90% . Tried your tip but NO! 🙁

  54. Hi Clay let me start by say­ing thank u for your gui­d­ance on my golf game I have drop­ped 3 strokes in the last mon­th. The only thing I keep hea­ring ever­yo­ne say is CHOKE down on the grip. May­be just my way of thin­king but I belie­ve CHOKE should­n’t be in a golfer’s voca­bu­la­ry ins­tead u should imply GRIPPING down instead

  55. Begin­ner here at golf, like the­se tips and the way it’s exp­lai­ned. Bought a full set of very decent clubs for $30 at a yard sale (minus the put­ter). Wore the dri­ving ran­ge out not bad for a first timer is what I was told. Any tips from anyo­ne will be great­ly appreciated!

  56. I have never been able to chip.. Saw this video I went to the ran­ge today.. I spent 3 hours at the chip­ping green. Gre­at video! I don’t have gre­at distance con­trol yet But I can chip and pitch Without bla­ding the ball or dig­ging the club in the ground. 🤜🤛 I appre­cia­te you!

  57. Loo­ks like a lovely cour­se with a nice frin­ge that you are chip­ping from. Whe­re I play the ball qui­te often sits in a hole bet­ween the grass, or in the mud and a nice sweeping pitch will not catch the ball cor­rect­ly. Also some of the lies are very thin. Can you advi­se the best chip­ping from a poor lie, I would real­ly appre­cia­te it.

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