Der neue Ping Heppler Putter hat einen besorgniserregenden Aspekt

Der neue Ping Heppler Putter hat einen besorgniserregenden Aspekt Advice

#ping #hepp­ler #put­ter Ich über­prü­fe die neue Rei­he von Put­ter von Ping, den Ping Hepp­ler Put­ter im son­ni­gen Kli­ma von La Man­ga, Spa­ni­en. Sehen Sie, wie eine Online-Golf­stun­de mit Micha­el Ihrem Golf­spiel hel­fen kann.….. https://​you​tu​.be/​v​1​1​m​k​8​P​x​cyY Kau­fen Sie eine Online-Golf­stun­de mit Micha­el sicher mit PayPal über sei­ne Web­site (scrol­len Sie bis zum Ende der Web­sei­te ).…. http://​micha​el​new​ton​golf​.co​.uk/​l​e​s​s​o​n​-​p​a​c​k​a​g​es/ Abon­nie­ren Sie mei­nen Kanal – https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​M​i​g​i​m​B​I​R​Q​C​Y​q​o​4​P​V​v​O​0​NSQ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​M​N​G​o​l​f​C​o​ach Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​n​g​o​l​f​c​o​a​c​h​/​?​h​l​=de E‑Mail – Web­site – www​.micha​el​new​ton​golf​.co​.uk

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49 thought on “Der neue Ping Heppler Putter hat einen besorgniserregenden Aspekt”

  1. I’m so glad you men­tio­ned about the shaft, I have the signs with the adjus­ta­ble shaft and strai­ght away the flex of the shaft. One thing it did do was hel­ped me slow my put­ter strike down which has helped.

    May look at a dif­fe­rent shaft for it. Thanks.

    Honest review. ⛳

  2. Micha­el, Plea­se try this with the litt­le rub­ber trai­ning bits stuck to the face to con­firm a cen­ter strike. That could influ­ence the way the shaft flexes/feels at impact.

  3. Have they com­ple­te­ly done away with their TR insert? Used to find it worked very well .…for me!!
    PS Glad to see you were able to come over to Spain, hope you enjoy­ed La Manga

  4. I sold my sig­ma 2 becau­se of the shaft flex. Not sure if it affec­ted the putts in any­way but very dis­con­cer­ting when you can feel it in your stro­ke. Hope you can order a hepp­ler with a nor­mal shaft as I like the look of them.

  5. I have the Sig­ma 2 ZB2 and like the dual face with the True Roll Tech­no­lo­gy. Need the extra help on tho­se lon­ger putts (over 10 ft) when you can miss the sweet spot !

  6. Tes­ted the Sig­ma 2 Fetch recent­ly. Lovely feel off the put­ter face with the insert. Also adjus­ted it to 35” too which left so much better. 

    Is the­re any dif­fe­rence in pri­ce bet­ween the Hepp­ler & Sigma??

    1. Need to check on the pri­ces Stuart but pret­ty sure the Hepp­ler is a more pre­mi­um offe­ring so gues­sing more expen­si­ve than Sigma…

  7. The loo­ks are not so bad but i would like it much bet­ter if the­re were a line on top of the put­ter to match the one in the back for bet­ter alignment.….Thanks.…Great review and Sup­per Strokes on the Putts.…

  8. I think that this is a neat loo­king Put­ter, but I have never unders­tood PINGS com­mit­ment to their adjus­ta­ble shaft length tech­no­lo­gy. I can under­stand it as a “fit­ting” tool but once you have fixed on the cor­rect length of shaft that best suits you, then you are never going to move it again. So they would be much bet­ter to use the adjus­ta­ble shaft to fit the gol­fer into the cor­rect length and then cus­tom build the Put­ter with a more sta­ble shaft. Simple!

    1. @Richard Han­nam that may well be the case for you Richard, but I suspect that for the vast majo­ri­ty of gol­fers once they have been fit­ted into the cor­rect length of Put­ter that’s effec­tively set in stone as it were.
      I would also make the same com­ment about adjus­ta­ble dri­vers, once the gol­fer has been fit­ted cor­rect­ly that set­ting is then fixed. So it would be better/cheaper if manu­fac­tu­rers just used “adju­sta­bi­li­ty” as a fit­ting tool and then sup­plied the gol­fer with a Fixed/Set product.

    2. Ban­dit Baker Adju­sta­bi­li­ty is bene­fi­cial based on the kind of greens you are dealing with. If you only play at your home cour­se and the wea­ther is fair­ly con­sis­tent then I can see your point.

    3. @Bracken Hanu­se Cor­lett I’m not sure that the­re would be any bene­fit in chan­ging the length of the Put­ter to suit dif­fe­rent Greens? I would have thought that Put­ter length was more tar­ge­ted towards a Gol­fers height, arm to floor mea­su­re­ment and their pos­tu­re and that is pret­ty con­stant (unless it’s a youngs­ter that is still gro­wing). I still feel that PING would be bet­ter ser­ved using the “adjus­ta­ble” Put­ter as a fit­ting tool and to then sup­ply the Gol­fer (once fit­ted) with a “fixed” shaft length.

  9. I love fir­mer put­ters. Exci­ted to get one of the­se guys. Inte­res­ting point re the shaft. May have to go a dif­fe­rent route.

  10. Micha­el – i have read comments about the Sig­ma 2 shaft being too fle­xy, and a sug­ges­ti­on that Ping had stif­fe­ned the Hepp­ler shaft to deal with this cri­ti­cism. But it sounds like you are fin­ding the same issue? Did you try the Sig­ma 2 and if so do you noti­ce a difference?

    1. I have a sig­ma 2 in the bag but have fit­ted it with a Sta­bi­li­ty Shaft. The Hepp­ler seems no dif­fe­rent to me, still very flexible

  11. I’ve actual­ly noti­ced the flex in the shaft in the first gen sig­ma put­ters. Tur­ned me right off. I use the TR 1966 anser 1 and 2

  12. Flex in the shaft? what kind of club head speed are you peop­le genera­ting with a 4 foot putt just out­side the friend gim­me zone? Preposterous!

    1. Agreed. No way you’­re fee­ling flex in the shaft while put­ting. I’d like to see a blind com­pa­ri­son test to see if folks could pick out adjus­ta­ble vs. fixed shafts.

    2. I just bought one of the hepp­lers. I can con­firm you defi­ni­te­ly feel the flex in the shaft. I play it lon­ger than average at 35.5 (near the top end of the adjus­ta­ble length ran­ge) and the thin­ness and fle­xi­bi­li­ty of the shaft is cer­tain­ly noti­ce­ab­le. Why would he have com­men­ted on it if he didn’t noti­ce it?

  13. I bought the Hepp­ler Anser 2 befo­re rea­ding the reviews. Tes­ted at the shop and somehow felt gre­at with it com­pa­red to scot­ty & bet­ti­nar­di models in the shop. Gamed it for 3 rounds immedia­te­ly after purcha­se. Only 3 put­ted twice total & many 1 putts (to save bogey haha). 3 bir­dies in total too. My first bla­de put­ter after 4 years with TM Spi­der over­si­zed mallet.

  14. I purcha­sed this put­ter befo­re viewing this video review. I play­ed two rounds with this put­ter making 7 bir­dies and an eagle during the second round. When I play­ed the third round it felt like the put­ter head was loo­se in the shaft. You could twist the head of the put­ter slight­ly with your hand. I retur­ned it to Edwin Watts and they said they could repair the wob­b­le, but after watching this video I’m not so sure. I will pick it back up in 2 days and see if head wob­b­le has gone. I hope so becau­se I real­ly lik­ed the feel of this put­ter when the wob­b­le was­n’t so pronounced.

    1. @Juan D. Robles yes Edwin Watts repai­red the put­ter and it worked well in my Club Cham­pions­hip hel­ping me to win with 5 under for 36 holes, gre­at putter!

  15. Yeah, I think I will order my next Ping put­ter in an Extra Stiff flex. You gene­ra­te a tre­men­dous amount of club­head speed with a put­ting stroke.…LOL

  16. Just orde­red my Tyne 3. Can’t wait to get it. Love the more tra­di­tio­nal har­der feel. And that sleek cop­per-black look – oh baby.

  17. I never thought of see­ing the Hepp­ler review sin­ce 2020. I deci­ded to com­ment that I still use the Flo­ki model and it feels gre­at to me. The Scot­ty was my second choice but $$$$$.

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