Das Beste von Tom Brady | Das Spiel von Capital One

Das Beste von Tom Brady Das Spiel von Capital One aaron

High­lights von Tom Bra­dy aus The Match @Jeep ://www.twitter.com/bleacherreport Liken Sie uns auf Face­book: http://​www​.face​book​.com/​b​l​e​a​c​h​e​r​r​e​p​ort

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46 thought on “Das Beste von Tom Brady | Das Spiel von Capital One”

    1. Even if you’­re joking that’s an abso­lute­ly insa­ne & idio­tic take lol he’s nowhe­re even remo­te­ly to pro level gol­fing. He’s the GOAT qb for sure tho

  1. This is the only time i wat­ched a second of Golf in my life… By the time Rod­gers put the ball down set­ting up the T i was alrea­dy bored to death

  2. I was loo­king for the shot whe­re he tells fans to back up from the fair­way off the tee, and then skulls one right over the top of a golf cart.

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