Der BESTE Weg, Unterdrücker Griefer mit The Terrorbyte auf GTA Online zu trollen

Der BESTE Weg Unterdruecker Griefer mit The Terrorbyte auf GTA Online zu trollen Funny Moments

Ter­ro­byte-Trol­ling hat schon immer Spaß gemacht, aber es kann noch bes­ser wer­den, wenn Sie die Nano-Droh­ne und Leucht­ra­ke­ten gegen die unter­drü­cke­ri­schen Try­hard Grie­fers in gta online ein­set­zen. Der neue DLC für kri­mi­nel­le Unter­neh­men erscheint bald für gta, und der Unter­drü­cker mk2 wird bald generft. Mal sehen, wie viel Spaß Sie haben kön­nen, bevor das pas­siert. 🌐 PUTTHER’S VPN (3 KOSTENLOSE MONATE +50% RABATT) Außer­dem gebe ich dir eine Freund­schafts­an­fra­ge oder fol­ge auch! https://​www​.expressvpn​.com/​p​u​t​t​her 👕 PUTTHER’S STORE (Limi­ted Merch) https://​put​ther​.com GESCHÄFTSANFRAGEN ❗ FOLGE MIR Tik­Tok: https://​www​.tik​tok​.com/​@​p​u​t​t​h​err Insta­gram : https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​r​TV/ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV Dis­cord: https://​www​.dis​cord​.gg/​P​u​t​t​her Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV / Patre­on: https://​www​.patre​on​.com/​p​u​t​t​her Twitch: https://​twitch​.tv/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV ▂ Nur damit du es weißt, in die­sem You­Tube-Video und mei­nem Kanal spre­che ich nicht nur über GTA Online, son­dern mache auch Vide­os zu: • GTA 5 Online • GTA 5 RP • Leit­fä­den zum Geld­ver­die­nen • GTA 5‑Rollenspiel • Grand Theft Auto Geld­ver­die­nen • Top 10 GTA-Momen­te • Grund­le­gen­de GTA-Finanz­be­ra­tung • GTA Pas­si­ves Ein­kom­men ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #gta #online #put­ther ▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

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107 thought on “Der BESTE Weg, Unterdrücker Griefer mit The Terrorbyte auf GTA Online zu trollen”

    1. @punisher thug 45
      As far as I know the most important part is stay­ing con­sis­tent and don’t chan­ge the sub­ject of your con­tent a lot. The rest is pati­ence and a lot of luck.

    2. Just a note, with the new update you will no lon­ger be char­ged for des­troy­ing wea­po­ni­zed vehi­cles from an attacker

  1. IVikkStar_438: “hOp OuT tHe TeR­rOr­ByTe U cHiL­dIsH gOoF” 

    Put­ther: “Hop off your opp­res­sor you fuck­in CLOWN 🤡”

  2. Rock­star nerfing the MK2 is LAME ASF, you have to spend so much money to get it , night­club, Ter­ro­byte & MK2 & hom­ing miss­le upgrade that’s easi­ly 8 mil­li­on just to own the MK2. How about rock­star extend the fla­re coold­own time and les­sen the hom­ing rockets to 10 & plus the mk2 is not­hing com­pa­red to the lazer or b11

  3. my opres­sor mk 2 is nerf plus enclucding all the miss­le locking vehci­le that i bought for jets&cars won’t lock-on any­mo­re so free aim miss­les on every vehcile

  4. Nice job out the­re Put­ther. Using the fla­re gun to coun­ter the Opp­res­sor Mark 2’s mis­si­les and using the Ter­ro­byte to sur­vi­ve was good thin­king. It’s kind of fun­ny and irri­ta­ting when traf­fic runs you over though.

  5. This update will allow u to fight bck against grie­fers and also we have free­dom in priv ses­si­ons now you’ll be able to do sell mis­si­ons and stuff no more grie­fers put­ter love the con­tent bro

  6. Put­ther when are you going to do a GTA online tuto­ri­al on how to make each of your male cha­rac­ter outfits

  7. Yes Vik­star Is a You­Tuber from the UK he is asso­cia­ted with the Side­men and KSI part of me doubts that’s the real him as his full name is Vik­star 123 and the Side­men ay play­ed Gta in ages.

  8. I remem­ber scrap­ping with the VikkStar guy about a year ago, I made him rage­quit the ses­si­on by non-lock on mis­si­le bom­bing him with my opp­res­sor while his was on coold­own, it was very fun.

  9. Litt­le hack to not get some bounties:

    Just kill the NPCs’ when ste­aling their car.
    So “they” won’t order a bounty. 😉

    Ah yeah, pro­bab­ly just works when from traf­fic, not when par­ked idk…

  10. I did that on my dro­ne I was just laug­hing on them bro u my favo­ri­te one thanks to u I kno a cou­p­le cra­zy moves n it 4 shu­re works so bro I wish I can play with u one day I’m on ps4 gta v online but I wish I can see u 1 time tho 💣💥💨

  11. On paypho­ne hits, once Fran­k­lin starts tal­king you can skip the rest (A on xbox). Also, you can call him on the pho­ne and request a paypho­ne hit. So that’s $170k about every 25 minu­tes. Until recent­ly I had been roa­ming the streets hoping a pho­ne would ring like an idi­ot. Hope this hel­ps if you did­n’t know either.

  12. i have an idea for you, use the cayo per­i­co smugg­ler pla­ne in the scope out mis­si­on against a jet grie­fer, its litela­ry indestructible

  13. Stu­pid that u still have to pay money for des­troy­ing stu­pid kid’s cars n such, becau­se of cour­se they get it back for free, right? Basi­cal­ly just cos­ting someo­ne any amount of money no mat­ter how small the­se kids real­ly just want to sit and do becau­se they have not­hing else in life becau­se they can’t even get a mod­ded k/d

  14. U should buy the nano dro­ne from the arca­de it’s a bit slower but has infi­ni­te ran­ge u could fly to Mount chil­li­ad with that thing😁

  15. hey put­ter VIDEO IDEA! plea­se show us how to get the paint­jobs u get on the pla­nes. like the red with the rain­bow pearles­e­cent or the black. ive been dying to know. I will make this com­ment ever­y­day you post now so. DAY 1 OF ASKING.

  16. Not only are the nerfing the Opp­res­si­or, but they are remo­ving insuran­ce cost for wea­po­ni­zed vehi­cles, AND making K/D a PvP mode thing only, and won’t be affec­ted by free mode

  17. Damn, I never get to meet the­se types of clowns in GTA online. The only once I get are swe­at­ty try­hards wan­na­be that call for their boy­friends when I’m abo­ve ratio 😂😂😂

  18. Well this is com­ing to an end. The mk2 mis­si­les tracking will be nerfed to the level of stan­dard air­craft tracking and the coold­own on coun­ter­mea­su­res will incre­a­se. This means even the delu­xo is a coun­ter to the mk2 now.

  19. don’t do pay pho­ne hits dir­ty like that, you com­ple­te the assas­si­na­ti­on bonus and that’s 170k, been grin­ding tf out­ta tho­se, gerald’s, con­tracts, went from 3 to 11 mil this week

  20. Lol try­hards always like that even the real­ly bad ones they’­re down by 10 or even more some­ti­mes and they’ll just try to get the last kill on you and quit ses­si­on tel­ling them­sel­ves they won that. Deni­al isn’t healt­hy but neit­her are the­se kids lol

  21. Cra­zy part about the­se grie­fers, when they can’t kill you head on, they go into ghost orga­niz­a­ti­on and try to catch you off guard.…*smh*

  22. cool video. Appre­cia­te May video! 🚌🚐🚑🚒🚓🚕🚗🚙🛻🚚🚛🚜🏎🏍🛵🛺🚲🛴

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