Chip­ping Vs Pit­ching, whats the dif­fe­rence. This golf video shows you the set up for both chip­ping and pit­ching and the indi­vi­du­al tech­ni­ques for both and covers some of the most com­mon mista­kes made by golfers.

If you find your self struggling to strike your chip shots, may­be you can your chips thin or fat or sim­ply strugg­le to get distance con­trol. I cover all of this and more in this weeks golf inst­ruc­tio­n­al video.

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Thanks for stop­ping by. I crea­ted this web­site as a resour­ce just for you to sup­port you on your gol­fing jour­ney as I know how tri­cky lear­ning this game can be…to say the least!

I per­so­nal­ly found lear­ning the game too long and dif­fi­cult in the ear­ly days. I read all the books, wat­ched all the vide­os but my game was not impro­ving. Then after stu­dy­ing various forms of neu­ro sci­ence, motor lear­ning, psy­cho­lo­gy and per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment in less than two years I went from struggling gol­fer to the final sta­ge of the Open Championship.

On You­Tube and my per­so­nal web­site (www​.dan​ny​mau​de​.com) I will bring you the most up to date trai­ning, trai­ning that is get­ting tan­gi­ble results for my cli­ents right now. I don’t know whe­re you are in your gol­fing jour­ney, you could be just star­ting out or may­be your body isn’t as fle­xi­ble as it once was or you’ve got ambi­ti­ons to slash your han­di­cap. Whe­re­ver you are I’ve crea­ted a place here you can learn, share your ide­as, ask ques­ti­ons and get all the sup­port you need to enjoy this gre­at game.

Be pre­pa­red though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take strai­ght to the prac­ti­ce ground and app­ly to the cour­se but it will requi­re you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, prac­ti­ce some more and then watch tho­se scores tumble

I’ve had the plea­su­re of coa­ching thousands of stu­dents all around the world and if you are up for the chal­len­ge and are rea­dy to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


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    1. The detail is requi­red in this video. So many mis­con­cep­ti­ons around chip­ping and pit­ching put out by others on You­Tube. Thanks Dan­ny, gre­at video as always

  1. Once again Dan­ny, excel­lent video, clear con­cise and too the point. When I mis­fit the­se type of shots, I find it’s becau­se I haven’t tur­ned my body through. Thanks for your real­ly hel­pful vids.

  2. Dan­ny, as a ger­iatric is gol­fer New­ley retur­ned after 43 years when work got in the way, thank you. I have recent­ly com­ple­ted a cour­se of les­sons with a pro on a dri­ving ran­ge with video etc and can tru­ly say I have lear­ned more from your vide­os than in tho­se les­sons, thank you again.

    1. Har­ry plea­vin I’m sor­ry to hear your les­sons haven’t been as suc­cess­ful as you would like but plea­sed per­so­nal­ly to play a part in hel­ping your golf game

    2. Dan­ny Mau­de too much refer­ring to screen and not enough tui­ti­on also far to much of the pro hit­ting ama­zing shots but tea­ching me zilch. We live and learn, thanks again

    3. Har­ry plea­vin inte­res­ting, fin­ding the right coach for you can be a litt­le tri­al and error. I e cer­tain­ly found this over the years

    1. @Danny Mau­de Gary Play­er has given me a Golf set for Prac­ti­ce, My sto­ry is very long, when no one hel­ped me then He hel­ped me.
      becau­se Play­ing golf in india is very hard for a com­mon per­son like me. Very Expensive

  3. Fin­ding the right pro is dif­fi­cult and expen­si­ve €50 an hour mini­mum! But it’s still bet­ter than buy­ing the latest dri­ver and irons and thin­king that’ll do it ! Have the tee shirt ☹️. Not sure what the ans­wer is to be honest!! But I’m begin­ning to think eit­her u have it or u don’t !! Still enjoy­ing the video lessons..

    1. @Danny Mau­de I’ve been out, at least for 9, most weeks through win­ter to just keep it going. Thanks to you, and a few others, Chris Ryan main­ly, my game has impro­ved so much. I was a 28er this time last year, and at the mo, I’m fee­ling like I could con­t­end play­ing off 18. But I’ll stay on 24 for now 🤣. Your tech­ni­que on pit­ching has been a mas­si­ve game chan­ger for me, and your chip­ping is all I do too, as neu­tral as poss and it works a tre­at. You’d be so proud if you saw me and my 56 pit­ching befo­re and after i star­ted your tech­ni­que!! 👍mas­si­ve thanks for what you’­ve done!!

    2. Owen Frost that’s awe­so­me Owen, thanks for taking the time to let me know how I’ve mana­ged to help. Chris Ryan is a gre­at guy with some cracking videos

  4. Hi Dan­ny this is a real­ly use­ful video I belie­ve chip­ping and pit­ching is the stron­gest part of my game but grip­ping down on the club can only help me get even bet­ter, whe­re I go wrong is once I’m on the green my put­ting real­ly lets me down any chan­ce you could do a fol­low up video on put­ting out tho­se four/ five foo­ters I have left after chip­ping or pit­ching on. Thanks

  5. Hi Dan­ny, Gre­at video and now I can refer back to ever­ything you taught me 2 weeks ago in my les­son. TO ALL OF DANNY’S FOLLOWERS OUT THERE.…..I PLAY AT PARKSTONE IN POOLE AND IVE STRUGGLED WITH CONSISTENT CHIPPING & PITCHING FOR YEARS! I TRAVELLED TO CANTERBURY AND INVESTED IN A 2 HOUR LESSON AND IT WAS BRILLIANT. FORGET BUYING THE LATEST EQUIPMENT GO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON A LESSON OR TWO WITH DANNY YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Can’t thank you enough Dan­ny in 2 weeks my chip­ping and pit­ching has been trans­for­med. Colin Lazell

  6. Hey Dan­ny thanks for the video. Here in the North Texas area we had major floo­ding of our golf cour­se at the worse pos­si­ble time as we were hea­ding into our win­ter mon­ths. No grass gro­wing ever­ything is dor­mant for about 4 mon­ths. So we basi­cal­ly are in a dead­pan type of chip­ping con­di­ti­on. Many of us have resor­ted to put­ting from 10–20 yards away from the flag. Con­trol­ling your put­ter that far out is very dif­fi­cult but try to chip with no grass is a bla­de wai­t­ing to hap­pen. Any sug­ges­ti­ons other than find a cour­se with more grass..haha Thanks again

    1. See it as a gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty to per­fect your tech­ni­que. Yes its trickier but work on this tech­ni­que as it works on all surfaces

    2. I moved clo­ser to the ball and cho­ked down as you sug­gested. The fee­ling of a toe down swing made my chips off of dead pan lies doable. Thank you so much for the tips.

  7. Gre­at stuff Dan­ny. Tal­king about the grip real­ly hel­pful too. Han­di­cap drop­ped a cou­p­le of shots sin­ce watching the­se and only get­ting better.

  8. Gre­at one again Dan­ny! I strugg­le a lot with the­se kind of shots so it’s real­ly hel­pful. You exp­lain it very clear. And yes…a long, long, long time ago I was tea­ched very different!

    1. Dan­ny Mau­de Your dedi­ca­ti­on is out of this world Dan­ny. Even on your vaca­ti­on you take the time to respond to my com­ment! Now lay back and enjoy your time of 😀

    2. Dan­ny Mau­de I know you are on vaca­ti­on but I just have to let you know. I just play­ed a round and with your tips I chip­ped and pit­ched like a pro! Man oh man, what a dif­fe­rence it makes. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your vacation 😎

  9. Thanks Dan­ny. Gre­at tips. I have found body rota­ti­on in pit­ching has chan­ged my shot making in a huge­ly posi­ti­ve way. Alt­hough you didn’t empha­sise it much, it was evi­dent in your pit­ching shots. 🍻

  10. Con­vin­ced this is the sco­ring part of the game. Con­se­quent­ly, I need all the help I can get and your video fits the bill. Bril­li­ant as usu­al! (Laug­hed when you said, “not bad” after your first chip…I’d be cele­bra­ting if I could get it that clo­se all the time.) Cheers!

  11. Very clear and con­cise. Well orga­ni­zed, with sta­ted objec­ti­ve, pre­sen­ta­ti­on, and sum­ma­ry. Defi­ni­te­ly, NOT too long.
    Thanks again Danny.

  12. Love the new high def came­ra Dan­ny, you’­re almost in the room with me. Boy, do I need this les­son atm. I’m off to try it now, con­fi­dent it’ll sort me out. Could­n’t agree more with Lisa Lazell, face to face is the way to go.

  13. Dan­ny I’ve been watching your vide­os for a cou­p­le of weeks now. Used to be high 90’s. Last 3 rounds have shot midd­le 80’s. Most import­ant­ly I’ve used the same golf ball all 3 rounds. Thank you for all the gre­at inst­ruc­tions. From Texas.

  14. Hi Dan­ny. I am won­de­ring if the same tech­ni­que for chip­ping can be used for put­ting, ie right wrist back and then for­ward. My tea­cher tells me this is an old way of put­ting, but I find that the ball goes strai­gh­ter becau­se it eli­mi­na­tes any twis­ting of the put­ter face going back. Any thoughts on this? Thanks

    1. Ive per­so­nal­ly found that the best put­ters in the world have natu­ral strokes that they have put their own per­so­nal stamp on. Its easy to get a modern per­fect stro­ke but Ive seen very few gol­fers be able to take it suc­cess­ful­ly to the course.

      Find what works for you and prac­ti­ce the hell out of it…

    1. Likeli­hood is you are doing exact­ly the oppo­si­te to what Im coa­ching here. The ball is hit­ting the lea­ding edge becau­se the club is releasing too late. Try prac­ti­sing get­ting the boun­ce of the club just brui­sing the ground right under your ster­num. Get­ting con­sis­tent ground con­ta­ct will help tremendously

  15. As always Dan­ny a gre­at les­son. Thank you for sharing. Spring is com­ing so the­se refres­hers are an excel­lent way to get rea­dy for the new sea­son. Thanks again!

    1. Thats gre­at Charles, with the US Mas­ters around the cor­ner I love spring…as you say a gre­at time to get rea­dy for the gol­fing season

    1. Fun­ny, thanks Robert, I was a litt­le ner­vous it may be a litt­le too detail­ed for some. Share it with a friend or two if you think it may help them

  16. Gre­at inst­ruc­tion. I have a ques­ti­on about pit­ching. How far away from the green does a pitch beco­me a regu­lar golf shot? If I’m 50 yards out, is that con­si­de­red a pitch? Do I use the same technique?

    1. A pitch could be as litt­le as a yard away from the put­ting green. Its a pitch shot when you want the ball stop quick­ly when it lands and its a chip shot when you are hap­py to see it rol­ling to the hole most of the way

    2. Kevin G yes you can pitch with any club down to about 8 iron with prac­ti­ce using this tech­ni­que. From 7 iron down you don’t get the height and it’s more of a punch shot. Chip­ping is often used clo­ser to the green when nothing’s in front of you, pit­ching when you have to get height to go over an obsta­cle such as bun­ker, water or rough and stop quick­ly on the green.

  17. Gre­at Info Dan­ny!! thank you!! lear­ned old school we’d drag, when timed well it works, final­ly, have a good idea on how to NOT drag..

  18. Always a good idea to add the LIKE remin­der. Hel­ps me remem­ber. I’m so focu­sed on the tea­ching that I would other­wi­se forget!

  19. Thank’s Dan­ny gre­at vid as always!
    Can you con­si­der gui­de us regar­ding club fit­ting? Is is some­thing real­ly important for your game? Should I use a lon­ger shaft then the regu­lar if I’m 1’85 cm, etc.? Gra­phi­te or Iron … what’s the difference?
    Best regards,

    1. Just a sug­ges­ti­on… I under­stand that many pros use dri­vers and fair­way woods that are much shor­ter than what is sold by the big manu­fac­tu­rers. This spring I had a pro­per fit­ting and had my lon­ger clubs shor­ten­ed and am now get­ting cent­re-face con­ta­ct on a much more regu­lar basis. I have more con­fi­dence in my swing as I am hit­ting my tar­gets on much more regu­lar basis. With this I have more con­fi­dence as I whip the ball through the slot and am incre­a­sing my distance. For me all this is signi­fi­cant; my play­ing bud­dies noti­ce the improvement.
      FYI… my dri­ver is now 43.75 inches (1.11 m) down from the ori­gi­nal manufacturer’s ori­gi­nal length of 46 inches (1.17m). I am 70 inches (1.78 m) tall. Cri­ti­cal note… chan­ging club length chan­ges swing weight… a good club fit­ter chan­ging club length will adjust swing weight to match the swing weight of the rest of your club set.

  20. I tried this tech­ni­que at the ran­ge last night, and com­pa­red to how I use to pitch and chip. The­se tech­ni­ques work far bet­ter, and are easier to perform.

  21. Came 6th in a comp yes­ter­day if i had seen this video befo­re i would have won. Cant wait to get stuck into this for next weeks comp. Chip­ping has always been my big­gest achiĺes heel. Thx as always Danny

    1. @Danny Mau­de wise words Dan­ny i plan when the wea­ther warms up to spend many an evening perec­ting the chip­ping And pit­ching arts

  22. I find all your vide­os very intui­ti­ve. You have a knack of exp­lai­ning in detail without con­fu­sing. Play­ed my 1st game sin­ce watching your vide­os on chip­ping and pit­ching, and pit­ched in from 49 yards on 1 hole, and had com­pli­ments on how well I was con­nec­ting with my pitch shots and how they were just pop­ping up! Thanks for your vids!

  23. Has the PGA ever con­duc­ted a tri­al tea­ching new ent­rants using dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques, and then com­pa­ring the results ? The rea­son I ask is that my local area has seen 3 cour­ses clo­se in the past year, and I am con­vin­ced it is due to the poor/substandard level of PGA pro­fes­sio­nal tea­ching in this area. Many new ent­rants to the sport fall by the way­si­de after making no pro­gress in the game; with bet­ter initi­al coa­ching they would go on to have a hob­by for life. I have learnt far more from your vide­os (for free !), than from paying PGA qua­li­fied coa­ches – it should not be like that ! Sor­ry if this offends any­bo­dy, but I con­si­der golf coa­ching in this coun­try to be some­thing approa­ching a scam – based on my own experience.

    1. Thanks for the feed­back John, put it this way I’ve spent thousands of pounds and hours lear­ning how to best ser­ve gol­fers around the world all of which I have had to do off my own back. I belie­ve the trai­ning at the PGA is impro­ving but it has a long way to go

  24. Just watching your bit on pit­ching for about the tenth time. Would you use the same wrist action in a bun­ker shot?
    Love the vide­os. Keep them coming.

    1. Hi Dan­ny, I haven’t had the chan­ce to try it out in a prac­ti­ce bun­ker, but in Saturday’s game I had two situa­tions in the bun­ker I hate. In one I was short sided play­ing to a down­hill pin about 10 feet away, and the other I was about 35 yards away to a down­hill green.
      I tried the pit­ching release and on both occa­si­ons play­ed the shot ama­zin­gly well.
      Short sided shot I lan­ded about half way to the hole, the ball che­cked and rol­led out to 4 foot past.
      The long bun­ker shot pit­ched about 5 yards from the hole and rol­led out stone dead.
      For the last 12 mon­ths every time I have gone in a bun­ker, I’ve finis­hed up picking it out after about 5 or 6 shots.
      Now I’m sure the­re was a lot of luck invol­ved, but it rai­sed my con­fi­dence level to whe­re I won’t be ter­ri­fied of going into a bun­ker again.
      Just need to get in a prac­ti­ce bun­ker soon.
      Keep the­se gre­at vide­os coming.

  25. Dan­ny you don’t men­ti­on the action of the shoul­ders in the chip­ping part which if not used leads to all sorts of problems
    I use your vide­os and have pro­blems with pit­ching ie what action to use so am going to try your tech­ni­que Fin­gers cros­sed – Babs Colling

    1. @Danny Mau­de Chip­ping worked a tre­at thanks – I did still hit a cou­p­le fat/thin ear­ly on but could see that the­re was a mark on the ground facing left so could see that I was eit­her to quick from the end of the back­swing or was for­cing it using too much shoul­ders! So, the tech­ni­que allied with the fee­ling if let­ting the club acting like a pen­du­lum is a gre­at help. STILL struggling with pit­ching though! I have always had pro­blems with the ‘in-bet­ween’ distan­ces whe­re you need wrist cock but is not a full swing. I don’t qui­te under­stand when a wrist hin­ge leads to a wrist cock and suf­fer main­ly with shanking the ball. I am not sure in the full swing I hin­ge at all.…really puz­zling and con­sist­ent­ly shanking pit­ches. Para­ly­zed!! I am sure I have seen most of your vids and like them all but can you recom­mend one that details the take away and what the wrists are doing exactly?

  26. The 2 most important aspects of Golf, in my opi­ni­on, are Con­fi­dence and Con­sis­ten­cy , both of which can be found here. Alt­hough free , your vide­os are far bet­ter than paying a pro to hear about his or her glo­ry days. When the Ice melts here in the Heart­land I’ll be more than rea­dy, Thank You.

  27. Thanks Dan­ny. Any tips for the chip­ping yips? I feel like my tech­ni­que is good and can exe­cu­te at a high level when prac­ti­cing. On the cour­se it is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly a who­le dif­fe­rent sto­ry and its a big pro­blem as you can ima­gi­ne. HELP!

  28. Dan­ny, I see from many of your respon­ses that you are con­cer­ned it may be too much detail. Abso­lute­ly not. It does sta­te the detail in the tit­le. Second­ly, this is a vital part of the game. Most ama­teurs strugg­le here. Bob­by Jones famous­ly said ” the secret to golf, is tur­ning three shots into two”. What per­cen­ta­ge of play­ers would impro­ve by being able to get up and down 8/10 times from 20 yards off the green and in? Second, by how many shots per round? That would shock them. Ter­ri­fic video, thank you. Plea­se do not change!

    1. I would play around a litt­le with it to find out what works best. Some play­ers like it to favour their lead foot while others like it even

  29. Hey Danny…all your tips have hel­ped me impro­ve and made golf more enjoya­ble. Won­de­ring about pit­ching out of deeper grass, tends to grab the club and do bad things. Tips on that would be appreciated

  30. Gre­at video, as usu­al. Thanks Dan­ny. Could you do a part 2 on this sub­ject dealing with club selec­tion and lan­ding area? I real­ly strugg­le with distance on my pitches.

  31. Hi Dan­ny, I’ve been prac­ti­sing this in my gar­den this week and went out on the cour­se today. Hit my pit­ches regu­lar­ly wit­hin a cou­p­le of feet of hole, some­ti­mes inches! The ball posi­ti­on seems to give good back­spin so ball does­n’t roll much once it lands. Haven’t qui­te got the chip­ping distan­ces as yet with my 8 iron but still pret­ty good results. My short game is usual­ly pret­ty good but I take a while to deci­de what club to use. I’m fin­ding it is so much bet­ter to stick to one club – keep it simple!
    Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

    1. I think that’s a gre­at stra­te­gy for the short game…you can always expand your club choices once you have built your con­fi­dence with one wedge

  32. This was your best video ever Dan­ny! I’ve alrea­dy star­ted using the cata­pult method with the dri­ver and gai­ned signi­fi­cant club­head speed, so pai­ring it with impro­ve­ment around the greens will hope­ful­ly make for my best sea­son ever! Keep up the good work!

  33. Hi Dan­ny, I was just watching one of your older vide­os about pit­ching and refer to much more body rota­ti­on and less hands. Do you feel this tech­ni­que works bet­ter? Is this part of the same thing or com­ple­te­ly different?

    1. @Danny Mau­de thanks so much for the replies! I went to chip today and this is very easy. I noti­ce that I can hin­ge my right wrist sim­ply and at dif­fe­rent angles depen­ding on the shot I want. One thing that see­med a litt­le odd was a softer/high pitch. I have 2 tech­ni­ques that seem to work but wan­ted your input. 1. I would hin­ge the right wrist back then in the downswing roll the Grip a litt­le to open the face and sli­de? 2. I would hin­ge the right wrist back then feel like I slow the top of the grip some?(I could also com­bi­ne them to go even higher)
      I noti­ced in your body style pit­ching video you spo­ke of stal­ling the body to sling the wrists. Is that ano­t­her opti­on for a high soft pitch? Hin­ge back then slow the body com­ing through?

    1. alh dis­co less club head speed as it’s a wider arc thus less spin and con­trol. Some would argue the arc is also too shal­low with this method too.

      Remem­ber with the short game we are gene­ral­ly play­ing from poor lies that requi­re a bit of club head speed. Wrists crea­te this

  34. Hi Dan­ny, the­se tips worked well with mys­elf and a guest I had here in the vil­la­ges. Even worked on the very tight lies you get here in cen­tral flo­ri­da in the win­ter. Thanks again!!!

  35. Ano­t­her gre­at video I’m taking to the prac­ti­ce ground Dan­ny. I’m a hands for­ward machi­ne and it gets me in all sorts of trou­ble. This was so simp­le and obvious. Thanks!

  36. Best video on chip­ping and pit­ching on you­tube!! Some of the­se tech­ni­ques are well sui­ted for lower han­di­cap gol­fer becau­se you have to con­ti­nue the rota­ti­on of the body after the impact which many begin­ners do not do. This is the rea­son many vide­os on the inter­net advi­se view­ers to have a for­ward shaft lean during the impact to pre­vent hit­ting it thin for begin­ner gol­fers, which works gre­at but you loo­se the con­trol of the shots.

  37. The bump and run chip idea is being over­ly emph­sis­ed during past 20yrs. Even from around the green a high pitch also stop in or clo­se to cup.……if prac­ti­ced well. The pro­blem ari­sed becau­se of fear of hit­ting line drive(connect ball in ring)

    1. I know a lot of pros are favou­ring the hig­her lof­ted shot the­se days to avoid having to work out the affect of the slo­pes on the greens…just chip it over them

  38. Dan­ny ive been watching your vide­os for over the last three mon­ths and by far the most inst­ruc­tio­n­al vide­os by far thanks so much and plea­se keep up the GREAT work . Boo­gie from Chat­ta­noo­ga Tn.

    1. Ralph G it’s ok to hit the ground behind the ball with pitching…you just need to make sure you use the boun­ce and gli­de it along the sur­face to the ball

  39. Real­ly appre­cia­te your won­der­ful vide­os. After watching your video about “Big­gest Mista­kes”, I have worked on tho­se over the past two days…seen impro­ve­ment in out­co­me and con­fi­dence. One issue I still have (from time to time) is flip­ping during my chips…my bot­tom hand just wants to acce­le­ra­te the club head (which you cor­rect­ly point out is dis­astrous!!!) I will try the fin­ger thing the next time I can get out to the prac­ti­ce faci­li­ty, but do you have any other sug­ges­ti­ons for making it stop…it is dri­ving me cra­zy! [Four nice chips then a screamer…both liter­al­ly (me) and figu­ra­tively (the ball).] Thanks again Dan­ny, you are by far the big­gest dif­fe­rence maker for my chipping!

  40. Thank you, Dan­ny. A very simp­le and con­cise descrip­ti­on of the chip and pitch set-ups, the dif­fe­ren­ces and which one to use when. Look for­ward to more insight­ful videos.

  41. The­se tips (and your other vide­os) have hel­ped me lower my scores signi­fi­cant­ly over the past cou­p­le of weeks as I undoub­ted­ly was­ted so many shots around the green pre­vious­ly. I love your coa­ching style Dan­ny, you exp­lain things very well and alt­hough I’ve not been one for prac­ti­cing, I actual­ly now find the time to do so and it’s star­ting to make a dif­fe­rence. I can’t thank you enough, keep up your fan­tastic work.

  42. Hi Dan­ny always enjoy the vide­os. On the chip­ping part I pre­su­me with the left shoul­der being slight­ly down and weight slight­ly for­ward (I belie­ve that is what you sta­te?) still means that the ster­num should be slight­ly behind the ball like you demons­tra­ted in a pre­vious video I view­ed in the new and old way to chip?

  43. One fol­low up ques­ti­on. In the pit­ching sec­tion do you recom­mend like many pro­fes­sio­nal (Hank Haney, Phil Mickel­son, et. al) that the club head should be lay­ing more flat to the ground to help faci­li­ta­te the spin that will make the ball land on the green with more spin or would a squa­re approach to the ball as long as the play­er fol­lows the rest of the advice be suf­fi­ci­ent to get the inten­ded strike and the pro­per action of the ball once it hits the green?

  44. Hey Dan­ny, gre­at video. At what distance do you recom­mend incor­po­ra­ting a shoul­der turn. IE for 40 yards plus you chan­ge technique

  45. Dan­ny, I have worked my way through your vide­os and it has been trans­for­ma­tio­nal as your explana­ti­on gave me a light­bulb moment in one key area – work on golf club head lea­ding through moti­on. Pre­vious­ly was doing all the bad things you have shown, dig­ging in behind, top­ping, thin­ning etc as hands led through. Ins­tead of having a 28 han­di­cap short game I now have one that will let me impro­ve my han­di­cap and the yips are a thing of the past with very few mista­kes and some gre­at shots as I prac­ti­ce and impro­ve my accu­ra­cy. Just one thing to fix – 80 to 100yds full wedge, I fre­quent­ly thin them bad­ly over the green. Can you fix this next !! (plea­se).

  46. This just re-enfor­ced what I got from ano­t­her video. I will put the­se tech­ni­ques to use tomor­row at my seni­or tour­na­ment @North Creek Golf Cour­se in Sout­ha­ven, MS. 🙂

  47. Gre­at stuff Dan­ny, thank you. The chip­ping has made such a dif­fe­rence but struggling with the pit­ching tech­ni­que a litt­le. Some pitch shots gre­at but many many more shanks! Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

    1. Just do it much much slower almost so you can see the club face mee­ting the ball squa­re. You won’t hit it very far but it will help you build the technique

  48. Dan­ny, your AWESOME!!! I view your vide­os and I’m ama­zed at how you touch on things that I am sure most ama­teurs have pro­blems with, you don’t over ana­ly­ze you exp­lain things very simp­le and easy to follow.…thanks so much

  49. Gre­at detail Dan­ny has worked won­der for my game went from figh­t­ing to get it clo­se to the hole to bur­ning the edge or con­fit­dent of holing a good deal more. Keep up the gre­at work 👍

    1. Just chip­ped in for two bir­dies for 2 2 clubs today . I’ve pas­sed on your video to two other lads and they cant belie­ve it’s that simp­le to chip😂😂. Ver­ti­cal shaft tech­ni­que with drop­ping the club face back to the ball is now blee­ding into my short pit­ching game 30 to 50 yards . Play­ing off 12 cert to be sin­gle figu­res at the end of the year. Thanks Dan­ny fair play👍

  50. Does this pit­ching tech­ni­que work from the rough, or do you need a more hin­ge and hold to get the for­ce through the grass?

    1. Gre­at ques­ti­on, Some­ti­mes when the rough is a litt­le thick i have a litt­le more shaft lean, all depends what type of flight Im after. What I sug­gest is you expe­ri­ment with sub­t­le varia­ti­ons as no one tech­ni­que will work for everything.

  51. Hi Dan­ny, I wat­ched the les­son yes­ter­day. For years I’ve used 56 for both, pit­ching and chip­ing… so today I fol­lo­wed your advi­se, used 8 iron to chip. It brought a bir­die!! Chip­ped in! Thanks for all your gre­at work. You real­ly are the best coach I’ve come accross!

  52. I’ve said it befo­re and will say it again. Dan­ny is pro­vi­ding top notch golf inst­ruc­tion here. This video on chip­ping and pit­ching is yet ano­t­her examp­le. I nomi­na­te Dan­ny as 2019 You­Tube tea­ching pro­fes­sio­nal of the year.

  53. Hi Dan­ny. I cant tell you how much I have impro­ved sin­ce I been watching your videos.
    GREAT STUFF. Thank you.
    Craig Lesh

  54. I love this guy. Gre­at inst­ruc­tions. I’m star­ting to get my golf back, so I’m loo­king for­ward to app­ly­ing some of the­se drills and prac­ti­ces I have been watching. Many thanks kind sir

  55. This video is gre­at and chan­ged my shots at the ran­ge today tre­men­dous­ly, and I was hit­ting so much bet­ter. Cant belie­ve I’ve never wat­ched your vide­os befo­re, this is gre­at stuff.

  56. Thanks Dan­ny, a deca­de off from gol­fing and I am sho­cked with how much I have for­got­ten. This was clear and easy to under­stand. Thank you.

  57. never again, I don’t like com­mer­cials and your video star­ted out with one that could not be taken off befo­re the skip ad thing pop­ped up . Bye

  58. Hi Dan­ny, gre­at les­son as always, thank you. I have my most incon­sis­tent chip/pitch result from an uphill lie, and end up try­ing to mir­ror the slo­pe (ie left/ lead shoul­der hig­her than right) whilst try­ing to keep weight on left foot!?! I’d be very gra­te­ful for your advice on the best way to coun­ter­act slo­pes when chip­ping and pit­ching. Many thanks.

  59. Gre­at tips Dan­ny. key to be is set up . Thank you I lik­ed the hand­le poin­ting in side the ball posi­ti­on on the back swing for pitching.

  60. You make golf inst­ruc­tion super simp­le. I swe­ar, half the vide­os I watch have a dozen checks that I have to make; by the time I go to swing, I’m struggling from infor­ma­ti­on over­load and get all screwed up. I appre­cia­te that you link ever­ything to natu­ral moti­on and feel.

  61. I like to have my hands slight­ly for­ward for two rea­sons.. First I feel like you need to do that at least slight­ly with most clubs to hit the sweet spot of the club face. And second, I’m going to have my hands in front of the club face at impact with pret­ty much all of my iron shots, and I feel if I keep dif­fe­rent shots at least fair­ly simi­lar in this area I can pre­vent from ten­den­ci­es blee­ding from one area of my game into the other. Does that mean sen­se at all to you?

    1. Jack Casey com­ple­te­ly Jack, if it works for you it’s important you stick with it…there are cer­tain­ly more ways than one to play this game. I per­so­nal­ly like to have a slight­ly dif­fe­rent action as I want to con­trol distance with the short shots and want to maxi­mi­se it with the long

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts

  62. Dan. This is the abso­lu­te best chip­ping tech­ni­que I’ve ever seen to avoid chip­ping ‘yips’-thanks for not using this word in your video by the way ! I’ve been figh­t­ing chip­ping yips for far too long and have got­ten to the point of chip­ping; alt­hough still poor­ly, left han­ded to avoid them- can you ima­gi­ne ?! I think the pro­blem is ever­yo­ne else tri­es to push the one pie­ce back and thru tech­ni­que for chip­ping and it’s vir­tual­ly impos­si­ble to do that with the yips as your left wrist sim­ply must break down and liter­al­ly can’t get thru the ball. Your hin­ge on way back and unhin­ge to squa­re at impact allows that left wrist to func­tion and not yip. I wat­ched your video last night and rus­hed out for 9 holes this morning and I was ama­zed at the abso­lu­te immedia­te results. I can chip again ! Only someo­ne with the yips can appre­cia­te what a reli­ef that is. I’m only about a one week discip­le of your Utube vide­os, but I will be sor­ting thru your past ones as I’m a true belie­ver. Thanks so much and keep up the gre­at inst­ruc­tio­n­al work.

  63. Gre­at tips! Love them! Some­thing trad­tio­nal tea­chings don’t teach. Can­not wait to try in hope to shave off some strokes from my short game which has been my big­gest enemy which l just can­not get clo­se enough to the pins to have a chan­ce. Thanks, Danny.

  64. accord­ing to dave pelz and phil mickel­son, the wrists are com­ple­te­ly neu­tral. They don’t cock or hin­ge when chip­ping. The wrists are also not locked in rigid becau­se you will lose your feel. The do cock with pit­ching but the key to pit­ching is cor­rect ball loca­ti­on in stance and pro­per rhythm.
    The rea­son is becau­se around the green, flip­py wrists can and usual­ly does lead to scoo­ps, chunks, or mishits.

    1. th3dudeabides1 I use this some­ti­mes too for cer­tain pitch shots, I have a shirt game pro­gram com­ing out soon going through the various tech­ni­ques that gol­fers use for dif­fe­rent shots

  65. Hi Dan­ny, I just star­ted play­ing golf this past July. Every now and then I mana­ge to get into pit­ching or chip­ping ran­ge, then I real­ly strugg­le. Thanks you for your vide­os on the­se shots, i’ll take the­se tips to the ran­ge and get to work.

  66. I love your vide­os, one hum­ble sug­ges­ti­on; could you make a few video whe­re you only demons­tra­te the cor­rect moti­on? That would help me quick­ly visua­li­ze the cor­rect moti­on, rather than having to skip the whe­re you demons­tra­te the bad habits or mista­kes that you see.

  67. My BB Cal­la­ways have a pret­ty wide sole. Any set­up adjus­t­ment requi­red? Your 8 iron is pret­ty nar­row. Less fric­tion through the turf. Gre­at video les­son by the way.

  68. Glad I found this video.. Chip­ping around th green is whe­re my strikes are adding up…and pre­ven­ting me from get­ting to 80. Will work on these…

  69. Best golf inst­ruc­tions the­re is on the Internet.
    Been struggling with chipping/pitching.
    This video has hel­ped me very much .
    Many thanks mate.
    Fan­cy a visit to Australia??

  70. Gre­at video. Ques­ti­on, I always gets con­fu­sed. Pitch shots are usual­ly up to how far? 80 to 100 yards, is that a pitch or a full shot?

    1. Dan­ny Mau­de think he’s asking dif­fe­rence bet­ween full shot and a pitch. I would say a pitch is a short ele­va­ted shot 50 yds or less .

  71. Hi Dan­ny – gre­at video ! Is it right that for chip­ping you rock the shoul­ders simi­lar to put­ting but for pit­ching you turn the shoulders?

  72. Hi Dan­ny. I am a 18 hcp and play sin­ce 20 yrs. All this time I pas­sed in chip­ping and pit­ching hell pre­ven­ting me of lowe­ring my hcp and take more plea­su­re in play­ing. I ve tried ever­ything. Most tea­chers tell me to stand still and just move the shoulders.Not ide­al if you feel ten­se alrea­dy. Do I see you moving your who­le body and even some slight weight shift? I think in my case it has beco­me more a men­tal issue than a tech­ni­cal one. The yips? Any ideas?

  73. using tho­se few fin­gers off the grip has made me rea­li­ze why John Rahm and Dus­tin John­son have a bowed wrist. this has beco­me more eye ope­ning than I ever anticipated

  74. Had a men­tal bre­akthrough thin­king this for chip­ping: ins­tead of ‘hin­ge and hold’ it should be ‘hin­ge and fol­low through natu­ral­ly’. I think that tip will work for me. Thanks Dan­ny my man!

  75. Hi Dan­ny.
    I ve been play­ing golf near­ly 40 years but never been able to put back spin on a shot. Can you show me how to do this in one of your videos.

    1. Hi Dan­ny.
      No this is with all irons.
      I have always play­ed on a links cour­se do ground was always hard and chal­ky so was always drop­ping ball in short and run­ning it in. And now would like to be able to approach in a more attacking mindset.

  76. It’s not a flick or flip as long as you keep the trail arm moving and let the weight of the club hin­ge and unhin­ge the wrists. Good stuff Danny.

  77. Dan­ny – I tried the­se two swings last night on a prac­ti­ce green. OUTSTANDING!!!! Boy did that work. Can’t wait to app­ly it out on the cour­se. Many thanks, Bill

  78. Hey Dan­ny,
    Thanks for this video, it was as if you knee what i was struggling with, even my coach got tired of the way i chip.
    My wrist keep ben­ding during d fol­low through and i end up doing rub­bish. I just want to get it even though I just star­ted play­ing golf a mon­th ago. Thanks for d video. God bless you

  79. Dan­ny gre­at video on chip­ping and pit­ching – you don’t talk at all about body rota­ti­on at all. May­be that’s pret­ty com­mon on chip­ping but most inst­ruc­tors speak of body rota­ti­on on pit­ching. Your thoughts?

    1. Dan­ny Mau­de Love your tea­ching – your enthu­si­asm and per­so­na­li­ty real­ly come through – in addi­ti­on to high qua­li­ty instruction.

  80. Dan­ny ffs! Take a breath and plea­se con­si­der how much info a per­son can take in in one go! I do belie­ve you have far more know­ledge than most and I am very intel­li­gent-but even I get abso­lute­ly lost watching your vide­os! Just saying 😉

  81. Phil Mick­le­son says do ever­ything Dan­ny says not to. Hands ahead. Weight on front foot . Someo­ne tell me how two pros can do the exact oppo­si­te and sta­te not to do it?

    1. Carl David Gunn it’s a gre­at point!

      The dif­fe­rence is Phil Mickel­son is a play­er not a coach, and a won­der­ful play­er at that. He can and does do many dif­fe­rent styles of shots and tech­ni­ques around the green many of which requi­re a level of pre­cisi­on only someo­ne of his expe­ri­ence and talent can perform.

      The key is to adopt some­thing that is much easier and quicker to learn and has a much grea­ter chan­ce of suc­cess. I belie­ve acti­vat­ing the boun­ce real­ly does make life a lot easier.

      Adop­ting the hin­ge and hold method will requi­re more pre­cisi­on. Not­hing wrong with it it’s just different.

      Hope this makes sense

    2. Dan­ny Mau­de Cheers for the Dan­ny your a true gen­tle­man pro. I’m a high han­di­cap­per fin­ding my way and this all makes 100% per­fect sen­se you say.
      Thank you 🙏🏼

  82. Hi Dan­ny, enjoy­ed the video which I found last night. In iso­la­ti­on due to Coro­na­vi­rus so working on my chip­ping in the back yard over 11 mtrs, You do not men­ti­on the amount and timing of hip move­ment in the 2 styles. My view from the back yard today is that the hips start tur­ning with the down swing in both? Can you cla­ri­fy? Thanks, always infor­ma­ti­ve. Rus­sell Brisbane

    1. Dan­ny Mau­de No Kind­ness invol­ved at all.
      Just my honest app­rai­sal of having wat­ched and read tons of inst­ruc­tions Ofer the past twen­ty years.
      I have never taken a les­son in my life. I love lear­ning and prac­ti­cing but chip­ping has been hell due to app­ly­ing the “old instructons”
      With a fresh ProV1 and app­ly­ing what you said I feel rela­xed and noti­ced a sen­se of freedom.
      I love golf so much. It is my hap­py place by have been stuck at 9,6 hcp due to igno­ring my short game becau­se it has bored me to bits. But that is chan­ging now.
      Thanks for sharing your insights 👍🏾👍🏼😇

  83. Well Danny,just been out in my tiny back garden(too small for the pit­ching one) and chip­ping tech­ni­que worked a treat.The only time it went wrong was when I for­got and fli­cked my wrists! Tried to get the ball into the wife’s cup if tea with a soft ball,but she kept moving it!

  84. Love this guys vide­os, real­ly breaks it down in to simp­le tasks, has hel­ped my game mas­si­ve­ly. Thanks plea­se keep them coming

  85. Dan­ny I refer to the one han­ded swing you men­tio­ned with one of your gol­fer having wedge pro­blems. i tried it with my domi­nant left arm only ( right hand did not work) and my strike was per­fect with a lovely click sound on con­ta­ct. Adding the right hand has com­ple­te­ly mes­sed up all my smooth swing as it can­not keep pace with long left arm swing.…any sug­ges­ti­ons re grip or back­swing much appreciated.

  86. Hi Dan­ny, would I be right in say­ing the­re is also slight fore­arm rota­ti­on aswell as the upward down­ward cock in the pit­ching, i find the­re’ll still be slight shaft lean without this rota­ti­on on the downswing

  87. Hi Dan­ny – can’t wait to try this out😀. I have a ques­ti­on though – what is the cor­rect tech­ni­que for play­ing shots that are clo­se to the green, but in thi­c­ker rough? I often find mys­elf in this situa­ti­on when my approach shot has run through the green and is sit­ting in the col­lar of grass, but only 10–15 feet from the pin.

    1. Lots of loft and it requi­res a fir­mer strike to get through the rough, this is the bit that cat­ches gol­fers out becau­se it feels stran­ge to hit har­der for a shor­ter distance

  88. CHIPPING MAT! I final­ly figu­red out the PERFECT FREE mat to chip from! I took a gara­ge broom, remo­ved the hand­le, dril­led holes on the ends about an inch in, and used long gut­ter nails to secu­re it in the ground. Dug out a small recess for it, and it works GREAT. You might be able to do this on a cour­se, just save the grass plug and don’t thrash the who­le area. Much bet­ter results too.

  89. dan­ny , one quick ques­ti­on , if you don’t mind , do you have to do hin­ging and cocking of wrists for pit­ching? what do you mean by adding cocking? no hin­ging for pit­ching? and only hin­ging for chipping.

  90. Your vide­os are liter­al­ly incredi­ble. I’ve only been play­ing pro­per­ly for a cou­p­le of mon­ths and I’ve never had les­sons. I’ve wat­ched a few of your vide­os over the past few weeks and I saw pret­ty much instant impro­ve­ments on the cour­se. Impro­ving is making me love this incredi­ble sport more than ever 🙌

  91. This may be cove­r­ed in the comments below.…I found if I have a more ver­ti­cal shaft with hands clo­ser to the body, the pit­ching tech­ni­ques are easier. Thx. for your sup­port of recrea­tio­nal players.

  92. Tried the hin­ge at the club today and the balls were rol­ling nice­ly befo­re the coach descen­ded and told me to keep the wrists rigid…you can guess what hap­pen­ed next…

  93. This com­ple­te­ly chan­ged my chip­ping… play­ed a par 3 cour­se after hea­ring this til and was 1 over through 13, and I pro­bab­ly only hit 5 greens off the tee!

  94. New sub­scri­ber here, only been play­ing for a cou­p­le years now. was won­de­ring what the dif­fe­rence is bet­ween a cou­p­le of clubs I have.
    One is the Pit­ching wedge which you ans­we­red here. the other is an Approach wedge? appre­cia­te your channel.


  96. My chip­ping les­son from Dan­ny works gre­at on the prac­ti­ce field. Bom­bed out with thin shots and too short shots in recent tour­na­ment. Will have to take my iPad and prac­ti­ce on the actu­al cour­se. Will report back.

  97. Anyo­ne else noti­ce this guy in the back­ground? He appro­ves of your inst­ruc­tion, Dan­ny! 6:56 So, do I! The­se vide­os are incredi­b­ly hel­pful! Thanks!

  98. I took this tip plus your rota­ti­on drills for the full swing to the cour­se today, and I shot my lowest score of the year! In 50 km wind and only 11 c with light rain. I told my golf part­ners to look you up. Love how you exp­lain things.

  99. To anyo­ne rea­ding, i tried this method and hated it at first. I was dri­ving the club for­ward with to much for­ward shack­ling. But i got baked, rela­xed my wrists and swung the club like a pen­du­lum, and let the boun­ce of the club ride the grass strai­ght and omg chip­ping and pit­ching is so easy now. This method is geni­us, its effort­less once u rea­li­ze how to do it pro­per­ly. Cleve­land smart sole sand wedge pairs ama­zing with this tech­ni­que. Thanks dan­ny, ill never doubt again

  100. OMG Dan­ny, I have prac­ti­ced this and can­not belie­ve the dif­fe­rence it has made on the cour­se. I no lon­ger lea­ve chips short and I am almost holing out. Many thanks again!! Kr Gary

  101. Dan­ny, a ques­ti­on. What about when you are near the green, but have a clo­se pin pla­ce­ment so you aren’t going far. Do you have a high soft shot and would that be a pitch or chip?

    1. @Danny Mau­de The tick­lish gray area. I took a les­son and my inst­ruc­tor was showing me chip­ping, then pit­ching, and the choice bet­ween the two actions see­med pre­di­ca­ted, pri­ma­ri­ly, on distance. I said, “so how far away are you so that you pitch ins­tead of chip?” And he said, “right,” and he laug­hed. He said that one sim­ply nee­ded to go and prac­ti­ce at dif­fe­rent distan­ces with the pitch and chip shots to dis­co­ver what works and when. I think it is one of the most attrac­ti­ve (in terms of fines­se and skill) are­as of the game. As yet, I’m no good at it but at least I know what I’m working on. Cheers!

  102. Thanks. I’m so on and off with this, this real­ly made sen­se to me. This part of my game is my worst. Some good, some bad. Can’t wait to tee­time in the morning

  103. Inte­res­ting on chip­ping tech­ni­que, I had hands for­ward of the ball from a les­son i had 20 years ago, i dont hin­ge the wrists tho, just use it like a putter.

  104. So now I’m con­fu­sed. On one of your chip­ping vide­os you tal­ked about aligning the but­tons on your shirt with your bel­ly but­ton or belt buck­le and the ball in the midd­le of your stance to form a strai­ght ver­ti­cal line. From the­re basi­cal­ly use my put­ting stro­ke to chip the ball. On this video you say to play the ball back in your stance and use some wrist hin­ge in the back­swing to chip the ball. Both distan­ces just off the green loo­ked the same. Could you plea­se cla­ri­fy that for me. What am I mis­sing here?

  105. So in the chip­ping are you say­ing to have the ball just slight­ly back from cent­re to keep it lower or should ball be middle,of stance ?

  106. wat­ched this video this morning. Play­ed a round and I’m not shit­ting you I drop­ped 6 shots and mis­sed a medal by 1 shot. My chip­ping went ama­zing. Thank you. Usual­ly shoot 95ish shot 89 off the stick

  107. Thanks Dan­ny. Can’t wait to take this out for prac­ti­ce. I owned ever­yo­ne of the swing faults you men­tio­ned lol. I watch several golf inst­ruc­tors but I by far get the most from yours! The­re is so much to remem­ber but its get­ting the­re. I’ve gone from shoo­ting 110+ and losing many balls to upper 90’s and kee­ping more balls! Mid to low 80’s is my goal. I’m for­tu­n­a­te to live on a golf cour­se with year round play pos­si­ble (assuming I’m wil­ling to dress warm 😊)

  108. Dan­ny I have been hung­ri­ly diges­ting all you have to offer after being intro­du­ced by my Pom­mie cob­ber Robert Priest­ley at our club.…i am no lon­ger at the club having moved to a much bet­ter, more chal­len­ging cour­se on a sand belt. any­way Dan­ny, the object of my mes­sa­ge is to final­ly say a huge Mel­bourne thank you for the bril­li­ant, easy to under­stand, well-demons­tra­ted seg­ments each one suc­cinct­ly exp­lai­ned and equal­ly well demons­tra­ted. I will be obtai­ning as many addres­ses as i can to share this wealth of infor­ma­ti­on I am cur­r­ent­ly collec­ting for refe­rence by me and my nee­dy mates. Keep up the good work my friend and may I offer a sug­ges­ti­on? As my new club is more up-mar­ket and chal­len­ging, much sen­si­ble play invol­ving posi­tio­ning and lay­ing up is requi­red over the ill-advi­sed tes­to­ste­ro­ne shot play­ed to a tie­red bun­ker jea­l­ous­ly guar­ded by appro­xi­mate­ly 13 bun­kers, so Dan­ny my suggestion.…finally.…is to con­si­der a video on simp­le cour­se craft as against just going out and slamming a ball only to land in a gree­dy bun­ker. thanks again for a won­der­ful tuto­ri­al. I am now going to reti­re for an ear­ly rise tomor­row and hope i can clo­se my eyes and sleep rather than trau­ma­tise mys­elf by mental­ly play­ing a round in my head. my next mis­si­on will be to try and escape bun­kers in one well-pla­ced shot!

  109. Dan­ny I try to watch all your vide­os and appre­cia­te the sim­pli­ci­ty of them. I would howe­ver like to see an over­head view of some of your swing les­sons, perhaps in slow motion.

  110. Dan­ny, I have to give you kudos on your chip­ping and pit­ching les­son. Have play­ed 2 rounds sin­ce and I’m impres­sed. My distance con­trol is spot-on. I gene­ral­ly use my 48 degree gap and get a low run­ner with good distance con­trol. Your put­ting tips are hel­ping also. I am a sub­scri­ber and will con­ti­nue to watch your vide­os. Thanks

  111. As a novice gol­fer, chip­ping and pit­ching have always been dif­fi­cult for me to get with any con­sis­ten­cy. Took les­sons etc. Dan­ny, this video is abso­lute­ly the best!.
    Thanks for making this shot easy to understand.

  112. This video actual­ly redu­ced the num­ber of three putts in my last round becau­se I was get­ting the ball much clo­ser to the hole. Thanks!

  113. Is it legal to strike the ball with the top of the grip? You know, like a pool shot. I was having a tough day chip­ping and thought I would try the pool shot from just off the green and it went dead cen­ter in the hole. My bud­dy starts jum­ping up and down, screa­ming “that’s not right, no way,” com­p­lai­ning that the shot was not legal. If this is legal can you make a video showing the finer points of the “pool shot”?

  114. Out­stan­ding video Dan­ny! For peop­le who want to impro­ve their han­di­cap down from 18..this is part of the game that is defi­ni­te­ly whe­re we lower our han­di­caps. This was an excel­lent video! Thank you for making it descrip­ti­ve and easy to follow.

  115. Hi Dan­ny, ano­t­her gre­at infor­ma­ti­ve video, but could could you do one whe­re you show how to chip just off the green whe­re it’s too clo­se to pitch and the ground is rough?

  116. Hi Dan­ny, thanks for so many gre­at vide­os by you , they are so hel­pful to lower my HCP. Ques­ti­on, with chip­ping and pit­ching ‚how strong or how weak my left hand should be? (I am right-han­ded), or how many knuck­les should I see on my left hand ?

    1. @Danny Mau­de You did. 8 Iron for chip­ping and you did spe­ci­fy the degree loft of PW but I’ve not gone back to check

  117. Very hel­pful Dan­ny! Hard to prac­ti­ce except on cour­se. On a recent video you tal­ked about thin­king about hit­ting down hill. When I do this hit­ting a lot of shots pul­led left, did I over­do the idea, see­med to help a lot on pitch shots. Best Ken
    White Plains, NY

  118. I put your slings­hot dri­ver drill to use on the ran­ge today. Most shots were dead strai­ght. Hope­ful­ly it sticks with me tomor­row during my round. 

    Thanks for the gre­at video lessons.

    1. @Danny Mau­de the dri­ver drill worked so so. Need more prac­ti­ce. The chip­ping and pit­ching went real­ly well. Just have to dial in distance. I still need work on striking my irons. I also wat­ched your fair­way woods and hybrids tips. I took my fair­way woods out of the bag and put two more hybrids in. Equi­va­lent to a 3–4 wood and a 5 wood. They worked bet­ter than the fair­way woods. Ping sent them to me by mista­ke when I orde­red my G10’s ages ago. The­re was an issue with pro­duc­tion of the fair­way woods so they sent the com­pa­ra­ble hybrids, fol­lo­wed by the fair­way woods 6 weeks later. They told me to keep the hybrids. All the­se years later I am hap­py with their pro­duc­tion issue. Next ran­ge ses­si­on will be not­hing but work on your drills.

  119. Thank you Dan­ny, a real­ly gre­at com­pre­hen­si­ve and infor­ma­ti­ve video for the mista­kes I was making befo­re I wat­ched this gre­at inst­ruc­ti­ve video 🙏

  120. This is bril­li­ant Dan­ny, I com­men­ted on a recent video about this very ques­ti­on pret­ty much – and you were the­re ans­we­ring it a few years ago 🙂 Gre­at con­tent and chan­nel (your tip on swin­ging the dri­ver around an ima­gi­na­ry jar to stop the sli­ce was so easy to imple­ment and hel­ped a lot).

    1. @Danny Mau­de Took my score down into the 80’s for the first time in a long time, with the com­bo of tips, you’­ve pro­vi­ded over the last mon­th. Made my day and I smi­led all around the cour­se – Keep up the solid con­tent mate!

  121. Hi Dan­ny – what on Earth does ‘quiet hands’ mean? I’ve loo­ked it up and ever­yo­ne seems to have a dif­fe­rent idea. Are ‘quiet hands’ nee­ded in all golf shots? Are they dif­fe­rent for dif­fe­rent golf shots? How would I know if I have ‘quiet hands’ or not? Cheers Dan­ny, keep up the gre­at work!

    1. its a gre­at ques­ti­on and one I should have thought of. Ima­gi­ne thro­wing a ball into a bucket how tight would you hold the ball in order to throw it into the bucket. Now ima­gi­ne the club head and allowing it to swing free­ly, how would you hold it to allow it to swing freely

  122. Hi Dan­ny, as a gol­fer of 30 yrs, my game had dete­rio­ra­ted due my ina­bi­li­ty to chip the golf ball, in fact I used to play shots that would avoid me being put into a posi­ti­on to chip, which is very limi­t­ing. Howe­ver after watching your video several times, I have had an immedia­te trans­for­ma­ti­on, I no lon­ger fear chip­ping, gre­at video, simp­le tech­ni­que. Thank you

  123. Love your vide­os, but serious­ly, you should do a video about put­ting (off the green) vs chip­ping. For most gol­fers, put­ting from whe­re you were demons­tra­ting from would yield as good, if not a bet­ter outcome.

  124. Honest­ly, this past wee­kend I hit the best short game I ever have due to your vide­os. I don’t put a lot of cock into my wrist when I pitch, but what I don’t works for me and I can count the num­ber of bad pit­ching and chip shots I’ve had on 1 hand after 50 holes of golf. Fun­ny enough, this isn’t even the video that hel­ped me find my pit­ching swing lol