Der letzte Golfer, der ein Bogey macht, gewinnt $1.000

Der letzte Golfer der ein Bogey macht gewinnt 1.000 challenge

GUT GUT⬇️ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​f​i​-​m​P​M​O​m​c​h​e​6​W​I​-​j​k​v​n​GXw My Socials⬇️ Insta­Gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​m​_​_​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​s​e​a​r​c​h?q =gm__golf&src=typed_query MB013HKGA3KBIIL

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382 thought on “Der letzte Golfer, der ein Bogey macht, gewinnt $1.000”

    1. Do this with the who­le good good crew. every 3 bir­dies = after a bogey, a chan­ce to get ano­t­her bir­die on the next who­le to stay in.

    2. Why Flo­ri­da guys. Come to myrt­le beach the golf capi­tal of the world. Like it’s a no brai­ner. What yall wai­t­ing for

  1. See, I play­ed yes­ter­day with a friend and I made a gre­at putt, I got a 360 lip out. I may­be lip­ped out 3 or 4 times

  2. Not watching ano­t­her video till you guys let us know some details on that good good put­ter! Not real­ly but let us know I’ll throw my Scot­ty in the trash 🤝

  3. “I would say I’m just insi­de of you here, not by much though pro­bab­ly only a cou­p­le inches.” 9:24 this joke never gets old

  4. Sooo many “ayy­yooo” moments this video with y’all lol “I’m insi­de grant by a cou­p­le inches” “That’s not com­ing very hard tho” “we’re las­ting long tog­e­ther” “I’m kin­da sur­pri­sed how long we’ve las­ted here today”

  5. Lip outs should be con­si­de­red a posi­ti­ve thing. It means your mis­ses are clo­ser than others. If you mis­sed all tho­se lip outs by two inches that would be bet­ter??? no

  6. 16:15 when Gar­rett made the putt and he said he tal­ked to it. All I could think about was Bob when he says “oh talk to it G”

  7. grant mis­sed the par putt on the second hole, came­ra cuts and garrett’s on the other side of him u can also tell by their reactions

  8. It’s pret­ty sur­re­al to watch the edi­t­ing and high qua­li­ty con­tent of the­se vide­os now and then go back to the begin­ning and watch a video. Crazy!!!

  9. Love the con­tent gen­tle­men. May­be to push the limits, a bir­die equals a spe­ci­fic amount, a par equals a spe­ci­fic amount, and then a bogey is elimination. 

    Could for­ce the situa­ti­on a bit. 

    Gre­at chan­nel and con­tent. Thanks again.

  10. Always enjoy the con­tent and the guys but when are we gon­na get some good matches and guest again ins­tead of the same con­tent against not gre­at com­pe­ti­ti­on. Loo­king for­ward to the good stuff and keep brin­ging the awe­so­me content!

  11. So if you want to have some good con­tent and good com­pe­ti­ti­on, you should come up and play mys­elf and my bud­dy. Loads of laughs and good com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf.

  12. 2v2 with Busta­jack would be gre­at, get some cross chan­nel love.
    Or, GM goes over­seas and plays Rick and Pete.

  13. they have the one yard wide fair­way chal­len­ge. you gots ta do that and add a trick to it. make it ins­tead a one yard wide green chal­len­ge by 10 yards height by width, hole in one on a par 3–50 ball try. Wis­con­sin, Alas­ka, Min­ne­so­ta, Mai­ne, Onta­rio are cal­ling for a match­up. the WAMMO tour, or free­ze your pro‑v 1’s off tour.

  14. Max one extra life in next ver­si­on or other­wi­se it’s just whoever goes over par first and that’s not the same for­mat as this. Having one extra life would make this a fea­si­ble chal­len­ge on a full course.

  15. It’s real­ly tel­ling that even when Grant does­n’t have to make his bir­die putts, he still mana­ges to hit them 4 feet past the hole.

  16. Hold on wait!! Wit­hin the first few seconds Gar­rett is chas­ti­sing Grant over a “not going to lie” com­ment yet you say “I am not going to lie” at least once a video! You say it so much that I have made a small come­dy rou­ti­ne about how say­ing that puts into ques­ti­on ever­ything else you say! It’s not very fun­ny but that’s not my point! 😁 love the vids but I couldn’t let this one go

  17. 👍🏼 Gre­at video guys! Next time yall do this, y’all should make a rule whe­re a bir­die adds $100 to the pot and a hole in one adds $500 to the pot. Would make for an inte­res­ting dyna­mic on wan­ting to incre­a­se the pot or lag up to secu­re the par.

  18. Hey if y’all are ever in the Nash­ville area, you and grant should have a match with mys­elf a pga asso­cia­te and my bud­dy who works with me at golf gala­xy and is an ex mini tour pro, I think it’d be a lot of fun

  19. For the bir­die incen­ti­ve, a bir­die should only make the next hole safe from eli­mi­na­ti­on. Still gives you incen­ti­ves to make bir­dies on holes you’­re “safe” sin­ce you’­re play­ing to be safe for the next hole, but it never gives you more than “1 extra life” at a time so the chal­len­ge does­n’t last too long

  20. love waking up to a video. I wish Grant could get just half of his lip outs to drop I can’t belie­ve how often he he finds the lip of the cup. You guys should do a lip out chal­len­ge whe­re it somehow hel­ps your score to have them. I would bet the bank on Grant.

  21. “Are you being honest?…” Haha­hah! Thanks, Gar­rett. Not even joking, you cal­led out some­thing. Haha­ha! Love you guys.

  22. I have been watching your vide­os all sum­mer long, and it just so hap­pens that I orde­red my new irons and you had some influ­ence. I got fit­ted and it came down the Cobra For­ged Tec and Mizu­no JPX 921 and I went with the Mizu­nos!! SO exci­ted, July can’t get here fast enough.

  23. My dad Andy Stap­les desi­gned the Stap­le, and Match cour­se at PGA Natio­nal. You can look it up. Gar­ret, i love your vids, and Good Good, keep it up!

  24. Genui­ne ques­ti­on: Why haven’t you guys (as Good Good or even you indi­vi­du­al­ly as GM Golf) haven’t got­ten spon­so­red by a ran­ge fin­der com­pa­ny? Every so often you guys men­ti­on you need ran­ge fin­ders, so why not get them for free?🧐👀

  25. My par­ents live out in pga Natio­nal (i used to live with them) so thats the cour­se right out­side my house. Pret­ty dope to see you guys so clo­se to home

  26. Fun twist to this video, if you make a bir­die, you can put the ball 1 put­ter length clo­ser to the hole on the next hole.. incen­ti­ve to get aggres­si­ve.. litt­le game we play here in Toron­to on par 3 courses

  27. Just a who­le lot of testis out the­re today boys, but I just abso­lute­ly love watching you guys ram them in the back!

  28. 4:24 – A pair of Lukes? Things I’m expec­ting to hear on that video:
    (A) – You don’t know which clubs to pick? Use the fours, Luke.
    (B) – We need you to wear a skirt for this next hole. Luke, be a lady tonight.
    © – This is team High­way code, eit­her side of me. Luke left, Luke right.

  29. 9:12 – But on this occa­si­on: ‘This is no game of nume­rous lives. Here, you have only one’
    Kudos to anyo­ne who knows this quo­te without Goog­ling it.

  30. You could extend your idea to par fours, guys. Here’s how:
    BOGEY 5 – You’­re out of the com­pe­ti­ti­on unless you use an extra life.
    PAR 4 – You’­re moving on to the next hole
    BIRDIE 3 – You’­re safe in the know­ledge that you have gai­ned an extra life.
    EAGLE 2 – You’­re even safer, as you now have two more extra lives.
    ALBATROSS 1 – You’­re Matt Scharff.

  31. 11:20 – ‘It’ll come right from behind, and come right in the back door’ – Gar­rett Clark, Ency­clo­pa­edia of Dou­ble Entendre, com­ple­te with a knowing look at the end of that sentence.

  32. 13:38 – Ano­t­her vari­ant! When only one per­son remains, they win $100 for each addi­tio­nal hole they don’t bogie. Pos­si­b­ly need to put a maxi­mum cap on that, though.

  33. 14:11 – ‘I’m put­ting mys­elf in some weird posi­ti­ons’ – Grant Hor­vat, Ency­clo­pa­edia of Dou­ble Entendre.

  34. 15:23 – ‘That’s not com­ing very hard, though’… alright, I’ll stop, or I’ll be giving the ent­i­re tran­script of this video.

  35. Defi­ni­te­ly play­ing with John Daly Jr. That is gon­na be sick. I’ve been watching him play sin­ce a kid and now he’s going to be play­ing with my favo­ri­te You­Tube I’ve been watching sin­ce the begin­ning of his chan­nel. Unre­al con­tent G, you guys are insa­ne. No one else is doing it like you guys.

  36. I wat­ched this befo­re play­ing 9 holes today, gre­at video! But I lip­ped out 4 times… me and grant need some serious words.

  37. When one gets a bir­die, they get a life. Then if the other per­son gets a bir­die, it can­cels out the first per­sons life. So you need more bir­dies then your part­ner to get that extra life?

  38. I just love the dif­fe­rent vibes from all the GG mem­bers and their chan­nels. If you’­re not sup­por­ting ALL of them, what the heck are you doing??? Grant and Gar­rett are like long lost bro­thers. Thanks for the enter­tain­ment gentlemen!

  39. Some say pea­nut but­ter and jel­ly are the best duo, but GM fans and Good­Good fans know that not­hing beats Grant and the lip outs

  40. Good Good needs to invest in eit­her A) Good Good tees, or B) get­ting a Tee spon­sor­s­hip lol. I’ve never seen a gol­fer not have tees as much as the mem­bers of Good Good. I think Tig is the only one who con­sist­ent­ly has them haha

  41. Y’all should do a round whe­re you com­pe­te against each other but both are try­ing to help each other. Basi­cal­ly being each other’s caddies.

  42. Par three cour­se chal­len­ges aren’t very inte­res­ting. Not try­ing to be Debbie. I’ll like this becau­se it’s Good Good.

  43. Grant 100% mis­sed that par putt on the second hole. Ball was behind the pre­vious hole out­line then moved to on it after the jump cut. I get why tho can’t make a 2 hole video lol

  44. Bro hold the came­ra still I could bare­ly watch it was so much move­ment and shakey shit was cra­zy hurt my eyes no lie

  45. 9:24 inte­res­ting

    Also I would say the bet­ter idea is bir­die would give you an extra stro­ke on the next hole for par ins­tead of lives or the video would actual­ly go on fore­ver forever

  46. Why don’t you guys buy a gar­min golf watch? Then you don’t have to deal with the ran­ge fin­der. I’ve had one for a cou­p­le of years and don’t even miss the ran­ge fin­der a little.

  47. You need to do a les­sons seri­es with the OpTic guys. That would be cool to watch their pro­gres­si­on. I know Ram­bo is scratch, but Scump, Hecz or even the TST guys would be fun to watch!

  48. You guys should do a chal­len­ge whe­re you cover up your club num­bers with tape and have you bags shuf­fled and try to play golf without knowing what club you real­ly have may­be have a timer on club selection

  49. Good stuff guys! Very enter­tai­ning! Love the ban­ter! Ran­dom Q – Love the shirt … is that an older GG shirt? (Grants)

  50. Guys can I make a sug­ges­ti­on, as a photographer/videographer? Plea­se buy a light mono­pod with feet. You can col­lap­se it quick­ly with one hand when you are in the cart, etc. But it will help sooo much even while you are hol­ding the came­ra with sta­bi­liz­a­ti­on, plus give you the abi­li­ty to set it on the ground for sta­tic shots. The shaki­ness of this video just makes me feel kin­da sea­sick and I’m not at all a stick­ler for video quality.

  51. My sug­ges­ti­on is if you win $1,000 to be the last per­son to make a bogey than i think you should make a bir­die worth $100 or $200. Thoughts?

  52. The sheer amount of euphe­misms and play on words in this video was impres­si­ve. And for not smi­ling as you said them.

  53. We need some Bob Does Sports/Good Good merch col­lab with a pic­tu­re of Cut­sy and Grant’s face tit­led “Lip Out Kings”

  54. I would low-key be exci­ted to see what would hap­pen if Gar­rett said he did­n’t feel like some­thing ama­zing was going to hap­pen befo­re a video or shot haha

  55. We need to add Grant to draft kings. Over/Under on how many lip outs per 18. What hole will be the first lip out… Can go on for days.

  56. G and G, you guys are gre­at tog­e­ther, even when it’s not electric it’s good. Solid, enter­tai­ning, com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf. Well done.

  57. For the bir­die case, for each bir­die made the play­er should recei­ve an extra chan­ce at his mis­sed par oppor­tu­ni­ty. So say they mis­sed a 14 ft putt but they made a bir­die on the pri­or hole, he would get ano­t­her chan­ce at that 14 ft putt. If he mis­ses again he’s out but if he makes it he’s safe.

  58. Good rule for bir­die.. for every bir­die made you get one take back for a mis­sed par putt. That way it hel­ps but doesnt drag the video on fore­ver just gives you a redemp­ti­on shot.

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