Die 4 besten Chipping-Tipps mit GM GOLF | Gute gute Labore

Die 4 besten Chipping Tipps mit GM GOLF Gute gute Labore chipping lesson

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225 thought on “Die 4 besten Chipping-Tipps mit GM GOLF | Gute gute Labore”

    1. try this at on a prac­ti­ce green. put 100 per­cent of your weight on your front foot, and lift your back foot on your tip­py toe. your essen­ti­al­ly stan­ding on your front foot and using your other foot/toes strict­ly to keep balan­ce.. hit some chips like this and make sure to keep the hands in front of the club head. and just hit the ball like if your put­ting. all shoul­ders. no arms.

    2. @EspressoShot so are you just crea­ting mus­cle memo­ry to remind yourself to have your weight for­ward? Is the­re a drill for full swings? Or just do that weight for­ward drill just chip­ping some and then just go in to your full swing?

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  2. How about some tips on how to STOP star­ting the tran­si­ti­on with the upper body. I tend to do that more under play­ing conditions…old habits are hard to break.…HELP!!! Thanks for the vids guys…awesome stuff!

  3. What’s the best way to chan­ge ur base­ball swing into a golf swing. All I do is hit fades and I top the ball qui­te a bit. If you guys have any tips that would be very helpful

    1. Take whe­re I can get it the last les­son actual­ly hel­ped me a lot cau­se I didn’t noti­ce I wasn’t rota­ting the right way I was sway­ing a bit which makes it hard for me to rota­te back through so glad they’re doing these!

    2. @JasonM7 yeah noti­ce the­re was a cut after tig chip­ped when Gar­rett was say­ing tig has a ten­den­cy to sli­ce his chips and then he disappeared 😂

    1. @perryman333 to me that sounds like a tem­po pro­blem. find a length of swing that allows you to acce­le­ra­te smooth­ly thru the ball. dont dece­le­ra­te and don’t stab at it. for this length of shot you do need to rota­te your body a litt­le too

  4. Off topic, Col­lin pop­ping the col­lar is epic and bold fashion state­ment! I abso­lute­ly love the look, in a man­ly, rogue, very hete­ro­se­xu­al way.

  5. Usual­ly chip with my 56. Should I be using my 60, or is it more so pre­fe­rence? I always skull my chips if I’m using the 60. It’s tri­cky to me for some rea­son so I get ner­vous with tho­se litt­le chips with a 60 in hand

    1. yeah that’s prol­ly becau­se you’­re not put­ting weight for­ward and “hit­ting down” on the ball. Got to keep that lead wrist bowed through impact. A 60 will give more more spin to stop the ball fas­ter than your 56. Real­ly han­dy when short sided.

  6. Talk about hit­ting the 60 from fur­ther back. It seems that the same stro­ke G‑Rat spo­ke about will take you back to about 20 yards but at some point the “strike” chan­ges for the 60

  7. One guy I would con­si­der for a col­lab is aj hawk. He is always doing cele­bri­ty golf
    events and he is not very good. He does hit the ball over 300 yards tho.

  8. Gre­at les­son been wai­t­ing for this one… Also I would add grip pres­su­re is also important, super loo­se grip in my hum­ble opi­ni­on. Thanks guys

  9. From that spot I think I would defi­ni­te­ly put ins­tead of chip. I was also won­de­ring whe­re should the ball posi­ti­on be for long chips and shor­ter chip shots?

  10. So the hig­her the boun­ce the lar­ger the cavi­ty? Or the more resis­tance it crea­tes? Recent­ly got fit­ted and have now gap­ped my wed­ges dif­fer­ent­ly. Need a 52 and 56.. which boun­ce would be recommended?

  11. You may not be tea­ching Pro’s but what you are say­ing is spot on!
    KISS…”keeping it super simple”
    Nice vid guys.
    Who’s doing the one on putting?? 😂🤣😂

  12. Ques­ti­on: say you have the same distance from the pin (15–20) yards but dif­fe­rent lies (fair­way to fluffy rough) how do you figu­re out which loft might be best?

    1. Per­so­nal­ly I’d say it depends on the con­tour of the green whe­re you’­re wan­ting to land the ball and also depends how fast the greens are rol­ling. Lots too think about but that’s what I take into con­si­de­ra­ti­on when it comes to choo­sing the right club

  13. Good good labs would bene­fit from filming seg­ments with fans who are dou­ble digit han­di­caps or newer to golf. The good good boys are alrea­dy real­ly good play­ers for the most part. See­ing peop­le with exa­g­ge­ra­ted flaws that they could work with would help make the vide­os more rele­vant and useful.

  14. I am sub­scri­bed to ever­yo­ne in good good, inclu­ding watching and liking all the vide­os. Liter­al­ly every sin­gle one for who knows how long now. Years. I just rea­li­zed I was­n’t sub­scri­bed to Good Good Labs!!! How?!?! Ever­yo­ne make sure you are sub­scrib­ing it is so easy to for­get but so easy to just click!! 

    Awe­so­me stuff Good Good!!!!

  15. Could you guys do a video on how you shape your shots? Cau­se the­re are many dif­fe­rent ways to do it and I’m real­ly struggling on how to swing from the insi­de out aka making a draw.

  16. i chip, keeps shoo­ting out to the right resemb­ling a shank, but it isnt?
    Club face is closed…center strike… but it feels like it just sli­des off the face to the right.
    Is that swing path? issue. thanks fam

  17. Fabu­lous way to demons­tra­te how to play golf shots – 6 men 6 dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques. Excel­lent. One of the best chip­ping les­son watched.

  18. Hey guys thanks for the tips and a shout out from South Eng­land. Watching your vide­os has reig­ni­ted my pas­si­on for play­ing golf on the cour­se. I lived in the USA for 6 years, and miss the cour­ses and sweet wea­ther. Keep it up guys, you all are gre­at fun and posi­ti­ve vibes, a gre­at influ­ence for ever­yo­ne. 🏌️🏌️🏌️

  19. If you’­re the type of per­son who suf­fers from the “jerk moti­on” in their chips, what I find hel­ps a lot is to try chip­ping with just one hand for a while. I’m right-han­ded, so I would just loo­se­ly hold the club with my right hand. It makes it more dif­fi­cult to for­ce that jer­king moti­on when you’­re hol­ding the club with just one hand, it natu­ral­ly beco­mes slower and smoot­her. Hit like 20 chips with one arm and then go back to chip­ping with both hands and you will defo feel like your rhythm is more steady and flu­id with the chipping.

  20. A lot of peop­le hate prac­ti­cing short game but I could mess around at a beau­ti­ful place like that all day long. Thanks for the remin­ders on what and what not to do around the greens, boys.

  21. Made a bir­die yes­ter­day thanks to this chan­nel! You guys are doing a lot for inex­pe­ri­en­ced gol­fers and we great­ly appre­cia­te you!

  22. I’m not say­ing y’all are wrong in your tips, but if you want top qua­li­ty good good labs, I would rese­arch what is taught by tea­ching pros befo­re doing a video. That way you’ll have a solid grasp of the ter­mi­no­lo­gy and con­cepts. I pro­mi­se that your video con­tent will impro­ve DRASTICALLY!

  23. Could someo­ne help
    Off the ran­ge tees I bomb my dri­ves and it’s con­sis­tent enough
    But on a nor­mal tee I can seem to get good con­ta­ct even if I tee it up the same

  24. i’m gon­na need a labs on why when i do my prac­ti­ce swings with my dri­ver i’m a pga cham­pion but when you put the ball in front of me, i’m steve

  25. This is easi­ly the worst part of my game, along­side the 40–70 yard approach shots.

    Toughest thing is, the­re is basi­cal­ly NOWHERE to prac­ti­ce the­se type of shots around here. Even most of the golf cour­ses don’t have a chip­ping green, and won’t allow chip­ping on their put­ting green. It’s frustrating.

  26. This is gre­at. I’ve got­ten so com­for­ta­ble chip­ping (liter­al­ly just from watching Gar­rett in all the Good Good / GM vide­os) and this just sort of con­firms the chan­ges I made. With win­ter com­ing up, would love to see a video on some at home indoor drills to keep the game sharp for next season.

  27. Just wan­ted to say thanks for this video. Took what I lear­ned to the cour­se and made my first chip in. About 70 feet. Every other chip was wit­hin a few yards. I very rare­ly ever hit a good chip. Now to fix my slice!

  28. I had to come back to this video just to share my first round sin­ce watching this video. I’m a 22 han­di­cap that most­ly strug­gles with chip­ping. Grants tip on kee­ping the top of the club ahead of the face took 6 strokes off my game. Thank you good good you are chan­ging the game of golf one swing at a time god bless u

  29. Y’all should do a video on cor­rec­ting a hands behind sli­ce. I tend to sli­ce due to my body tur­ning fas­ter than my hands and I don’t see any vide­os on tips for correcting.

  30. Nice video! One mista­ke I tend to make a lot, is tur­ning my head to the tar­get befo­re I hit the ball. I duff it near­ly every time I do that.

  31. Gre­at advice, I just wish when peop­le teach they would­n’t say left foot or right foot, The­re are lots of us Left Han­ded Hit­ters in the world. they should be say­ing front foot. like when Grant said to put weight on left foot, this is showing left han­ded hit­ters the wrong foot to put their weight on. I’ve been fol­lowing the­se lads for some time now and what a gre­at bunch of guys to watch and learn from.

  32. I would love a Good Good lab tal­king about the various ball posi­ti­ons and how to set up and swing… Rough, hard dirt, tall grass, wet ground. May­be even ball abo­ve and below feet.

  33. Wat­ched Phil’s chip­ping tips and he sees never to put the ball in bet­ween your feet. Always off the back or in front of the front foot. Why do you not go by this.

    1. I wat­ched Phil’s chip video as well. Like Grant and Gar­rett said, not ever­yo­ne chips and defi­ni­te­ly swings the same. Have to find what works best for you. Also, front foot gives more height and back foot comes out lower fyi. I usual­ly play my chips back foot, open foot just like Gar­rett. Just gra­vi­ta­ted to it sin­ce it was the most con­sis­tent for me.

  34. This is gre­at! I strugg­le the most with a lie that sat down in the rough from about the same distance. I know the con­cept is the same but its so hard not to get stab­by or hit it way too far cau­se of fear of get­ting caught up in the rough.

  35. Boys, don’t hit the ball when you chip, it’s not that it’s wrong, it makes it a lot har­der. Drop the club behind the ball, let the hands fall and trust the length of your backswing.

  36. I’d like to see a video about how to read the green on chip shots. How do you know when it’s going to check or release? How do you gau­ge whe­re you want to land a shot?

  37. The Good part about the­se guys – no click bait. The advice is all solid advice and cor­rect. Ive taken les­sons from two diff inst­ruc­tors and they taught the EXACT same thing and this is free. Good Good Stuff.

  38. Man, let me first say thank you to the Good Good “Team.” I used your chip­ping inst­ruc­tions and it paid immedia­te divi­dends by just ope­ning up slight­ly with my stance. Your CLARITY in exp­lai­ning things is superb and your vide­os aren’t over­ly long whe­re it can lose view­ers attention.

  39. Real­ly nee­ded this one, I’ve added a lot of strokes to my game late­ly due to super chun­ky chips. Thank you guys for the tips

  40. Very hel­pful! Would love to see a video tal­king more about the type of chips and various lofts used. Also what are Gar­ret or Grants stock chips. 👍

  41. Do you get clo­ser to the ball on the­se short chips so your shaft is a bit more steep? I’ve seen that tip befo­re whe­re peop­le tre­at it more like a putt but not sure if that’s actual­ly good to do?

  42. Im 49 years old I still shoot up 70s low 80s unli­ke when I play­ed high school golf then on to cou­p­le years juni­or col­le­ge golf I don’t have a lot of time to prac­ti­ce the good good labs I feel are such good tools to keep an old dog in check . Thanks guys

  43. Very use­ful tips. No gimmicks 👏. 

    One thing I did not see in video is the motor move / body to gene­ra­te con­sis­tent strikes. I used to be hand­sy until. I lear­ned to “rock my triangle”.

  44. I per­so­nal­ly strugg­le most with the 20 yard chip with a short sided hole, I tend to get afraid of thin­ning it so I end up chun­king it, any tips?

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