Der neue GOLF SWING auf der PGA TOUR! – Das Spiel ändern!

Der neue GOLF SWING auf der PGA TOUR Das Spiel aendern Best Golf Swing

Der neue Golf­schwung ver­än­dert das Spiel für immer! – Kön­nen älte­re Gol­fer es tun? • Der PGA Modern Golf Swing vs. The Legends of Golf! – Wel­che Golf­schwung­tech­nik ist bes­ser! • Die NEUE SWING on Tour! • Der Golf­schwung für Senio­ren! Wel­cher Golf­schwung passt am bes­ten zu Ihnen? Der neue Golf­schwung ver­än­dert das Spiel für immer! – PGA Inst­ruc­tor Craig Han­son teilt mit Ihnen ein unglaub­li­ches Video, das Sie nie ver­ges­sen wer­den. Die moder­ne Schau­kel, die die Welt im Sturm erobert! • Ver­bes­se­rung der Distanz + Genau­ig­keit • Mehr Geschwin­dig­keit, bes­se­re Kom­pres­si­on • Frei­lauf durch Auf­prall • World 🌎 Class Golf Inst­ruc­tion • Online-Lek­tio­nen und 1000 Lehr­vi­de­os und ‑seri­en! • Dr. Robert J. Neal und (welt­weit füh­ren­der Bio­me­cha­nik-Golf­leh­rer) und Craig Han­son bie­ten Ihnen zusam­men die umfas­sends­te ver­füg­ba­re Golf­aus­bil­dung • ICH KANN IHR COACH SEIN! Holen Sie sich Online-Unter­richt mit einem der welt­weit füh­ren­den Online-Leh­rer Craig Han­son! Crai​gHan​son​Golf​.com Online-Unter­richt mit Craig Han­son unter https://​skil​lest​.com/ ► Tre­ten Sie jetzt der Com­mu­ni­ty von World Class Golf Inst­ruc­tion bei https://​worldclass​golf​.com/​p​l​ans ► Tre­ten Sie jetzt der Com­mu­ni­ty von World Class Golf Inst­ruc­tion bei https:// worldclass​golf​.com/​p​l​ans #golf #golfswing #golf­tips #crai­ghan­son­golf #worldclass­golf #golf­drills #golf­tech­ni­que #golf­coach #ben­ho­gan #rorymcil­roy ○ Der Golf­schwung ist so viel ein­fa­cher, wenn Sie das wis­sen! – https://​you​tu​.be/​G​4​u​N​S​i​U​r​_fs ○ Ver­wan­deln Sie “Mr. Average” in einen Ball­stür­mer – https://​you​tu​.be/​j​b​F​a​3​-​x​z​eN0 ○ Gol­fer, die beim Auf­prall über­schla­gen! – Die Bewe­gung, die nie­mand kennt! – https://​you​tu​.be/​t​1​r​l​N​T​T​K​Fag ○ Was Mil­lio­nen von Gol­fern wirk­lich glau­ben! – https://​you​tu​.be/​b​q​9​j​B​U​m​L​c9o ○ Tony Fin­au – Ver­steck­te Moves eines groß­ar­ti­gen Ball­stür­mers! – https://​you​tu​.be/​P​4​7​x​g​j​8​8​fVY KOMM, SAG HALLO! ○ Web­site: https://​crai​ghan​son​golf​.com ○ WCGI: https://​worldclass​golf​.com ○ Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​r​a​i​g​h​a​n​s​o​n​g​olf ○ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​C​r​a​i​g​-​H​a​n​son ‑Golf-777847239300779/ #crai­ghan­son­golf #worldclass­golf #golfswing #golf #golfswing #golf­tips BUCHEN SIE EINEN ONLINE-UNTERRICHT MIT CRAIG HANSON. ► Erhal­ten Sie eine Online-Golf­stun­de https://​crai​ghan​son​golf​.com/​o​n​l​i​n​e​-​l​e​s​s​o​ns/ ► Wer­den Sie kos­ten­lo­ser Abon­nent von CRAIG HANSON GOLF, damit Sie kei­ne neu­en #Golf-Vide­os ver­pas­sen! https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​r​a​i​g​h​a​n​s​o​n​g​o​l​f​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 ———————– ÜBER CRAIG ———- ————- Ich bin mit Golf in Aus­tra­li­en auf­ge­wach­sen und habe über 8 Jah­re lang pro­fes­sio­nell auf der Tour gespielt. Ich habe 14 pro­fes­sio­nel­le Tur­nie­re gewon­nen und auf der gan­zen Welt pro­fes­sio­nel­les Golf gespielt. Ich habe meh­re­re Male bei den Aus­tra­li­an Open, der Aus­tra­li­an PGA Cham­pions­hip und den Aus­tra­li­an Mas­ters Cham­pions­hips gespielt und hat­te meh­re­re Top-3-Plat­zie­run­gen bei den Sta­te Open Pro­fes­sio­nal Cham­pions­hips. Ich hat­te das Glück, eini­ge der groß­ar­tigs­ten Spie­ler des Welt­golfs zu tref­fen, mit ihnen zu spie­len und sie zu unter­rich­ten. Ich habe inter­na­tio­nal über 40.000 Unter­richts­stun­den gege­ben und spre­che flie­ßend Deutsch. Ich habe auf der gan­zen Welt gear­bei­tet und Golf unter­rich­tet. Durch eine Kom­bi­na­ti­on aus uner­müd­li­chem Selbst­stu­di­um und den Infor­ma­tio­nen, die mir von vie­len der bes­ten Spie­ler und Trai­ner der Welt ver­lie­hen wur­den. Ich war in der Lage, eine der welt­weit füh­ren­den Unter­richts­platt­for­men zu schaf­fen – World 🌎 Class Golf Inst­ruc­tion. https://​WorldClass​Golf​.com hat über 1000 Vide­os und mehr als 60 sepa­ra­te Seri­en. Es hilft unzäh­li­gen Spie­lern, bes­se­res Golf zu spie­len. Sie kön­nen sich in dem Wis­sen ent­span­nen, dass Sie groß­ar­ti­ge Infor­ma­tio­nen erhal­ten. Eines der Geheim­nis­se der Ver­bes­se­rung liegt in der Anwen­dung groß­ar­ti­ger Infor­ma­tio­nen. Beglei­ten Sie mich auf der Rei­se zu bes­se­rem Golf, mehr Spaß und errei­chen Sie Ihr Poten­zi­al. ———————– ABONNIEREN!! ———————– https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​r​a​i​g​h​a​n​s​o​n​g​o​l​f​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​ion=

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26 thought on “Der neue GOLF SWING auf der PGA TOUR! – Das Spiel ändern!”

  1. Hel­lo Ever­yo­ne, would love to hear your comments on how the modern vs the legends. Plea­se lea­ve your comments below. Plea­se like the video if you enjoy­ed it so I can reach more peop­le and get more more con­ta­ct out the­re. Thanks sincerely 😊
    Craig Hanson

    1. Is the­re anyo­ne abo­ve the age of 30 that swings it like Nie­mann? Jason Day used to be one of the modern swings (left foot plan­ted, lots of tor­que in back­swing) but now with his back issu­es no one high­lights his swing any­mo­re. I’m sur­pri­sed more ele­ments of Bub­ba Wat­sons swing aren’t taught (lift front heel, front knee poin­ting way behind ball at top of back­swing). I think a lot of modern golf swing inst­ruc­tion fails becau­se most peop­le aren’t built like Hen­rik Sten­son nor do they have the time to hit tons of balls. Espe­cial­ly with the modern tech­no­lo­gy in the golf swings, seems the­re could be a dif­fe­rent type of swing inst­ruc­tion so that peop­le could play well, but not necessa­ri­ly like the pros (which is a pipe dream for most anyway).

    1. Thanks Dan­ny real­ly appre­cia­te that. Glad you lik­ed it thanks for taking the time to post 👍👍

  2. I’ve chan­ged my swing a lot to get bet­ter rota­ti­on, it’s not easy as an older gol­fer. Tho­se young guys make my back hurt just watching 😆 All of a sud­den I’m sli­cing my dri­ver and can’t seem to get the club face squa­red. Golf is difficult.

    1. @Jeff Richard­son I’m just try­ing to get a bit more rota­ti­on. That’s why I said my back hurts watching them 🤣
      I agree on the smooth swing.

    2. @Kenny Mars i feel u bud­dy. I’m try­ing to get my left heel to come up more and get more hip turn so it’s easier on my back and keep my swing long. Old habits die hard tho.

    3. Hi Ken­ny most club golfer’s that turn more with lon­ger clubs tend to hand the face open with the driver

    4. @Kenny Mars Ken­ny most club play­ers have open club faces in their downswing but don’t know it. Do you film your swing with your mobi­le phone?

  3. Fan­tastic Craig! I love the tech­ni­cal ups­kil­ling I get every video. I’m a 58 y.o. get­ting back into golf who loves to prac­ti­ce so real­ly loo­king for­ward to the seni­ors seri­es. I was always fasci­na­ted by John­ny Miller’s swing making moves like a 6′2″ ver­si­on of Jus­tin Tho­mas, jum­ping out of the ground, huge bowed wrist through impact and argu­ab­ly top 5 Iron accu­ra­cy ever in the game. Never made sen­se to me until now!

    1. Thanks Mar­tin real­ly appre­cia­te the post glad you lik­ed it the seni­ors seri­es will be on WorldClass​Golf​.com I won’t be on YouTube.

  4. I think the equip­ment has had the most impact. Some of the­se kids have never even seen a per­sim­mon head dri­ver. I’m not even sure some of tho­se old woo­den hea­ded dri­vers HAD a sweet spot but all the one’s that did was about the size of a dime if that. It’s pret­ty hard to hea­ve your body around like a bal­let dan­cer and find that sweet spot. And the penal­ty with the old bala­ta high spin golf balls were so sever for miss hits, tho­se guys ten­ded to swing wit­hin them­sel­ves for the most part. Nick­laus had all the power in the world but play­ed way wit­hin hims­elf most of the time. The only way u could play in the wind back then was to keep the ball down. Now, they just hit their nor­mal shot and the spin is so low, they still get ple­nty of distance. The equip­ment has made the field much deeper as well i think becau­se anyo­ne out the­re can win. Fal­do was on Rick Shiels pod cast say­ing back then, the­re were only 5–6 guys that could real­ly hit that equip­ment. I defi­ni­te­ly do not think the swings are bet­ter. Nick­laus play­ed the old Mac­gre­gor ball and by all accounts, it was the worst golf ball every made lol. He still crus­hed ever­yo­ne. He pla­ced 6th in the Mas­ters at 58 years old and wal­king with a major limp. He was only 4 shots behind Mark O’Meara in 1998. Pret­ty hard to con­vin­ce me that anyo­ne now is swin­ging bet­ter than Hogan, Nick­laus, Wat­son, Tre­vi­no, Play­er and Snead. They defi­ni­te­ly are not play­ing the over­all game any bet­ter. And to hit some of the god awful shots they hit like that dri­ve JT hit at the mas­ters with the most for­gi­ving clubs and balls ever made? Or tiger when he was going through that stack n tilt, Sean Foley era? I mean, how con­sis­tent would they be with that swing with the old stuff? Or even go back to Bob­by Jones era. Could they even get it around with his old clubs without some serious retrai­ning? The scores at Augus­ta Natio­nal are not real­ly any lower. The cour­se is 500 yards lon­ger or 28 yards per hole lon­ger for a golf ball that flies 75 yards fur­ther and strai­gh­ter hit from a tram­po­li­ne faced dri­ver with a sweet spot 500% big­ger and even bad mis­ses on the heel or toe cur­ve into the fair­way. I’m all for anything to make the game easier to play, but no way the­se cra­zy swings gea­red for pure power would work with the old per­sim­mon hea­ded dri­ver con­sist­ent­ly IMO.

    1. True, the game and swing chan­ges depen­ding on equip­ment. In the first games ever of gold they had no mani­cu­red golf cour­ses with per­fect fair­ways and fast greens. I ima­gi­ne that would effect equip­ment design and play style and equip­ment. It’s con­stant­ly adap­ted to chan­ges in tech­no­lo­gy, social, and cour­se design. 

      Soon I expect they will chan­ge some­thing again. When peop­le are dri­ving the green on a par 5. The ball might get big­ger or cour­ses desi­gned dif­fer­ent­ly. Then the game chan­ges again. 

      Peop­le will com­p­lain, back in my day you had to hit big, none of this Nan­cy lay­ing up.

    2. @Venerated Mor­tal haha very true. The­se swings are in lar­ge part due to the equip­ment they grew up play­ing just as the old timers deve­lo­ped their action to deal with what they had. Loo­ks like they had rei­ned in the equip­ment for the time being so we will see what hap­pens. I think we will see a super freak come along tho and blow our minds with their domi­nan­ce of the game. Thought it might be Bry­son the­re for a minu­te. Still might once he reco­vers from his inju­ries but having tho­se kind of inju­ries that young is not a good sign,

    3. @Jeff Richard­son I think it’s so inte­res­ting some of your points. Made me rea­li­se a few things as well 👍👍

      I’ll put some of the points and thoughts into a future video. This video has a real­ly high watch time and it star­ted good but once again You­Tube don’t recom­mend my vide­os. Loo­king at the sta­tis­tics the video should per­form well but it’s dying fast and won’t recei­ve many more views.
      Point being I’ll do ano­t­her one even­tual­ly and add in some of your comments 👍

    4. @WorldClassGolf – Craig Han­son & Dr. Rob Neal it pop­ped up in my recom­men­da­ti­ons. Thank you. I am inte­res­ted to hear more of your thoughts on that as well. I thought that video on Bry­son next to Nick­laus was excel­lent. I think Bry­son has deve­lo­ped the body to swing at tho­se speeds and has the tech­ni­que to make it work with the modern equip­ment. JT is swin­ging out of his shoes tho and some of his mis­ses show that. When he’s on, he’s unbea­t­a­ble tho. Nick­laus had the body to be a bom­ber. Wat­son does too at 6’3 but his tech­ni­que is high­ly suspect imo. He’s the John Daly without the alco­hol pro­blem. Stre­aky like JD was. I saw Bub­ba play at the memo­ri­al and i couldn’t belie­ve how much he moves that ball. Ama­zing to watch but that swin­ging out of his shoes with the dri­ver is just insa­ne. He is much cal­mer with the irons which are a bla­de style ping 58 or 59’s more like the old equip­ment but he moves them a lot both ways as well. Fasci­na­ting stuff.

    5. @Jeff Richard­son Jeff you’­re a Golf ency­clo­pe­dia, how do you remem­ber all that? You brought back memories.
      I star­ted golf using my friends Dad’s clubs, a Per­sim­mon dri­ver. I quit play­ing for 6 years and just retur­ned last August. The best I’ve shot is an 86 on a tough cour­se. It’s a dif­fe­rent game with the new equip­ment which I’ve now com­ple­te­ly repla­ced becau­se of for­gi­ve­ness and length. Fun­ny though my big­gest impro­ve­ment from years ago is my put­ter. I bought a Cobra King Nova fang style put­ter and it’s so easy com­pa­red to my old Wil­son pie­ce of lead. 😄

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