Der PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf Battle wird jetzt auf dem Platz HEIZT!! | Die Rich-Eisen-Show

Der PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf Battle wird jetzt auf dem Platz HEIZT Die Rich Eisen Show bryson dechambeau

Die Gast­mo­de­ra­to­ren der Rich Eisen Show, Ryan Leaf und Chris Brock­man, reagie­ren heu­te auf den Vor­fall bei den FedEx-Play­offs, als Scot­tie Scheff­ler über die Put­ting-Linie von Came­ron Smith ging, um eine Nach­richt über die angeb­li­che Absicht des Open Cham­pions­hip-Sie­gers zu sen­den, zur LIV Golf Tour zu wech­seln. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #LIV­Golf #PGA­Tour

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91 thought on “Der PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf Battle wird jetzt auf dem Platz HEIZT!! | Die Rich-Eisen-Show”

  1. This is all b******* you’­re b******* our government deals with f****** Sau­di Ara­bia and ever­ything else. They did­n’t lea­ve the PGA tour they were for­ced out so get your sto­ry strai­ght I’m all for if they want to play the live tour PGA and a bunch of hypocrites

  2. Came­ron Smith it’s pret­ty good. He’s having as good a sea­son as Scot­ty shep­ler and if he wins the tour cham­pions­hip I’d have to give him the play­er of the year over shuffle

    1. Fun­ny, I never rea­li­zed boxing was a team sport … all that gua­ran­te­ed money , do you think Floyd cared about win­ning? Enligh­ten me

    2. @Shotgun Beers N Golf You can not tru­ly be serious. No boxer ever got paid lar­ge amounts of money for just showing up and get­ting his azz whip­ped, ever. The only boxers that ever made mil­li­ons of dol­lars won most, if not all of their fights. This might be one of the most idio­tic takes i’ve ever seen. congratulations

    3. Well, it depends what it is you’­re doing, does­n’t it? In this case, LIV play­ers exist as public rela­ti­ons lackeys for, essen­ti­al­ly, the mafia. Tru­ly some­thing to be proud of.

  3. Cam Smith is the best gol­fer in the world. He pro­ved that at the Bri­tish Open. PGA fan­boys are butt hurt that LIV Golf has over 50% of the major cham­pions of the last 10 years.

    1. @greg riz­zo I was refer­ring to how many major cham­pions­hips were won by LIV gol­fers. They hold around 50% of the last 10 years.

    2. @The Powers Fami­ly Actual­ly live gol­fers have won 100% of majors over the last 10 years. No dead gol­fers have won. Have ano­t­her adult beverage, then try again.

  4. You sound like you bozos wouldn’t take 15m and go gos­sip in fox ins­tead of wha­te­ver plat­form you guys are tal­king in now…. Two clowns with a tantrum!!!

  5. Brock­man is so sanc­ti­mo­nious it’s not fun­ny. I hope he doesn’t have an iPho­ne or use Twit­ter or drink Star­bucks ever

  6. *38:33*
    *Let’s take the moment to appre­cia­te how much effort he puts into his con­tent for us*

    1. Smith is a LIV play­er, but con­tract does­n’t take effect until after Fedex play­offs. Also, Smith will no lon­ger par­ti­ci­pa­te in the President’s Cup either.

  7. Ryan seems to be the only level hea­ded one invol­ved with this show any­mo­re… Rich’s lackeys aren’t capa­ble of having their own thoughts. Wha­te­ver they thinks gon­na make Dad­dy Rich hap­piest is the take they have.

    1. That was my initi­al thought too. Scot­ty does­n’t seem like the type for that kind of crap. I’d like to hear eit­her or both of them talk about it.

  8. No one that went to liv dis­re­spec­ted the game u moron . about taking money from the pga play­ers that’s not hap­pe­ning eit­her. Only money that’s get­ting taken is out the pockets of the Com­mis­sio­ners . And like Phil said be for y’all through Him under the bus “ liv would be leverage for the play­ers “ n now the pga wants to make tour­na­ments with big­ger pur­ses go figure 🤔

  9. Brock­man always has the wrong take. You don’t walk in someone’s line becau­se you don’t like them or some­thing they’ve done. That’s bush league.

    1. He did­n’t walk in his line, he wal­ked in front of him while he was rea­ding his putt. Golf eti­quet­te dic­ta­tes you walk behind a play­er rea­ding his putt.

  10. Dear Ryan, you wan­na talk pet­ty?? You acted way worse in your day. This is akin to thro­wing at a play­er in base­ball. Stop your talking

  11. Typi­cal Ame­ri­can respon­se to actu­al com­pe­ti­ti­on. Your coun­try and busi­nes­ses are actively taking money from the Sau­di Govt. Fur­ther­mo­re , the PGA Tour has rid­den rough shod over every other tour in the World using money as a club to beat them. You just can’t cope when the­re is a big­ger bul­ly in town.

  12. Pret­ty cra­zy becau­se if Cam Smith did that to Scot­ty they would be like “see the­se LIV guys have no respect and they are so gree­dy, no sen­se of sports­manship” yet so its ok for Scot­ty to do

  13. The­se guys grow up play­ing a game with the end goal of doing it pro­fes­sio­nal­ly. Are we real­ly going to shame them for get­ting the best offer? 

    Hey don’t lea­ve your com­pa­ny for dou­ble the sala­ry, think of the pres­ti­ge of working here. 

    Give me a f’ing break, all of us would take a gua­ran­te­ed $100m.

    Its the PGA tour that’s the bad guy here. They have screwed their play­ers for years. They keep way too much money, and do abso­lute­ly not­hing for the players. 

    They don’t pro­mo­te them at all. And they don’t help out new play­ers finan­cial­ly. How hard would it be to gua­ran­tee $200k a year in your first cou­p­le years after ear­ning your card(ya i know you think thats a lot, but its not when you fly, sleep in hotels, rent cars, and eat out half a year)?

  14. I guess Scheff­ler is not as hum­ble, matu­re as he led us to belie­ve. Smith has not even joi­ned LIV and look how he is being trea­ted. Go Came­ron Smith.

  15. Even with the cur­rent dip in cryp­to currency’s, I’m so hap­py I can still smi­le back at my port­fo­lio of $71,280 built from my wee­kly tra­de😌, I’m having my 4th with­dra­wal in 10business days😌😌

    1. I know this cur­rent dip is a good oppor­tu­ni­ty for new­bies to buy shares in cryp­to currency’s cau­se it’s hit­ting the sky soo­ner than we expect

  16. Scot­ty Should read this

    The hand­book also sta­tes that a play­er cea­ses to be a mem­ber of the PGA Tour if, in the judgment of the poli­cy board, the mem­ber com­mits a serious bre­ach of the Tour­na­ment Regu­la­ti­ons, the PGA Tour’s Code of Ethics or other­wi­se con­ducts hims­elf in a man­ner unbe­co­m­ing of a pro­fes­sio­nal golfer.

  17. Even though Scheff­ler loo­ks 45 he’s a kid. Go Cam, beat the kids, win their fed ex cup money and then join liv and live Hap­pi­ly ever after.

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