DER 3D-GEDRUCKTE PUTTER // Cobra King Supersport 35 Review

DER 3D GEDRUCKTE PUTTER Cobra King Supersport 35 Review 3d printed

Wir tes­ten den limi­tier­ten 3D-gedruck­ten Put­ter von Cobra! Bie­tet die 3D-Druck­tech­no­lo­gie eine erhöh­te Sta­bi­li­tät in einer Bla­de-Put­ter-Form? Und wie hilft die Sik-Put­ter-Face-Tech­no­lo­gie, wenn Sie einen Putt ver­feh­len? In die­sem Video tes­ten wir den Put­ter gründ­lich auf dem Quin­tic Ball Roll Launch Moni­tor, um es her­aus­zu­fin­den! 0:00 // Ein­füh­rung 5:01 // Test 12:27 // Zusam­men­fas­sung & Schluss­fol­ge­run­gen ABONNIEREN SIE DEN KANAL: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​t​x​g​t​o​u​r​e​x​p​e​r​i​e​n​c​e​g​o​l​f​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 Fol­gen Sie uns auf Insta­gram: http://instagram .com/theofficialtxg WERDEN SIE TEIL DES TXG-TEAMS: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​D​d​F​3​V​Y​u​C​T​Z​9​H​u​E​n​k​G​d​P​k​C​Q​/​j​oin http://​txg​.ca Gefilmt bei: Tour Expe­ri­ence Golf Cus­tom Golf Club Fit­ting Stu­dio – Toron­to, Kanada

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140 thought on “DER 3D-GEDRUCKTE PUTTER // Cobra King Supersport 35 Review”

  1. I’m loving mine, the sik face real­ly gets the ball rol­ling well for me and the moi is gre­at. I’ve noti­ced the same as you guys that speed con­trol is very con­sis­tent as well. It’s not as pret­ty as my tou­lon chi­ca­go, but it’s going in the bag

    1. Agreed on the roll, I have the sik K put­ter and the face tech­no­lo­gy has been night and day for me. I used to have hor­ri­ble pace con­trol, 3 putts are now a rari­ty thankfully

  2. Curious how long it’ll be befo­re you can get the lat­ti­ce work prin­ted in dif­fe­rent colors. Tons of real­ly cool loo­king plastics out the­re, and peop­le love per­so­na­li­zing their clubs.

    1. The Cobra site shows the com­pon­ents unpain­ted and cur­r­ent­ly loo­ks like they print the head and lat­ti­ce as one pie­ce and just paint.

  3. Curious about the comments around public cour­ses vs pri­va­te, is that greens con­di­ti­on and how well rol­led or main­tai­ned they are? I play a mix of both and won­der about how that affects putting.

    1. I think what they meant by public vs pri­va­te was grass length rela­ted. Pri­va­te cour­ses tend to be a bit quicker and cut tigh­ter requi­ring less launch to get the ball out of its depres­si­on and on top of the bla­des. Whe­re­as public cour­ses tend to be a bit slower with shag­gi­er greens which requi­res more launch to get the ball on top of the bla­des and rolling.

  4. Do we know the moi figu­res I cur­r­ent­ly use a cure rx5 and it is off the sca­le in terms moi and for­gi­ve­ness would love you guys to review a cure put­ter and play around with excess weights

  5. This put­ter is not for me based on the loo­ks and pri­ce, but it is real­ly inte­res­ting for future trends.
    Why did Matt test in right han­ded, and not left han­ded when you have the left han­ded put­ter there?
    I think it would bring more to the chan­nel if you had a right handed/slower swing speed play­er – as it would help to remo­ve swing/stroke varia­bles for some­bo­dy lear­ning to play in the other ori­en­ta­ti­on (alt­hough Matt gives it a good go).

    1. I’m gues­sing the came­ra / ligh­t­ing sys­tem is dif­fi­cult or time con­suming to move into a left-han­ded ori­en­ta­ti­on. Also inte­res­ted to hear about that

    2. Yes, it’s easier to lea­ve the machi­ne in RH and most peop­le watching would pre­fer to see a RH put­ter any­way. It does­n’t nega­tively impact the vali­di­ty of the test, we had con­sis­tent strokes in the data so we can be con­fi­dent in mea­su­ring the per­for­mance of the putter

    1. @89Sod I reached out to SIK ear­lier this mon­th – Club Cham­pion in Buf­fa­lo or Michi­gan would be the clo­sest to Toron­to to get a fit and purcha­se one.. They told me they don’t work with anyo­ne from Cana­da at the moment. Hope­ful­ly tha­t’ll chan­ge soon.

    2. @JR I’m over in Scot­land. Nowhe­re over here have them to fit as far as I’m awa­re. Hope­ful­ly that chan­ges as they grow. Best put­ter iv owned

  6. Shiel­sy boy was­n’t a fan. This is why we should watch the­se fact and data dri­ven vids… Opi­ni­on and con­jec­tu­re are dangerous.

    1. He always puts big points on form over function…and he seems to value how it makes him look using it which isn’t a gre­at way to review things.

  7. Gre­at to see a review using some tech­no­lo­gy and sci­ence. Every other review I have seen is just some big name You­Tubers hit­ting some putts and say­ing they don’t like the feel!

    1. @Austin Lind­strom Put­ter feel is a com­bo of ball & club. As I’ve gone to fir­mer balls (cur­r­ent­ly TP5x/Pro V1x) for distance rea­sons, I’ve moved to sof­ter put­ter inserts. Tho­se balls feel ter­ri­ble on my old teryl­li­um Scot­ty Came­ron, Which was made when bala­ta balls were still domi­nant on tour.

  8. But is that the 3d prin­ting, the weigh­t­ing, or the effi­ci­en­cy of the mul­ti­ple face angles. Are the­re any other put­ters using that same face ang­le design and achie­ving the same results?

  9. Ian and Matt: Well, when we get done tes­ting put­ters we have to get back to designing/architecture work on the buil­dings in the back­ground. Is the­re anything the­se two can­not do?

  10. Excel­lent review, as it defi­ni­te­ly show­ed the effort Cobra put into deve­lo­ping this put­ter. I’m hoping this makes it into full pro­duc­tion. Good job to both TXG and Cobra on this!

  11. I would have loved to see matt use ano­t­her simi­lar shaped put­ter during this test to see if the­re was anything weird with his right han­ded stro­ke and to reaf­firm that the cobra put­ter was actual­ly doing a lot of the work to get the pro­per put­ter conditions.

    1. Not­hing weird with the stro­ke, we were tracking deli­very num­bers during the test. The­re are defi­ni­te­ly other put­ters that have gre­at sta­bi­li­ty and face tech­no­lo­gy also

  12. Very intri­guing review, very inte­res­ted to see more tech like this work its way in to equip­ment to see just how far manu­fac­tu­rers can go with it. Gre­at job gents

    1. This tech is taken from SIK put­ters that bry­son uses. They have a mal­let put­ter alrea­dy. I’m not a fan of the loo­ks of it but they do have one you can check out on their website

  13. A SIK put­ter and a RAD dri­ver… Cobra ‘get­ting down’ with the cool kids it seems. The tech on show in the put­ter and your lab are dif­fe­rent class

  14. Excel­lent review! I’m real­ly exci­ted to try this put­ter in my fit­ting, I love the con­cept of a more for­gi­ving mal­let but it’s so hard to look at com­pa­red to my Anser. This tru­ly loo­ks like the best of both worlds, I’m curious how long it will take other com­pa­nies to adapt.

  15. Matt: “May­be if I stro­ke it with my eyes clo­sed…” My wife: spits cof­fee out of her nose laug­hing. Not only gre­at tech­ni­cal con­tent, but enter­tai­ning too!

  16. Does anyo­ne else want to sit down next to Matt and Ian and just lis­ten to them for hours at a time lis­tening to their know­ledge about golf tech ??

  17. So is Mat­ty now the Right han­ded Put­ting God?
    Good to see that Cobra are pushing the Tech boundary’s of their Clubs. But truth­ful­ly I don’t real­ly care how a Club is made (or how it loo­ks) the only thing that real­ly mat­ters is does it lower my score and in the case of a Put­ter does it help me to hole more Putts. The rest is just froth

  18. Guys I have just recent­ly been lured away from my Scot­ty Came­ron New­port 1.5, by the Mizu­no MCraft 1. Very big call for me as I have gamed it and loved it for many years, with gre­at results. This vid has cer­tain­ly been good for thought!! Are you sure our Ol’Mate Mat­ty real­ly IS left handed!!
    Gre­at stuff as always guys.
    G’day again from Australia.

    1. Pret­ty sure it is the exact same tech. Cobra licen­sed it from SIK cau­se dech­am­beau cur­r­ent­ly uses the SIK put­ter and cobra for all his other clubs. I’m gues­sing SIK and cobra will part­ner up even­tual­ly or cobra will buy them out.

    2. I think the inte­res­ting part of a head to head with the Sik bla­de would be the dif­fe­ren­ces in MOI bet­ween the put­ters. The face tech­no­lo­gy in the case of the Sik put­ter is app­lied to what loo­ks like a pret­ty tra­di­tio­nal bla­de. This cobra put­ter seems to have mal­let for­gi­ve­ness in a “bla­de” design and it doesn’t look as good to me as the Sik. Sin­ce loo­ks are such a big com­po­nent of fit, I would love to see what you are giving up by going with Sik over Cobra. What are the trade-offs

  19. I don’t drink tea, but as a Mecha­ni­cal Engi­neer I got­ta say, I like this put­ter. It’s the pri­ce tag that pre­vents me from run­ning out and buy­ing one.

  20. So by the end of next sea­son Bry­son will have more loft on his put­ter than on his driver??

    I real­ly like what Cobra R&D team has been doing over the last few years. Not every idea real­ly works but they deser­ve real kudos for try­ing dif­fe­rent things. Sad­ly they then take the ide­as to the pro­duct bran­ding team who pro­ceed to ruin ever­ything but slap­ping bran­ding on every squa­re inch (or at least that is what it feels like) of the club.

    As a right han­ded gol­fer who puts left han­ded I defi­ni­te­ly think Matt should try right han­ded put­ting more

    1. Notah used to switch hit to putt right han­ded for left to right brea­kers and left han­ded for right to left. Worked pret­ty well for him when he was on tour

  21. As someo­ne who has a histo­ry with 3D prin­ters, the high cost would be attri­bu­t­ed to the ina­bi­li­ty to sca­le up manu­fac­tu­ring as they would with a cast / for­ged pro­cess. It would take hours to print + assem­ble just one put­ter, and the cos­ts of prin­ters would not be jus­ti­fia­ble to do bulk production. 

    I do like the look per­so­nal­ly as I am so used to 3D prin­ting and the need to crea­te sup­ports such as a honey­comb mesh to ensu­re the inte­gri­ty of the design / form is main­tai­ned during the coo­ling period.

    Only issue I see is build up of grass and dirt in that mesh back.

  22. This is the fourth review I have seen of this put­ter, Mark Cross­field lik­ed it, as did James Robin­son. But Rick Shiels gave it a so so review. None of them went as in depth as this.…so it loo­ks like Rick was wrong loo­king at the num­bers you have just provided.

  23. Gre­at info. Was­n’t the­re a Teard­rop put­ter that had a varia­ble face lof­ted put­ter about 30 years ago?
    Cer­tain­ly will be che­cking this one out.

  24. Well, now along with the Auto­Flex shaft my youn­ger bro­ther now will have to get me the put­ter for Christ­mas. Very cool put­ter guys, thanks for all the new golf tech to view.

  25. F1 teams 3D print some of their metal parts now, metal 3D has been around a while I think and F1 teams are at the front of tech­no­lo­gi­cal innovation

  26. I love the put­ter!!!! Only down side is the length. I went to the local golf shop to cut it down. I’m sure once it’s the cor­rect length it would be even bet­ter! Gre­at feel and technology!!

  27. Wan­ted to ask this on live stream, and this video remin­ded me – what put­ters are you fin­ding suc­cess with in fit­tings? You guys usual­ly cover drivers/woods/irons in this respect, i.e., what’s popu­lar in the shop, and curious if you’­re see­ing any trends with put­ters and put­ters that are par­ti­cu­lar­ly per­forming well?

  28. Fun test idea that rela­tes to this topic. Bla­de put­ter with Sta­bi­li­ty Tour shaft vs. Mal­let put­ter with a stan­dard shaft. Which is bet­ter on resis­ting twisting???

  29. I would love to see you guys test a few put­ters along­side this one to check how dif­fe­rent it beha­ves ver­sus an Odys­sey, Evnroll, or Scot­ty. I think that would give an inte­res­ting comparison.

  30. I may be in the mino­ri­ty but I do not enjoy watching you guys play oppo­si­te han­ded, out­side of a fun match or some­thing. I kin­da get it for SGI irons, but I still would rather just see one of you guys hit them regu­lar han­ded. Perhaps I’m in the mino­ri­ty, but I don’t see why a pro­per review could not be done using a swing that is bet­ter than the clubs were desi­gned for. Just my opi­ni­on, and I love 95% of what you guys do, so keep up the good work!

  31. I’ve seen 4 reviews of this Cobra Put­ter. The TXG one is the best! Only one I’ve seen with data and metrics regar­ding the put­ting per­for­mance. Well done fel­las, thanks!

  32. 3D prin­ting is the future of golf most­ly becau­se it is an addi­ti­ve con­struct pro­cess ver­sus a reduc­ti­ve pro­cess. Mea­ning that the­re are no mol­ds or was­ted mate­ri­als when you 3D manu­fac­tu­re a club. Whe­re­as in a for­ging or cast pro­cess you have excess mate­ri­al that eit­her goes to was­te or can be repro­ces­sed at a cost as well. Well done

  33. Piret­ti, scottt, bet­ti­nar­di, tou­lon vs video. High end put­ters with simi­lar head designs in a head to head chal­len­ge simi­lar to the driver/woods best of videos

  34. I recent­ly recei­ved my put­ter. I made three strai­ght 20ft putts with it. Took it to the cour­se and put­ted the best I have in years. I am engi­neer so the look doesn’t bother me too much. The results make it beau­ti­ful to me.

    1. I average 34 to 36 putts a round. I play­ed 1 round with this new cobra and had 31 putts, may not seem like a big dif­fe­rence to most but thar was my lowest put­ting round ever. I can’t wait until the next round. If i can break into the 20s that would be game changing

    2. @Just bored i agree, but com­pa­red to the put­ter I have had in the bag for twon years that i have been aver­aging 36 putts a round with, it felt like a deal lol. All golf clubs a rip off in my opi­ni­on, my first com­ple­te set of 14 clubs when i was a teen­ager was 200$ and that inclu­ded a bag and slee­ve of balls lol

  35. Final­ly someo­ne has done a in-depth review with dif­fe­rent stro­ke ana­ly­sis and the club per­for­mance, rather than com­men­ting on the feel or look, which will obvious­ly vary from per­son to per­son.….. for $600aud I would want to know if it’s actual­ly a game impro­ver or just cle­ver mar­ke­ting. keep doing what you’re doing. Cheers lads.

  36. I don’t know why but this put­ter offends me. The face should be a sin­gle loft. This is like having mul­ti­ple put­ters in the bag for dif­fe­rent strokes but not having to know when to use each one becau­se the put­ter alrea­dy knows which one you’­re going to need. Takes the skill out of putting.

  37. Ques­ti­on. Anyo­ne know what put­ting mat TXG uses!? Loo­ks like a roas­ted green sur­face like pro putt, but not sure. Thanks!

  38. I hit with a Scot­ty Came­ron for thir­ty minu­tes today at the golf shop. About to pull trig­ger but thought I’d try out this put­ter. Wow. Left with the Cobra after just being ama­zed at how soft it is and the feel. Saw this video now just to see what others think… There’s some­thing about this put­ter that is sim­ply spectacular.

  39. I bought a 3D prin­ted Cobra Age­ra recent­ly. I can’t belie­ve how good this thing feels. The weight is per­fect, the swing feels so natu­ral, and mis-hits still go strai­ght. I crin­ged at the pri­ce, but if I’m wil­ling to pay that for a dri­ver, why would I not pay that for a put­ter that is used so much more frequently?

  40. It’s pret­ty insa­ne how detail­ed yet clear and easy to under­stand the TXG reviews and pro­duct test are. Would love to see you guys do the Age­ra and Super­no­va 3D Prin­ted models as well.

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