Das Beste und Schlechteste von Nate Sexton

Das Beste und Schlechteste von Nate 2015 usdgc

Nate Sext­on ist seit 2005 pro­fes­sio­nel­ler Disc­gol­fer. Seit­dem hat­te er eini­ge wirk­lich gute und eini­ge wirk­lich schlech­te Momen­te. Sext­on, einer mei­ner Lieb­lings­spie­ler auf der Tour. Genie­ßen. Liken und abon­nie­ren: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​w​-​T​g​h​2​a​F​W​3​z​y​r​f​A​x​i​g​r​riA Schau­en Sie sich unbe­dingt die­se Kanä­le unten an. Die­ses Video wäre ohne sie nicht ver­füg­bar: Jomez­Pro- https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​J​o​m​e​z​P​r​o​d​u​c​t​i​ons Disc­Golf­Li­ve- https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​D​i​s​c​G​o​l​f​L​ive Cen­tral Coast- https:// www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​C​e​n​t​r​a​l​C​o​a​s​t​D​i​s​c​G​olf Disc Golf Pro Tour – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​D​i​s​c​G​o​l​f​P​r​o​T​our The Spin TV – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​T​h​e​S​p​i​n​T​V​com – Sie­he „Fair Use Copy­right Act“, das die „trans­for­ma­ti­ve“ Nut­zung von Inhal­ten und Wer­ken für Kom­men­ta­re, Kri­tik, For­schung, Leh­re oder Nach­rich­ten­be­richt­erstat­tung ermög­licht. #nates­ext­on 00:00 Intro 00:36 Nates Asse 02:05 Lus­ti­ger Kom­men­tar 03:50 Selt­sa­me Momen­te 06:38 Best Wins 08:32 USDGC 2015 09:30 USDGC 2017 10:37 Outro

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22 thought on “Das Beste und Schlechteste von Nate Sexton”

  1. Also worth noting, Nate pla­ced 3rd place at the 2021 Worlds, back by only 4 strokes of James Con­rad and Paul McBeth going into that legen­da­ry playoff.

    1. Nate play­ed his ass off at world’s. But he always brings éli­te play at usdgc and world’s. Regard­less of how he is play­ing that year

  2. Disc golf can only grow and grow as more video con­tent comes out for the public to view, espe­cial­ly for new play­ers and youth­ful wan­na be play­ers. As a lifel­ong pro­mo­ter of the game, I star­ted doing parks and recrea­tio­nal tra­de show exhi­bits in the mid 90s. My video tool was the VHS cas­set­te and going to local libra­ries, dona­ting a “Learn to Play Disc Golf” video by one of the best pro­mo­ters of the game, Mr. John Houck of “World’s Big­gest Disc Golf Wee­kend” fame. Thank God for U‑Tube, for now all I do is say to many disc golf curious peop­le, “check this disc golf rela­ted video fea­tured on U‑Tube”. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on is ever­ything, and makes things happen.….like the ever gro­wing GROWTH of DISC GOLF!. This is an examp­le of reco­gni­zing not only a world class pro­fes­sio­nal disc golf pro, Nate Sexton.….…but as a face and voice as a com­men­ta­tor and a most know­led­ge­ab­le tea­cher of the game. Keep making the­se most infor­ma­ti­ve disc golf vide­os my friend!☺Sincerely, Bill M.(lifelong disc golf pro­mo­ter from sou­the­as­tern Connecticut)

    1. We need to make a disc golf covid sta­tue. It gave us ever­ything we’­ve always wan­ted: more peop­le play­ing the game.…..and the Ageless Won­der on Jomez.

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