Das EINZIGE Golfspiel, das lustig ist

Das EINZIGE Golfspiel das lustig ist cluster putt

Was Golf ist das ein­zi­ge Spiel, das lus­tig ist! Wer­den Sie erstaun­lich: https://​you​tube​.com/​j​a​c​k​s​e​p​t​i​c​e​y​e​/​j​oin Unti­t­led Goo­se Game ► https://​www​.you​tube​.com/watch?v=_1GLCEPezxk&list=PLMBYlcH3smRzB4COiNx8sQB_27Ea5o26A ►Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​a​c​k​s​e​p​t​i​c​eye ►Insta­gram: http://​insta​gram​.com/​j​a​c​k​s​e​p​t​i​c​eye ►Mer­chan­di­se: http://​jack​sep​ti​ce​ye​.com/ Outro-Ani­ma­ti­on erstellt von Pixlpit: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​p​i​x​l​pit Outro-Song erstellt von „Tekno­a­xe“. Es heißt “Ich bin über­all” und Sie kön­nen es sich hier anhö­ren: http://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​J​P​t​N​B​w​M​I​Q9Q

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  1. *Who cli­cked very fast on the video then strai­ght to the comments?* 🐤

    But ím śùß­bš­ç­rí­ßíng to ever­yo­ne who L1kéś and śùß­bš­ç­rí­ßés to mé!🐣💯

    1. @Masters Pro­gram Trust me, I watch GTLi­ve play it and oh my god you’­re going to love it! I envy you becau­se I wish I could wit­ness it for the first time again it is so good.

  2. Watching this in school ISI 😂😂😂🤣. Whoever likes this will be the richest. Also like this plea­se. I never had over 100 likes. My goal for likes it 1k

  3. Wow! I’m final­ly 43 seconds and coun­ting ear­ly! Woo!!! I can’t wait to watch this!!
    Edit: Jack is defi­ni­te­ly hin­ting some­thing with that card­board cutout. He keeps on say­ing he is the real Jack but… is he thought?

  4. You know you’­re imma­tu­re when you spend a who­le minu­te laug­hing at “balls” in the thumbnail

  5. It’s alrea­dy 12 mid­ni­ght in my coun­try but i got a noti­fi­ca­ti­on.… Its jack! Then i play­ed it… I got happy.

  6. Jack: Did­n’t post mine­craft for 6 days straight

    Ever­y­bo­dy: *Mine­craft was like a father to me*

    Edit: Oh never­mind, he pos­ted mine­craft video

  7. Hi.
    Yes, I’m early.
    No, I will not beg for likes.
    And no, I will also not beg for subs.
    I’m just here to watch Sean play golf.
    Tho­se of you who go on a video ear­ly to beg for subs are, in fact…
    Thank you for com­ing to my TED Talk.

  8. Me: Sees noti­fi­ca­ti­on (Taps immedia­te­ly for an Irish Mine­craft episode)

    1. Left behind. Did­n’t have room for it on the pla­ne I sup­po­se. He made it cree­py in his insta­gram pic. Bla­cked out the eyes and X’d over them

  9. very good thumb­nail jack.i love the unti­teld goo­se game seri­es hope they make a second game or some­thing simi­li­ar to that

  10. yEeyeE❤️👏🏻😶😂 my friend is making me a brace­let that is gon­na say “hjönk hjönk am goo­se” and it’s gon­na be the Irish flag (I’m not doing just to do it.… I’m Irish too… but not full👊🏻😔)

  11. I’m tired, I read “4 minu­tes ago” as “4 mon­ths ago” and I was like, “Ahh, an ‘old’ video I haven’t seen.” Then I read the comments

  12. I love you Jack and I hope my favo­ri­te Irish lad will still love Dub­lin even though your wee litt­le arse have not been the­re for a while. The beer’n cider is wai­t­ing for yee🙂🍀🇮🇪🍺

  13. Jack the grea­test haaaaaaap­py wheeeeeeeeeeels play­er who did­n’t say.….….….…… I LoVE BaLLS!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Awe­so­me video. Thanks. I laug­hed and lik­ed. Hjönk hjönk am subscriber.

  14. QUACKING VIDEO JACK love ur vide­os man. i try to make ALL MY OWN VIDEOS as fun­ny as you. I even start­ted a chan­nel becua­se u inspi­red me to cha­se my dreams and HOPEFULLY ILL BE AS BIG AS U ONE DAY! i put so much time and effort into MY VIDEOS so hope­ful­ly it works out. DUCK ME I LOVE U (NO HOMO OBVS) UNLESSS.…

  15. Guys.….I made the mista­ke of having my volu­me all the way up when I first cli­cked on the video.…..you sca­red the hell out­ta me, Seán! 😂😭

  16. I’m actual­ly sur­pri­sed you kept the lamp after when you bro­ke it in that one video when you ever doing that vir­tu­al rea­li­ty game I can’t remem­ber what the game was

  17. Long ago I used to play Mario Golf on N64 all the time and the­re has been a real drop off on cool golf games over the years. I am glad to see this becau­se it is 1. Jack­sep­ti­ce­ye and 2. Nostalgia 

    I love it

  18. The begin­ning flop­ping sound! I can reco­gni­ze that any­whe­re. It’s from that super­hy­per shark pup­pet video sin­ging “If you’­re fuck­ing hap­py and you mother­fuck­ing know it clap your mother­fuck­ing hands”

  19. Bruh when he mis­sed the who­le by a pinch in the second spi­der ball level a add pop­ped up with a roa­ring wolf say­ing unleash ur beast coin­ci­dence I think not

  20. Ye peop­le the­re have been wai­t­ing for a while, and if te Mor­gen comes to ye door say that your friend fluffy tut­le gave you a pass🙂🍀🇮🇪🍺

  21. 👏 yes!
    Edit: dear jack, there’s so much to explo­re! Super putt, cow­boys, bikes… I 100% the game, you. Should try to do the same. It’s not that long…
    Edit 2: for­got to say that you can re-enter holes for extra chal­len­ges, like par or time tri­al, and then again to get the mas­te­ry crowns of each level. So, the jour­ney is waiting!

  22. When jack uploads a video i stop wha­te­ver i am doing and i watch the video 😂😂 also thank you for inspi­ring me to start my own vide­os thanks to you am gro­wing fast and am making peop­le laugh 🙂 thank you

  23. Jack: Doe­sent post a video of that ape game in 1 or 2 weeks
    Me: WHERE ARE THE DAMN APES. Seri­us­ly you make good game­play of that game

  24. We gon­na igno­re the duct tape he has on his chair and the bro­ken lamp?

    Jack did Felix take all your pota­toes and for­ce you to pay him back with all your money?

    1. The duc­tape on his chair is so you can’t tell whe­ther or not he’s using a green­screen and he bro­ke the lamp in a gorn video I think

  25. Jack: ” you know how some peop­le go out on a sunday and play golf with their dad, I would­n’t know anything about that”
    Me: *alo­ne in my room* oof, I felt that

  26. Jack for cry­ing out loud
    Just play GOD HAND that game is so loud that you think the game is screa­ming at you
    Per­fect game for jack