Der unglaubliche Bunkerschuss von Rory McIlroy bereitet den Kampf am Sonntag vor | Runde 3 Vollständige Highlights

Der unglaubliche Bunkerschuss von Rory McIlroy bereitet den Kampf am Sonntag vor Runde 3 Vollstaendige Highlights british open

Rory McIl­roy und Vik­tor Hov­land wer­den am letz­ten Tag der 150. Open an der Spit­ze der Rang­lis­te antre­ten, nach­dem sie an einem sen­sa­tio­nel­len Sams­tag in St. Andrews gegen­ein­an­der ange­tre­ten sind. Das Paar ver­zeich­ne­te jeweils her­vor­ra­gen­de 66er, um sich auf 16 unter Par zu brin­gen, vier Schlä­ge vor Came­ron Smith und Came­ron Young, und leg­te den Grund­stein für ein Shoo­t­out am letz­ten Tag, das an das Duell in der Son­ne von 1977 erin­nert. Das euro­päi­sche Duo ging als vor­letz­te Grup­pe aus, gaben aber bald das Tem­po vor, Hov­land ver­zeich­ne­te zwi­schen den Löchern 3 und 6 vier auf­ein­an­der­fol­gen­de Bir­dies, um den über Nacht füh­ren­den Smith zu über­ho­len. McIl­roy schloss sich ihm mit einem gran­dio­sen Chip-In für Eagle aus einem Bun­ker am 10. Platz an und es gab nichts, was die bei­den am 18. Grün trenn­te, auf dem bei­de Bir­die-Putts ver­wan­del­ten, um die letz­te Run­de ver­lo­ckend sou­ve­rän zu ver­las­sen. Smith war nicht in der Lage, an sei­nem zwei­ten Tag Schwung auf­zu­bau­en, ein Bogey am 1., gefolgt von einer uner­wünsch­ten Tour durch das Rough auf dem Weg zu einem dop­pel­ten Bogey bei 13, um den Aus­tra­li­er auf­ho­len zu las­sen, aber immer noch auf der Jagd. Besu­chen Sie www​.The​Open​.com für die bes­ten Golf­ge­schich­ten Blei­ben Sie mit uns in Kon­takt! Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​T​h​e​-​O​p​e​n​-​C​h​a​m​p​i​o​n​s​h​ip/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​h​e​O​pen Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​t​h​e​o​p​en/ Um das Film­ma­te­ri­al der Open zu LIZENZIEREN, bit­te kon­tak­tie­ren Sie IMG REPLAY ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​0​6​V​7dI

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159 thought on “Der unglaubliche Bunkerschuss von Rory McIlroy bereitet den Kampf am Sonntag vor | Runde 3 Vollständige Highlights”

  1. ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine warm​thh​.Online Brü­net­te und eine ande­re Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfair, wennw ich 4 wäh­len würde

  2. I don’t know who I want to win, I like both of them but I would love to see Hov­land win a major 🙌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇴

  3. Full respect to Hov­land and both Came­rons, but Rory is giving us some­thing to watch for. It’s so spe­cial to have been loo­king for­ward to the 150th at St. Andrews and have a house­hold name be the one on top going into Sunday. Not to men­ti­on Rory is a deser­ving, hum­ble, genui­ne champ who has cho­sen the per­fect occa­si­on to end a long, long drought.

    1. @hmu05366 I don’t care who wins. Asi­an, Black, Ame­ri­can, Bri­tish, Spa­nish, Nort­hern Irish, Fiji­an, etc. I just want the best player.

  4. I love the can­did vide­os wo com­ment you pos­ted in the lead up – no other tour­na­ment I’ve wat­ched has pro­vi­ded qui­te that kind of unfil­te­red behind the sce­nes access. And the quiet, unedi­ted feel was pitch perfect.

    1. @SiLo Mixing and Mas­te­ring I was thin­king the same! Greg Nor­man must be smi­ling some­whe­re. Did you catch Cam mut­ter an F bomb some­thing to hims­elf after his last putt?

    2. @Matthew Ober­ton Haha he would have loved it after the stick Rory has given Greg recent­ly – inclu­ding that Rory agreed Greg should be ban­ned from St Andrews this week which I thought was a dis­grace but any­way. Not sure, will have to look at it again, pro­bab­ly ‘f yeah’ in reli­ef though if I had to guess.

  5. The­re is ano­t­her chan­nel here on You­Tube with the name “The­Open” and they are pos­ting some real­ly stran­ge tit­les of the­re vide­os like play­ers ass­aul­ting each other and get­ting atta­cked . This veri­fied chan­nel should have the fake one taken down for offen­si­ve behaviors.

  6. If Bry­son was­n’t such a d bag, or a mea­thead, and did­n’t have such an idio­tic swing or wear that hat; he would be an easy guy to root for.

  7. Rory is a golfer’s gol­fer. He deser­ves this one to cement his legacy. 

    Full kudos to the rest of the top play­ers of the wee­kend for sure, but they can win later. This is Rory’s Jug.

  8. I am a big Okla­ho­ma sta­te guy so I got­ta root for Vik­tor, but Rory is a class act so it’s hard to root against him.

  9. Bob­by Jones, A Stro­ke of Genius…
    Bob­by: who made this god awful golf course??
    Cad­dy: A mete­or about 5 mil­li­on years ago..

  10. I just love that the­re is only one lonely guy shou­ting “Baba­bo­jui” at Bry­sons dri­ve. Say what you will, I like Euro­pean Fans / Atmo­s­phe­re bet­ter than what we see at the PGA in the USA.

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  12. Mr Micha­el Way­ne when it comes to tra­ding is what i descri­be as a tra­de inves­ting mes­siah, it’s impos­si­ble to invest with him and not cash out big. He’s the most trust­worthy and reli­able tra­der I’ve worked with too.

  13. The next Open Cham­pions­hip will had change
    Cut sys­tem rebalanced
    After round 3, only 10 gol­fers which in top 10 will advan­ced to round 4 with the rest being eli­mi­na­ted as a cut. This will cou­ra­ge becau­se gol­fer who pass the cut in round 2 will usual­ly just play for fun. If the­re are more gol­fers had equal results for spot in round 4 and eli­mi­na­ti­on posi­ti­on, the count­back sys­tem will be used. If it can’t deci­de, the gol­fer had hig­hest results in any round will advan­ced to round 4.
    In round 4, all 10 gol­fers will be play for 1 group only and after hole 9, the two lowest gol­fer results at the moment will be eli­mi­na­ted. The rest eight of them will be play until hole 16 whe­re the two gol­fers had hig­hest results advan­ced to last 2 hole to deci­de the champions
    Reward money
    Cham­pions: $2,000,000
    Run­ner up: $2,000
    3rd place: $1,400
    4th-8th place: $600
    9th-10th place: $300
    11th place- gol­fer pass the cut in round 2: $150
    Gol­fer fail to pass the cut in round 2: $100

  14. No ter­ro­rist tour win­ner this week. Is it a coin­ci­dence that the gol­fer with the most inte­gri­ty and outs­po­ken view of the sell outs is the hot­test play­er ali­ve? I think not.

  15. I wish the announ­cers on TV would just shut up, they act like they know every read of the green. They were say­ing on one hole that Rory and Vik­tor were play­ing that both putts would break left the last 8 feet and neit­her one of them bro­ke left at all. Just have to mute the­se idi­ots they hire.

  16. Rory will never ever win ano­t­her major…his time has gone..a few times sin­ce 2014 he should have won but his eli­teness has disappeared..4 tit­les not bad but today is the death knell for his future

  17. Both Came­ron were fee­ding on each other today you have seen the best of it on the 18 while Rory was drag­ged down by the Nor­we­gi­an who may not have sleep we’ll last night it would have been bet­ter for Rory to have pres­su­re from the other play­er…. At the pro level when two play­ers feed on each other anything can happen

  18. They can make a short movie of the 2 Came­ron round today you know some­thing enter­tai­ning but the gol­fing…. at the level of a 150 th …. a gem

  19. Me and you too Rory are now bud­dies, when you will pre­sent me your wife, I will tell her, ´ Hes gon­na win again ´ …… I d be glad if he does

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  21. You gon­na see Rory, soon you ll be play­ing on a Fri­day and you will be on the 7th hole some­whe­re and you will say to him ´ no lay up ´ let’s go for it and he will say ´ ok ´

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  24. So many ins­a­nely good gol­fers, and with a Nor­we­gi­an on top after round 3. Hard to beli­ve, go Hovland

  25. I love the can­did vide­os wo com­ment you pos­ted in the lead up – no other tour­na­ment I’ve wat­ched has pro­vi­ded qui­te that kind of unfil­te­red behind the sce­nes access. And the quiet, unedi­ted feel was pitch perfect.

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