Die 5 BESTEN Übungen für den Golferellenbogen (evidenzbasiert)

Die 5 BESTEN Uebungen fuer den Golferellenbogen evidenzbasiert armbar

Holen Sie sich unser Pro­gramm hier: https://​store​.e3re​hab​.com/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​s​/​g​o​l​f​e​r​s​-​e​l​bow Was sind die bes­ten Dehnungs‑, Kräf­ti­gungs- oder ande­ren Bewe­gungs­ar­ten für den Gol­fer­el­len­bo­gen? Nun, wir wür­den stark argu­men­tie­ren, dass die­se 5 die bes­ten sind! Die­se 5 basie­ren auf einer Über­prü­fung der aktu­el­len For­schung zum Gol­fer­el­len­bo­gen und den ver­schie­de­nen damit ver­bun­de­nen Fak­to­ren. Mit die­sen 5 Übun­gen spre­chen Sie die loka­le Kapa­zi­tät des Gewe­bes um den media­len Epi­kon­dy­lus an, wäh­rend Sie gleich­zei­tig die gesam­te kine­ti­sche Ket­te ent­wi­ckeln und die Ober­kör­per­funk­ti­on maxi­mie­ren, die zur Funk­ti­on der media­len Ell­bo­gen­struk­tu­ren bei­tra­gen kann. Wenn Sie der Mei­nung sind, dass es ande­re Bewe­gun­gen gibt, die wir als “bes­te” Übun­gen dafür ein­stu­fen soll­ten, kom­men­tie­ren Sie unten und tei­len Sie uns Ihre Mei­nung mit! Tei­len Sie uns außer­dem in den Kom­men­ta­ren mit, für wel­che Art von Patho­lo­gie oder Zustand Sie möch­ten, dass wir in Zukunft die bes­ten Übun­gen behan­deln! Ein­füh­rung (0:00) Übung 1 – 2:08 Übung 2 – 3:57 Übung 3 – 5:50 Erklä­rung der Schul­ter­mus­kel­über­lap­pung – 7:19 Übung 4 – 8:43 Übung 5 – 9:55 Zusam­men­fas­sung – 10:45 – — Refe­ren­zen: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332745179_The_Impact_of_Tennis_and_Golfer’s_Elbow_on_Shoulder_External_Rotators_and_Abductors_Peak_Torque https://​www​.sci​tech​nol​.com/​p​e​e​r​-​r​e​v​i​e​w​/​s​p​o​r​t​-​s​p​e​c​i​f​i​c​-​a​d​a​p​t​a​t​i​o​n​-​i​n​-​r​o​t​a​t​i​on-ran­ge-of-moti­on- in-the-élite-golfers-shoulder-zpeM.php?article_id=4824 https://​pub​med​.ncbi​.nlm​.nih​.gov/​1​9​8​2​2​7​69/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316352273_Isokinetic_Parameters_of_Shoulder_Joint_in_Tennis_Elbow_Versus_Golfr’s_Elbow – — Haf­tungs­aus­schluss: Die prä­sen­tier­ten Infor­ma­tio­nen sind nicht als medi­zi­ni­scher Rat oder als Ersatz für eine medi­zi­ni­sche Bera­tung gedacht, son­dern die­nen nur zu Unter­hal­tungs­zwe­cken. Wenn Sie Schmer­zen haben, suchen Sie bit­te den ent­spre­chen­den Arzt auf.

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317 thought on “Die 5 BESTEN Übungen für den Golferellenbogen (evidenzbasiert)”

  1. Hel­lo guys thanx for such a infor­ma­ti­ve video 🙂 i have pain&grip weak­ness in my both arms. My doc­tor said medi­al epi­con­dy­li­tis occu­red both arms. I had pul­lups and skip­ping ropes on my rou­ti­ne exer­ci­ses with high repe­ti­ti­on. May this the rea­son trig­gers pain whenever i work­out and cau­ses golferelbow?

    1. Alt­hough we can­not pro­vi­de a dia­gno­sis, exer­ci­ses that invol­ve grip­ping can crea­te sen­si­ti­vi­ty in the forearm/elbow regi­on. If it’s just the high repe­ti­ti­on, or volu­me, you could always start with simp­le modi­fi­ca­ti­ons like redu­cing the over­all amount as needed.

  2. Can I start the­se exer­ci­ses while it still hurts or do I have to rest until it doesn’t hurt befo­re I start the exer­ci­ses? I’m not good at rest…

    1. @Andi.Gabriel Colt nah not on pain . Find what’s giving you the pain . For me its work pan . When I grab it I bare­ly use my Index and midd­le fin­ger so the weight goes to my last fin­gers. Also car­rys over to my pull ups and pul­ling exer­ci­ses. Thus I pull exer­ci­ses with grasping with index and midd­le. The pain has reci­ded allot. I get it when I work pains sec­tion at work or i hang /pull from last weights cau­se of weak grip

    2. @Andi.Gabriel Colt cor­rect the pro­vo­ca­ti­ve beha­vi­ors. Oft­en­ti­mes the way we grip bars during pul­lups, bar­bells, and dumb­bells is wrong. Ath­le­an X has a gre­at gol­fers elbow video exp­lai­ning why. I can try to para­phra­se it here though from memo­ry: in the con­text of pull-ups, let­ting the bar slip a bit hel­ps us cheat reps by shif­ting a lot of the load that should be going through the lat to the ten­don that hel­ps move the ring fin­ger. It’s a simi­lar sto­ry for other pul­ling moti­ons. Beco­me con­scious of how to pro­per­ly grasp bars/weights, espe­cial­ly if you’re going to try to train through the pain a bit. 

      I’m not 100% yet but I’ve made a lot of pro­gress by stop­ping doing pull ups (neu­tral grip lat pull downs don’t aggra­va­te me at all), fixing my grip by not let­ting weights slip (which gets the load off that pro­blem ten­don and onto the mus­cles you’re actual­ly try­ing to build), and decre­a­sing pul­ling volu­me over­all. Been able to do hea­vy push days with 0 pro­blems. When my sym­ptoms were at their worst I couldn’t even bench without pain. I’ve also been thro­wing in tho­se cross sec­tio­n­al mas­sa­ges and typi­cal fin­ger exten­si­on stret­ches (make sure you ful­ly extend the fin­gers out in order to start stret­ching that pro­blem tendon). 

      Hope some of the­se tips help!

  3. i smas­hed that like but­ton. I have a ques­ti­on. Can you tell me if the­re is anything about computer/mouse use that can effect this pro­blem? I am sus­pi­cious of this on my right arm.

    1. Working with mou­se for long peri­ods has a huge impact on arm/wrist pain yes. I mys­elf expe­ri­en­ced it. Do some fore­arm exer­ci­ses and redu­ce long dura­ti­on mus­cle use

    2. Try rol­ling your fore­arm on a ten­nis ball or lacros­se ball would be even bet­ter. It breaks up any adhe­si­ons in the­re. I swe­ar by it. I’d look at your posi­tio­ning when you are at your com­pu­ter too. Some­ti­mes chan­ging up how you are sit­ting in rela­ti­on to the key­board could help.

  4. A video on kine­tic chain for ten­nis elbow would be fan­tastic! Or should the same one work? I have chan­ged my kick ser­ve recent­ly and picked up gol­fers elbow but gues­sing it comes from the shoulder

  5. What about dry need­ling in addi­ti­on to the­se excer­ci­ses for healing the golf elbow. Would it heal the stress in the tis­sue? Or is it more effec­ti­ve on muscle?

  6. This pain lasts a long time
    First of all total rest ice then ultra­so­no­gra­phy tend and trans­ver­se massage.also fascia­the­ra­py and osteopathie
    Eat cur­cu­ma ome­ga 3 ananas.avoid pro­ces­sed and fries foods

  7. it can also be a com­mon inju­ry in boxing, when boxing ser­veral hard hook pun­ches if not war­med up properly.
    Why i am here xD
    Love the vid, gre­at tips mate.
    Keep upp the good work!

    1. @DATA WOLF You know after 3–4 weeks doing this exer­cise hel­ped me out tre­men­dous­ly, I was only doing 5 days a week & pain is gone, Thank you 🙏

  8. Thank you for making this video, I got a bit of bone sti­cking out from my inner elbow
    Got it from wrong boxing tech­ni­que over­ex­ten­ding my arm, this video real­ly hel­ped me

  9. I have deve­lo­ped this “golfer’s elbow “ pain through swim­ming. Can I con­ti­nue to swim (I have redu­ced my meters and fre­quen­cy of my swim­ming) while I do the­se exer­ci­ses to streng­t­hen the ten­dons and shoulders?

  10. Gre­at video guys, as an aeria­list and yogi this is such an issue and no one talks about it! I need to be more con­sis­tent with some of these.

  11. hey ‚if anyo­ne else wants to unco­ver how to cure ten­nis elbow at home try Freds Elbow Hel­per (Have a quick look on goog­le cant remem­ber the place now ) ? Ive heard some awe­so­me things about it and my co-worker got gre­at suc­cess with it.

  12. I’m not sure but ‚if anyo­ne else wants to unco­ver how to cure ten­nis elbow at home try Freds Elbow Hel­per (just goog­le it ) ? Ive heard some awe­so­me things about it and my bro­ther in law got excel­lent results with it.

  13. The­se exer­ci­ses have not been enough for me to over­co­me chro­nic gol­fers elbow. I have long arms is the­re anything else I can try? Pull ups and curls hea­vi­ly infla­me the injury

    1. As someo­ne who had sur­ge­ry after ner­ve dama­ge fol­lowing this: Avoid exer­ci­ses that puts your arm at the 90 degree ang­le. If you want to train chest, do cable work. When trai­ning your back, stick to rows (bear in mind the 90 degrees, so do par­ti­al reps). Over­head move­ments tend to aggra­va­te the inju­ry, so stop tho­se unless you can do them with neu­tral grip (shoul­der press with machine).

  14. Seven years alrea­dy pas­sed when I star­ted out play­ing and all tho­se years were brim­ming with prac­ti­ces and trai­ning les­sons. Lear­ning the­se golf swing secrets , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it) aut­ho­ri­zed me to taken a 75 after a cou­p­le of buckets. I was able to beco­me more know­led­ge­ab­le about many golf ide­as like grip, ball posi­ti­on as well as through swing drills. My han­di­cap is begin­ning to decre­a­se also from 13. This par­ti­cu­lar gui­de is fantastic!

  15. Gre­at video.
    Mas­sa­ging the top of my fore­arm, pro­na­tor inser­ti­on / ori­gin with my free elbow hel­ped releave and free up my swol­len bel­ly of fore­arm and the pain at my medi­al elbow. Simp­le cure after 6 years of struggling des­pi­te see­ing the best docs and physio.
    👍🏻 the voo­doo band and graston technique

  16. Hi

    If Im having clicks with pain when cur­ling the arm without weight, just cur­ling the elbow, is it a golfer’s elbow or a ten­nis elbow?


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  18. I have a lot of pain in my medi­al elbow when doing pul­ling exer­ci­ses espe­cial­ly when doing over­hand late­ral pull­downs. Is this likely gol­fer elbow?

    1. @Meditation Moun­tain By Ris­habh Singh Loom­ba Weird­ly enough, I star­ted doing under­hand grip back work­outs and the pain is near­ly gone.

    2. This is most likely becau­se you are try­ing to pull yourself up by your wrists. Try and relax your wrists and keep them out of the move­ment, you might find the pain goes away.

  19. How often should you do the flexor and pro­na­tor streng­t­he­ning exer­ci­ses? Can i do it every day, or it will be nega­ti­ve for recovery?

  20. Hel­lo, just wan­ted to say thank you for the gre­at video. I have been dealing with Gol­fers elbow off an on for some time. It ori­gi­nal­ly star­ted when I was have some shoul­der issu­es. After using many of the tech­ni­ques men­tio­ned here for my shoul­der and elbow, my shoul­der pain and gol­fers elbow were addres­sed. Fast for­ward to the pre­sent and my gol­fers elbow has retur­ned with a ven­ge­an­ce. I have star­ted incor­po­ra­ting the same tech­ni­ques in hopes the issue will be cor­rec­ted. This inju­ry pre­vents me from com­ple­ting some of the exer­ci­ses I enjoy in the gym, such as pull ups and cer­tain bicep based exer­ci­ses. For someo­ne who is very much into strength and hyper­tro­phy based trai­ning, this type of inju­ry can be super frustrating.

    1. @E3 Rehab I have a golf elbow, but the­re is not that much pain. I’m allo­wed to do any upper budy exer­ci­ses how long I don’t use palm up? For examp­le can I con­ti­nue to do Dead­lift? From tomor­row I will use your exer­ci­ses and hope­ful­ly I will be full reco­very on no time. 😊

  21. The best exer­cise to eli­mi­na­te the pain immedia­te­ly is to car­ry a sand­bag. My elbows are bul­let pro­of from this. Go to a store and car­ry a bag of bird­seed , sun­flower seed or hor­se grain. You’­re for­ced to use your fin­gers to grip the bag. Zero leverage from a solid object.

    1. Basi­cal­ly it’s an iso­metric hold that hel­ps slow­ly elon­ga­te the ten­don which is very healt­hy for its rehab (as appar­ent­ly the­re is no spe­ci­fic rese­arch that sta­tes con­centric or eccentric is any bet­ter than iso­metric but just tho­se slow hard endu­ran­ce exer­ci­ses in gene­ral are the key). Well done for fin­ding this by hap­py accident

    1. I’ve been noti­cing a lot of peop­le advo­ca­ting for high fre­quen­cy. Like ever­y­day high fre­quen­cy. Sca­le it to your tole­ran­ce level. A litt­le pain is necessa­ry to heal but if it’s not get­ting bet­ter after a week or two, try to sca­le back the volu­me, not the frequency

    2. @Carlos Lei­va no pro­blem. I know how frus­tra­ting it can be. If you’­re still dealing with this, soft tis­sue work does won­ders befo­re the streng­t­he­ning por­ti­on of the exercises. 

      A lacros­se ball only cos­ts $2-$3 and it’s a won­der­ful tool. In gol­fers elbow, the wrist exten­sors, the biceps, the lats, the pecs and the sub­s­ca­pu­la­ris tend to be tight mus­cles pul­ling things out of whack. Spen­ding 3 minu­tes at a time on each pro­blem area with a lacros­se ball or soft­ball ever­y­day real­ly does help. Not only does it help loo­sen tight­ness, but it also hel­ps mus­cles func­tion the way they’­re sup­po­sed to by taking load off of others and redu­cing compensation. 

      If you don’t feel like doing all of that, a sports mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist can get in the­re and knock it out in under an hour. It’ll cost you around $75 though but imo it’s worth it. Then you could use the soft tis­sue work to com­pli­ment and main­tain all the work they did on you. 

      Good luck to you 👍

  22. Thanks for pos­ting. My inner elbow has been bothe­ring me for several mon­ths. I real­ly feel it when doing bicep curls. I will defi­ni­te­ly try the­se exercises👍🏾

  23. If you wish to learn about golf swings in details, you will learn about the tech­ni­ques and secrets of cor­rect golf swings through the , Jοm­tοnο Naha (Go ogle it). Half­way down the gui­de­li­ne and I am real­ly impres­sed. I‘ve obtai­ned Three strai­ght low 80s rounds after rea­ding this par­ti­cu­lar e‑book..

  24. I have a serious question..I had a bad acci­dent back on Octo­ber bro­ke my elbow and tea­red my ten­dons and liga­ments , I smas­hed my elbow with a com­pres­si­on machi­ne it’s been almost 4 mon­ths sin­ce them and I’m not all the way clea­red from it ..my exten­si­on is pret­ty good but my fle­xi­on it’s at 125 from 148 ..should I try this exer­ci­ses or should I be soft ? I real­ly want my fle­xi­on to how it was before

  25. Gre­at video guys , I have gol­fers elbow in bot arms and when I lift some­thing sub­stan­ti­al and hea­vy from the ground it is ok until I get to waist height then my elbows real­ly hurt and also I get pains in my biceps and I was thin­king that my elbow pro­blems must be cau­sed by shoul­der and upper back pro­blems and you have con­fir­med this with your hel­pful video

  26. Does having long arms rela­ti­ve to the body/torso incre­a­se the risk of an elbow inju­ry (espe­cial­ly gol­fers elbow)?
    I still suf­fer from gol­fers elbow AND I have very long arms. A friend of mine who has also long arms has the same pro­blem as me. On the other hand, I know a few peop­le who have pret­ty short arm and don;t have any elbow pro­blems at all.

  27. My pain sounds very simi­lar to golfer’s elbow. Got it from doing hand­stand pres­ses and plan­che with wrists that are not cur­r­ent­ly mobi­le enough to hand­le the stress pla­ced on the ten­dons when doing the­se skills

  28. Thanks so much for this. Been trai­ning in calis­the­nics for 2 mon­ths and juts got this pian. How many sets should be do or is it just 1 of each on the same day?

  29. Should the­se exer­ci­ses be done while you are in pain, or should you wait and do litt­le moti­on until the pain is gone, then move on with the­se exercises?

  30. I’ve had golfer’s elbow for 10 mon­ths now and I am pray­ing that this video pro­vi­des me with a hel­pful arse­nal. I’ve had phy­si­cal the­ra­py but my appoint­ments were even­tual­ly can­ce­led. It’s A LOT bet­ter than it ever was, but it’s such a slow pro­cess and I’m not sure when I’ll ever lift again

    1. Don’t quit man. 

      I’ve had gol­fers elbow for about 3 months.

      I Work around it.

      I don’t even train my tri­ceps or biceps anymore.
      Just train fore­arms & every other body part.

      Do exer­ci­ses that don’t irri­ta­te it

    2. @cleonriize That’s what I am doing now. I’m accep­t­ing now (a week ago) that this is a peri­od I will not see mus­cle gain and in fact lose. My main focus is to get over this inju­ry by tar­get exer­ci­ses for rehab and slow­ly buil­ding up tole­ran­ce with roma­ni­an dead­lifts over­ti­me (star­ting with only 50 lbs and will build up).
      I want to be able to do my weigh­ted pull ups and my hea­vy dead­lifts like I used to and I’ll keep stri­ving for it.

    3. @Matthew Stein Nice.
      Keep it up man, we’ll push through!
      I’ve come to like my phy­si­que alot more, I pre­fer the big fore­arms look.

  31. been doing wrist curls and twis­ting, fin­ger exten­sor and atleanx’s exer­cise but the pain per­sis­ted its been mon­ths 🙁 also went to PT to have mas­sa­ge for two mon­ths and iced three times per day 🙁 what do I do now..

  32. I am con­fu­sed about whe­ther it is a good idea to do the­se exer­ci­ses if I have acti­ve elbow pain from golfer’s elbow. Should wait until I am no lon­ger in pain befo­re I liter­al­ly chal­len­ge the area that is pro­du­cing the pain by per­forming the­se exer­ci­ses? For examp­le, cur­ling the wrist upward seems like it will pro­du­ce more inflamma­ti­on in the elbow.

  33. Hii! How many days a week should I per­form this exe­ci­ses? Also, I am cur­r­ent­ly working out once a week so I can let my body ful­ly reco­ver. I just do exe­ci­ses that I don´t feel pain­ful at all (dips, pike push­ups and body­weight rows). Should I stop my trai­ning event­hough I don´t feel any pain in the elbow or can I con­ti­nue as long as is pain free? Thanks a lot!

  34. Serious pain 😭! Dri­ving me nuts. Swol­len insi­de elbow bone. Good video 👍! This for after sur­ge­ry or after shots. Can’t do any of this until swel­ling pain goes away.

  35. To fix Golfer’s or Ten­nis Elbow fast, you need a FlexBar.
    Pre­vent it from reoc­cur­ring with E3’s program.
    You’­re welcome.

  36. Is it safe to still do your hea­vy lifts while doing the­se excer­ci­ces or should you do easier/lighter lifts to redu­ce the stress on the elbow while streng­t­he­ning it?

    1. @Meep Going through the same thing and final­ly star­ting to see the light and I could­n’t have done it without watching all the­se smart peop­le so hap­py to share all the good stuff!

    2. @Meep I’m now going through the same pain. What rou­ti­ne have you been fol­lowing for it to start get­ting bet­ter? Doing the­se exer­ci­ses plus trai­ning in the gym frequently?

    3. @Marko Iveša the­re are mul­ti­ple things I chan­ged so I don’t know what hel­ped spe­ci­fi­cal­ly or if its a com­bi­na­ti­on of them but the­se are the things I did. At first I went to a phy­sio­the­ra­pist and found out I have qui­te some knots in my back, I don’t remem­ber what they are spe­ci­fi­cal­ly but they basi­cal­ly are spots whe­re your mus­cles don’t relie­ve ten­si­on when you are res­ting so I mas­sa­ge my back befo­re every work­out with a ten­nis ball (push mys­elf against the wall with the ten­nis ball bet­ween me and the wall and mas­sa­ge the knots by rol­ling over them). One of the­se knots is at the back of my arm­pit bet­ween my shoul­ders and lats cau­sed some of the pain in my elbow so by mas­sa­ging them it hel­ped relie­ve some of the pain but not all. Second thing I did was doing some of the­se exer­ci­ses becau­se of the insta­bi­li­ty my wrist and shoul­ders appar­ent­ly had. 3th I bench with a wider grip now so on the lowest point my fore­arm is com­ple­te­ly ver­ti­cal. 4th I make shu­re I don’t do exer­ci­ses that put ten­si­on on my elbow side­ways (like skull crus­hers with a strai­ght bar or flys with my hand hig­her than my elbow etc.). I’m still trai­ning hard (6 times a week with hea­vy weights) and don’t have any pro­blems with my elbow right now so it’s fine to still train hard.

    4. @Meep i am kin­da did the same. I found a very good mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist who hel­ped me a lot, I thought I had a gol­fers elbow but he said it is not that luckily,but I felt pain in my elbow but not spe­ci­fi­cal­ly the inner elbow but the out­side of my elbow. I also star­ted some stron­ger joint sup­port tablets like Sci­tec Artroxon+K2 vit­amin and liquid col­la­gen and the­se 3 hea­led my elbow com­ple­te­ly. I bench 120 kg 8reps without any pain.

  37. Thanks so much for the­se tips! Are the­re any recom­men­da­ti­ons for how many days a week to do the­se exer­ci­ses? I’m para­no­id about over-doing it. Should I take a break for a peri­od of time? If so, how long?

  38. Hi E3 Rehab .Your Vide­os are real­ly know­led­ge­ab­le. I am very struggling with my pain issu­es. Need your help .I am a weight ligh­ter .I had a par­ti­al rota­tor cuff inju­ry last year. I hea­led but the pain at times keep com­ing. Now i have noti­ced i got this golf elbow. Is both con­nec­ted ?,Could you plea­se gui­de me​.How can i fix both and resu­me my weight lifting.I would be very gra­te­ful to you

  39. I suf­fe­red a real­ly bad bro­ken elbow and fore­arm about ten years ago. I can’t strai­gh­ten my right elbow ful­ly, or rota­te my wrist ful­ly since. 

    I’m a keen gol­fer but my elbow can get qui­te pain­ful and stiff during and after­wards. Would you recom­mend the first two exer­ci­ses as some­thing use­ful for war­ming up befo­re golf? 

    I real­ly need to work on my gene­ral upper body strength to try and hope­ful­ly take some stress off my elbows too! 

    Gre­at video btw, real­ly appre­cia­te you taking the time to make it.

  40. hel­lo sir.. your video is real­ly good .. my gre­at uncle had a inju­ry on the elbow and from a long time was not able to per­form many tasks.. then he tried using pla­net ayur­ve­da medi­ca­ti­on and it real­ly impro­ved his ongo­ing condition..

  41. Hi – thank you- howe­ver as I am suf­fe­ring from sym­ptoms the­se exer­ci­ses exa­cer­ba­te the pain- I didn’t see any reli­ef in your video
    I rea­li­se that you are giving streng­t­he­ning exer­ci­ses but inju­ry needs atten­ti­on first, yes?

    1. Yes and no, you need spe­ci­fic exer­ci­ses for late­ral elbow pain not medi­al but the gene­ral shoul­der health exer­ci­ses should con­tri­bu­te to bet­ter elbow health

  42. Thanks for this video! Most vide­os I found (and the phy­si­cal the­ra­pist i‘m at) don‘t real­ly exp­lain the ratio­na­le behind their recom­men­da­ti­ons and don‘t back up their claims with evi­dence. May­be they think that pati­ents would be over­whel­med. Howe­ver, me and i guess many others need that infor­ma­ti­on to under­stand whats up and to work on fixing it, so i high­ly appre­cia­te con­tent like yours!

  43. The sports mas­sa­ge the­ra­pist I saw told me the exact same thing. My roun­ded shoul­ders from my poor pos­tu­re was the cul­prit. He loo­se­ned up my pecs, my lats and sub­s­cap. Immedia­te­ly noti­ced impro­ve­ment in my roun­ded shoulders.

  44. Tho­se two exer­ci­ses are bril­li­ant. After doing them the mus­cles war­med up, acti­va­ted and pain was signi­fi­cant­ly redu­ced. Real­ly good

    1. You guys are ama­zing this sol­ved my golfer’s elbow issue. Do you by any chan­ce have a video on cor­rec­ting gro­in issu­es from sprin­ting or basketball?

  45. I think you’­ve just exp­lai­ned much of what is hap­pe­ning to me at the moment due to all day, every day poor pos­tu­re as a bas­ket maker.

  46. The­se exer­ci­ses are gre­at, thanks for sharing them. In addi­ti­on to the pain at the elbow (inte­rior side) I also some­ti­mes have pain insi­de the upper arm bet­ween the bicep and tri­cep, like a string of acu­te pain run­ning all along the insi­de of the upper arm. This espe­cial­ly hap­pen when rota­ting my fore­arm and lif­ting my elbow. Is this nor­mal­ly part of the so cal­led golfer’s elbow syn­dro­me and will the­se exer­ci­ses help cure that as well? Thx!!

    1. I have the same pro­blem. I have deci­ded that the upper arm issue is tri­ceps ten­do­ni­tis, so I am doing eccentric tri­ceps exer­ci­ses (palm out) also. I think that this part of the tri­ceps (or the muscle/tendon that is causing the pain) sta­bi­li­zes and atta­ches at a point below the elbow on the inside

  47. Can this cau­se a bony lump right in the midd­le of the inner elbow? I have been dia­gno­sed with this and they also did an xray that did­n’t show any pro­blems. Hoping the pain goes away soon. 🙁

  48. Hel­lo i rup­tu­red my bicep play­ing golf im 61 and clas­sic sym­ptoms occur­red. Heard the pop around the world. Excru­cia­ting Pain through 18 holes. Next week mas­si­ve brui­sing on fore­arm on inner elbow. Have full ran­ge in my arm, no pain except the com­mon aching asso­cia­ted while healing, but ful­ly func­tio­n­al. I was thro­wing foot­ball the next day with no pain at all. I do have rever­se popeye defor­mi­ty. About 20% loss in power, palm down to palm up. I do not want the sur­ge­ry. Can i still play golf, without having the sur­ge­ry? I have been using my right arm to push the club, and want to cor­rect that, but to think i cant play golf again is trou­ble­so­me. Is the­re any gud news for me? Are the­re excer­ci­zes i can do to strengh­ten for play­ing gold with this arm?

  49. I’m a gym­nast and when ever I do hard exer­ci­ses or put way too much pres­su­re on my elbow it hurts. it use to hurt from the front but now it hurts from the back I’m not sure why

  50. Thanks for the info, I’ll add the­se to my work­out pro­gram. My inner elbow star­ted pai­ning every time i lift 😩😩😩its very limi­t­ing n frustrating!!!

  51. The­se exer­ci­ses are great.
    The only addi­ti­on which I’d add, to any pro­gram addres­sing golfer’s elbow pain, is bicep curls: ligh­ter weight, hig­her reps, 5–10 sets, every other day.

  52. Thanks for the vid! I was always won­de­ring why I kept get­ting gol­fers elbow while doing boxing. Thanks for showing the kine­tic chain bit.

  53. I did 3 reps x 20 sets chin ups, it hurt but got bet­ter after a few days.. I repeated it 3–4 times and it was 95% bet­ter, this was after suf­fe­ring from gol­fer elbow for 2 years strai­ght .. the­re is resi­due pain, I don’t know how to get it to 100% but I can do pull ups again without pain, wash my hair without pain

  54. Thank you for the vide­os. I fol­lo­wed the 5 exer­ci­ses and after the first ses­si­on I felt a “pull” some­whe­re below the left col­lar bone. It has now been 4 weeks and the “pull” is still the­re. Just won­de­ring which of the 5 exer­ci­ses could have cau­sed it so that I can con­ti­nue with the other 4.

  55. Been dealing with gol­fers elbow pain for 7 mon­ths now. It star­ted with a micro tear in that ten­don and now I’ve been try­ing to streng­t­hen it recent­ly but it gets fla­red up even with 10lb dum­bell exercises

  56. If you want to build mus­cle as fast as pos­si­ble, I recom­mend the per­so­na­li­zed Ago­ge diet… I’m see­ing awe­so­me results!

  57. Hi! I have a com­ment or bet­ter said a ques­ti­on, having golfer’s elbow that pro­gres­si­ve­ly star causing issu­es on the shoul­der exter­nal rota­ti­on can con­ti­nue causing even more issu­es to tra­pe­zo­ids and neck mus­cles if not threa­ded. What I mean is that I first was loo­king into pain in the inner part of the elbow and once I saw this video I rea­li­ze what the elbow con­di­ti­on was doing to the shoul­der (which is in pain too) but I want add the the chain reac­tion does not stop on the shoul­der, it con­ti­nues all the way to your neck. My guess is that the tra­pe­zo­id and neck mus­cle are com­pen­sa­ting or picking the load of the elbow and shoul­der irri­ta­ted muscle/tendons. Any addi­tio­nal exer­ci­ses recom­men­ded for the tra­pe­zo­ids and neck? Thanks

  58. Excel­lent video! Any thoughts on wea­ring braces while doing dai­ly acti­vi­ties and work­outs that typi­cal­ly irri­ta­te the elbow?

  59. My Doc­tor dia­gno­sed gol­fers elbow when I told her I’d been working on my stro­ke a lot late­ly, but she was con­fu­sed and I actual­ly had wanker’s cramp.

  60. 8:55 Yo I just got­ta say bud­dy is cut as fuck 😂💪🏼 Appre­cia­te y’all drop­ping know­ledge the­se move­ments have defi­ni­te­ly hel­ped a lot 🔥

  61. in the exp­lai­ning shoul­der mus­cle over­lap sec­tion you dis­cuss some moti­ons peop­le with gol­fers elbow are weak at then assu­me that the weak­ness is a dri­ver of the pain rather then a respon­se to the pain. Is the­re a rea­son for this assump­ti­on that you did not sta­te in the video?

  62. From a guy who play­ed base­ball up to 35, and golf my ent­i­re life (50 years), I’m fami­li­ar with both golf AND ten­nis elbow. Gre­at infor­ma­ti­on here. Ter­ri­ble golf swing and thro­wing moti­on, but we’ll let that sli­de on account of the video con­tent wing being superb. 👍🏻

  63. An eccentric pro­to­col is the best.
    Eccentric assis­ted pull-ups, con­trol­ling the down­ward moti­on with a band to assist.
    Eccentric bicep curls.
    Eccentric cable pulls. 

    Not the­se 2 exercises.

    Yes I’m a DPT. 

    Yes, it’s from evi­dence based rese­arch and per­so­nal evidence/rehab.

    Par­ty on.

  64. I am going to tell you what worked for me„„Reverse Curls with an EZ-Curl bar…… Make your fore­arms stron­ger and the pain in the elbow will go away quickly.

  65. Gre­at video, guys. Very much appre­cia­ted! How long should I wait befo­re begin­ning the­se exer­ci­ses, fol­lowing the first pain symptoms?

  66. I’m a drum­mer, & NOW I know what the pain I’m expe­ri­en­cing when I do a cer­tain rudi­ment at a cer­tain speed. It was liter­al­ly seren­di­pi­ty, that I came across this video! Gon­na give the­se exer­ci­ses, espe­cial­ly the 1st two, a go tomor­row when I hit the gym (with light weight, of course)!

    1. Any pro­gress after four weeks? Fel­low drum­mer here dealing with the same thing. Did a two week break and some other exer­ci­ses but not qui­te hea­led. Gon­na try these.

    2. @scott2574 Sor­ry for the pro­lon­ged respon­se. Here goes: I HIGHLY recom­mend doing exer­ci­ses 1 & 2. I also recom­mend get­ting a stress ball. NOT hand grips, but stress balls. Becau­se we’­re tal­king drums, I’d recom­mend an easy/low pres­su­re ball & then inter­mitt­ent­ly do various squee­zes & holds. For instance: lay your fore­arm on the table, palms up & GENTLY squee­ze the ball, empha­si­zing your ring & pin­ky fin­ger, while rota­ting your wrist. I can’t empha­si­ze enough to do it GENTLY. Then, I would do the same exer­cise, while using ALL your digits, GENTLY. As far as reps/sets, start off doing each 10–15 times, 2–3 sets. Or, depen­ding on your line of work, do them on your breaks. Ano­t­her way to do tho­se is by adop­ting a palms for­ward approach while sit­ting or stan­ding, or in weight-lif­ting terms, the “rever­se curl”. Make sure when you do them (while squee­zing the ball) your elbows are locked to your side. Again, GENTLY squee­ze the ball as your going through your ran­ge of moti­on. As your strength & tole­ran­ce pro­gres­ses, just add to the amount of reps, not necessa­ri­ly the amount of sets. (ex: start with 3 sets of 10–15 reps, then as you pro­gress go to 3 sets of 15–20, & so on). Icing on the cake: Take Ale­ve, or OTC anti-inflamma­to­ry medi­ci­ne of choice. Hand to God, IT WORKS. Be pati­ent. It only took a week or so, to REALLY feel a dif­fe­rence. You’ll noti­ce litt­le impro­ve­ments almost dai­ly from the begin­ning. I’ve read that it’s good to ice the area also but, I haven’t done it, or felt the need. PATIENCE is the big­gest fac­tor. Good luck, bro­ther! P.S. When doing holds with the ball, start with 10 seconds at a shot, 3 sets. Bump up in 5 second inter­vals, if it’s too easy until you find a time that chal­len­ges you. There’s a dif­fe­rence bet­ween dis­com­fort, & strai­ght up PAIN. So, don’t exceed “dis­com­fort”.

    3. @Tee Oh Thanks for the addi­tio­nal exer­ci­ses and detail­ed inst­ruc­tions! I will get a stress ball for sure. 

      Note to other drum­mers: The exer­ci­ses in this video real­ly did help me. Espe­cial­ly the first two, and I’m back to play­ing without pain. The other thing that hel­ps I think is a 5 minu­te warm-up of just hands/wrists play­ing 16th note sin­gles around the set with empha­si­zed hits and ghost notes. Wha­te­ver pat­tern you like. Switch hands every mea­su­re and make fun pat­terns around the set. Or play along to music. Just warm up tho­se fore­arms and wrists. 

      The stress ball sounds like good main­ten­an­ce and ano­t­her trick to keep in the back pocket if the pain returns. You rock, bro­ther. Drum on.

  67. This is awe­so­me, I’ve been having this pain from the last cou­p­le of mon­ths. I prac­ti­ce Calis­the­nics and sin­ce I star­ted doing advan­ced move­ments such as weigh­ted chin ups and one arm chin ups, my left elbow has been kil­ling me. Thanks for sharing your know­ledge. Cheers from Colom­bia. I’m inclu­ding this exer­ci­ses in my warm up.

    1. @Alec Stouf­fer well this is just one part of the reco­very ses­si­on, I had to del­oad my work­outs. The best thing to do is to keep exer­cis­ing in a low mode ins­tead of stop­ping completely.

    2. @Andres G.A hey mate, did you not find that the­se exer­ci­ses hel­ped? did you do the first two exer­ci­ses and appro­pria­te­ly over­load them? thanks in advance.

  68. SIDENOTE NUGGET: When thro­wing a ball or object it’s best to fol­low thru with the thro­wing moti­on as oppo­sed to stop­ping it half­way like dude in this video (I used to throw like that). Pre­cia­te the time and effort u put into the video. It’s goooood!

    1. I belie­ve in col­la­gen, ever­yo­ne should take it. I do. But each body is dif­fe­rent and one size does not fit all. Wea­ke­ned rear shoul­der and rhom­bo­id mus­cles con­tri­bu­te hea­vi­ly towards this ailm­ent. I’ve lear­ned this recent­ly through other TY vide­os, tho­se also which point to the sci­ence to sup­port this theo­ry. Best wishes!

  69. Had a very bad time with it for a full 20 yrs. Tried ever­ything, not­hing worked. Found out acci­dent­al­ly that iso­metric resis­tance was the ONLY thing that made any difference. 

    Pas­si­ve shoul­der hangs and dead­lifts made a big dif­fe­rence in 3–4 mon­ths, whe­re­as the pre­vious 19.5 yrs was of no help. My spe­ci­fic pro­blem, I also found was pre­do­mi­nant­ly pronation.

    1. @oz lansha­no Hea­vy is a rela­ti­ve term, but not hea­vy imo as it com­pa­res to ath­le­tes. My working sets being about body weight, and 10 reps or so without hard strain.

      As far as healing, the­re was no pro­cess inten­tio­nal­ly. I just hap­pen­ed to noti­ce that the methods and move­ments I spo­ke about were see­min­gly having a posi­ti­ve effect on my gol­fers elbows. I’ve kept doing the­se move­ments, taking into con­si­de­ra­ti­on the limi­ta­ti­ons of a midd­le age ex-con­struc­tion worker. The ailm­ent isn’t com­ple­te­ly gone, but it does­n’t bother me day to day. After 20 yrs of pro­blems, I’m more than hap­py with the way it is now and will con­ti­nue the dif­fe­rent types of iso­metrics for long as I’m able.

  70. i have a ques­ti­on i think i have a ten­nis elbow becau­se i felt all the symtoms..why i have this i mean i dont play ten­nis or golf but i am a house­hold hel­per in sau­di may­be ove­r­use or what but i will try this exer­cise becau­se im so annoy­ed in the pain i felt ever­y­day i do work the­res a pain in my elbow and i feel this may­be 5 mon­ths alrea­dy i hope this exer­cise will help me

    1. Yeah, you don’t actual­ly have to golf to have “gol­fers” elbow. Unsu­re why they call it that. But it is a com­bi­na­ti­on of ove­r­use and under deve­lo­ped shoul­der mus­cles. I’ve had this so many times but am now addres­sing the back shoul­der mus­cles and rhom­bo­id mus­cles, as I’ve lear­ned thru rese­arch and YT… plea­se do your tho­rough rese­arch to learn as much about this as pos­si­ble so you can pre­vent it. I’m still lear­ning, have had this 6 or 7 times in the past 12 years. Yes I do golf, but it isn’t from that.

  71. I“m 53. Star­ted with strength trai­ning sin­ce July. Now I have 2 simi­lar com­p­laints for right and left arm. More left than right. But the worst is alrea­dy over. Can stretch over a minu­te with out any pain. Can pull and push 100 % without pain, but it is irri­ta­ted. Espe­cial­ly doing shoul­der exer­ci­ses. I start to flex now every second day. Should I stop my strength trai­ning till it total­ly better.

  72. Thank you for this video – I work with lots of thro­wers and over­head ath­le­tes so I great­ly appre­cia­te your evi­dence-based approach

    1. I do. I’m care­ful to avoid move­ments that place TOO much strain on the area. Also, a good trai­ner knows how to chan­ge move­ments to alle­via­te pain while lif­ting. I also do a fair amount of mas­sa­ging that area bet­ween every set.

    1. Yes, but only in the sen­se that you should try to avoid the kind of stress­ful, repe­ti­ti­ve moti­ons and acti­vi­ties that cau­sed your inju­ry in the first place and which would likely aggra­va­te it. Not in the sen­se that you should­n’t move the area at all

    1. Yes in addi­ti­on to wea­ring a brace and do a stre­ching and streng­t­he­ning exer­ci­ses sug­gested by your the­ra­pist in order to return fas­ter to the game

  73. Been play­ing ten­nis for 30years, (ten­nis coach for 15 years) never had ten­nis elbow, now have gol­fers elbow 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  74. I had golf elbow pain for a week. I can do all work­outs pro­per­ly except for bench­press or direct tri­ceps work­outs (the­se real­ly are uncomfortable).
    I plan to redu­ce all weights for a while. Is this good? Or should I skip chest/triceps work­outs until I heal?

  75. Very good exer­cise with wrist fle­xi­on and pro­na­tors but I would add an isometric/isotonic exer­cise for fin­ger fle­xi­on. The­re is often a part of the super­fi­cial fingor flexor that is invol­ved in the golfer’s elbow, for me it is the 4th fin­ger flexor that is sym­pto­ma­tic so I iso­la­te 4th fin­ger flexor and work it in iso­metric (with or without elbow fle­xi­on depen­ding on the symptomes)

  76. thanks for tal­king about the shoul­der ele­ment in this inju­ry. most video’s don’t and I have been con­vin­ced that the real issue for me ori­gi­na­tes in the shoul­der. I’m going to try your exercises.

  77. 3 years of golfer’s elbow pain, it keeps com­ing back after mon­ths of rest and star­ting weight trai­ning again. Thanks for the video. Hope­ful­ly this will help me.

  78. Thanks for the­se 5 good exer­ci­ses. They are very effec­ti­ve. Do you think the electric plug-in pro­ducts that pro­mo­te blood cir­cu­la­ti­on help – like the TShellz wrap? I have been try­ing to heal from golfer’s elbow for over a 3 years. I do the stret­ches and weights but the pain per­sists. I’ve tried dry need­ling and a Plate­let Rich Plas­ma injec­tion fol­lo­wed by PT and rest for 3 mon­ths. The pro­ce­du­res, PT and rest hel­ped get me back to rough­ly 70–80%, but did not cure it. Do you know any data on the effi­cacy of the enhan­ced blood flow pro­ducts? Thanks.

  79. I’ve been having tole­ra­ble but defi­ni­te­ly bad pain in my domi­nant arm’s elbow on the insi­de and I belie­ve it’s becau­se I’ve over-exhaus­ted mys­elf with swim­ming. I usual­ly swim by doing bre­ast­strokes and I’m fair­ly cer­tain that that kind of repe­ti­ti­ve move­ment can also cau­se a golfer’s elbow. What I did­n’t think of was what you guys men­tio­ned in the video about if shoul­ders are wea­ker, then the elbow will bear a big­ger load. As I star­ted swim­ming for streng­t­he­ning my shoul­ders, I can ima­gi­ne that my poor­ly struc­tu­red shoul­ders mana­ged to cau­se this elbow pain as well… I hope the­se exer­ci­ses are going to help me on the long run becau­se I real­ly can’t wait to go back to swim­ming (but if I final­ly do, I think I will have to do more fast swim­ming as well so I don’t only do the same moti­ons for 50 minu­tes straight…)

  80. Fuck off, this shit does­n’t work for repe­ti­ti­ve strain cau­sed by small moti­on. Sports whe­re you can unin­ten­tio­nal­ly ove­r­use the mus­cles that insert at the ME over other mus­cles could bene­fit from retrai­ning to prio­ri­ti­se other mus­cles and even out the mus­cle usa­ge com­pa­red to the mus­cle usa­ge that cau­sed the ten­do­ni­tis. For other sce­n­a­ri­os, the­re is no logic and from what I can see, no sci­ence at all that app­lies whe­re the ten­do­ni­tis is cau­sed by repe­ti­ti­ve micro-move­ments. If the action requi­res that move­ment every time the action is per­for­med, then streng­t­he­ning other mus­cles around the mus­cles invol­ved won’t do shit. You would need to chan­ge the action if you wan’t con­ti­nua­tion of the action, and you would need REST, not fuck­ing “acti­ve reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on”. It’s your ent­i­re employ­ment to tell peop­le to actively move, when for some peop­le (many in this sce­n­a­rio) the solu­ti­on to the pro­blem is to dis­con­ti­nue the action and to NOT do the­se exercises. 

    Your ent­i­re field is built on shaky evi­dence any­way. May­be ins­tead of buil­ding your reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on pro­grams on regur­gi­ta­ted infor­ma­ti­on from med school and lea­ning on exter­nal and sub­ject-to-sce­n­a­rio sci­ence, you think logi­cal­ly about the pro­ces­ses invol­ved. Most peop­le that are phy­sio­the­ra­pists have their head up their ass and don’t do jack shit.

  81. Thank you thank you thank you.i so glad I found your site. My doc­tor pre­scri­bed me a pro­ton pump and a hor­ri­b­ly strong anti-inflamma­to­ry drug. I’d rather do exer­ci­ses then poi­son my body.

  82. Very well done video.
    Gre­at to add the shoul­der exer­ci­ses. So often I noti­ce peop­le think the root cau­se of the pain is just the elbow and often it can be atta­ched to the shoulder

  83. I tried the­se exer­ci­ses a week ago and my arm is in seve­re pain, much worse than befo­re. It felt bet­ter when I was doing them though.. not sure what happened.

  84. me elbow bone one clo­set to body is sti­cking out like it will burst my skin and come out.i used to play alot of video games with key­board and mouse.right elbow has the problem,but the­re is no pain .i am curious about that, pls reply.(thanks)

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