DECLAN RICE und das GRÖSSTE Golfspiel !! (Es ist unwirklich!!!) 🏌️‍♂️💥

DECLAN RICE und das GROeSSTE Golfspiel Es ist unwirklich ange golf

Declan Rice und das groß­ar­tigs­te Golf­spiel !!! Dies könn­te mög­li­cher­wei­se das bes­te Video sein, das wir je über das Golf­le­ben gemacht haben, das Lachen, die Gesprä­che und der Stan­dard des Golf­sports sind dop­pelt deeeeeeecent. Ich hof­fe es gefällt euch und lasst es uns wis­sen, wenn ihr damit ein­ver­stan­den seid….. Ist dies das bis­her bes­te Video über das Golf­le­ben? Ich lie­be euch alle und kann euch noch ein­mal nicht genug für all eure Unter­stüt­zung dan­ken!! LEGENDEN 💙 Pat the Putt, Anne the Dri­ver und Pig the Geni­us x

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507 thought on “DECLAN RICE und das GRÖSSTE Golfspiel !! (Es ist unwirklich!!!) 🏌️‍♂️💥”

  1. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE – yes Liver­pool won the 2022 FA Com­mu­ni­ty Shield yes­ter­day for the 1st time sin­ce 2006 bea­ting citey 3–1

    1. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE abso­lute­ly Magmo­tio­nal video ! Some unre­al golf shots as well as being hil­arious 😂 Dec is a top bloke

  2. Sundays con­sist of a hangover,a fry up,and golf life.legs still hurt from doing the 72 hole chal­len­ge on Fri­day as well

    1. You’re Pro­bab­ly right, I’ve always been more a feel play­er rather than tech­ni­que but it might be hin­de­ring me

    2. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE I can’t help but noti­ce you almost flick your wrist rather than kee­ping it bowed through impact, even in your prac­ti­ce swings it’s very fli­cky, you’­ve got some whack on you though!

    1. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE it did­n’t dis­s­a­point. Get him and Bull­ard on and play 2 v 2. Golf score and ban­ter score

  3. top video and even bet­ter peop­le! Declan the nicest and best fbal­ler uve met so hum­ble and nice. Also tubes u bro r just sim­ply incredible

  4. Declan Rice need to make his own you­tube chan­nel. He is soooo gre­at on came­ra, and would be enter­tai­ning to watch. He’s a bit like a youn­ger Ben Foster.

    1. @MC Duh, obvious­ly. I’m just say­ing they both are hap­py-go-lucky, jovi­al guys who work gre­at on came­ra, and who seem to open up peop­le they enga­ge with.

  5. Bloo­dy love this! When you get a guest like Dec on who joins in with all of the stu­pid jokes and ban­ter then it’s amazing 😂

  6. You need to get dec and Jim­my vs you 2 that will be epic sor­ry Jim­my but think Dec has to be the best guest on here. Abso­lu­te legend!

  7. Ano­t­her bel­ting vid fel­las! Love Dec! Love the for­mat! Love that you used “Shaka His-Top” after my com­ment a few weeks back 😂

    1. @TUBES & ANGE GOLF LIFE abso­lute­ly do mate! One of the best things about the chan­nel is not only the con­tent but the inter­ac­tion too!

  8. Lads that was by far the best and fun­niest golf life I’ve seen yet!!..firstly the stan­dard of golf from all three play­ers was just unbeatable,and rice rice baby!!!!…what a legend!!..captain General!!!…unbeatable lads!🏌️⛳👏🙌👌⚒️⚒️⚒️.

  9. I’m only 5 minu­tes 44 seconds in and alrea­dy buz­zing 😂😂😂 You­ri Tre­ele­mens and Shaka Histop 😭😭

    What a lovely litt­le Sunday morning tre­at. A 1 hour spe­cial. ZINGGGGG 👌👌👌

  10. Tubes and ange you need to get the rice bowl going have dec do an epi­so­de of golf life with few of his top class prem play­ers that would be the best ever

  11. Never laug­hed sooooo much in my life,(trying to empty my late fathers house),having 5 to chill so watching you guys go men­tal bir­die dancing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Every time I see Dec Rice I love him more! Abso­lu­te sce­nes! Ama­zing golf by all. Top top video. The only way I can see this being top­ped is thro­wing Jim­my bull­ard in there.….what a four ball tha­t’d be! Golf life is the only life we know

    1. Rick snee­king on for a look,the dales are gon­na get you Rick lol only joking gre­at con­tent from both use guys

    2. Dif­fe­rent class that video lads.. seems a pro­per top lad Declan. Good to hear the ran­gers fans were hap­py to see him 🤣🤣

  13. 🙌 nee­ded this so so bad! Gre­at for my mind at the moment. What a game of golf!! RICE RICE BABY! get nobes and rice vs ang and tubes?

    1. Glad to hear that it’s hel­ping you mate. Would love nobes on, we are try­ing to sort at the moment! 🏌🏼‍♂️

  14. Wat­ched every epi­so­de lads. Love ya work. I’m a mas­si­ve vil­la sup­por­ter but abso­lute­ly love Declan Rice! What a top kid. So down to earth and nor­mal. All the best to him ❤️

  15. WOW!! If Cars­l­berg did vide­os….. The best vid ever. How you three mana­ged to play such good golf while con­stant­ly pis­sing your­sel­ves is bey­ond me. That was an abso­lu­te clas­sic. Rice, Rice baby is an abso­lu­te LEGEND! It made my Sunday morning. Can’t stop smi­ling! Gre­at stuff guys! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. qua­li­ty Dec is abso­lute­ly nuts so down to earth that was a class video lads well done man, Big ange keep that big stick going 👍🏻 one of the best vide­os yet lads

  17. Honest­ly couldn’t brea­the at the end…🤣🤣 decs an abso­lu­te legend what a man!! And what a dri­ve!!! 👏👏⛳️⚒⚒

  18. This is ama­zing! What a video, Dec is such a legend gets invol­ved with the ban­ter, hope­ful­ly play­ing in Chel­sea blue soon

  19. Abso­lu­te Legends! Gre­at video and Declan is pure class – I’d love to see the actu­al score­cards at the end to see your scores.

  20. Class stuff!! Loved it 😂😂😂👏 *TIP* golf balls in Epsom salt, make sure they are balan­ced weight. You­Tube it, much love lads xxx

  21. Best one by far 🙌🙌👀👀👀 dec rice is just a abso­lu­te legend ! Tubes, I’m on soc­cer and 27th see you then #golf­li­fe tubes T‑total Big ange I love you ! Piglet your make this trio work. Guys cut a long sto­ry short – tubes won’t no this but he made me t total I don’t know him he don’t know me but spea­king to peop­le is the ans­wer ! Also on soc­cer ⚽️ Am 27th can’t wait (fyi – goo­ner for life ) 😂 also did I say I’m on soc­cer am 27th 😂😂😂

  22. It’s when you see Eng­land play­ers like this having gre­at ban­ter with you two legends that you real­ly real­ly want them to be lif­ting the World Cup in Decem­ber. Couldn’t hap­pen to a nicer guy. Enjoy your Sunday chaps.

  23. Abso­lute­ly hil­arious from start to finish!😂😂 Defi­ni­te­ly fun­niest one so far and some gre­at golf, Your let­hal with that put­ter tubes🏌🏼‍♂️💙x

  24. U should defo do ano­t­her han­di­cap serious, the golf has impro­ved so much and I belie­ve u boys can hit serious numbers

  25. Been in hos­pi­tal almost 72 hours with the mrs in labour and can’t tell you how much joy this video bought to both of us. Even got her joi­ning in with the golf life song 🎵⛳️😂

  26. This just makes my day tubes ange and young rice what a com­bo only thing to make this bet­ter is bull­ard abso­lu­te gentleman

  27. Con­vin­ce Dec to give up foot­ball and come in on golf life full time!! Abso­lu­te sce­nes when you boys are tog­e­ther, have me cry­ing haha­ha­ha. GOLF LIFE ITS THE ONLY LIFE WE KNOW

  28. Ano­t­her cracking video guys. Can’t belie­ve how down to earth and chil­led Declan is !! Some abso­lute­ly beau­ti­ful shots were hit throughout this video, good to see you all on song and doing the bir­die dance 👍

  29. Future Eng­land cap­tain and my fave foot­bal­ler in the Pre­mier league. Abso­lu­te bal­ler and what a man he is!!! If you see this Rice a signed shirt would be epic haha sor­ry for the abso­lu­te scram­bled beg on toast 😅

  30. Love the che­mi­stry the boys have with Rice Rice baby the­se guys can be them­sel­ves around you boys qua­li­ty once again tuba­lar & Angelar 👏👏

  31. Just a nor­mal young lad who hap­pens to be an éli­te foot­bal­ler, and the thing is its evi­dent thats how he sees hims­elf too. Gre­at stuff 😎

  32. Top video the qua­li­ty of golf was well good the ban­ter and wil­ling­ness to see each other is admi­ra­ble me and my mates ain’t got to that bit yet 😀

  33. Watching from Cana­da. Big fan of the PL. I am impres­sed by Mr Rice. Loo­ks and sounds real­ly down to earth and friend­ly. Com­pa­red to him, our hockey play­ers look stiff and stuck with “the mes­sa­ge” from the team’s publicists.

  34. What a ledge Dec is. Future Eng­land cap­tain. Even Tubes chee­ky trump at the last did­n’t pha­se him! 😆⚒🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⛳

  35. Legends that ending is the fun­niest thing ive seen in a while im liter­al­ly cry­ing tubes kills me get on it legends ⛳💙

  36. Abso­lute­ly the best video out of ever­yo­ne you have done loved every minu­te dec got to be one of the best guests the craic and ban­ter second to none ..AMAZING..

  37. What an epi­so­de that was you legends 🤣🤣🤣 every time I watch sum­mat with Declan rice on I love the guy more and more 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. As a Chel­sea boy we’d love to have him at the Bridge comes across as a decent fella !!
    He’ll have to pull is shorts up tho 😬

  39. The lads again blowing us All away with con­tent. Yet again supre­me con­tent and rice wat a bloke.if peop­le don’t sub to this chan­nel the­re idiots

  40. It’s a shame Declan did­n’t come out of his shell a bit for this video. It’s dif­fi­cult to tell if he’s enjoy­ing hims­elf or not.

  41. What a nice like­ab­le chap Declan is, very posi­ti­ve and a good laugh. Decent gol­fer too👍 From a foot­bal­ling point of view I wish he was back at Chel­sea. Gre­at shots from Big A, cracking good video. Nice one guys👏

  42. Declan rice cho­se Ire­land befo­re our beau­ti­ful coun­try. He doesn’t deser­ve and he’s not good enough for our glo­rious nation

  43. 18:07 Abso­lute­ly one of the best loo­king dri­ves I’ve ever seen befo­re in my life. And I watch 8 hours of golf a day, every day. Kudos ! And Tube­sy say­ing Jesus Christ was hil­arious!! Loolol

  44. BEST YOUTUBE VIDEO EVER !!! Haa­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha. And now I’m a mas­si­ve Fekin Deken fan !! Thanks boys ! That was awesome.

  45. This is why this man is a fuck­ing legend! Can we have a wee­kly epi­so­de with you three plea­se!! I love this!! Golf life baby!!!

  46. Honest­ly best show on you­tube how sky sports haven’t made u guys a offer for this show is bey­ond me its abso­lu­te class . 👏 🙌👌

  47. Dec far­ting left me in bits😂 what a man he is, nor­mal fel­la, top geezer. Only dif­fe­rence is he’s an unbe­liev­a­ble footballer 😂

  48. Just finis­hed watching this vid with my 2 week old son who’s cur­r­ent­ly still in the spe­cial care unit having been born 8 weeks ear­ly, what a moment just me and him sit­ting the­re watching golf vide­os, thank­y­ou so much gents I’m not asha­med to say I had a litt­le tear. can’t wait to get him home, and can’t wait to see what else the chan­nel has to come! Thanks again guys! Golf life!

    1. Hope all is well with your son. I’ll keep ever­ything cros­sed that you will all be home soon and showing him around your house intro­du­cing him to ever­ything. All the best matey!

  49. Every1 loves rice rice baby even if he werent a prem or a eng­land foot­ball play­er he is just a pro­per lad love him and you chaps legends on tour lol xx

  50. oh tubes and ange man you’ve done it again🤣🙌one of the fun­niest vide­os i’ve ever seen the ending had me in tears couldn’t stop replay­ing it😭😭😭😭dec has to be one of the fun­niest foot­bal­lers around🤣

  51. The sen­si­ble shot here is to play it out but, that’s not much fun is it? So…*walks up to ball*… I’m gon­na hit it as hard as I can… at that tree.

  52. Andy Gold­stein was once dig­ging Dar­ren bent out on talk­sport for say­ing “late doors”. I was with Gold­stein that there’s ear­ly doors but no late doors until this moment 44:50

  53. Has to be one of the best golf vide­os I’ve ever seen. I’m cry­ing at some of the come­dy in this. Class guys 😂😂😂

  54. Surely Declan Rice is the best per­so­na­li­ty in foo­ty, you just can’t help but love the blo­ke. Top video fel­las. Tube­sy will be hiking the pri­ces on that Cobra put­ter 🔥🔥🔥 what a finish 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Top video boys Dec’s is just on your wave length and jumps on the golf life train. 

    Would be gre­at if he could get Bil­ly Hor­schel on the chan­nel, althoigh would love to see Dec’s and rams­da­le vs you two.

    No emo­ti­ons shown, but good came­ra by liv on the green

  56. This is just sen­sa­tio­nal. Sat on holi­day watching from the bal­co­ny. In hys­te­rics watching dec on top of a cart 😂😂

  57. I mean. How good was the golf play­ed here. How yous play­ed so well while laug­hing all the way round I’ll never know. Gre­at video lads.

  58. Ano­t­her gre­at video, you guys are real­ly kil­ling it out the­re. When is the video with you guys get­ting you 1st tour victory?

  59. When you going to do a video with young Scar­lett from epsom, 7 years old alrea­dy in sur­rey under15 deve­lo­p­ment squad. She has liter­al­ly just shot a gross 91 and we all know how hard epsom greens are.

  60. Obvious­ly don’t know him per­so­nal­ly, but Declan Rice comes across as a genui­nely nice human being. Posi­ti­ve, hum­ble, does­n’t take hims­elf too serious­ly and is plea­sed when others do well. Seems like a gre­at role model and dare I say future Eng­land captain.

  61. Pro­bab­ly the best golf video I’ve seen on You­Tube. 3 genui­nely sound boys having a laugh. Abso­lute­ly class👏🏼👏🏼

  62. Peop­le never know how to avoid making los­ses while tra­ding, you need to get full under­stan­ding and know­ledge it is not some­thing you just gam­ble, Mrs.Alice con­sis­tent and con­struc­ti­ve. I am get­ting the best from it.

  63. Boys, come back to King­s­wood and take on Dec and Piers.…would be an epic match. Ian our pro down here at KW is also a pro­per player!

  64. I love dec any­way as a West Ham fan but just see­ing how much of a gre­at guy he is makes me so proud to have him cap­tain the club! Qua­li­ty golf from all of you, top stuff 👍🏻

  65. All I have to say is if Dec ever star­ted his own You­Tube golf chan­nel then ever­yo­ne would be worried! What a blo­ke, ama­zing vid guys, 🎩 off

  66. Lads👏👏👏👏👏
    You need to get him signed on a 25 year con­tract. Keep him on the hor­se shoes and Hari­bos, fresh for Eng­land but hyped enough for Golf🔥🔥🔥

  67. Honest won off the best you tube vide­os I’ve seen?? gre­at golf gre­at laugh.great standard,3 off the nicest guys on you tube¿!

  68. When you’­ve got Dec not afraid to join in with the jokes and ban­ter its bril­li­ant. The stan­dard of golf throughout has got so much bet­ter. Was strea­ming at the end at tubes laughter. 

    Dec reminds me of Jim­my Bull­ard with the ban­ter. Need to get Dec and Jim­my Bull­ard on tog­e­ther now the­re a thought.

  69. As a spurs fan ive been say­ing what dec did about ndom­be­le and i get sla­ted for it but i belie­ve the­res a serious play­er the­re, we will sell him cheap, he will go and smash it abroad and he eill be brought by a top prem team in 3 years and spurs will look like idi­ots! Like chel­sea and de bruy­ne (not say­ing he will reach de bruy­ne level but a trans­fer that baff­les peop­le loo­king back)

  70. Ricey seems like good laugh 🤣🤣 would­n’t mind a game with him or even show him few things on the pitch 😂 nah other way about lol but il show him few tricks on golf 😁😁

  71. The world shook as the legi­ons of golf life legends all chee­red when Ange took the dri­ver. Get up to Bear­wood Lakes and get fit­ted for a Mizu­no Big Un.
    Awe­so­me news for Dec get­ting the cap­tain­cy, he’s a gre­at per­son. He’s got a future in golf when he even­tual­ly gives up the foot­ball too.

  72. F*****g fan­tastic!!!… could­n’t stop laug­hing, well done lads and did­n’t rea­li­se Declan was so fun­ny.… what a tre­at for us all 🤩🤡🥳

  73. FMD drop­ping a fart and ever­yo­ne cre­a­ses up…can’t wait til you tell me yer com­ing to Syd­ney for a round with me…no cur­ries the night befo­re though ! ! !
    Top dra­wer guest as always…have the best sea­son ever Dec­cers and home win for a sea­son Kick off please…COYI ⚒⚒⚒

  74. Abso­lu­te bel­ly laughs awe­so­me foo­ta­ge you should be 3 ball scram­ble against the bul­let would be legen­da­ry 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️💪🏼

  75. Bril­li­ant video Tubes Ange and Dec ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️🏌🏌🏌🏌🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️🏌‍♂️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  76. Would love to see a golf life golf day whe­re he’s gets his golf mates and public to take part money going to cha­ri­ty would be a gre­at video I think

  77. Abso­lute­ly cracking vid fel­las, and the ‘pop’ at the end 🤣🤣🤣 I mana­ged to be that guy on a packed train home from Lon­don, the one that’s pis­sing hims­elf and peop­le start sta­ring. Then Dec says it was only a pop and off I went again!!!!!

  78. How­ling Atleast 5 times to this 😂😂😂😂 so fun­ny and the golf was dou­ble decent aswell! Love the chan­nel lads and Rice is pure class

  79. THE best con­tent so far lads! Gre­at golf and even bet­ter ban­ter! My sons a juni­or mem­ber at King­s­wood and he ido­li­ses Declan so thanks for put­ting this on. If you guys ever fan­cy a knock round Walton Heath let me know. Onwards & upwards. 👍🏻🏌🏼‍♂️

  80. Pis­sed mys­elf laug­hing 😂 superb lads x our future Eng­land 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 cap­tain is a pro­per ledge ! Superb fun and golf to be fair !!! Ima­gi­ne Har­ry bore off Kane far­ting befo­re his last kil­ler golf shot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 NO !!

  81. Abso­lute­ly cry­ing with laugh­ter at this one lads„ effin bril­li­ant! 3 peop­le I would love to play a round of golf with 👍🏻

  82. Just recent­ly dis­co­ve­r­ed this chan­nel and can’t stop watching it! Class video! Would love to see you get Coady on the course!

  83. Ange must have been drin­king Lipton’s iced tea befo­re this round.
    What a bunch of lovely peop­le and incredi­ble round of golf. Ima­gi­ne thin­king you’ve seen Dec on a golf cour­se to see him Spi­der-Man a buggy 🤣

  84. Declan Rice Rice baby dum dum dum dum duma dum dum !! Love it lads , such a genui­nely lovely fel­la , sign for Chel­sea plea­se Declan 👍🏽

  85. Abso­lute­ly bril­li­ant 👏 top class video!! It’s ama­zing how much joy you bring to peop­le with your vide­os love Golf Life!

  86. Abso­lu­te come­dy gold and the golf was pret­ty good too. Dec is such a nice fel­la and deser­ves all the suc­cess. Future Eng­land skipper??

  87. Pos­si­b­ly one of the best vide­os you have done! Honest­ly, this is how golf should be enjoy­ed and pro­mo­ted. Not just for the old school but for the everman(woman). I’m a City fan but DR is a top fel­la and even as good as he is he is, one of the most under­ra­ted play­ers in the prem. When are you going to do a Golf Life Fans Open? I’ve got my name down already.

  88. Wow !,
    Sat in a Hotel Room in Ken­sing­ton tonight & just wat­ched the video from start to finish… Guys !, you need to play St Andrews together !.
    I’m not real­ly into ⛳️ , but I think I may now take the sport up.
    Declan Rice Rice Baby (LEGEND).

  89. I’ve had the blues for a week and after watching you guys with Declan has lifted my mood. Declan is top class. Ever­yo­ne would want a friend like him would­n’t they?

  90. Tubes & Ange, love the con­tent, gre­at epi­so­de but the adverts are get­ting a bit too much, any way of ree­ling them in a bit? Feel like they’­re befo­re every shot!

  91. This is bril­li­ant, haven’t been able to watch the Cha­nel as much recent­ly but my word have you boys impro­ved sin­ce I last saw. Gre­at con­tent as always, keep sma­shing it legends!

  92. That pic­tu­re of ed Sheeran 🤣🤣🤣🤣 had me in stit­ches lads.
    I think we’­re on the same page re him and his music.…Tragic !!!!

  93. Unbe­liev­a­ble stan­dards👏👏👏 abso­lute­ly love rice rice baby.. our future eng­land captain🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  94. I nee­ded to watch this video, what a scream. My favou­rite video. What a laugh and a real nice guy declan is. Future Eng­land cap­tain and a legend

  95. Spider-Rice…’With gre­at power comes gre­at respon­si­bi­li­ty’ Just don’t watch Moy­e­sy! 😂😂 Genui­ne Legend!!! Qua­li­ty as always 👍⛳️👍

  96. Declan thro­wing into the pre sea­son chat that he was off at the Euros and then the Nati­ons League like it was not­hing. So down to earth, I’m not sure he rea­li­ses just how talen­ted he is. Comes across as such a regu­lar blo­ke. The three of you were in your ele­ment, gre­at vid!

  97. Tubes is a sur­pri­sin­gly effec­ti­ve gol­fer for an esthe­ti­cal­ly ques­tion­ab­le geezer! Right left right in the hole my son.…

  98. The­re is not­hing not to love about Rice. What a top man.

    Can’t belie­ve I just wat­ched a round of golf becau­se of him. Top video that 👍🏻⚒️

  99. You wasn’t wrong, grea­test game of golf! Very enjoya­ble watch! You should do a “bet­ter ball”! With Ricen Dech­amps, Ange the flag hun­ter with his approach and Tubes on the taparoo sin­king them puts, you’d put in a gre­at score!

  100. I’ve said this a few times now on this chan­nel but here it comes again, the best one yet, wish Declan Rice was my mate, such a laugh!

  101. Face hurts from laug­hing so much! what a gre­at video, nice to see someo­ne so down to earth and not serious! #spi­der­man

  102. So, so proud that that man is our cap­tain. Don’t think I have ever seen a more down to earth and hum­ble foot­bal­ler. I just love the man! So nor­mal. It is so lovely see­ing a foot­bal­ler just being hims­elf, rather than the robots we nor­mal­ly see. What a per­so­na­li­ty Declan is. His par­ents must be gle­a­ming with pri­de! We love you Declan COYI

  103. Hate that Dec plays for West Ham, what a man. Not­hing bet­ter than see­ing young Eng­lish talent enjoy­ing life and being them­sel­ves and rela­xed! Top video this Tubes and Ange, keep up the good work fellas!

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