Davis Love III spricht mit Rich Eisen über LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour, Greg Norman & More | Vollständiges Interview

Davis Love III spricht mit Rich Eisen ueber LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour Greg Norman amp More Vollstaendiges Interview baseball

Davis Love III, Cap­tain der World Golf Hall of Famer und Pre­si­dents Cup 2022, erzählt Rich Eisen, wie Greg Nor­man und die „hoh­le“ LIV Golf Tour Gol­fer zwin­gen, sich zwi­schen „um Geld und um die Geschich­te zu spie­len“ und zwi­schen der PGA Tour und dem Empor­kömm­ling zu ent­schei­den Die von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en unter­stütz­te Liga kann in Zukunft koexis­tie­ren. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #Golf #LIV­Golf

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74 thought on “Davis Love III spricht mit Rich Eisen über LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour, Greg Norman & More | Vollständiges Interview”

  1. I’m a big fan of Davis, but how can he say that the PGA tour is a cha­ri­ty tour? His points make zero sen­se. The PGA with no gua­ran­te­ed money is bet­ter for none top guys? Like what is he even tal­king about?

  2. Davis Love is the epi­to­me of a gen­tle­men. He’s such a gre­at dude. I met him at 14 and he was so kind to me and my friend. To the point he let my friend M. Ashworth cad­die for him at a mon­day exhi­bi­ti­on. Then he fol­lo­wed up with us every year until we went to col­le­ge. He was a men­tor and friend. This was 91 or 92 in Las Vegas. I wish I could post the pic­tures. He’s an abso­lu­te Dog in the best sense.

    1. I sup­port his efforts to lead a boycott
      Plea­se tell the play­ers to boy­cott the FedEx Cup
      I will be very hap­py if that tur­key disappears

  3. PGA is a tax exempt orga­niz­a­ti­on? Unbelievable!
    “World Tour” idea sto­le from Greg and Fin­chem took it to run in PGA events after 4 majors. Remem­ber the FedEx cup?
    Greg was very upset about it ever sin­ce. I don’t bla­me him.

    1. Except for let­ting him off the hook when he asked DL3 why the PGA gave money to only the top play­ers… direct evi­dence that Greg DOES have a point.

  4. don’t act like Rory is so righ­te­ous. he gets paid appearan­ce fee which is pret­ty much gua­ran­te­ed money to just show up. and stop demo­ni­zing Greg. it’s becau­se of greg that the PGA is chan­ging and incre­a­sing their pur­se. Greg chan­ged the game for the good. it’s you old folks that can’t let go

    1. Li Sing tell me what do you mean by ” it’s you old folks that can’t let go ” Who are the “Old Folks “.……you no better ????

    1. @H S Hi. Thanks for your com­ment. Plea­se tell me more about how he let him off the hook, I am curious. I haven’t fol­lo­wed this sport a ton.

  5. I’m sor­ry I don’t buy it. The world whe­re pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes get paid $0 for having a bad outing no lon­ger exists. And it’s fun­ny how the PGA sud­den­ly found more money when LIV star­ted picking off top players

    1. They struck a TV deal that will bring in $300 mil­li­on a more annu­al­ly than their last deal. So they’­re incre­a­sing pri­zes and bonu­ses by almost that amount accordingly

  6. I take umbridge with what DLIII said regar­ding the tour taking care of every gol­fer. The­re are gol­fers that have to sleep in their car, dri­ve from tour­na­ment to tour­na­ment in 30 year old cars. You never see tho­se sto­ries. You only see the sto­ries of the guys who fly net­jet. The PGA does not take care of tho­se who are struggling to get going. The begin­ning tour mem­ber who can’t get spon­sors. They make zero money. Tho­se are real stories.

    1. And is LIV? You want the PGA to pay for ever­yo­ne? Reward is the out­co­me of sacri­fice. Slee­ping in a car one year and ear­ning $10 mil­li­on the next is why they do it. It works.

    2. LIV isn’t & won’t invi­te tho­se guys or deve­lop new new talent. Rather, they poa­ched names & has been to polish Sau­di reputation.

    1. If you have any abi­li­ty to com­pre­hend what’s being said you’d rea­li­ze what he’s say­ing. He’s poin­ting out a play­er like Tiger doesn’t JUST play for money. He plays for lega­cy, and as a part of that, makes a lot of money. If Tiger just did it for money he’d have taken the almost bil­li­on LIV offe­red. He didn’t becau­se it isn’t JUST money for him, like it is for every mem­ber of LIV. I don’t fault LIV guys for taking the cash – I think a lot of peop­le would do the same in their shoes. What I do fault is the half truths they con­ti­nue to pump about why they’re in LIV. This week has been gla­ring of that. Guys like Patrick Reed were so upset at the Tour for having to play too much and not having time for their fami­ly. But when they have a mon­th off from LIV, which would be time to spend with their fami­ly, they’re suing the Tour to try and play three tour­na­ments during that “rest and fami­ly” time. It says a lot about the sup­po­sed vali­di­ty of what they claim their con­cern to be.

  7. Ever­ything that DLIII says the PGA is doing is in the US, what about WORLD GOLF? Golf is not a US game, its a world game and they have done not­hing for world golf, just ask the golf tours that dont exist anymore.

  8. I love Davis, but a mono­po­ly is no good for any busi­ness. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is key, let it play out without any influ­ence. The pro­blem is the PGA is going to get des­troy­ed in court. If the PGA Tour for­med a play­ers uni­on, and estab­lis­hed a collec­ti­ve bar­gai­ning agree­ment this would­n’t be an issue. PGA Tour need to pay all its play­ers thru con­tract. The­res only 25 new play­er every year, sign them to 250k 1 year con­tracts, so they arent hemor­rha­ging money tra­vel expen­ses. Once you win you get a 2 year gua­ran­te­ed con­tract, a major 5 year gua­ran­te­ed money. Plus pri­ze money. The­res ways to fight LIV, and its not cry­ing about it.

    1. It’s not about being fair to the play­ers for the PGAT, it’s about pro­tec­ting their mono­po­ly. What’s ama­zing is how some play­ers can’t see this.

  9. The ques­ti­on I’ve heard no one asking is does the game of golf real­ly need “gro­wing”? It’s not for ever­yo­ne but it’s a world­wi­de sport and alrea­dy pret­ty damn popular.

    1. I agree, it’s one of tho­se lines that gets tos­sed around thats not exami­ned. It implies that the game is dying and there’s no evi­dence for that.

  10. Been play­ing golf for years!!!! Owned a ton of Greg Nor­man shirts and hats!! Guess what they are hea­ded to the trash!!!!! It is what it is🥴

  11. DL3 lists all the ways the so cal­led elites/rulers grow the game and only one was lis­ted as being run by the PGAT and it makes up a tiny per­cen­ta­ge of the PGAT revenue.

  12. Davis. That’s a lie. The­re are oppor­tu­nities for all the play­ers of the world. To play in LIV. The­re are not at PGA. The poor are sill poor.

  13. DL3 sta­tes the PGAT is not about just hel­ping the few tops pros but the 150 or so who are not. Is that why the PGAT does not pay half the field every week? Is that why the PGAT chan­ged sche­du­les, and qua­li­fy­ing for the big events and the play­offs so less play­ers get a pie­ce of the pie? Fun­ne­ling more to the few at the top, they even open­ly sta­ted so. Is that why the PGAT crea­ted the PIP to fun­nel yet more money to the top guys. DL3 tal­king more bs.

  14. All PGA tal­king points are all wrong too. Cha­ri­ta­ble events? How can it be cha­ri­ta­ble events and pay its CEO 9M a year? Its just con­si­de­red “cha­ri­ta­ble event” to avoid paying taxes

    1. Becau­se rai­sing and dona­ting $200M in a year for cha­ri­ty far out­weighs the $9M he was paid? The idea that rai­sing mil­li­ons for cha­ri­ties also has to mean every employee should make litt­le is silly.

  15. Greg Nor­man is the Rupert Mur­doch of Golf. What is with the­se for­eig­ners mes­sing with our PGA and politics?
    Stand with the 9/11 sur­vi­vors and boy­cott LIV and the­se gree­dy defectors.

  16. LOL the­se PGA cur­mud­ge­on are just bet­ter becau­se they’re mono­po­ly is being torn down slow­ly but surely… Gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors… This was going to hap­pen even­tual­ly and I’m glad it is

  17. DL3 is full of it. LIV is about sprea­ding the wealth, and the PGA’s moves late­ly show that LIV is bet­ter for the play­ers. More than anything the PGA is US centric and LIV offers a much more inter­na­tio­nal for­mat. All this talk about 1997 is bs. Free agen­cy is a good thing and the LIV makes it easier for more to make more rather than just the top peop­le. I espe­cial­ly did not like his ope­ning com­ment about Greg Nor­man “ he came here from Aus­tra­lia” as if he should be gra­te­ful for the US for making it open for him. He gave as much as he got. Last why does the Com­mis­sio­ner make $9MM annu­al­ly. Love say­ing the PGA is about “histo­ry” not money is pure BS.

    1. Except for let­ting him off the hook when he asked Davis Love III why the PGA gave money to only the top play­ers… direct evi­dence that Greg DOES have a point.

  18. Let the play­ers lea­ve. Don’t let them back. Let them play 10 tour­na­ments a year and do their busi­ness models and spend time with their fami­ly. The­re are so many talen­ted col­le­ge gol­fers who can replace Hen­rik Sten­son and Pat Perez

    1. Without just name cal­ling exp­lain why they should be ban­ned? PGA takes money from equal­ly as bad pla­ces as well as sau­dia Ara­bia. The government does as well. So what’s the difference

    2. The issue is that the LIV guys don’t want to do that. They say they want to but the very first exten­ded break they have they’re try­ing to get into three tour­na­ments that would take away that time. It was never about having time away, it is about play­ing just as much but for more money. That’s what they’re suing for. The Tour hasn’t pre­ven­ted any­bo­dy lea­ving, they’ve sim­ply sta­ted that tho­se who do lea­ve aren’t allo­wed to play Tour events.

  19. Davis, just be honest with yourself and admit that the PGA through money at the play­ers in a knee jerk reac­tion to what LIV Golf is doing!

  20. The­re are so many lies it’s impos­si­ble to even keep up. It’s a shame Rich knows not­hing about any of this and can’t push back. Not that he would as Davis is say­ing ever­ything he wants to hear.

  21. Way to soft­ball dude… why didn’t you pur­sue your line of ques­tio­ning to get a real ans­wer?? Greg Nor­man DOES have a point when they put more money in the hig­hest pro­fi­le player’s pockets… not the other run of the mill play­ers. You can’t let that go man! Now you’re des­troy­ing YOUR credibility.

  22. I heard Bry­son com­pa­ring the tour with the piz­za shops, it’s total­ly BS. The PGA tour has been like a world heri­ta­ge which play­ers like Jack, Arnold or Tiger had spent their life­time to grew the game and histo­ry until it is as today. Peop­le who think that pga is a mono­po­ly orga­niz­a­ti­on is using only one side of their brain.

  23. Sounds despe­ra­te to me. Pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes play their sport for money pri­ma­ri­ly, the tigers and jacks can play for glo­ry. The rest are the­re to make money and to win.

  24. What is wrong with Nor­man, having his own dream to build a tour for the play­ers. Greg has worked all over the glo­be to build the game and crea­te an inter­na­tio­nal league eventually.

  25. Hey Davis, regar­ding twea­king the Tour, cold the Tour Cham­pions­hips STOP with this putt putt rule regar­ding having the lea­der star­ting a tour­na­ment with a 10 stro­ke lead over 20 play­ers in a 30 man field…it’s comical…when will the win­ner EVER come for any­whe­re else top the top 4 or 5 play­ers. I know the­re play­ing for some serious $$$,but a 10 stro­ke lead over 2/3rds of the field.

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