Cure RX Putter-Reihe

Cure RX Putter Reihe Adjustable

in Zusam­men­ar­beit mit http://​www​.golf​wrx​.com/ Cure RX Put­ter Ran­ge über­prüft und getes­tet von Mark Cross­field PGA-Pro­fi Ask­Golf­Gu­ru. Mark sieht sich die Cure RX Put­ter genau­er an und äußert sich zu ihrem Aus­se­hen, ihrer Hap­tik und ihrem Design, von denen Gol­fer pro­fi­tie­ren und ihnen hel­fen könn­ten, mehr aus die­sen wich­ti­gen Putts zu machen und drei Putts zu eli­mi­nie­ren. Mit mas­si­ven MOI-Eigen­schaf­ten sind die­se Put­ter sicher inter­es­sant. Holen Sie sich Marks iPad-App http://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​a​p​p​/​i​d​5​4​2​8​5​5​061 Holen Sie sich Marks iPho­ne-App http://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​u​s​/​a​p​p​/​g​o​l​f/i… Holen Sie sich Marks Android-App https://market .android​.com/​d​e​t​a​i​l​s​?id… Ask­Golf­Gu­ru iPho­ne-App https://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​g​b​/​a​p​p​/​a​s​kgo… Ask­Golf­Gu­ru iPad-App https://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​g​b​/​a​p​p​/​a​s​kgo … Ask­Golf­Gu­ru Android App https://​play​.goog​le​.com/​s​t​o​r​e​/​a​p​p​s​/de… Mark Cross­field auf Face­book liken http://​www​.face​book​.com/​a​s​k​g​o​l​f​g​uru Mark/4golfonline auf Twit­ter fol­gen http:// twit​ter​.com/​#​!​/​4​g​o​l​f​o​n​l​ine

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48 thought on “Cure RX Putter-Reihe”

  1. would it be against the rules to lea­ve it stan­ding on its own behind the ball then walk around behind it and check your club face align­ment? 😂 pret­ty cool, for prac­ti­ce it would be great.

    1. Jona­than Fee­ney the only rule I can think of is the one whe­re you can not use any object as an aid to line your ball. So I guess if you place ur put­ter the­re and walk around and look at it, it might be deemed as an aid(?) … but not sure? It is an advan­ta­ge tho… but stan­ding on their own put­ters have been around for a while.

  2. I seem to remem­ber that any put­ter that stands up on it’s own is immedia­te­ly non-con­forming and ille­gal in tour­na­ments. May­be not?

  3. Hi Mark, my under­stan­ding is that you need a ligh­ter put­ter for slow win­ter greens. How would this put­ter work in this situation?

  4. I orde­red the RX3 last spring in 37 inches. Set the lie ang­le to fit me per­fect­ly, then added a 40 gram weight to the butt end of the grip. This thing is a BEAST! My lag put­ting impro­ved tre­men­dous­ly. Distance con­trol is gre­at. With the high MOI off cen­ter hits still roll true. My friends call it the black brick. The chan­ge­ab­le weights in the head are also gre­at. If you have a chan­ce to try one do not hesi­ta­te. I have drop­ped 3 strokes a round. This put­ter plus my Mizu­no 2 dri­ving iron has got­ten me into the 70’s con­sist­ent­ly all sea­son. Gre­at putter!

  5. I like a high MOI put­ter. I had a Cure put­ter but could­n’t get over the sound. I now use a See­Mo­re Giant FGP. It is big with high MOI and makes a much bet­ter sound.

  6. I have an RX3, had to order online as not avail­ab­le here yet so ship­ping added a lot to the pri­ce. Was bril­li­ant for pace con­trol but I real­ly strug­gled to line it up from 10 feet and in. Also never got used to the sound, it’s odd sound­ing at best. The sci­ence behind the­se is sound though and it is nigh on impos­si­ble to mis­hit a putt. I’ve sin­ce gone down the Edel rou­te so pro­bab­ly won’t go back to the Cure but they are at least try­ing some­thing dif­fe­rent and worth a look if you can.

  7. to me they look bloo­dy awful…and for that rea­son i could never use 1. cool that it stands up though…u could address the ball then lea­ve it stan­ding and step back to see if u were lined up properly 👍

  8. I used one all this sea­son. Was very effec­ti­ve for my put­ting and saved me about 5 putts a round. Two faults: 1. The sound is loud. 2. The put­ter being so huge takes up a lar­ge part of the bag. Real­ly gets in the way when it covers up the wedges.

    1. Ernie Man­gus I agree. It is slight­ly annoy­ing, yet it’s worth the extra saved strokes. That’s what peop­le are mis­sing here. Sure, it’s loud, big, and ugly, but my oh my, can it putt well. That’s real­ly what golf is about. Not esthe­tics. Just my two cents

  9. hey mark, nice video! have been using an older ver­si­on cure RX1, simi­lar to RX5. you for­got to tell that the head is made of alu­mi­ni­um, face is 6 inches wide on RX5. I chan­ged the grip to a light one of scot­ty came­ron 60g, head weight of 453g, total of 627g. I used many scot­ty came­ron put­ters befo­re but put­ted so poor­ly on ama­teur com­pe­ti­ti­ons, about 4 three putts per round, 34–38 putts. I am 5 hdcap, so i had to make a drastic chan­ge, just putt for fun, so i got this cure put­ter RX1, red color head, very weird. so far so good, its very dif­fi­cult to twist short or lag putts, have been con­ver­ting more 8 to 10″ putts, much bet­ter on lag putts 30–40″. around 30–32 putts per round. i belie­ve that its worth a try if you strugg­le to putt, but keep in mind that hea­vier MOI, works only on strai­ght line stro­ke. I got this cure put­ter RX1 becau­se i have heard that Rus­sel Knox, Lexi Thomp­son used it on tour.

  10. Lolz… loo­ks like a Play­Sta­ti­on con­trol­ler with a shaft com­ing out of it. It’s got to be the ugliest pie­ce of golf equip­ment ever produced 💩💩💩

  11. I own an RX3 and added some weight in the toe sec­tion to give it some slight toe-hang pro­per­ties. You do need to be alright with not having the pret­tiest put­ter out the­re, but the tech under the hood exceeds near ever­ything out there

  12. How are the­se even allo­wed? Allows anyo­ne who cant visua­li­ze the pro­per line with the club face to do it by just pla­cing the put­ter and wal­king back behind it. I’d cer­tain­ly be giving my friends a hard time if they tried this.

  13. A novel idea, but visual­ly they make the sick wan­na come out­ta my mawf! That noi­se makes it sound like its been fashio­ned from scrap metal too. The lie adju­sta­bi­li­ty would have me fore­ver tin­ke­ring with it for every putt I mis­sed. I don’t think I like them…put them in the bin

  14. Asto­nis­hing how many peop­le dis­miss the­se put­ters off­hand just based on loo­ks. If I have to choo­se bet­ween 3 whacks with a pret­ty litt­le Scot­ty Came­ron put­ter or 2 with a brick on a stick I’ll take 2 all day long.

  15. I do won­der if one of the­se might actual­ly impro­ve my put­ting. If so, may­be I could learn to love the odd look and loud sound of them.

  16. My bag is cry­ing out for this put­ter to be intro­du­ced to the gang!
    I hope he pas­ses the gang initia­ti­on next week when i try it and gets accep­ted into the family!

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