Das Beste aus Tag 1 der Meisterschaft | Im Inneren des Offenen

Das Beste aus Tag 1 der Meisterschaft Im Inneren des Offenen 150th open

Tag 1 der Meis­ter­schaft ist abge­schlos­sen. Kom­men Sie in die Sei­le, um eini­ge der bes­ten Tei­le von heu­te zu sehen. Prä­sen­tiert von @Mastercard brin­gen wir Sie jeden Tag in die Sei­le und geben Ihnen exklu­si­ven Zugang zu Gesprä­chen und lus­ti­gen Momen­ten auf dem Kurs. Besu­chen Sie www​.The​Open​.com für die bes­ten Golf­ge­schich­ten. Blei­ben Sie mit uns in Kon­takt! Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​T​h​e​-​O​p​e​n​-​C​h​a​m​p​i​o​n​s​h​ip/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​h​e​O​pen Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​h​e​o​p​en/ Um das Film­ma­te­ri­al der Open zu LIZENZIEREN, bit­te kon­tak­tie­ren Sie IMG REPLAY ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​0​6​V​7dI

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121 thought on “Das Beste aus Tag 1 der Meisterschaft | Im Inneren des Offenen”

    1. The coverage bet­ween the US and Bri­tish Opens is neck and neck though. If they could just squee­ze in 30–40 minu­tes on Fran­cis Oui­mets house I think they’d the lead.

  1. I can’t deci­de if the 18th is cool or the dul­lest hole in pro­fes­sio­nal golf. 

    Pul­ling it long left or lea­ving it in the val­ley of sin and lag put­ting for an easy birdie

  2. FYI, the­re is ano­t­her video going round regar­ding Rory McIl­roy being atta­cked, which has been pos­ted by a fake “The Open” You­Tube chan­nel and has the comments tur­ned off so nobo­dy can flag it in the comments. The­re is a fake link to down­load some­thing. Be safe and don’t down­load anything regar­ding a video or reward.

  3. you rui­ned the after­noon tbh , no one wants to see Tiger clear­ly struggling and defi­ni­te­ly not every shot of the gre­at man struggling , it beca­me boring and pain­ful , lots else was going on to be seen

    1. @greg amoils the­re was several hours of coverage befo­re Tiger teed off and they show­ed other groups when he was on the cour­se. I wat­ched the Sky coverage from when Tiger was on the 7th hole until the end.

  4. What is that Tom­my is using on the ran­ge? I’d like to see dif­fe­rent angles to see how it is set up. Loo­ks like a jig with align­ment sticks

  5. Why is it fashion­ab­le now to try to look as homeless as pos­si­ble. The golf cour­se used to be one of the few pla­ces you could escape it. Not any more.

  6. A total bait and switch, view­ers bewa­re. I was expec­ting to see the best of day one, but ended up watching a ton of b‑roll foo­ta­ge. Who wants to see the front view of a gol­fer? I was con­sist­ent­ly won­de­ring whe­re the ball went; with no view of the hole or shot each swing could have been a dis­as­ter. Gre­at two putt at the end, but was that real­ly the best of day one? That was real­ly the only time in the video whe­re I got to see the cour­se. Whoever edi­ted this video is eit­her an intern or a high-school stu­dent. Go watch foo­ta­ge from the Master’s tour­na­ment and see some actu­al golf swings and not put­ting practice.

    1. You fai­led to noti­ce it also says “Insi­de The Open”. It’s ano­t­her way of say­ing behind the sce­nes and they inten­tio­nal­ly show­ed foo­ta­ge that’s not shown on any regu­lar broad­cast of the championship.

    1. This liter­al­ly isn’t all befo­re the tour­na­ment, it’s through out the ent­i­re day during play. It shows the lea­der, Young, put­ting on the 18th green.

  7. I loo­oooo­ve the feel of this type of video. The histo­ry and tra­di­ti­on can some­ti­mes dis­tract from the fact that the­se guys are try­ing to grind out a cham­pions­hip win and chan­ge their lives.

  8. tiger does­n’t have to win any­mo­re. he is here n that’s the grea­test event for most peop­le in the golf’s world.

  9. Superb, love the behind the sce­nes look at golfs grea­test. I wat­ched Seve win the open at St. Andrews while being sat on my father’s shoul­ders about 9 years old, a memo­ry to cherish.

  10. Not much dif­fe­rent to our Satur­day morning medal round (yeah right) …No kid­ding , this is fan­tastic ..The ner­vous pres­su­re and exci­te­ment is pal­p­a­ble . The clo­sest I came to this was as the lead off play­er in our Sta­te Div 3 Pennant Final at Tas­ma­nia Golf Club with about 80 peop­le watching back in the late 1980s …Somehow I mana­ged to get a 220 metres fair­ly strai­ght ball on the fair­way …Added pres­su­re that day was a cou­p­le of Sta­te reps watching .. One down at lunch in the 36 hole final but ended up losing 6/5 but a gre­at experience …

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