Der weltweit erste Top-9-Loch-Golfplatz!

Der weltweit erste Top 9 Loch Golfplatz beautiful golf course

Wir haben den brand­neu­en Top Golf in LA mit dem ein­zig­ar­ti­gen Par 3‑Golfplatz gespielt, der ange­schlos­sen ist !! Der Kurs heißt The Lakes at El Segun­do. Wir hat­ten eine tol­le Zeit bei einem 9‑Loch-Match auf die­sem wun­der­schö­nen Pitch-and-Putt-Platz! Fol­gen Sie uns auf Insta­gram Expe­ri­or Golf: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​e​x​p​e​r​i​o​r​g​o​lf/ Kevin: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​k​d​e​r​r​_​g​o​lf/ Mark: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​a​r​k​_​k​a​g​a​o​a​n​_​g​o​lf/ Bryan: htt­ps ://… Die Seen von El Segun­do – Golf­platz https://​www​.golfthelakes​.com/ #golf #golf­match #top­golf Wir hof­fen, dass Sie durch das Anse­hen die­ses Kanals ler­nen, wie um Spaß auf dem Golf­platz zu haben, auch wenn Sie stin­ken oder ganz neu im Golf­sport sind. Wir zei­gen Ihnen unter­halt­sa­me Golf­her­aus­for­de­run­gen, Pro­fis gegen Ama­teu­re, Pro­dukt­be­wer­tun­gen, Golf-Vlogs, Match­play-Her­aus­for­de­run­gen und vie­les mehr. Las­sen Sie uns wis­sen, was Sie als nächs­tes sehen möch­ten. Golf macht Spaß .… Will­kom­men bei Expe­ri­or Golf

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68 thought on “Der weltweit erste Top-9-Loch-Golfplatz!”

  1. Hey Bryan, Kevin, and Mark! I love watching your vide­os, and I’m not a gol­fer (as in I’ve only ever swung a dri­ver one day in my life). Keep it up! God bless!

  2. I think Expe­ri­or needs to tra­vel and chal­len­ge some fans, lea­ding up to a for a 4 on 4 tour­na­ment for future videos!

  3. I was real­ly hap­py when I was watching this video it just made my day some how fLX5

  4. One of the har­dest Par 3s I have ever play­ed was on a Par 3 only cour­se. It’s cal­led Eagle Crest in Clif­ton Park, NY. They have a full cour­se and a Par 3 cour­se. The hole was 147 yards, but the tee box is easi­ly 40 feet lower than the green.

  5. So thanks to you guys, I actual­ly star­ted going out to top golf with some friends and even a cou­p­le of 9 hole cour­ses. Mark is also direct­ly respon­si­ble for me picking up a Cal­la­way divot tool with magne­tic ball mar­ker. Keep up the fun you all.

  6. When you com­ing to Aus­tin? I am a mem­ber at 2 local cour­ses and will hook you guys up. I also have a hid­den secret cour­se near our fami­ly ranch ( you can stay at our fami­ly lodge if you come to town) that is wide open all the time. 3 tee shots…3 approach…great to film an epi­so­de. I dead serious.…come down 2 Texas…it would be an epic episode.

  7. When play­ing this style for points, add in if Bryan and Kevin tie a hole but still beat Mark on it, both get a point. That beco­mes your litt­le advan­ta­ge over the Pro

  8. Sup guys. Ok I final­ly bro­ke down and went to top­golf about a mon­th ago here jax fl. Well I honest­ly had a blast just Hit­ting the balls and its all your fault. My bir­th­day is this mon­th and im going back to play again. Love the friend­ly vibe from all your videos.

  9. Hey guys just want to say I remem­ber when your first video was uploa­ded and look how far it has come almost 100k let’s go

  10. Big­gest greens I’ve ever seen on a Par 3 cour­se. If you ever need a 4th, I’m some­whe­re bet­ween Kevin and Mark. Me & Kevin vs Mark & Bry strai­ght up

  11. Abso­lute­ly love the chan­nel!!! Has got­ten me back into golf along with having a best friend that also likes to play. Also love big red I use the same balls as well as the mean green as I call it!!!

  12. Keep up the gre­at vide­os!! I love the com­ra­de­ry bet­ween you and your friends…keep it up! Also I got my Bad Card fore Good Gol­fers, can’t wait to take it out with group.

  13. Honest­ly never play­ed golf was never even inte­res­ted in it but for some rea­son I find mys­elf unab­le to stop watching your vide­os they are so enter­tai­ning love that Bri­an is a lef­ty like I am lef­ties for the win lol

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